Sasha Wasley is planning a visit to Tasmania with her family next year, Hopefully that might also result in her doing some promotion for her book Dear Banjo. This latest instalment in the rural fiction arena is a unique and satisfying read.

Sasha’s main protagonists are Willow and Tom, two young idealistic people growing up on farms, both eager, once they are qualified, to introduce sustainable farm methods into their family farms.

The loss of Willow’s mother changes the would be couple’s plans, with Willow fearing to become close to anyone else and so turning away from all that love her. Her plans to study agricultural science remain intact as going away to university means distancing herself from the potential of being hurt again. Feeling rejected Tom Forrest delays his degree, deciding to implement his sustainable methods on the farm anyway.

It really is a case of not seeing the Forrest (Tom) because of the trees (read Willow). Starting out anew at university Willow fails to read any of Tom’s prolific correspondence until she is called home to help run the farm while her father recovers from illness. Finding the letters once again, nostalgia prompts her to read them on her way home. It’s then that she learns the true extent of Tom’s love for her.

That is probably enough information, as I encourage you to read this new entrant in the genre of rural fiction.

Tom and Willow’s attempts to have ethical vegan farming is explained in great detail for the layman or woman! On a lighter note there are some discussions on the drawbacks of the vegan lifestyle particularly vegan cheese.

Sasha does much for revisiting the romance of old fashioned letter writing and hopefully encourages this pastime that has proved to have positive health benefits.

With the success of this book no doubt we will be hearing more from Willow and Tom as well as Willows sisters introduced in this novel.

Dear Banjo is out now published by Penguin Random House.