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  1. $1 = 40% into THEIR coffers ...

    Posted by Chris  on  09/02/18  at  10:29 AM
  2. its a scam:

    the party gives business the right to operate a monopoly in return for a percentage of the profits kicked back as donations to the party for its next election campaign.

    This time round it is the Libs and Farrels, in the past it has been labor and the union movement via wage rises and all manner of other similarly corrupt conflicts of interest, as an example of how it works

    If you want it stopped you will have to stop electing politicians who demonstrate a failure to comprehend the dangers of conflicting their interests and start electing one that are only interested in delivering the greatest possible common good.

    A hint, they will not be party politicians that you wind up voting for.

    Posted by Simon Warriner  on  09/02/18  at  03:43 PM
  3. Andrew ...

    John Lawrence on his website makes the following statements which cut to the chase in this important matter:

    “Instead the Liberals intend to gift the licenses to existing venues and levy a flat rate of tax regardless of how profitable a venue may be. With pubs and clubs due to get more commission, if the licenses are allocated in perpetuity, the licenses will be worth a total of $250 million across the 96 pubs and clubs with pokies. The bigger the player losses, the bigger the capital gain. The Beach Hotel is in line for a $5 million windfall. The Federal Group via its twelve Vantage Group pubs will receive a windfall gain of $75 million.

    “This is not a speculative assertion. Federal Group’s CEO in evidence to the parliamentary inquiry in August 2017 stated his proposal would increase capital values of pokie pubs and clubs by $150 million, from existing levels. But compared to a zero value which will eventuate if pokies are removed under the ALP, the Liberal’s policy will result in a $250 million windfall.

    “Pokie employees are understandably concerned about their jobs. But the real battle these foot soldiers are being asked to wage is for the windfall gains of their bosses. This issue has been avoided by all in the current debate.”

    Does it really matter how much you spend buying the election for the Liberal party when so much family money is at stake?

    Hence the Sea of Blue.

    Can the votes of the dopey be bought? That is now the $250 million dollar question.

    Posted by John Hawkins  on  09/02/18  at  08:33 PM
  4. We’ll never know how much Fed Hotel’s money, or Ta Ann money, flows back to the party of government, which is just as well since there’s nothing we can do about it.  It’s the LibLab culture.

    John Hayward

    Posted by john hayward  on  10/02/18  at  02:43 PM
  5. Does the licence extension require an act of parliament or is this done by the executive?

    Posted by Shane Johnson  on  10/02/18  at  03:25 PM
  6. When Labor came out strongly on pokies so many astonished people (nervously) said: “Wow, that’s brave of them to stake a strong stand”. Voters had become so used to the major parties playing to the marginals that they had become afraid to stand up forthrightly on any issue of substance.

    Alas, the Libs have played this one cunningly. Tasmania’s blue collar watering holes all over the place are blatantly and unabashedly telling their patrons and passers-by to vote Liberal. It’s all about money.

    If the Libs get their victory what will the post mortem tell Labor? Never to take on an issue bravely ever again? Or ... if you stick your neck out, make sure that have a powerful, vibrant campaign pre-prepared to counter the inevitable backlash?

    But let’s not count the chickens just yet. Elections can be full of surprises.

    Posted by Chris Harries  on  12/02/18  at  08:30 AM
  7. It wont happen over night even if Labor win government.
    A gradual winding back of pokies over a decade especially in vulnerable social economic areas needs to be addressed by both sides of politics.

    It is unlikely Labors policy will work and should not be seen as a priority to vote for them at this point in time.

    Human weakness addiction to gambling is not everybody’s problem and certainly not mine.

    Individual responsibility of lifestyle is more to the point, temptation and stupidity abounds 24/7 its your choice if you want to make Federal rich and youself poor!

    Posted by Robin Charles Halton  on  15/02/18  at  06:44 AM





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