Heather Rose

We are so delighted to have Heather Rose writing the foreword for the next collection.

Heather has the poise and smarts and is an almost perfect foil for the duck paddling we’re doing at the moment, as we appear to coast easily towards publication (final few days to submit folks, see below).

Heather is also the author of seven novels. Her most recent novel, The Museum of Modern Love, won the 2017 Stella Prize, the Christina Stead Prize and the Margaret Scott Prize. Heather writes for children with fellow author Danielle Wood under the pen-name Angelica Banks. Both Heather and Angelica Banks are published internationally. Heather lives by the sea in Tasmania.

Heather joins the esteemed company of Oxford Don and adamantly former Tasmanian Peter Conrad, who wrote the foreword for Islands and Cities, and the Patrick White Award winning novelist and essayist, Amanda Lohrey, whose generous introduction you will find in The Third Script.

The next collection will feature the best new writing from Tasmanian, Indian and Iranian writers. Each of the editors invite some writers, and then we are open for submissions. Kulpreet Yadav, our editor in India,  an established writer himself, as well as the editor of Open Road Review, South Asia’s leading magazine of literature and culture has chosen Jerry Pinto as one of his writers. Jerry lives and works in Bombay-Mumbai-Momoi-Mhamai-Bambai. He is the author of several books, most lately the novels, Em and the Big Hoom and Murder in Mahim. He translates from Marathi and Hindi. Jerry is the winner of Windham-Campbell prize 2016. 

Shokoofeh Azar’s first novel is The Enlightenment of the Greengage Tree (Wild Dingo Press, 2017). It is an exceptional piece of writing, so contemporary and yet so aware of the long lineage of Persian literature predeeding it. It’s set in Iran after the Islamic Revolution in 1979 and uses the lyrical magic realism style of classical Persian storytelling. We are honoured to be publishing a story by Shokoofeh in the next collection, especially as she is a rising star in Iranian literature. Her work brings deep resonances of Iranian tradition into the Western world (this book was first published in English). We can not celebrate this inclusion enough.

There is still time to submit! If you are a writer from Iran, Tasmania or India we are seeking your short stories.

Submissions close on July 8. All the details can be found here:

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