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  1. What are they fed on?

    Posted by peter mills  on  12/07/18  at  02:32 PM
  2. Re #1 ... Soy, hormones and antibiotics.

    None of them would be eaten in the natural world.

    Posted by Russell  on  13/07/18  at  08:50 AM
  3. “Steelhead” being Rainbow Trout .. aka Ocean Trout when farmed in salt water.

    Posted by Rob  on  14/07/18  at  09:45 PM
  4. #2 ... There was only evidence of positives in the article.

    “They never see pesticides, herbicides, or antibiotics. These fish are literally priming the pump for the expected growth in US land-raised Atlantic salmon production in the next several years.”

    Further, although the food source was not mentioned, the conversion ratio was.

    “We have zero discharge from the production and processing systems. In addition, every ton of fish feed produces almost one ton of Atlantic salmon plus close to 10 tons of certified USDA organic salad greens.”

    The farming industry needs to change, and here is an example of how it can .. and produce fish free of the pollution in the ocean, including the radiation from Fukushima which is now showing up in wild fish along the west coast of the US. It will not stop there.

    Posted by phill Parsons  on  16/07/18  at  08:16 PM
  5. Are they not fed loads of soy, hormones and antibiotics? It is impossible to get 100% efficacy. Definitely not naturally.

    How can these fish possibly live without disease, unless they are continually being fed all the above in such unnatural, enclosed and crowded tanks swimming in their own excrement? They can’t.

    Only eels come close, but they will practically eat their own excrement.

    Posted by Russell  on  05/08/18  at  11:16 AM





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