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Forestry Tasmania is calling for biomass facilities, claiming biomass generators have the potential to reduce smoke from regeneration burns by 70 per cent. (Examiner April 18 2011).

FT need to work out where they are going.

By their own admission they are saying they do not need to burn to create an ash seed ... as they have been telling us for years. Obviously there is no reason to continue to do it. The toxic smoke is very harmful.

It seems what they are calling for now is no better:

• Because biomass has a lower heating value than fossil fuels, burning biomass emits more carbon dioxide than coal or natural gas per unit of energy produced. Biomass has also been found to emit more nitrogen oxides (NOx) and particulate matter (PM) than coal and natural gas.

• Biomass incineration has unacceptable health risks and drives up health costs according to medical and health associations.

• The American Lung Association details harm caused by particulate matter and other pollution from biomass burners.

• The ALA also opposes renewable energy credits or any other preferential treatment for biomass in energy or climate legislation, and it urges that (climate) legislation not promote the combustion of biomass.

• Biomass incineration is devastating to forest ecosystems. While trees may technically be “renewable” in the sense that they regrow, forest ecosystems are not renewable in a short time frame.

• Biomass incinerators are not good for jobs.

These points and more are covered on the Energy Justice Network website It is well worth a read now that FT have again raised the biomass subject.

The common denominator in all this is FT just has to burn. Why not aim for 100% and not burn at all. Imagine how our current and future health costs in Tasmania would be reduced if we didn’t have to breathe deliberate pernicious forestry particulates.

Clive Stott

• What Tony McCall really said ...


• Is Greg’s house for sale? Rumour has it that Gunns boss Greg L’Estrange has put his Launceston house on the market:

And ..

Examiner: Gunns attracts backing of banks
22 Apr, 2011 11:48 AM

Tasmanian timber company Gunns share price rose by almost 6 per cent on Thursday.

Macquarie Bank announced a 7 per cent investment, while National Australia Bank declared a 5.5 per cent investment in the company. The announcements follow investment from Unisuper, which increased its share holding with the company to 7.99 per cent last week.

TG Financial principal Tony Gray believed Macquarie Bank and NAB would be treating the investment as trading stock.

``This won’t mean a lot to the company, just that they (Macquarie Bank and NAB) probably won’t be looking for a long-term investment,’’ Mr Gray said.

``All you can really take away from these announcements is that the company is attracting institutional support.’’

Gunns Share Price, HERE