Crossroads, an exhibition of new work by Tasmanian-based artists, opens at 6pm Thursday 16 March at Moonah Arts Centre as part of the Ten Days on the Island Festival 2017.

Society has imposed multiple meanings upon crossroads, those otherwise benign and simple intersections that are found throughout the world. These places of meeting and parting of ways, resolution and decision, have garnered throughout time a vast history, one that enters the spiritual and mystical realms.

This exhibition features the work of Tasmania-based artists invited to explore the mysteries and powers embodied in the traditions of the crossroads. Using the medium of their choice, the works traverse gothic sensibilities from superstition and folklore to ancient ritual and horror.

Curated by Victor Manuel Medrano-Bonilla, Crossroads brings together work in various media by artists Lou Conboy, Sabrina Evans, Nancy Mauro-Flude, Nadege Philippe-Janon and Caz Rodwell.
At the point where roads intersect, will you be haunted by ghosts, demons and witches, or will you find a place of wisdom and protection?

Crossroads opens at 6pm Thursday 16 March, and runs from 10 March to 1 April.


 Opening 6pm Thursday 16 March
 Exhibition runs 10 Mar – 29 Apr
 Moonah Arts Centre, 23-27 Albert Road, Moonah
 Exhibition open from 10am-5pm Tuesday – Friday and 11am-3pm Saturdays
 Entry to the exhibition is free