Image for Rosebery fire: Why?

There have been questions about whether I searched for dead wildlife as a result of the fickle Rosebery burn? HERE

Yes, I have bothered, Yes, I have since obtained the authorisation to enter this area, along with the necessary gate key, so to enter into this highland region between Rosebery and nearby Mt Read, Yes, I have photographs depicting the absolute nil reason for Forestry Tasmania to have chosen this area to set alight.

There is no substantial forest of any kind in the area chosen, there was no build up of hazardous amounts or presumed wildfire fuel laying anywhere in this area, also there are no forests there of any kind to regenerate!

Our local radio announced that Forestry Tasmania were conducting a regeneration burn on this particular day, my then having rung the Murchison region forestry office, then advised that the burn was one or the other, either a fuel reduction burn or a regeneration burn, otherwise he didn’t know?

The area set alight had no known intelligent reason or purpose as far as I was able to determine?

In fact I could see no visible reason whatsoever?

The roadway work conducted in this area by MMG Rosebery mine over the last 2 months or so had absolutely no cause or reason, for them to even think to fire this area?

I have often questioned the intellectual mechanics of the management personnel of F/T, through this Tas Times Forum, now I have proof that there are no intellectual mechanisms (as regards their burn-offs,) at work!

The photos of these burnt areas have been forwarded to Tas Times as a validation to my claims.

As for the wildlife, quolls etc, I was not able to traverse this steep country on foot.

Perhaps this is why the helicopter pilot alone provided the ignition to these burns as well as patrolled the fire.

What I can say is that the rapid spread of this burn would have been supported only with the use of fire propellants, as otherwise there was very little to burn in this area in the first instance?

Thus I and many others are no wiser as to the reason for this burn?

In fact this whole incident could be labelled a complete waste of money and resources for all the effect that it had in this locality?

Over to you forestry supportive people to try and find justification for this pointless burn-off?