TasmanianBands.Com is Tasmania’s new online hub for original music artists. Launched this week, the up to date band listing allows viewers to browse bands regionally, view their videos and offers direct links to band Facebook pages, making contacting or following them a breeze. Its been created to help bands, music fans, venues and booking agents.

Launceston musician and creator Andy Collins says “an online band listing is something that’s been missing in the Tassie scene for a long time, so I took it on myself to make it happen.” I want music lovers to be able to get a birds eye view of the current original music scene, for bands to more easily find complimenting acts to play with and for venues and agents of touring bands to quickly and easily see what talent is on offer in each region of Tasmania.’ 

The site’s ‘submit your band’ page allows groups and soloist not already listed to apply for inclusion on the site. Its free to submit, the only prerequisite being that your page needs to have either audio or video readily available for visitors to check you out.

Collins says ‘the foremost aim of the site is to help showcase the talent of Tasmania’s original artists. So it can be as simple as footage or audio recorded on your phone, as long as visitors can hear your music and get a feel for what you’re all about.’

Collins says ‘as a musician my hope is to better unify the state’s original artists and create a greater synergy. Im asking for bands to help spread the word and promote the site so that in turn the site can help support the scene.’

The site offers an email newsletter with updates about new Tasmanian artists, releases and music videos. Joining the newsletter also grants subscribers access to a host of tutorial videos teaching how to better leverage your band’s online presence and get more ears hearing their music.

Those feeling nostalgic can check out the video archive section featuring a collection of videos showcasing the history of bands in Tasmania. The public are encouraged to submit links to videos on Youtube not already included to help further grow the archive.

Visit today and get a taste of what Tasmanian’s original artists have to offer at