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Forestry Tasmania admits they got it wrong last year and are now using their own failings to extend the length of their selfish planned burn smoke season this year.

FT apologises for smoke – ABC 24/4/2010: HERE

Obviously Forestry Tas. knows nothing about the harmful effects of the smoke they pump into our airsheds across Tasmania or into the lungs of Tasmanian people. Either that or it seems they just don’t care about the environment, the animals, or fellow mankind.

Smoke management means stopping the smoke at the source.

Lower levels of smoke for a longer period of time, are just as harmful as higher levels of smoke for a shorter period of time.We have had both now after suffering about 50 years of deliberate and unnecessary FT burning.

“We almost got it completely right last year” means Forestry Tas. got it completely wrong ... again!

Instead of Bob Gordon attempting to give FT an underserved pat on the back for past deliberate air exceedances, I am inviting him to have a look at

Here he can read about some of the harmful effects associated with THEIR pernicious wood smoke.

No amount of spin will reduce the harmful effects of this smoke.

Forestry Tasmight as well be saying, “Here are a 100 cigarettes – don’t smoke them all at once.

And while councils are bringing in no smoking laws at bus shelters and in malls because of the known harmful effects of smoke, we find out that in 2008 it is estimated FT released into our airsheds (from their heavy-fuel burns alone) the equivalent amount of particles that would be released from 6.45 trillion to 9.15 trillion cigarettes.

Well done Forestry Tas. I feel you are making a laughing stock out of our primary Environmental Management and Pollution Control Act (supposedly administered by the EPA). I believe you are not exempt from this Act and nor should you be.