This week I caught up with David Gray from the ‘Best of The Eagles’ tribute band who will be ‘landing’ in Tasmania next week.  David who is a massive fan of The Eagles told me of the events that saw the formation of the band and the subsequent tribute show. David was doing a sound check on another unrelated theatre show when someone told him he sounded like The Eagles, Don Henley and he should do something about it, and so he did. David says he believes his self-taught talent both as a singer and on the drums (just like Henley) is a gift from God.

Bands like The Eagles and the Bee Gees, says David, are represented by tribute bands because their music, whether it be ballads or pop songs, is timeless. David laments that many bands today lack the characters and charisma of those bands. Another factor of why tribute bands are so popular is that they give people the chance to escape and revisit their halcyon days.

David tells me in the UK there are even tribute band festivals and with the popularity of tribute shows in Tasmania it may not be long before we too have tribute band festivals, especially if last year’s reception to the band is anything to go by. David says that the band had a wonderful welcome to Tasmania with friendly people and ‘fantastic, lovely scenery’ which reminds him of his homeland of Scotland.

In fact last year the guys were greeted by some Tassie rain and David has no complaints if there is a repeat performance and is actually looking forward to some rain to make it feel just like home!

A lovely story from his last visit was an anecdote he heard at the meet and greet after the show, that some of the audience had shut their eyes to imagine they were listening to the real Eagles and by all accounts the audience thought so, praising the guy’s uncanny representation.

While last year’s performance included a performance of the whole ‘Hotel California’ album, including the lesser known songs, this year the band will play the best known songs, those requested by the audience and also a tribute to band member, the late Glen Frey.

Once again they will be dressed in authentic costumes and much to David’s wife long hair until after the tour when a visit to the barber will be due

You can see Best of the Eagles in Tasmania at the following venues and dates:

Wednesday March 8 2017 – Burnie Arts Centre – BURNIE TAS

Thursday March 9 2017 – Devonport Entertainment Centre – DEVONPORT TAS

Friday March 10 2017 – Theatre Royal – HOBART TAS

Saturday March 11 2017 – Launceston Country Club – LAUNCESTON TAS