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  1. It seems that it’s trendy these days to be immune to facts and evidence. Young Labour have developed a naive, sexist and racist policy.

    What happened to the left? Where is the structural analysis gone? The politics of ‘choice’ seems to be all that remains. Apparently we are all floating around in our own little bubbles making free and empowered choices to enslave ourselves.

    I am proud to know and work with the brave survivors who continue to speak up about the truth of the sex industry in the face of the awful abuse and silencing they experience. I am entirely unsurprised that Young Labour have refused to engage with survivors of prostitution - they already have their minds made up and they’re only interested in engaging with the ‘right kind’ of ‘sex worker’.

    Posted by Tessa  on  05/11/16  at  09:56 AM
  2. One can only wonder if Young Labor would consult with Survivors of domestic violence for a policy on male violence in the home?

    The problem with Young Labor is that they are scared of being targeted by sex trade front groups and labelled as whorephobes, sex negative, radical feminists or Christian bigots if they don’t toe the line about prostitution being being seen as a sexuality issue and no different to the LGTBQI movement.

    Lara Giddings and Young Labor’s red tinted glasses view of the sex trade, at the behest of would be pimps, procurers and profiteers of vulnerable and disadvantaged young girls, ignores the reality of why men buy women for sex and what they do to them. It’s all about the sex workers being empowered by their work contrary to all the international research on the levels of PTSD amongst women in the sex trade - over 65% and that most, over 95% want services from Exit Programs that Governments refuse to fund.  The ALP state conference needs to weigh up whether the potential for collecting revenue from this diabolical trade in women’s bodies outweighs the costs to girls and women’s lives and to the whole community.  Indeed, their view ignores any global perspective at all or how sex traffickers and organised crime rely on the prostitution market.

    Young Labor’s policy proposal is nothing less than capitulation to continued male privilege, power and control over women.

    No, I don’t want more girls and women to be put at risk of abuse in the sex trade or exposed to the violence of open slather trading in brothels, or Tasmania to become a sex tourism destination - I want the Government to fund an Exit Program to enable those women who want to - to get out of the trade in Tasmania now or in the future. And, I want sex buyers to be made accountable for their actions.

    Posted by Isla MacGregor  on  05/11/16  at  10:29 AM
  3. How depressing. Young Labor have drunk the kool Aid. Perhaps this will help them ask better questions and to the right people?

    Posted by Andrea  on  05/11/16  at  12:26 PM
  4. Thank you for this article. It is a travesty that the current political discourse does not acknowledge the harm that prostitution does to all women. Supporting the sexual objectification of women and the entitlement for men to buy women only reinforces misogynistic violence and abuse against women.

    Posted by Marie Hume  on  05/11/16  at  12:48 PM
  5. There is no question that what has happened under decriminalisation in New South Wales and in New Zealand will happen here.  The sex trade is an unregulatable and unaccountable trade.

    From the Glen Innes Examiner from 24 June 2015 Wollongong brothel owners see red over illegal sex shops:

    Wollongong’s legal brothel owners claim an explosion of unlicensed sex providers using massage parlours and private homes poses a serious threat to their businesses and the health of working girls.

    The owner of one licensed sex-service premises said legal brothels couldn’t compete with prohibited operators who didn’t have to pay licence fees or abide by safe sex practices.

    ‘‘We’re finding it really tough, not only do they take clients but they don’t have to pay health department or council fees,’’ she said.

    ‘‘These places are booming and we can’t compete with the illegals, it’s cost me more than $50,000 to stay legal.’’

    Brothels with approved development applications are inspected yearly by councils and NSW Health with owners liable for providing protection and sexual health check-ups for their employees.

    The Wollongong brothel owner warned that the closure of council-approved brothels would likely lead to a rise of unregulated black market sex services.

    ‘‘Everything will be pushed underground with no checks,’’ she said.

    ‘‘We’re already hearing things from clients about girls being raped and doing stuff they’re not comfortable with; these places won’t call the police because they’re not meant to be there.’’

    Longstanding licensed brothel site 108 Swan Street, now inhabited by Blue Angels, failed to sell after being on the market for three months, with the owners opting to lease the establishment at an asking price of $1300 per week.

    Wollongong’s oldest approved brothel and well-known red light landmark 29 Kenny Street, has padlocked its doors with signs on the door saying the premises were closed for renovations but no reopening date has been announced.

    In an earlier investigation the Mercury revealed nine unlicensed massage parlours advertising massages with ‘‘happy endings’’ available for a mere $20 extra.

    Legal brothels are also facing competition from a growing number of private workers, operating from personal phones and private residences. 

    In the past week individual advertisements from 17 separate private workers have appeared in the adult section of the Mercury, promising ‘‘ sexual pleasure,’’ and ‘‘body rub plus extra’’.

    Under NSW law, any business offering a sex service including erotic massage is classified as a brothel which requires DA approval from councils.

    Wollongong City Council confirmed no sex work is permitted in residential premises under council policy.

    The council investigated a unit in 2011 after receiving complaints of a suspected sex service operating out of a Wollongong apartment block.
    The unit owner told investigators an ‘‘adult massage service’’ was being undertaken between 10am and 6pm.

    The council found the activities to be legal because it found ‘‘no evidence of full service activities which would require consent’’.

    Wollongong City Council confirmed it investigated numerous premises after the Mercury’s November investigations but no penalties or closure notices were issued.

    The council’s acting director of planning and environment Mark Riordan said there were obstacles to council’s ability to investigate unauthorised sex providers.

    ‘‘When conducting its investigations council has to ensure that there is evidence that can be used in the courts if it is to pursue legal action against a business that might be operating illegally,’’ he said.

    Meanwhile legal brothel owners remain frustrated at the lack of closures, while continuing to pay council inspection fees of up to $400.

    ‘‘What does it take to close these places down?’’ said one owner.

    Yes, Lara Giddings and Young Labor certainly didn’t do their homework.

    Posted by Isla MacGregor  on  05/11/16  at  03:53 PM
  6. The Labor Party will never Govern in Tasmania again until renewal occur’s by booting out the door GIDDINGS, LLEWELLYN, GREEN, and FARRELL. They are only in it for themselves using the tax-payer’s gravy train and sitting back doing nothing much at all.

    Posted by Leveller  on  06/11/16  at  08:36 AM
  7. At least they use contraception…

    Posted by Lynne Newington  on  06/11/16  at  10:11 AM
  8. Just when you think Labor couldn’t be any more conservative they move even further to the right.

    Posted by Jean Loren  on  06/11/16  at  02:56 PM
  9. In Tasmania in 2009/2010 100’s of men raped a 12-year old girl sold to them by her mother and step-father in Tasmania’s one “adult, uncoerced” sex trade as 18-year old Angela “new in town”.  The men who raped her were not paedophiles or criminals. They are ordinary everyday sex buyers. The legal sex trade was both their enabler and legal defence to child rape.

    Informed consent (from the perspective of the sex buyer) in a trade built on exploitation of vulnerable women and children is pragmatically impossible. It is a form of rape. The exchange of money suggests this: not detracts. Sex buyers know full well that he and his sexuality of violence is repugnant to women and girls. He expresses this rage and resentments on sex buyer blogs and forums. She - the survivor - expresses her misery in her testimony. The best argument against the sex trade is the sex trade.

    Prostitution harms all women and girls well beyond prostitution because it serves as a reminder to them that their sexuality and sex belongs to men and the industry that serves them: whether by force or payment. Given society is the interconnectedness of indivuals: prostitution has wider social consequences. It is politically motivated violence and a harmful cultural practice. Not a private exhange “between two consenting adults”. There are no brothels where women buy sex from vulnerable men and boys. It is a sexed (“gendered”) pratice.

    Prostitution is male violence against all women and girls.  And the point of all this is a man’s orgasm obtained with brutal indifference. Is this truly a social good worthy of trumping all? No. It’s an extraordinarily cruel cultural practice made all the more cruel by blessing it as a “choice” and a “job” and a “sexuality”.

    The correct approach to male violence is obvious. To identify it and to repudiate it. The commercialization of exploitation is absolutely the antithesis of Labor principles. Please lead the way forward for a better, safer, respectful future for women and girls by condemning the men who harm them.

    Andrew Minney
    BSocSc MEthics&LegSt; MA

    Posted by Andrew Minney  on  12/11/16  at  10:12 AM
  10. Thank you Andrew..see my response to you on TT article by Simone on 12 November here:

    You may be interested to join as a Signatory here:

    Posted by Isla MacGregor  on  12/11/16  at  12:17 PM
  11. Well Andrew whether one likes to admit it or not one can see as ordinary men how members of clergy have a la carte…many women treated as prostitutes groomed not infrequently under the guise of spirituality.
    As I’ve previously mentioned, the Melbourne Archdiocese ran a veritable assembly line at a Catholic private hospital still in use until the 1980’s for those who fell pregnant, contraception against church teaching and “fathering a child being a human thing”.
    No wonder no men speak up, if Catholic many guilty of the same and forgiven in the Confessional including one past GG that I’m personally aware of and at least one deceased archbishop if rumour correct.

    Posted by Lynne Newington  on  12/11/16  at  06:44 PM
  12. I do not think there is a great deal of difference between the Tasmanian ALP’s view of women with that of Donald Trump and the appalling 67% of bigoted white privileged men who voted for him in the US election who didn’t stand up to Trump’s misogynist views on women. Unfortunately the ALP represent the interests of the pimp state that sees both women and girls and the environment as commodities for exploitation.

    Posted by Annie  on  14/11/16  at  08:08 AM





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