Author of rural novel ‘The Family Secret’ Fiona Palmer grew up on the family farm but some might be surprised to know was also a third generation race car driver, that is until she had children and swapped the dangers of speed racing for the gentler career of speed typing.

Fiona is grateful for the skills of speed typing that prove invaluable in her career as author. It was after working in the local shop with her mum stories started running around in her mind and she realised being a writer was a real possibility.

Fiona hasn’t been to Tasmania since she accompanied her gran here at 13 years of age but she is keen to return and showcase her books with Tasmanian audiences.

Her latest novel ‘The Family Secret’ is part mystery and part romance. The novel, while romantic at heart, manages to address the serious issue of post- traumatic stress disorder and how it can it impact on those we love, in sometimes tragic and unexpected ways, as we learn through our three main protagonists, Kim our heroine, the hero Charlie and Vietnam veteran Harry in the aptly named Lake Grace because this story too, is ultimately one of saving grace.

One of the appealing things about this book is the distinctive cover which makes all of Fiona’s novels instantly recognisable.

‘The Family Secret’ is out now published by Penguin Random House.