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  1. Andrew, what do you expect for mental health Judy Jackson closed down the Royal Derwent Hospital at new Norfolk in 1999 without giving proper thought to providing any responsible future facilitation options!

    Since then mental health has been kicked around in circles and the more recent drug epidemic has worsened as the government struggled with dependency of increasing prison populations instead of a secure mental health facility.

    The RDH should have been converted into a modern mental health treatment facility, but no politics again has killed off any common sense approach.

    Any clown knows that the old Royal in the city now under an “unknown” phase of redevelopment cannot possibly be expected to cater for mental health where the more recent ice epidemic creates violent patients who require a secure facility to be kept apart from general hospital operations.

    Posted by Robin Charles Halton  on  14/02/18  at  07:51 AM
  2. Robin, mental illness and drug use or dependence aren’t the same thing! Both should be adequately resourced.

    There’s undoubtedly a need for flexible mental health services - beds where that level of support is required but not necessarily in a hospital environment, no gaps in the handover from hospital to community-based services, support that enables people to remain in a home environment if possible, integrated support that addresses relevant whole of life issues rather than a mental health crisis in isolation, and way more creative options that build on the benefits of being outdoors and active.

    It seems the overwhelmed system is only able to respond to crises rather than earlier intervention or consistent follow-up.

    I’m pretty sure that many people with depression or PTSD wouldn’t choose to be in a noisy hospital environment where they’re sharing a space and perhaps a room with strangers 24/7 and with no access to fresh air or sunlight, limited opportunities for exercise or access to friends, family or pets. Why provide services in an environment that people wouldn’t choose at the best of times? How is that going to help at the worst?

    Have any of the medical or political experts asked the users of mental health services what would best meets their needs? Has there been any evaluation of services based on client feedback? I’ve heard plenty of anecdotes about people coming out of hospital worse than when they went in. That’s an issue that goes way beyond lack of beds.

    Posted by Sue  on  14/02/18  at  11:09 AM
  3. Of course mental health services are in crisis, it’s only natural when trying to drug problems away, instead of removing the causes.

    As a sufferer of PTSD and it’s associated psychological trauma’s, it’s peace and quiet which bring the best results. When you discover the triggers, it’s not hard to reduce the effects dramatically to the point where they have little detrimental effect and are handleable.

    Our approach to mental health, should first start with diet and lifestyle, which is the cause of about 95% of problems.

    Change peoples lives and you change their mental outlook, when you allow them to continue down the same path and drug them, things only get worse.

    Posted by Tony Stone  on  14/02/18  at  01:20 PM
  4. #2 Sue ... whether it be an actual mental condition, or drug (alcohol) affected one that is exactly what the Royal Derwent Hospital provided treatments for within what was an institution, a widely misconstrued term to justify closure as

    I think Millbrook Rise nearby still treats patients in a recovery mode within a peaceful environment with its own grounds distant from an over crowded General hospital setting.

    Winifred Lopez at Risdon treats the violent and drug addicted types most of whom cannot be released back into the public.
    As to whether or not there are any successful recovery programs occurring, who knows!

    Overall the closure of the RDH in 1999 was a mistake by way of political correctness and now the government are considering building another prison, although it may be in order to construct another prison in the north of the State by incorporating the youth facility near Deloraine.

    Posted by Robin Charles Halton  on  15/02/18  at  06:29 AM





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