Hardback Publication Date: 18 January 2018
Paperback to be Released 26 April 2018

          Author:  Helen Parry Jones        

“The reaction to her was phenomenal, I do mean phenomenal. We have been at this a very long time now and we know the difference between phenomenal and phenomenal!!” Gay Byrne, The Late Late Show.

Clairvoyant sensation Helen Parry Jones is set to blow readers away in her book Beyond Boundaries. With her debut book, Hands of an Angel, making it to number 4 on the non-fiction best seller list, and being featured on radio, TV, and in newspapers, Helen is primed to turn her latest book, Beyond Boundaries, into an international hit.
With a professional career spanning over thirty years, Helen has positively affected the health and lives of tens of thousands of people through her healing clinics, private consultations, seminars and theatre demonstrations. As a spiritual healer, Helen’s goal is to help the world discover the profound beauty, peace, and love her gift has to offer through the interaction of Spiritual Healing and Spiritual Communication.
In Beyond Boundaries, Helen welcomes readers into her life and shares her spiritual journey, speaking to them with absolute honesty in a refreshingly down-to earth manner. She introduces readers to Sam, her spiritual guide, and shows how, with his guidance, she developed a much higher level of consciousness. This not only allowed her to communicate with another dimension beyond the boundaries of our existence, but also allowed her to access the energy that surrounds and connects to our physical form, bestowing her with the gift to locate illness and malfunction within the body.
Beyond Boundaries shares the extraordinary life of one woman and her exceptional gift. It is a must-read for the open-minded and curious, as it shines a fascinating light into the world of spiritual communication and healing, giving hope and comfort to those searching for the answers to life’s greatest questions. 

Beyond Boundaries is published by Aurora House
Hardback RRP AUD $49.95. ISBN 9780648226260
Papherback RRP AUD $29.95 ISBN 9780648185123
Available in all main online bookstores, including Amazon and Kindle.
About the Author ...

Helen Parry Jones has been able to connect with the spirit world since her earliest childhood recollections. Since then, her abilities have developed far beyond recognised Spiritual Communication and Spiritual Healing to a much higher level of consciousness.
Over the years, she has accomplished substantial recognition and is highly respected as being at the top of her profession. More recently Helen has complemented her career with writing books and broadcasting her own radio show to deliver her unique brand of emotional and physical healing to a wider audience.