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I appreciate the fact that an editor has the final say as to what is printed and what is not, but let us take a look at what is happening here.

You can go through past copies of the Examiner newspaper and will see my letters were being published by the previous editor, Ms Fiona Reynolds.

Since the new editor Mr. Martin Gilmore took over none have been published.

I asked several times what had happened to my last letter and was told, “It will not be published because it does not contribute anything to the debate”

What debate?

If Mr. Gilmore is talking about harmful smoke that people have to breathe from planned burning there is no debate.

If he is talking about our asthma figures being the highest in Australia there is no debate.

If he is talking about our cancer rates (non-skin cancer) being the highest in Australia, there is no debate.

If he is talking about our cardiopulmonary patients being put at risk of a heart attack or clots there is no debate.

If he is talking about this smoke shortening lives there is no debate.

If he is talking about these diseases being caused, or resulting from, breathing fine particle pollution it is not debatable.

The fact that planned burn smoke has also been coming across from the mainland is not debatable.

The fact that our peak environmental body, the Environmental Protection Authority, (EPA) has no regulatory control over planned burns is not debatable.

The EPA wiping their hands of investigating smoke complaints from forestry planned burns is a fact.

The fact that there is not one independent body responsible for planned burning in Tasmania cannot be argued.

If he is talking about 7.2 million tonnes of green wood being burnt by forestry in 2008; it is not up for debate that this contributed somewhere between 17 and 24 times the amount of particles into our airshed than all domestic wood heaters and fireplaces.

If he is talking about there not being alternative cleaner methods for getting rid of forestry residue there is no debate because there are, and
Neither can he debate the fact that the number of smoke complaints has increased in recent years.

Perhaps Mr. Gilmore should not debate whether he sends one of his reporters to interview me on the harmful affects of planned burn smoke; he should just do it.

I do not believe The Examiner is doing the community any good by actually preventing debate on such important health matters; even his own.

The immediate and lasting affects of toxic planned burn smoke on the whole Tasmanian community are huge.

We want our families and friends to be around us longer and our children to suffer less. Surely the Examiner would do better to get right behind the community and demand the big smoke generators stop their outdated harmful polluting practices.

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28/7/10 – Letter to the Examiner.

An open letter to Peter Garrett, AM, MP. Federal Labor Member for Kingsford Smith, Minister for Environment Protection, Heritage and the Arts.

I am sure you have not forgotten the deaths and the ongoing suffering from the failed home insulation program during your term as Minister.

It seems you would not listen to advice given to you on that matter and you have failed to reply to my correspondence in the past on the matter of deadly toxic planned burn wood smoke in Tasmania.

We have had to inhale this toxic residue from the forest industries for years. Our rate of asthma is the highest in Australia and so are our numbers for (non-skin) cancer, both of which are widely known to be caused by breathing fine particle pollution.

Tasmania is the dumping ground for this wide scale environmental pollution. According to the EPA and FPA, high levels of smoke that blanketed our state this year came from planned burns on the mainland.

Harmful smoke just does not stop at state borders; it can travel up to a 1000Km plus.

In addition to this we have to suffer our own stinking forestry smoke where, according to the latest figures, 7.2 million tonnes of green wood was burnt in 2008.

Surely it would be better for Labor (or any other federal government) to stop this harmful plannedburn practice at the source than to hand out our money at election time for bigger hospitals and more linear accelerators.

2010 is the Year of the Lung. We do not want these ‘forestry diseases’ that cause so much suffering and shorten lives in Tasmania.


On the 21st July we were informed….
The National Environment Protection Council has released a discussion paper on Air Quality Standards for the Ambient Air Quality NEPM. 
Direct link for the Discussion paper Review of the National Environment Protection (Ambient Air Quality) Measure - Discussion Paper - Air Quality Standards - July 2010 can be found here:
The direct link to the Standards Setting Paper An Australian approach to setting air quality standards: Consultation draft - November 2009 can be found here:
The Template for submissions was only posted today the 16th August and can be found here:
If you missed the Public Consultation meeting in Hobart details can be found here:

Submissions are requested by Close of Business FRIDAY 27 AUGUST 2010.
However, if you are having trouble meeting the substantially reduced deadline because of the Template delay please let the EPHC know at one of the addresses below before the 27th and still send your submission in.
Environment Protection and Heritage Council
Level 5
81 Flinders Street
Adelaide SA 5000
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

And, Linda Beaudin:

World Voices Unite in Solidarity

Around the globe, voices are uniting in solidarity against the assault of Woodsmoke Pollution!  The outcry echoes throughout urban communities and resonates across borders.  Our cities are not being protected from the daily deadly emissions from Woodsmoke. Urban areas have become toxic jungles of tainted, acrid, Woodsmoke filled air.  People are becoming sicker each day, suffering and dying from Woodsmoke related diseases.  Woodsmoke is a deadly silent killer.  Woodsmoke takes our breath away and destroys our quality of life. Woodsmoke also destroys our fragile environment.

Woodsmoke should never be allowed to happen. Millions are imploring their government, elected officials, mayors, town and board council members, doctors and scientists to become informed and involved by taking action to Ban Woodsmoke.  Woodsmoke Pollution has become a reign of terror for millions.

Woodsmoke has become the boa constrictor of death, slowly suffocating the innocent unwilling victim and taking its life.  We are being smothered in Woodsmoke.  Asthma, COPD, cardiovascular, cardiopulmonary, cancer and other diseases have been linked with Woodsmoke pollution.  Woodsmoke consists of many of the same cancer causing chemicals found in tobacco smoke.  Woodsmoke is even worse for our health than tobacco smoke.  World wide voices joined in solidarity to see tobacco smoking banned. Millions of lives were saved.  Voices are now again uniting in that same solidarity to see that Woodsmoke will also be banned in every community.

Our human right to be able to breathe healthy air is being denied.  Without fresh pure unadulterated air, there is no life to live.  When our link with the earth is denied, then how do we exist? Our right to breathe pure air must become a number one priority in our life for the existence of our future.  We could not exist without clean water to drink. We cannot exist without clean air to breathe.  To have our earth saturated in a haze of Woodsmoke Pollution has become unacceptable, unnecessary, and unwanted.

Voices world-wide are sharing their story with the millions of other Victims of Woodsmoke Pollution.  See the following NEW world-wide website:

Become involved today, raise your voice and share your story with others. Take pro-active action to Ban all Woodsmoke. Woodsmoke free urban areas will become the legacy we leave to our family and future world generations.

A quote from Dietrich Bonhoeffer says it all:
“The ultimate test of a moral society is the kind of world that it leaves to its children”
How applicable for our world today!!

See the following esteemed websites that reach out world-wide informing others about Woodsmoke Pollution.
Breathe Healthy Air           

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