Recently Leo Sayer was invited by a producer family friend to perform in Malta. He received a fantastic reception from loyal audiences and found Malta’ an awesome place’. He’s constantly surprised to find his fame extends to so many diverse places around the world like Malta and Helsinki.

In fact Leo is well known throughout the world and is so kept busy touring in one capacity or another, whether its performing on cruises like the Queen Victoria and visiting the Far and Middle East, or renting a car to tour Europe from France and Germany to gigs in England.

He might be kept on his toes touring the world regularly but home is now Australia, a relationship that goes back to his trail blazing 1975 tour.  There have been subtle changes in his performances over the years, He finds that as he tours he is constantly re interpreting his music to new younger audiences, as well as those who have been loyal fans since the early days. Leo says songs like his ‘just a boy’ have gathered new meanings as he has grown with them and now can be interpreted in a totally different way. This keeps his live shows continually evolving both to new audiences and his own new perspectives.

Leo is presently having a fantastic time touring with the annual APIA tour. He is joined by other great artists Marcia Hines, Russell Morris, Brian Cadd and John Paul Young. He says a camaraderie exists between the tight knit group, with an overwhelming respect between them all and to top it off, he adds ‘it’s a great gig’.

Leo reflects on the great artists he is touring with from the golden age of music when you would know all the songs in the top 40. Which is not necessarily the case today.
Leo is presently working on his autobiography but has still away to go as yet. Although his previous career as a commercial artist did not prepare him for the extensive writing of an autobiography it did aid him on the brevity of phrase required for song writing.

Reflecting on writing songs he recalls his album ‘Voice in my head’ and how it was inspired by a friend of his who lived in an English seaside town. A girl would visit each Saturday to do some general house cleaning, later a relationship developed between the two. Leo saw this story having great potential for a song and so was born ‘Saturday Girl’.

With so much creativity from the visual arts to song writing and performing Leo is impressed with the creativity of others and impressed very much by fan tributes that include putting his music to Jane Eyre videos!

You can see Leo and the other APIA artists perform on the following dates and venues ...

Jun 15, 2018 Princess Theatre, Launceston
Jun 16, 2018 Wrest Point Entertainment Centre, Hobart