This Wednesday 22nd March 24 dancers between the ages of 10 and 36 will take over Launceston’s John Hart Conservatory in City Park to present Stompin’s 25th Birthday Show.

The show titled Fully Grown is Stompin’s new Artistic Director Caitlin Comerford’s first major work with the Company and will feature a diverse cast of local young people as young as 10 and also dancers from Stompin’s 25 year history who have been invited back to perform in the show.

Presented as part of Ten Days on the Island - Tasmania’s International Arts Festival, Fully Grown will transform Launceston’s iconic John Hart Conservatory with dance, lighting, sound and video projection.

Fully Grown will run from Wednesday to Sunday this week, with all performances at 7:30pm.

Fully Grown invites audiences into a cosmos created in Launceston’s John Hart Conservatory in City Park where dance and multimedia tell the story of evolution from the big bang to present day and beyond.

In our world there are stargazers, adventurers, philosophers and inventors. There are trees, plants, planets and earth. There are complexities beyond what we can possibly imagine.

Celebrating 25 years of Stompin, performers both past and present will captivate their audience and take them in search of the things that connect us all.

Tickets for Fully Grown are on sale now through:

About Stompin

Stompin creates an environment in which young people grow, as individuals and as citizens, through their connection with dance. Unique to Australia, Stompin’s performance culture unites non-professional dancers with professional artists to create and present signature works in ordinary and extraordinary places. In 2017, Stompin celebrates 25 years of providing bold, rich and meaningful dance and art experiences to Launceston based young people and audiences locally, nationally and internationally. Stompin says art/youth/community 4 ever