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  1. I really enjoyed reading this piece.  I love being in the MONA.  The sense of place is like an underground cathedral.  A catacomb full of life.  Creativity!  How hard it is to achieve something when it is subject to the prior approval of others.  Creating is often following an unknown path, not knowing where it will lead, yet some artistry is often just following known paths, using and reusing acquired skills, building on past levels of achievement to reach the ‘masterpiece’.  I like ‘one-off’ things.  And, by the way, the pic that goes with the article, looked like an Alice in Wonderland where an Alicewalks into a gallery and finds herself shrunken to a size where a coffee cup has grown hugely and where the water jugs and utensils are (not quite) ‘towering over her head’.  Perhaps her name is Lucy.

    Posted by Garry Stannus  on  10/03/14  at  09:13 AM
  2. Another opportunity for brilliance in perpetuity, was lost when the quarry behind Salamanca Place was given over to a ‘off the plan’ project, that is now Salamanca Square.
    This development received it’s seed funding through a need to relocate the Antarctic Centre (I’ve forgotten it’s name) from the ill-fated Oceanport proposal.
    My submission to a better future for the quarry as the site for a concert hall, was too quixotic.

    The enemy of the possible, is pragmatism.

    Posted by Second Opinion  on  10/03/14  at  09:40 AM
  3. is this proposed within 300 metres of the macquarie point sewerage plant.

    no buildings are allowed by councils within 300 metres of quarries.

    why are buildings permitted within 300 metres of sewerage plants which have regular or periodic or out of the blue stench effects

    massive legal & other costs coming up for customers of the sewerage & water authority & massive share increases.

    Posted by mike seabrook  on  10/03/14  at  09:53 AM
  4. Tony
    What a wonderful piece and extraordinary photos. I so enjoyed them.
    I had no idea that you had returned to Hobart and so much more.
    Danielle and I parted in 1993 and I met my wife in 1994 and we married in 1999. Her name, Rusty Unger. I bought a house in Watermill in 1999. We sold it and moved to Chapel Hill, NC in 2015. Things are well with us although I had some serious health issues a few years back…now fine.
    I hope this reaches you and you will send me your contact information. I’d love to reconnect. It has been too long
    Best as always.

    Posted by David Burr  on  15/02/18  at  08:37 AM
  5. Hello David!
    What a pleasant surprise.
    I was trolling this site because they are about to post another of my critiques (but not yet) ... and here we are!
    Good to know you are well and, I think - as with me - back in your old stomping grounds.
    Hope we can connect.
    Kind regards,

    Posted by Tony Hagar  on  05/03/18  at  07:49 PM
  6. David - PS: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

    Posted by Tony Hagar  on  05/03/18  at  08:06 PM





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