Oh Throwback. This is the worst recent example of the worst Tasmanian attitude … that which denies reality, which scapegoats, which pretends things are other than they truly are. There is no better example of this than the Port Arthur tragedy. Bizarrely at the time the mass murder was painted by some as a “loss of Tasmania’s innocence”. What utter nonsense; as if denying invasion, massacre, prison hell-holes and exploitation which made up so much of Tasmania’s recent history. In Sue Neales’ article trauma psychologist Paul Stevenson sums it up best:

Trauma psychologist Paul Stevenson said he was stunned the Premier should try to impose what were clearly his personal views on the entire Tasmanian community.

Dr Stevenson called Mr Lennon’s call for a ban on mentioning the tragedy and killer a “dissociative approach”, like putting the incident on a psychological shelf and then telling everyone to get on with life.

“On a personal level, it’s fine if the Premier doesn’t want to talk about it. Certainly some people closely involved with the tragedy have taken that approach,” Brisbane-based Dr Stevenson said.

“But if you are in a leadership position like the Premier is, you have to take the approach that is best for the entire community.

“And there is no doubt that is a more enlightened, integrative approach which means acknowledging that the trauma happened and is now part of their lives.”

But one thing you can say about the Premier’s comments is that they are absolutely typical of a leadership style which is dissociative … from pretending to speak for all of Tasmania, to pretending that things like hotel upgrades, renovations etc don’t matter … and that special deals with special interest groups are for the benefit of all …

Sue Neales Mercury

CALLS by Premier Paul Lennon for the 1996 Port Arthur massacre and killer Martin Bryant never to be mentioned again in the Tasmanian Parliament have met with almost universal condemnation.

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