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  1. It would be cool if Tasmanians voted more like Icelanders. That would bring a new democratic dynamic to this island. But to get there we may have to change our mind-set a bit, and make sure everyone can participate.

    Posted by Kim Peart  on  12/02/18  at  09:37 AM
  2. There are a few eco-fascists out there and like the movement founder Arvi Linkola most realize there is a worm in the hearts of man that has been ragingly successful for a million years and beyond tinkering.  Arvi just turned his back and went fishin’ while our Strangelovian doomsday machine manifests in the atmosphere or is triggered by the failure of a reactor cooling pond or military misadventure.

    It’s a hold-over. We automatically choose sociopaths and other maddies to lead or worship because it is they who are single-minded and self-serving enough to forge the mass hysteria that will clear away our Malthusian rivals and make our place in the sun. It’s all in the Old Testament, the Koran and libraries of history but technical access to the entire planetary reserves of minerals, fossilized energy and fertility have lulled the western world: for the moment the sampo, cornucopia and magic tablecloth; sum of all humanity’s munchkin dreamings have come true and there are no limits to growth. Just don’t tell your friends otherwise.

    Posted by George Smiley  on  12/02/18  at  10:51 AM
  3. Well said Elizabeth.

    Posted by Russell Langfield  on  12/02/18  at  02:22 PM
  4. “...past history…”!

    Posted by TGC  on  12/02/18  at  08:27 PM
  5. Righto TGC. Presumably that terse comment refers to her last paragraphs. So the scourge is over; co-operative, altruistic, and morally decent now describe our leadership: the PM, ScoMo, Pyne, Barnaby, etc. It’s such a relief to know but I don’t really care anyway as long as I get a job out of it.

    Posted by George Smiley  on  13/02/18  at  09:24 AM
  6. Elizabeth you have put my thoughts perfectly into words. It is soooo frustrating to see all of the puppets voting for the same old dinosaurs that are actually wrecking our country. I just wish someone, anyone who is not controlled by the mighty $$$$$$s and power, to stand and serve the people of this country with ‘pure honesty’ and integrity. (which is also lacking in politicians)

    Posted by TV Resident  on  13/02/18  at  02:46 PM
  7. #6 ... I guess what you want are people who will do the job for nothing - wealthy people perhaps?

    Posted by TGC  on  13/02/18  at  09:05 PM
  8. I thought this was the Betoota Advocate initially.

    Then I realised the writer was suggesting all Tassie needs is for everybody to get a nice public service job, and use social media as a tool to solve Middle Eastern conflicts and buy an electric car.

    Which describes South Hobart.

    Posted by Jarvis Cocker  on  13/02/18  at  09:26 PM
  9. Climate change is an apex matter of great urgency which politicians generally are not tackling.

    A myth still being presented by deniers is that the Arctic and Antarctic are in a good state of health. What is the explanation for the tanker Edward Toll being able to motor on the Arctic Ocean?

    The Independent has just provided an article about the Edward Toll able to voyage on the Arctic Ocean without the aid of an ice breaker in winter.
    Not many years ago it would have been completely impossible for a ship to transit Arctic waters without the aid of an ice breaker due to thick sea ice.

    Oceans and snow and ice are the thermostat of Earth. The temperature of oceans was the highest ever recorded for 2017.

    The voyage of the Edward Toll is just one objective example of a changing world. Some other considerations are krill populations lowering, fresh water resources dwindling (many examples over last few years) and crops being damaged; impacted by climate change and human activity. Krill populations are declining through warming waters and over-fishing, for example.

    A wish for a dystopian world is obtained by ignoring the dying canaries and red flags of climate change.

    Posted by Keith Antonysen  on  16/02/18  at  08:32 AM
  10. #7 ... “I guess what you want are people who will do the job for nothing - wealthy people perhaps?”

    Why not? It should be a privilege to represent the people, not a bank balance growth industry. Paying pollies 2-3 times the pension rate should be the maximum, rather than 5 times the income of the average person.

    The wealthy are the problem, not the answer. It’s greed which drives politics, not rational logic, or care for the future.

    Posted by Tony Stone  on  17/02/18  at  08:16 AM
  11. Politicians either don’t wish to scare the voters or they are also in denial. Voters are either in denial or denying the need for action now under a Party that offers to act to address climate change.

    Each time in every jurisdiction that denies the need to act or delays action it makes the need for action more urgent and more expensive, so that as we approach the points of no return as we move into and then perhaps through new climates to even less stable climates and then to the location above, it becomes more likely.

    Of course each positive action to change away from the activities that are forcing climate change create a moment of delay if not postponement of moving to chaos and catastrophe.

    On this tension we are living in a fools’ paradise for which those who live long enough will rue the fossil fools of today.

    It’s your Vote, hope you get it right. There’s plenty of science to study about the outcome if we go on producing CO2 emissions. Collectively we will go down in history for as long as records are kept.

    Posted by philll Parsons  on  17/02/18  at  04:56 PM
  12. #9 ...“Krill populations are declining through warming waters and over-fishing, for example.”
    It’s due to a demand for a healthy lifestyle - all that ‘krill’ oil at the Health Shops is far superior to Huon Salmon.

    Posted by TGC  on  20/02/18  at  11:28 AM
  13. Sorry, Trevor, the reference I had was an acknowledgement of overfishing plus the impact of a warming climate.


    “Krill populations have declined by 80% since the 1970s. Global warming has been blamed for part of that decrease because the ice that is home to the algae and plankton they feed on is retreating.”

    A reference that provided a hyperlink to the research ...


    The title of the Journal article is ...

    Impacts of rising sea temperature on krill increase risks for predators in the Scotia Sea

    Posted by Keith Antonysen  on  20/02/18  at  12:38 PM





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