Jason Ayres, in spite of his surname, is totally without ‘airs’ although considering his talented pedigree and the other talented artists he has performed with, one couldn’t blame him if he was.

I spoke to Jason recently about his new EP release and his relationship with Tasmania including his upcoming gig. Jason’s recently released EP ‘Got my heart’ was inspired by a relationship breakdown. The writing of the EP provided a cathartic experience and gave Jason a fresh perspective on his music.  Jason’s brand of music is alternative country and Jason says country music is wide ranging with its many forms including Americana and Blue Grass and of course Country Rock and Pop Country.

Jason is originally from South Africa and moved to Perth when he was seventeen.

Music runs in his family with a great grandfather a flautist from Russia and a grandmother a singer.

Jason loves Tasmania and tries to get here to perform at least once a year, he tells me that when he was here in support of Anastasia everyone got talking on the tour bus about and agreed about how Tassie was ‘pretty awesome’ but eventually looking at the beauty of some of the sights everyone turned quiet as they were captured by just how awesome what they were seeing was.

You can see Jason on 14th May at The Republic Bar, Hobart.  You can find more information on Jason at his website