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Date and time: 23rd July 2017 All Day

If you enjoyed A Novel Journey in 2015 or 2016, or if you’re looking to expand your knowledge with a focus on the area of non-fiction writing, our 2017 program is for you. A Writer’s Journey will bring leading writers and editors together to teach you everything from writing memoirs to research methods.

A Writer’s Journey: Creative non-fiction and the art of the essay with James Dryburgh

Got something to say, a story that should be told or a conversation to start?

An essay can be poetic, beautiful and can leave the mind of the reader ablaze. It is one of the simplest forms of written communication and one of the best ways to air important ideas and share experiences and people with the wider world. A good essay yearns to expose truths and to heighten them such that they affect people. In this, the essay can be important and powerful.

During our day we will:

consider interview-based, issue-based and experience/event-based essays;
examine structure, style and spark;
explore the uncovering of different angles on a story to get the most out of it and to satisfy different publications;
look at pitching to editors and how and where to get published;
leave the class room from some observation to find the little details, images, metaphors, juxtapositions, that can make an essay resonate; and
contemplate why it is important that you write and why you absolutely can.

“If I read but do not write, I am in debt to the world.” Mauricio Chavez, El Salvador

James Dryburgh <i> has been published in a number of publications including Smith Journal, New Internationalist, Wild Magazine, Island Magazine, Tasmania 40 South, amongst others. James writes provocative essays about important things. His first book is Essays from Near and Far (Walleah Press, 2014).

“Informative, dramatic, thought-provoking, immersed in questions of history, perspective and values, and thoroughly human” - Kevin Brophy

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