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  1. End of innocence alright. Thank God for your preservation.

    Reading the Daily Mail link, it appears the Reformation had no affect even here in Australia with both Anglican and Catholic churches sharing their prey.

    Posted by Lynne Newington  on  12/07/18  at  03:14 PM
  2. ....

    Posted by Lynne Newington  on  12/07/18  at  05:37 PM
  3. See what I mean? One donkey following another .. an insult, really. God used one to speak to Balaam, remember?

    Posted by Lynne Newington  on  13/07/18  at  10:00 AM
  4. Lynne, the whole point of the article I have written is to argue that the deregulation in favour of private interests and individuals throughout the economic and social systems at the expense of the ecological, economic and social commons that was rolled out by Indulgence Capitalism in the late ‘60s and early ‘70s turned the place into the ‘devil’s playground’ .. to use a rather old fashioned phrase for want of anything better.

    Environmental sustainability and economic/social governance has been very seriously damaged as a result, and institutional malfeasance has just been the tip of the iceberg.

    And what has been particularly annoying about the focus on the churches is that they have been turned into regime bunnies to take the rap for that, in much the same way that the Stalinist regime used regime apparatchiks to take the fall for regime crimes.

    It was not that the apparatchiks weren’t guilty of everything they were accused of, but their trials were regime propaganda to divert attention from the regime’s much larger crimes.

    The sanctimonious libertarian humanists who have always hated the churches (and particularly the Catholics, who have pushed back against the forces of liberalism for hundreds of years) have had a field day, making out that disciplined ‘repressive’ and ‘authoritarian’ ideology is inherently the source of the abuses, which if you de-construct it, is mind-numbing bollocks.

    The churches were as much victims of the overwhelming forces of indulgent deregulation as everyone else.

    Incestuous malfeasance with systematically weakened domestic reproductive infrastructure is a very serious problem throughout society, but that is only a subset of a much wider problem of sexual malfeasance to come out of the sexual revolution which declared open season on women.

    And that is a subset of a seriously damaged sexual politics where there are no gender templates or training for them, which has meant that the politic has devolved into crude defaults where the winners are those with the most manipulatively aggressive tongues and/or the strongest arms.

    The whole anti-church genre is just a diversion propaganda narrative to obscure just how damaged the rest of us have become as a result ripping out our social software in favour of market forces and the conversion of human beings into pure egoism whose only strengths are as shop troops who will buy anything, and contractor drones who do not see their children enough to take them out of the control of the as seen or heard on, brought to them by the proud sponsors .. the Pied Pipers of Cool who lead the children to consumerland and close the door behind them, in ways that the Nazis and Communists tried to do, but failed ...

    Posted by Christopher Eastman-Nagle  on  14/07/18  at  12:00 PM
  5. Nothing I’ve written takes away from the article, and I retract absolutely nothing.

    Once again, thank God for your preservation. If you hadn’t been I’m sure you would have a different view or worse, considering your sensitivity ...

    Posted by Lynne Newington  on  14/07/18  at  01:55 PM
  6. Thank you for sharing this, Christopher. It goes to show how much we perceive of the world is often little less than smoke and mirrors.

    Posted by Isla MacGregor  on  18/07/18  at  02:21 PM
  7. >>It was not that the apparatchiks weren’t guilty of everything they were accused of, but their trials were regime propaganda to divert attention from the regime’s much larger crimes ...

    And they’re still at it listening to His Excellency .. and the faithful have to pay for the for the honour.

    Catholic Website
    by Jim B @, Australia, Wednesday, July 18, 2018, 21:08

    Oh ... what a shame I didn’t have enough early notice and ready access to the $330 cash enrolment fee, plus the costs necessary to travel to, be accommodated nearby to, and return from that spiritually uplifting event.

    Then again, perhaps it was preaching to the (holy) choir, and I wouldn’t have responded. It’s a shame that the issues facing the church did not seem to be on the agenda.

    Posted by Lynne Newington  on  18/07/18  at  10:15 PM





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