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Tasmania Fire Service Public Information Officer Shannon Fox said the purpose of the water bombers was not to extinguish the fire, but rather as a precautionary measure to slow the spread of fire and assist ground crews in impending winds.

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Why doesn’t TFS management want to put these fires out? 

What’s their game?

TFS management were slow to respond to these fires in the first place and now it appears they want them to keep going. Were they lightning strikes or planned burns?

I am sure if these fires were lightning strikes, in any other state they would have been extinguished long ago.

People with heart and lung conditions, plus the young and elderly (and that is a large proportion of the population) have suffered this smoke long enough.

We only hear the sensational bits about people and properties being burnt at times like this, but the silent killer is the smoke.

According to health information more people will be injured or die a long and painful death as a result of the smoke than are actually burnt to death.

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