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Forestry Tasmania says there will be over 300 planned burns this year but they won’t say when these will be conducted and they say they will be conducted over a longer period of time. The burns have already started.

It is a known fact that longer periods of lower levels of smoke are just as harmful as shorter higher levels. According to the WHO there is no safe level of smoke.

FT says they are going to notify people of the burns if it affects them. Everybody is affected that breathes this pernicious smoke. (Go to to read about the harmful effects of smoke).

But then what?

Is FT going to relocate people, or call an ambulance; do their shopping and pay their bills. Buy them respirators and air purifiers, book them into cancer clinics, or just let them tough it out like they have done every other year knowing it is shortening their lives?

This nonsense of FT making out they satisfy their community obligations by putting daily information on a website is beyond belief.

I feel it is time FT was made to comply with the Environmental Management and Pollution Control Act in this state. The smoke from these burns is toxic and Forestry cannot control where it will end up once a burn is lit. Every year people complain because it makes them ill.

The EMPCA is our primary and over-riding environmental Act and there are no exemptions according to the EPA. Forestry Tasmania is not exempt.

Go HEREhere to read what the Mercury has to say. You can also leave comments.

Go HEREhere to read FT’s full Right to Information release – RTI11-01

This 3rd world burning practice must stop. There is no need for it.