Is it possible to raise the Dying with Dignity voluntary euthanasia debate with TT readers please? Our politicians are considering a private members’ Bill at present.

Mercury (Report HERE)  is running a clumsily worded ‘Do you support euthanasia’ poll which is obviously stacked by the anti group with 30% yes and 70% No which is the opposite of hundreds of independent polls Australia wide on the nation’s attitude to people having choice and the right to choose how, when and where they die.

I attended a debate at UTAS and the anti-group used a fear campaign rather than address topics audience members raised. The religious groups were there in force.

It’s a discussion that TT can facilitate ...

Here is the link ...

... which gives details about Northern Territory’s Rights of the Terminally Ill Act 1995 which was subsequently overturned by John Howard and Kevin Andrews.