GASP: Mapali

GASP (Glenorchy Art & Sculpture Park) | Wilkinson's Point, Elwick & Montrose Bays, via Brooker Highway, Glenorchy, Hobart, Tasma
24.07.18 8:48 am


Friday 27 July 2018
12.30 - 1.30pm
Dechaineux Lecture Theatre | School of Creative Arts, UTAS

mapali local international
Aboriginal <> Muslim Contemporaneity in Tasmania

Jim Everett (plangermairreenner/TAS) | Wukun Wanambi (Yolngu/NT) | Abdul Abdullah (NSW)
Abdul-Rahman Abdullah (WA) | Julie Gough (tebrikunna/TAS) | Ishmael Marika (Yolngu/NT)
Sinsa Mansell (pakana/TAS) | Kazi Sabbir (Bangladesh/TAS) | Rif’at Fajrianto (Indonesia/TAS)
Dean Greeno (pakana/TAS) | Nadia Refaei (Syria/TAS) | Francisca Moenne (Chile/Italy/TAS)
Francesco Recchia (Italy/TAS) |Andy Vagg (Australia/TAS) | Kelly Slater (NZ/TAS) |
Amin Safa (Afghanistan/TAS) | Jonathan Kimberley (TAS) | Kade McDonald (VIC/NT)

mapali local international is a new GASP Art Project currently in development by 14 artists from across Australia. The project is a major intercultural collaboration between seven lead Aboriginal and Muslim artists, mentoring a group of seven emerging Tasmanian artists from diverse backgrounds - all coming together through a series of residencies and workshops to develop a series of major new permanent public sculptures at GASP.

As part of this special SOCA Art Forum presentation, GASP will introduce all 14 artists, including presentations from the lead artist group and curators.

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Bett Gallery: Congratulations to Neil Haddon, winner of the 2018 Hadley’s Art Prize

Bett Gallery
21.07.18 12:35 pm

Winner Neil Haddon with The Visit

Congratulations to Neil Haddon, winner of the 2018 Hadley’s Art Prize.

Presented by Hadley’s Orient Hotel, the Hadley’s Art Prize, Hobart is an annual, acquisitive Australian landscape prize, which offers $100,000 to the winning entry. Dating back to 1834, Hadley’s Orient Hotel has a rich and fascinating history interwoven with art, particularly landscape art.

Haddon’s winning piece titled “The Visit” depicts British author H.G. Wells cycling through a nominal ‘Tasmanian’ landscape. Judge, Jane Stewart, described the piece as a “complex and accomplished painting that raises many questions about landscape, custodianship and contact history.”

Neil Haddon is exhibiting with Bett Gallery in November 2019.

View work by Neil Haddon HERE:

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Tasmanian artist Neil Haddon wins the Hadley’s Art Prize 2018

Romany Brodribb
21.07.18 6:00 am

The judges ...  Jane, Michael and Clothilde ... This year the Prize was judged by a panel of three national art specialists – Curator of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Exhibitions and Collections at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Clothilde Bullen, Principal Curator of Art at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, Jane Stewart and leading Australian artist, Michael Zavros.  All pics: Jessica King

Winner Neil Haddon with The Visit

The Visit

A Tasmanian artist and University of Tasmania lecturer, Neil Haddon, has taken out this year’s Hadley’s Art Prize, winning $100,000 for his depiction of British author H.G. Wells cycling through a nominal ‘Tasmanian’ landscape.

Haddon’s winning piece, titled The Visit, is a textural painting on contrasting surfaces, layered with meaning, alluding to Wells’ infamous science fiction novel, The War of the Worlds, as well as colonial artist, John Glover, and French artist, Paul Gauguin, to explore contact history.

Mr Haddon said that while H.G. Wells visited Australia in the 1930s, he never made it to Tasmania.

Haddon, who has lived in Hobart for 22 years, was born in 1967 in Epsom, a market town in Surrey, England. It was in Surrey too, some 70 years earlier, that Wells found inspiration for his novel.

“Wells was a keen cyclist,” Mr Haddon said. “As he rode, he planned The War of the Worlds, imagining the extermination of the human race by aliens.

“Wells also alludes to the attempted genocide of Aboriginal Tasmanians in the opening paragraphs of this book,” said Mr Haddon.

“I grew up in the environs where The War of the Worlds is set. Now I live in Tasmania.”

The Hadley’s Art Prize, now in its second year, attracted an unprecedented 640 entries this year—almost double the submissions from its inaugural year—and is believed to be the world’s most lucrative landscape art award.

This year the Prize was judged by a panel of three national art specialists – Curator of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Exhibitions and Collections at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Clothilde Bullen, Principal Curator of Art at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, Jane Stewart and leading Australian artist, Michael Zavros.

Mr Zavros said the Hadley’s Art Prize, and others like it, demonstrated the history of Australian art was still a history of landscape painting, from the art of the first peoples, to that of the colonists right through to contemporary Australian artists practicing today.
“Our relationship to land has always been complicated, at times even fraught, and as such, the landscape as concept, as the subject of our art, remains constantly relevant,” Mr Zavros said.

Judge Jane Stewart said despite long deliberations, the judges were united in their decision to award Haddon the Prize.

“There is no doubt that his painting, The Visit, is a complex and accomplished painting that raises many questions about landscape, custodianship and contact history,” Ms Stewart said.

Judge Clothilde Bullen said the work had some intriguing elements.

“The blue targets hover like eyes gazing at the audience while simultaneously providing a portal into the landscape,” Ms Bullen said.

“The artist’s distinctive, refined technique indicates a point of resolution in his practice that is well worthy of the prize.”

Prize Curator Dr Amy Jackett said the exhibition this year was vibrant and celebrated many diverse approaches to landscape, featuring artworks from all around Australia.

“I encourage people to come and experience the work of these incredible contemporary Australian landscape artists, both established and emerging, and especially to have their say in deciding the People’s Choice Award,” Dr Jackett said.

The finalists’ exhibition, which opens to the public tomorrow, will be showcased in custom-designed gallery spaces, which have been fully fitted to accommodate contemporary art, while respecting the heritage of Hadley’s Orient Hotel.

Over the next month the space will play host to a number of related events, including floor talks by finalists and judge, Jane Stewart, as well as events in partnership with the University of Tasmania and the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra.

“There are some great events on offer to enrich people’s experience of the exhibition, most of which are free. Tickets can be booked on the Hadley’s Orient Hotel website,” Dr Jackett said.

Four Highly Commended Awards, worth $2,250 each, were also presented to artists Jacobus Capone, Tjukupati James, Daisy Japulija and Betty Kuntiwa Pumani.

The acquisitive Hadley’s Art Prize is fast cementing itself as one of Australia’s most coveted art awards.

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Julian James and Catfish Voodoo touring Tassie ...

Tanya Catelli
19.07.18 3:33 pm

Julian James

Julian James - The 27 year old front man from the raucous Melbourne based Chicago Blues outfit ‘Catfish Voodoo’ has been touring around Australia for the past 8 Years.

His style is based deep in the Blues Acoustic Strummers of the South, with references of Love, Loss and Debauchery. Recorded with Paulie Bignell (The Detonators, Paulie Bignell and the Thornbury Two) in Hailstone Studios ‘Whiskey and the Devil’ is a mix of the contemporary and traditional that showcases a different side of a man familiar to Australian blues fans. JulianJames will be hitting the streets of a town near you!

In fact here’s where you can catch him in Tassie ...

25th AUG The Black Cocky Music Lounge - SCAMANDER - 7:30pm
31st AUG Cargo Bar - BURNIE - 6:30pm
1st SEP Royal Oak Hotel - LAUNCESTON - 9:00pm
5th SEP Republic Bar - HOBART - 8:30 pm
7th SEP Rosevears Hotel - ROSEVEARS - 7:00pm

Festival Highlights!
❖ Gympie Muster
❖ Tamworth Country
❖ Echuca Blues
❖ Goulburn Blues
❖ Wangaratta Jazz
❖ Docklands Blues
❖ Barwon Heads Fest.
❖ Inverloch Jazz
❖ Warrandyte Fest.
❖ Eltham Jazz/wine Fest
❖ Bluestone
And Plenty More!

‘Melbourne based singer, Julian James, is no stranger
to the blues. His new album Whiskey and the Devil
showcases the smooth beats of blues, intertwined
with the twang of country and the upbeat notes of
more contemporary sound.’
‘Sophie Barker - Forte Magazine’

‘The Catfish Voodoo frontman reveals himself to be a
songster of the old type - Equally comfortable with
blues, rags and gospel, he’s got some stories to tell
and he wants to see you tap your feet while he does
‘Matthew Fredrick - PBS Radio’

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Avenue Q’s a Hit

Moya Deigan
19.07.18 12:30 am

Local cast of Avenue Q ...

The Hobart Repertory Theatre Society today announced that the Hobart season of the hit musical Avenue Q will be extended until August 4 at The Playhouse Theatre.

The Tony Award-winning Avenue Q opened last Friday night to strong reviews and a wonderful audience response, prompting the society to extend its season for another week past the original 28 July closing night.

President, Liz Lewinski said: “Hobart audiences have absolutely embraced Avenue Q, from music theatre fans to patrons who have never been to the theatre before, the audience reactions have been overwhelming.”

“The Hobart season of Avenue Q must close on Saturday, 4 August.”

If you’re a child at heart with a good sense of humour, it’s safe to say that AVENUE Q is right up your alley!

AVENUE Q contains scenes which may be unsuitable for children under 15. Yes, it’s full of puppets, but these aren’t the kind you’ll find on Sesame Street. So, parents, if your child isn’t old enough to see a musical that contains drinking, (puppet) sex and plenty of naughty words, then it’s time to call the babysitter!

We promise you this – AVENUE Q is an amazing musical with unforgettable songs, hilariously witty characters and a loveable nostalgia for simpler times. So you better get your tickets and head on over to the happiest place on earth – AVENUE Q!

AVENUE Q is on at The Playhouse Theatre, 106 Bathurst Street Hobart until August 4. Performances are 8:00 pm Wednesday to Saturday, with matinees on Sunday 22 July at 3:30 pm and Saturday 28 July at 2:00 pm. Book directly at Centertainment on 6234 5998

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Confronting the Negative Art Exhibition by Melissa Lubke ...

Karen Mace
18.07.18 7:34 am

Melissa Lubke, Confronting the Negative Image


Opening Talk by Grief Therapist Karen Mace

Emerging artist Melissa Lubke uses art as a therapy to explore and express complex emotions after her husband tragically died in a road accident in 2016 while she was pregnant with their third child.
In her first solo exhibition (Poatina Tree Art Gallery, August 5 – September 9), Melissa uses images, materials, tools and objects dear to her and her family to journey through her grief of what was lost and how to embrace this changed life with hope.

The contemporary works are highly conceptual, an influence from her advertising career. The exhibition is a combination of installation, sculpture and two dimensional works. Contrasting stark whites and lighting with bold blacks and raw materials, playing with positive and negative space.

In 2015 Melissa gave up her 20-year career as a graphic designer to focus on a better life balance at their evolving family farm in Underwood with her dedicated husband Andrew and sons, then aged four and six.  With the hope to grow their young family (the eldest child with ADHD and Autism) Andrew spent countless hours outside of his day job preparing the property for a productive agricultural lifestyle for their children.  After two miscarriages they finally became pregnant again before Christmas but decided to delay the announcement in case of another disappointment.

Travelling to their church’s first gathering of the year, Andrew came off his motorbike into an oncoming vehicle on Lilydale road just minutes from his destination. In the skilful hands of the Launceston General Hospital staff and cocooned with many loving friends, she waited, trusting God with their family’s future.  On the 16th hour of surgery and numerous bags of blood they could do no more and she received the call to come in and farewell her husband.

It is this tragedy though that has awoken Melissa into her renewed purpose – to help and show others the hope that Andrew had and the help that she has to continue on.

After relocating and rebuilding a now urban life, the most calm and healthy birth of their third son six months later proved the permanence of this peace.

But while the light of this hope gave clarity she was well aware, for practical reasons, that she was avoiding tackling the hurt, anger, pain and grief - the negative that comes with loss and tragedy.

She serendipitously met Karen Mace, Counsellor and Grief Therapist, at their home whilst buying second hand doors from her and her husband Ross. They shared their own tragic story of losing two of their three daughters which opened metaphorical doors for a beautiful relationship.

Combining art making with one of Karen’s writing workshops, Melissa amazingly found pockets of time and vision, conceiving and creating the collection of works.

Melissa and Karen hope to travel this exhibition and workshop to other locations encouraging people to feel safe to open even more doors and respond to their own grief through reflection and writing.

Confronting the Negative -  Artworks by Melissa Lubke
The Poatina Tree Art Gallery, Poatina, Tasmania.
Opening 5th August 2-4pm until 9 September 2018
Thursday-Sundays 10am-4pm
Grieving Your Way - Expressive Writing Workshop with Karen Mace
Healing Place - 12 Eiger Court Grindelwald
Thursday September 13th, 9.30-2.00pm

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A discussion on art, environment and society with Professor Jeff Malpas ...

QVMAG Visual Arts and Design Curator Ashleigh Whatling
16.07.18 1:32 pm


Taking place surrounded by the exhibition Landmarks, join artists Ilona Schneider and Raymond Arnold in a discussion on art, environment and society with Professor Jeff Malpas.

Mediator: QVMAG Visual Arts and Design Curator Ashleigh Whatling
Speakers: Professor Jeff Malpas, Raymond Arnold and Ilona Schneider

Raymond Arnold is one of Australia’s most renowned print makers. Based in Queenstown, Ray focuses his practice on the landscape surrounding the northwest region and mentors many artists through his studio. He is held in all major Australian public collections and has exhibited widely both nationally and overseas.

Jeff Malpas is Distinguished Professor at the University of Tasmania. Although trained as a philosopher, Prof Malpas works across a range of discipline including the creative arts, architecture, and geography. Most of his books, and many of his essays, explore the nature and significance of place (as well as it connection to space and time), arguing for the intimate belonging together of human beings with the places they inhabit.

Ilona Schneider, a renowned Austrian visual artist now based in Hobart, is fascinated by Tasmania’s landscape as a setting for technology and industry, as well as human dwelling. In trying to make sense of our vast and foreign scenery, Schneider has focussed her lens on Hydro-electric schemes and mining operations against the beauty of the west’s rugged terrain. The collection shows sleepy mining towns surrounded by dammed lakes and abandoned machinery, pits and pipes. Through the exhibition, Schneider raises questions about our personal and social responsibility in environmental change.

Free entry but please register your attendance here:

Please note places are limited. 

Saturday, 21 July 2018 | 01:00 PM - 03:00 PM

Queen Victoria Art Gallery, 2 Wellington Street, Launceston 7250

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Haunted Landscape at Nolan Art Gallery - July/August 2018

Nolan Art Gallery
16.07.18 9:52 am

Settlement Day

Tasmanian Gothic home. More information: Nolan Art Gallery ... exhibition catalogue

Look, here

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Creative Crighton

Paula Xiberras
16.07.18 9:38 am


Australian singer/songwriter William Crighton will be performing at Mona a place he describes as ‘cool’, in Hobart on Saturday 21 July, as part of his national tour, through July and August, showcasing his new album ‘Empire’.

As always his aim in live concerts is to capture the moment, while revisiting songs from his previous album and live songs. William will be accompanied by his wife Julianne and Josh Owens from Dan Sultan’s band (playing the bass)  and his Nashville producer Mark Sherrod playing drums.

When we talk William tells me he tries to visit Tasmania regularly and last visited with Dan Sultan.

The writing process for William means firstly, as he describes it ‘getting down the general bones of the song’ then building on this through editing,

He believes as a musician he is a conduit for something else, perhaps what we collectively call the muse. William does not shy from experimentation and on Empire experimented with different soundscapes as he explores his interest of the human psyche and human spirit.

You can join Williams’s musical journey and exploration at Mona on Saturday 21 July. Tickets:

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‘Go and Get over’ to see Sannia

Paula Xiberras
16.07.18 9:35 am


When we speak this week, Victorian musician Sannia tells me she has a friend in Tasmania, more specifically Launceston and two years ago Sannia joined her friend in a bit of sightseeing around Tassie, including the lavender farms.

Continuing on from that flowery theme, things are certainly fragrant in Sannia’s life as she prepared to launch her new single ‘Go and Get Over’ on Friday July 13 at restaurant and events venue, Wesley Anne in Northcote.

‘Go and get over’ is a song exploring the process of breaking up realised in the excellent film clip directed by Giulia Giannini McGauran, which includes repetitive scenes of going through the motions of domesticity divided, surrounded by ordinary household objects, in the hue of blue, mirroring the mood of the couple coming to the end of a relationship going through the motions to a dramatic change over as Sannia starts throwing away the objects in anger with a red rag in hand that would be agreeable to any bull in a china shop. In the next section of the video, as she breaks away from her partner, Sannia is resplendent and covered in the passion of red, far removed from the dull blueness of before.

Music has always been part of Sannias life, both ‘playing piano’ to ‘singing loudly’ from an early age.

Sannia says musical inspiration sometimes comes to her like the muse tapping her shoulder and she recalls an evening driving the 40 minutes back from a gig at the peninsula singing slithers of a song over and over again so as not to forget them till she arrived home and had a stationery moment in the garage to write it down.

Sometimes songs will visit her in steam of consciousness and sometimes she will be inspired by normal activities like ‘café watching’ of ‘interesting people’.

Sannia tells me that if she hadn’t done music maybe she would have been a nurse as she is interested in helping and healing people, including using the healing power of music, with works like Chopin being documented for their healing power.  One day Sannia may add to her musical qualifications with a doctorate on this topic.

Go and Get Out is out now.

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Festival of Voices: And now, the end is near …

Festival of Voices
13.07.18 3:20 pm


... but before we face the final curtain, there’s still plenty left to enjoy in the last few days of this year’s festival!

Get with the program ...

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Record crowd set for fiery, funky fun at Huon Valley Mid-Winter Festival

Elyse Barnett Marketing Manager, Willie Smith’s
13.07.18 3:18 pm


Two quirky headline acts will rock out to record crowds at the Huon Valley Mid-Winter Festival when it lights up Southern Tasmania, starting tonight.

Ticket sales are up 20 per cent on last year, with organisers expecting 18,000 people for the three-day program of pagan-inspired celebration at Willie Smith’s Apple Shed.

So popular and well regarded has the event become, it has attracted nationally-acclaimed independent artists VulgarGrad and 8 Foot Felix to the event for the first time to get the crowds grooving.

The Huon Valley will certainly come to life when VulgarGrad takes to the stage - the band pumped to be back in Tassie following a successful stint at Dark MOFO last year.

“You can expect a lot of dancing, drinking, yelling and you’ll end up learning a surprising amount of Russian swearing by the end of the night,’’ explains the band’s contrabass balalaika player Andrew Tanner.

“Our singer, Jacek Koman, is a well-enough known actor in Australia, but he’s actually a household name in his home country of Poland, and how often can Tasmanians say they just went to a gig by a Russian criminal band fronted by a famous Polish actor? About as often as VulgarGrad come to town, I guess,” says Andrew.

“It’s a lot like you’ve stepped into a dive bar in 1960s Odessa and a Soviet Tom Waits is hammering out old Russian songs about stealing and knife fights. His backing band seems to be drunk, and you’re not quite sure how you ended up here and whether it’s safe to stay.”

Meanwhile Brendan Jones is going to thrill crowds with his flaming trumpet as both Blunderbuss Jones in his solo act and also with band 8Foot Felix - a rambunctious, theatrical and fun act for all ages.

“We’re like a Danny Elfman soundtrack to their own spaced-out time-traveling steampunk movie. A multi-genre enigma, made for dancing, with strong roots in Balkan “oompa oompa” music and a splash of hip-hop and blues,” Brendan explains.

“I’ve never been to the festival and neither has the band, so we are all really looking forward to it. Mostly because we’ve heard such great things and we’ll finally meet the fabulous community involved, and also to feel the delicious warmth of all that cider and fire!”

Brendan’s flaming trumpet will be a hit with kids and adults alike, but he advises patrons not to try emulating his skill set.

“I made it myself so it’s one of a kind - although I’m a trained professional so don’t try this at home folks!”

Because of the expected large crowds at the festival, organisers are reminding patrons to follow instructions in regard to parking.

There is no parking allowed on the Highway, with parking facilitated in a large paddock behind the Apple Shed.

There are a number of bus services organised, with a return service to the festival from Hobart via Kingston costing $15 p/person. There is also a free shuttle service rom Ranelagh and Huonville.
The Huon Valley Mid-Winter Festival kicks off on Friday at 5pm with the Official Welcome Ceremony and Burning Man from 7.30-8.30pm.

A full program of festivities is available at

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Funding sets stage for festival to flourish

Tasmanian Chamber Music Festival director Allanah Dopson
13.07.18 12:17 pm


Marshall Maguire

The Tasmanian Chamber Music Festival will continue to delight music lovers from around the world after securing $100,000 worth of funding for the next three years from the Tasmanian Government courtesy of Events Tasmania.

Tasmanian Chamber Music Festival director Allanah Dopson said the funding would allow the festival to increase the number of people attending from interstate and increase the length of stay of visitors by increasing their capacity to collaborate with other tourism organisations, as well as helping the festival to attract international performers to Tasmania.

“I am extremely grateful to the Tasmanian Government and Events Tasmania for believing in the value of the Tasmanian Chamber Music Festival and for their confidence in the state’s artistic sector,” Ms Dopson said.

After the resounding success of the inaugural festival, the boutique event is expanding its weekend of intimate performances to introduce visitors to more of the unique experiences, exquisite scenery and historical architecture across the northern midlands region from 26-28 October 2018.

Limited tickets are still available for single concerts at the 2018 Tasmanian Chamber Music Festival. For more information or to purchase tickets head to, phone (03) 6323 3666 or visit the Princess Theatre at 57 Brisbane Street, Launceston.

“We are blessed to have such wonderful scenery and historic buildings as well as thriving arts, food and wine scenes in Tasmania. “Showcasing the magnificence of the northern Tasmanian midlands to visitors from across the strait and around the world through the joy of chamber music has been a long-held dream of mine and it is an honour to be able to continue doing so with the support of the Government and Events Tasmania.”

Ms Dopson said while the funding from the Tasmanian Government would help the festival grow in size and reputation, the weekend of music, food and wine would remain a boutique event. The festival, which sees the beautiful historic buildings of the Tasmanian northern midlands transformed into magnificent backdrops for visitors to revel in world class chamber music and the state’s finest food and wine
began in 2017 and was met with enthusiastic praise from attendees, artists and critics alike.

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Chamber Music Festival to play on

Will Hodgman, Premier & Minister for Tourism, Hospitality and Events
13.07.18 12:16 pm

The Government is committed to developing a broad ranging events calendar to encourage visitors to explore every region of Tasmania.

Last year’s inaugural Tasmanian Chamber Music Festival brought together world class chamber music with the wonderful scenery, produce and historical architecture of the Northern Midlands.

The Government is pleased to announce $100,000 in funding over three years to secure the Tasmanian Chamber Music Festival from 2018.

The Government is committed to delivering sustainable growth in tourism which protects what’s special about Tasmania and importantly, encourages tourists to spend more time in our regions.

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Historic St Matthias church is one of Tasmania’s churches in the firing line to be sold ...

Anne Layton-Bennett
13.07.18 7:06 am


Windermere’s historic St Matthias church is one of Tasmania’s churches in the firing line to be sold. The East Tamar communities of Windermere, Dilston, Swan Bay and Hillwood are determined to raise the necessary funds to ensure this iconic, historically and socially important church remains the spiritually valuable community hub it already is – regardless of whether or not those in these communities are regular churchgoers.

A number of fundraising events are planned to raise the necessary funds before the deadline. Please consider supporting these when and where you can.

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Bett Gallery: Amanda Davies & Bett Gallery present MISTAKE ...

Bett Gallery
12.07.18 6:51 pm

Amanda Davies, M I S T A K E, oil on linen, framed 40 x 30

FRIDAY 27 JULY, 5.30 - 7.30PM

An invitation to join Bett Gallery family, artists, clients and friends to celebrate the exhibition opening of award winning artist Amanda Davies.

Come and have a sneak peak at our brand new gallery. It’s a work in progress, but we can’t wait to share it with you! See you at Bett Gallery, First floor, 65 Murray Street, Hobart.

View exhibition here:


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The Top 100 Albums of All Time

Hear The Music Play
12.07.18 7:41 am


More here

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Bett Gallery: Pat Brassington and Bett Gallery present on a clear day

11.07.18 6:45 pm


FRIDAY 27 JULY, 5.30 - 7.30PM


An invitation to join Bett Gallery family, artists, clients and friends to celebrate the exhibition opening of one of Australia’s most celebrated artists Pat Brassington.

Come and have a sneak peak at our brand new gallery. It’s a work in progress, but we can’t wait to share it with you any longer! See you at Bett Gallery, First floor, 65 Murray Street, Hobart.

View exhibition here:

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MAC: Exhibitions at Moonah Arts Centre

Moonah Arts Centre
11.07.18 1:41 pm


More here

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Zeb: A GENDER ODYSSEY is a new Tasmania Performs production ...

Julie Waddington Associate Producer | Tasmania Performs
09.07.18 12:34 pm


Zeb: A GENDER ODYSSEY is a new Tasmania Performs production, written and performed by trans, queer artist Zeb Direen. With policy change on the horizon as the Department of Justice reviews the Births, Deaths and Marriages Act in response to calls from the transgender community for proper recognition, and attention in the international media as Scarlett Johanssen is cast in a trans role, there’s no better time to highlight the work being done by trans and non-binary artists.

Zeb says: “I’ve wanted to do this show for quite a while but now it’s happening because I’ve actually got the backing to make it a show rather than just me showing up to some pub, singing a few songs and then saying ‘gender is fucked’ I can actually make this something that a broader audience will come and watch”

Zeb says of their hopes for takeaways from Zeb: A Gender Odyssey: “there’s these things all around them going ‘this is what I can do to help’ or ‘this is how I can be more aware of things’ or that there is hope for the future”

Zeb says of Tasmania growing up trans in Tassie: “It was essentially nothing. It was going to the gay club. And being gay and being trans are two completely different things… it was hard to voice things that were problems because there wasn’t that understanding or even at times that willingness to understand. But now I believe and I have seen that that is changing. Safe Schools for example, and Working It Out, also, very good. More of that please, Mr. Prime Minister”

14 Weld Street, South Hobart 7004

Tasmania Performs is an initiative of Arts Tasmania managed by Performing Lines Ltd.
Zeb Direen: Writer & performer
Philip Channells: Director
Amanda Hodder: Musical director & accompanist
Jill Munro: Set & costume design
Andrew “Ghost” McDonald: Lighting designer
Peter Matheson: Dramaturg

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Public Forum: Disturbing echoes; understanding our past to create a better future

09.07.18 7:12 am




CHAIR: DR. PETE HAY, Research Fellow, Geography Dept. UTAS

SPEAKERS: MS CHERYL MUNDY with MS COLLEEN MUNDY – Aboriginal Artists & great, great grand daughters of Fanny Cochrane Smith
MR PETER GAGGIN – Director, Philp Lighton Architects, Consulting Architect
MR ANDREW COCKER – Committee Member, Friends of the Orphan Schools
PROFESSOR DAVID ADAMS – Pro Vice-Chancellor (Community, Partnerships & Regional Development), UTAS
JAMI BLADEL – Artistic Director/CEO, Kickstart Arts




Disturbing Echoes: Has Tasmanian society evolved since 1831? 

Hobart based arts company Kickstart Arts are using the repair and re-purposing of an iconic colonial building in New Town as a lens to invite community discussion, art making and debate around issues of social inequality, Aboriginal sovereignty and the social determinants of health.

Kickstart Arts has raised funds to repair the ex Queens Orphan School for Boys, built in 1831, a “building as significant as Port Arthur” according to heritage experts. The ex orphanage building’s new life will be as a community cultural precinct – the St Johns Park Creative Living Centre.

For many years, the building was derelict and falling into disrepair. The refurbishment work begins in late 2018 and will continue during 2019. 

“If you read about the dominant attitudes coming from colonial governments to people living in poverty in Van Diemans Land in 1831 when this building was built, you see so many similarities to what we hear constantly today,” said Forum producer Richard Bladel, “The Destitute” as they were known, were viewed as morally inferior and mainly to blame for their circumstances. This conveniently ignored very major economic, political and social factors that caused the predicament they found themselves in.”

The Forum is part of a significant public conversation about the culture of Hobart, it includes speakers on Aboriginal children who were imprisoned in the building, the construction of the building, orphan stories, social inequality, health economics then and now, with short films and information about the repair plans and Creative Living Centre vision.

The St Johns Park Orphanage buildings have always been about poverty and social inequality being a leading factor in the poor health of a large section of Tasmania’s population. They are all the more important because they house a contemporary precinct that contains multiple health and community services including Department of Health & Human Services Child Safety, Youth Justice, Alcohol & Drug, Disability and Mental Health services. These services are doing a great job within the context in which they operate, but there needs to be a unified approach across government.. How could the community play a greater role in promoting it’s own health and wellbeing?

Part of the conversation will be a community participatory arts project entitled Healing Ground. Seven professional artists will develop site-specific artworks with community members that ask the audience to think and feel about the idea of Healing Ground – a process of understanding, feeling and making peace with the disturbing echoes of our past and responding to a multitude of stories of people who’ve been left out of history. It asks what are the contemporary stories we tell ourselves about what it is to be Tasmanians? Whose voices dominate these narratives? This project encourages lost voices to come to the fore.

“The Creative Living Centre will offer new opportunities for local people to get involved in art making and cultural activity, it will house a growing community developing new ways of taking action to improve Tasmanian’s health, wellbeing, and working together on creative solutions for living with the reality of climate change

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Festival of Voices: Warm Up With Us Tonight! 

Festival of Voices
08.07.18 2:19 pm


The weather Gods are on our side, and tonight’s City of Hobart Big Sing Bonfire will be going ahead as planned at 5pm in Salamanca Place.

There will be two crackling bonfires to keep you warm, and wonderful entertainment from a stellar line-up of Australian and international performers and choirs, including FACE Vocal Band, Deke Sharon, Modern Mãori Quartet, Sydney Children’s Choir, Young Voices of Melbourne, The Velvetones and Uncle Gus and the Rimshots. And most importantly, there will be singing from YOU!

MC and crowd choir master Vicky Jacobs, will lead the crowd into a mass chorus with songs that are sure to bring a smile to your face, including this year’s feature song, Pharrell William’s HAPPY

So bring your puffer jacket and your scarf, gather around the bonfires and experience the thrill of singing together as one.

See you tonight!
To explore the full program visit
And to encourage you to experience and enjoy new genres and artists, there are now package discounts of up to 20% on offer.

We look forward to giving you a warm welcome! 

<b>Learn more: HERE

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Choral group The Clementines to perform at Cascades Female Factory;part of the Festival of Vo

Jennifer Fitzpatrick Marketing and Communications Manager
06.07.18 7:56 pm

Facebook HERE

Hobart’s own a stunning cappella songbirds, The Clementines, will present a heart-felt and thoughtful repertoire at the Cascades Female Factory as part of the Festival of Voices Pop Up program. The songs will pay homage to the form convict women of the Female Factory in South Hobart and celebrate their strength and tenacity.

Two performances are planned at 1pm on Saturday 7 July and 1pm on Sunday 8 July both running for 30 minutes.

The performance will weave together a beautiful repertoire of folk tunes and originals, including So Far Away, composed especially for this event. The Clementines reflect on the history of the World Heritage-listed historic site through song. Touching on themes of displacement, loss and courage, they celebrate the power and resilience of women through time.

Peter Choraziak, Festival Director is pleased to see the Pop Up program visiting iconic Hobart venues. Peter said:

“We are delighted to have dozens of pop-up choirs performing as part of the festival in and around the streets of Hobart and surrounds. Many of these are performed by those who just enjoy taking part in the festival so they can sing. We have enjoyed activating churches, museums, small and large venues and heritage spaces such as the Cascades Female Factory for this year’s event and look forward to hearing local folk artists sharing an original piece in this space over the weekend dedicated to all women who have passed through it.”

For a truly memorable day our combine the musical experience with a Heritage Tour or Her Story dramatised tour.

Visitors can enter the site for free as part of the festival. Those wishing to stay on and do a tour of the site are welcome, but normal prices apply.  This event is part of Festival of Voices Pop-Up series of free performances. For more information visit 

Cascades Female Factory is open from 9:30am-4pm daily with Heritage Tours running several times a day and the Her Story performance offered at 12 noon. For further details please feel welcome to contact our team via .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or 1800 139 478.

Festival of Voices ... Voices in the Asylum HERE

Port Arthur HERE

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Exhibit at Moonah Arts Centre in 2019

Claire Elliott, Moonah Arts Centre. First published July 5
06.07.18 1:28 pm


Moonah Arts Centre (MAC) is calling out for expressions of interest to be part of the visual arts exhibition program in 2019!

MAC’s exhibition program provides a platform for artists and local communities to own, express and share their stories, heritage, experiences and dreams.

MAC welcomes proposals from artists, curators, groups, and arts organisations.

Applications to be part of MAC’s 2019 exhibition program close midnight 27 August 2018.

The application form can be found at:


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Count Us In is back and bigger than ever ...

Danae Effern
06.07.18 11:27 am

Pictured: Sophia Chesworth, Emma Jones, Justine Clarke, John Foreman, Abby Keenan, Hazel Law, Roanna Law.

Australia’s largest school music participation program, Music: Count Us In (MCUI), is thrilled to announce that 2018’s music mentor is Justine Clarke - a face you will know from Play School and as the host of The Justine Clarke Show! Justine is an acclaimed performer of stage and screen and understands the power of music, especially as a tool for learning and educating young people.

On being the 2018 MCUI mentor, Justine says: “I’m thrilled to be part of this program that promotes music education, creativity and community in one loud and joyful song that’s heard right across the country!”

Earlier this year Justine joined five talented student songwriters from around the country, who came together to write this year’s MCUI song, ‘One Song’. A song for students, written by students. The songwriting workshop took place at Sydney’s Golden Retriever recording studio along with award winning MCUI Program ambassador John Foreman OAM, who is again at the helm offering expert guidance to the students.

This year’s lucky students are Abby Keenan from Victoria; Emma Jones from Wollongong, NSW; Sophia Chesworth from NSW and siblings Hazel and Roanna Law from Queensland.

MCUI is Australia’s largest school music advocacy and participation initiative, growing steadily since 2007. Every year students take part, for free, learning the song in the lead up to Celebration Day which sees students all around the country sing the same song, on the same day, at the same time.

Join the celebration here:

In 2017, MCUI saw more than 3,000 schools and over 660,000 students take part in the program, providing students and teachers with the opportunity to develop their music skills and simultaneously perform with schools around the country in a celebration of music.

Music: Count Us In is run by Music Australia and is currently supported by funding from The Australian Government until the end of 2018.

International research has demonstrated that children who learn music and arts have improved educational, social and personal outcomes – but currently in Australia 3 out of 4 children in Government primary schools have no music teachers at all. MCUI fills a critically important gap, playing a vital role in fostering music education in schools, with a presence in every state and territory in the country. It is internationally recognised as the world’s largest school music initiative. It offers students music participation and skill development, delivers much needed resources and training to teachers, accesses and supports regional and remote locations and special needs areas. Furthermore, teachers require no music experience to participate in the program, making it accessible to everyone.

Music Australia is a registered charity, to help ensure MCUI continues in future you can make a donation.  Even a donation as small as $25 makes an enormous difference. Donate HERE

Register now, for free, to get involved in 2018 and mark Thursday 1 November in your diary for Celebration Day and join over half a million students around the country in song.

Head to the website now to register your school and learn this year’s song ‘One Song’

“This is such a wonderful way to get every student involved and singing, whether they are able to sing or not. It doesn’t matter as singing gives you the ability to make you happy and no one around you cares. Each year I am blown away by how impactful the songs are and each year the other staff are impressed with how the students are able to come together to sing a song without ever rehearsing together. It gives our school a great sense of community.” – Participating Teacher 2017 .

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Free Sunday sessions for Launceston MOFOs

Shelley McCuaig, Executive Producer, Mona Foma
06.07.18 11:05 am

Mofo Sessions - Emily Sanzaro . Image courtesy of the artist and Mona, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

Ahead of Mona Foma’s first entirely Launceston-based festival in January 2019, Mona is putting on a series of free Sunday sessions at Design Tasmania.

Mofo Sessions will consist of fortnightly Sunday afternoon gigs, kicking off on 16 July with Launceston DJ/producer Akouo.

Shelley McCuaig, Executive Producer, Mona Foma, said the range of artists performing at Design Tasmania is diverse.

“Mofo Sessions will promote local talent as well as taking advantage of interstate and international visitors to Tasmania, giving Launceston a taste of Mona Foma before the full festival launches next year.

Today we’re announcing the first six acts. 

“We’re inviting people to come and listen to something unexpected. In some cases it might be something punters have never heard before, or something they didn’t know existed. It’s free though, so we hope people take the leap.

“We are excited about bringing Mona Foma north and this is an early chance for us to engage with the community in the lead-up to January.”

First line-up announcement: Mofo Sessions

• Sunday 16 July - Akouo
• Sunday 29 July - Emily Sanzaro
• Sunday 12 August - Mystery Session
• Sunday 26 August - Brian Ritchie and Yyan Ng - Shotgun Wedding #1
• Sunday 16 September - Alex South, Ros Dunlop and The Tasmanian Clarinet Quartet
• Sunday 30 September - Jason Whatley Quintet

Mofo Sessions will run until April 2019. All gigs start at 2pm and Moorilla wine and Moo Brew beer will be available at the bar.

Mofo Sessions are a collaboration between Mona and Design Tasmania, supported by the Launceston City Council.

Facebook @monafoma
Instagram @monafoma

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Tasdance Announces New Artistic Director

05.07.18 3:22 pm


After an extensive national recruitment campaign, Tasdance is thrilled to announce the return of Adam Wheeler to his home state as Tasdance’s new Artistic Director. Adam’s dance career began in in Launceston nearly twenty years ago. His early influences were Stompin, Launceston Dance Centre and Tasdance, where he took some of his first dance classes.

Peter Matthews, Tasdance Chair said, “Adam is part of an extraordinary Tasmanian dance heritage comprising Kenneth Gillespie, Graeme Murphy, and Annie Grieg that has shaped the Tasdance story. Adam’s skills as a dance maker, director, and manager, reinforced by his native intelligence, enthusiasm and energy promises an exciting new era for Tasdance.”

After graduating from Victorian College of the Arts, Adam has developed his impressive dance practice nationally and internationally. He has performed and made work for leading companies such as Chunky Move, Lucy Guerin Inc, Tasdance, Stompin and Opera Australia. His passion and continual efforts to enhance the Australian contemporary dance industry have led to the creation of 2NDTOE (Melbourne), Yellow Wheel (Melbourne) and Alice Can Dance (Alice Springs). Adam is regarded as a leader in the development of dance for youth and emerging artists. He has held key roles in festival direction (The Australian Youth Dance Festival) and Dance Education (Transit Dance).

Adam is keen to start, “Words cannot express how excited I am to be coming home to lead Tasdance in its next stage of creating great dance for Tasmania and beyond. Our vibrant approach to the development of dance making in Australia will make Tasdance a beacon for all dance makers to develop, practice and present their craft.”

Adam will commence in August 2018.

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Titus O’Reily Announces The Bye Round Tour 2018: Manifestly Inadequate - Touring Nationally

Phoebe O'Brien, First published June 26
04.07.18 3:00 pm


Frontier Comedy are thrilled to announce that popular sports satirist and best-selling author Titus O’Reily (Herald Sun, Channel 7, Nova 100) will tour nationally this August and September with his The Bye Round 2018 Tour: Manifestly Inadequate.

After a killer debut season, rave reviews and sold-out shows at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and Sydney Comedy Festival with the live show version of his best-selling book A Thoroughly Unhelpful History of Australian Sport, Titus once again brings his unique and acerbic wit to the stage with his second annual The Bye Round Tour, a hilarious review of the 2018 AFL Season.

Titus debuted his first live comedy show during 2017’s AFL Bye Round (the break before the AFL Finals Series). The tour was so successful that The Bye Round Tour is now an annual occurrence, with the 2018 Tour encompassing six cities.

The Bye Round 2018 Tour: Manifestly Inadequate kicks off on Saturday 4 August in Hobart, going on to Canberra, Perth, Sydney and Melbourne, before wrapping up at Adelaide’s Arkaba Hotel on Sunday 2 September.

‘Hilarious… Titus has a huge following and no doubt his shows will continue to sell out.’ - In Review

‘Dry wit, satire and sporting fanaticism… incredibly funny. ’- Weekend Notes

The most popular satirist on sport and AFL in this country, Titus’ unique take on sport and lightning quick, clever and hilarious insights on AFL have featured in his regular Knee Jerk Reaction and Highly Unhelpful columns, which have seen Titus garner a rapidly growing and loyal 300,000 social media followers.

Titus has experienced a rapid rise to success since his beginnings in 2015, with guest spots on Channel 7’s AFL coverage, NOVA’s #1 rating FM breakfast show with Chrissie Swan, Sam Pang and Brisbane legend Jonathan Brown, ABC News Breakfast, ABC Grandstand and Fox Sports and as a weekly guest on Jules Schiller’s ABC Radio Drive show.

His first book A Thoroughly Unhelpful History of Australian Sport, released by Penguin Random House in November 2017, was such a hit it has since gone to a fourth print and is being re-released as a special Father’s Day edition in September 2018.

As well as his own national comedy tours, Titus has performed at the North Melbourne Grand Final Breakfast, functions for AFL clubs Sydney, Port Adelaide, Fremantle and St Kilda and many other corporate events.

‘Tailor-made for the sports nut whether their passion is footy, racing or cricket. Or all of the above.’ - Herald Sun

‘The funniest man in sports comedy.’ - Jamie Azzopardi

In what is already set to be the hottest annual event ‘not’ on the AFL calendar, don’t miss Titus O’Reily live as he picks apart all that was and will be in 2018 in Australia’s greatest league.

VIDEO: Titus O’Reily at the North Melbourne Grand Final Breakfast:

Begins: Tues 26 June (1:00pm AEST)
Ends: Wed 27 June (1:00pm AEST)

Begins: Thursday 28 June (11:00am local time)

Saturday 4 August
Jokers Comedy Club | Hobart, TAS
All Ages* | Show Starts: 8:00pm

Monday 27 August
The Street Theatre | Canberra, ACT
All Ages* | Show Starts: 7:30pm | Ph: 02 6247 1223

Wednesday 29 August
Octagon Theatre | Perth, WA
All Ages* | Show Starts: 7:30pm | Ph: 08 6488 2440

Friday 31 August
The Comedy Store | Sydney, NSW
18+* | Show Starts: 7:00pm | Ph: 13 28 49

Saturday 1 September    
Athenaeum Theatre | Melbourne, VIC
All Ages* | Show Starts: 7:30pm | Ph: 13 28 49

Sunday 2 September          
Arkaba Hotel | Adelaide, SA
18+* | Show Starts: 7:30pm | Ph: 02 8766 0660

*Under 18s must be accompanied by a parent or guardian
This event is recommended for patrons aged 15+

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Giacometti: Guggenheim Museum, N.Y - Staring into our Soul

CarolynMcDowall,TheCultureConcept Circle
04.07.18 11:44 am


Read here

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David makes his mark with music

Paula Xiberras
04.07.18 7:59 am


David Hobson is a regular visitor to Tasmania. Last year he was here with Colin Lane, performing at his favourite theatre The Theatre Royal.  David’s also been here for Speigeltent and performed at The Odeon and in a couple of weeks he will add yet another venue to that list, this time the Wrest Point Entertainment Centre. David will be performing and blending his tenor voice with regular collaborator and much loved soprano Marina Prior in their show ‘The 2 of Us’.

Marina and David will be accompanied by piano legend David Cameron.

David and Marina have similar backgrounds both performing opera and musical theatre and both starting out doing something else entirely, for David it was jazz and rock for Marina, she began as a folk artist. David doesn’t have a favourite genre and says he ‘revels’ in whatever genre he is performing at the time. A mix of genres will be explored as Marina and David take us on a journey through their favourite musical theatre pieces as well as some Celtic folk, songs from their individual albums and other surprises, including between songs being flooded with funny stories by both performers.

The aim of this show, says David is to bring some of these best loved theatre pieces to audiences around Australia that may never have had the chance to enjoy seeing David and Marina perform individually and /or together. David says their together time has logged up 35 years and the two have a great rapport and friendship which translates into a spectacular stage performance.

The tour takes in regional Australia as well as the major capital cities and has performed so far to sell out shows. With a successful tour thus far, David agrees they may have created a precedent for future performances.

David confides in me if he hadn’t been a musician he may have followed his initial career choice of AFL footballer! We can be assured he will continue to be kicking more musical career goals for a long time into the future.

You can see Marina and David perform at the following venues and times.

Sat14 Jul 2018 Launceston Country Club 3pm & 8pm
Sun 15 Jul 2018 Wrest Point Casino 3pm

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