There is no strange thing here, and nothing new
The powerful rich believe, they always do
That their success, from intellect and drive:
Their failures from misfortunes, though they strive.

While poor folk are made poor from lack of sense
and work – so luck is not in evidence
Because some moral failing that they have
Keeps them from the fortune all must crave:

And these, the powerful, the strong and rich
Yet act to drive all others in a ditch
They politicians pay, the laws to bend
Squeeze the workers so their wealth extend -

And where the country’s lack of law permit
They pay their thugs to bully and to hit
To rape and murder, if that is allowed
By folk fickle-born to parents wealth-endowed.

How can we stop such cruelty and sin?
All must try to find the Lord within
I mean, what strength and wisdom that we have
To fight those who corrupt and then deprave.

I won’t say here all rich folk are born bad
It’s how they are brought up that makes me sad
Not seeing the results of what they do
Blind willfully to what is fair and true:

Freedom, Freedom, Freedom is our cry
Eternal watchfulness to evil folk deny
And Truth brought out where under rug was swept
- The poor know Buddha, yes, and Jesus wept.

*Chukwuma Ndububa is a Nigerian poet whose poem ‘Diala’ is advice on surviving oppression.  The Nigerians,  whose national language is English, have a fantastic tradition of poetry including Chinua Achebe and Wole Soyinka]