Tania Chandler loves Tasmania and tells me when we chat, that last year, she spent a week in Hobart, which is one of her favourite places as well as Launceston and time at Cradle Mountain. Tania also mentions how she enjoys the journey on the Spirit of Tasmania.

Talking of spirits, many critics agree that Tania perhaps, is channelling the crime writing prowess of her namesake Raymond Chandler, in her gritty crime novels

Tania says her novels have been classified as ‘domestic noir’ but she prefers the title a friend suggested ‘dirty realism’.

I recently spoke to Tania Chandler about her new book ‘Dead in the Water’. The book is a sequel to ‘Please don’t leave me here’ and continues the story of Brigitte, her detective husband and their twins, as well as her teenage daughter from a previous marriage.

Brigitte is trying to keep order both in her home town and her home, she is feeling pressure on her marriage with the return to town of an old beau who chillingly has written an art imitates life novel. Full of twists until the near end when a red herring seamlessly swims into the murky water.

Tania tells me she was always writing from her teen years but was side tracked by work! Tania completed a writing course and gave herself permission to write. An interesting piece of trivia is that Tania has also been an actor and this has informed her writing that is demonstrated in her novels with there authentic dialogue and potential for filming.

Tania Chandler’s ‘Dead in the Water’ is out now published by Scribe Publications.