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Fighting for fresh air isn’t anything you would imagine millions would face each day in our Canadian communities. Yet, sadly that is what we do.  Each day families face the toxic assault from Woodsmoke pollution in their community.  Children and adults struggle daily to breathe air that is permeated and saturated with Woodsmoke emissions.  The toxic cancer causing chemicals found in Woodsmoke are in the most minuscule of crevices in every home.  You cannot keep Woodsmoke from entering your home. Millions suffer, many become ill and die from Woodsmoke.

In the past people also fought for their right and common decency to breathe healthy air-tobacco-smoke free.  Proponents of the tobacco industry encouraged millions to smoke. The tragic results were that millions died.  The legacy left behind were millions who suffered from Cancer, COPD and other tobacco related smoking diseases.  We are greatly indebted to the caring souls who fought for the rights of others to see that tobacco smoking was prohibited in schools, restaurants, hospitals, planes, parks, playgrounds, and vehicles that had children in them and other venues.  Millions of lives have been saved.  But sadly, bans came too late for millions and millions who died.

A powerful quote from Mahatma Gandhi describes the strength it took for those who so valiantly fought for each of us to have the right to breathe air free of Tobacco smoke.  “First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win”.  The wise words from Mahatma Gandhi are filled with truth, courage and inspiration.  These words described what activists faced then fighting for Tobacco Bans and what people face now for Woodsmoke-free air to breathe and banning Woodsmoke.

World-renowned Scientists and Doctors concur that Woodsmoke Pollution is killing us and is linked to Asthma, Cancer, COPD, SIDS, Cardiovascular, Cardiopulmonary and other diseases.  Those who know the daily struggle of trying to breathe Woodsmoke filled air know that we too are being ignored.  We too are being ridiculed.  We too are being attacked. But, what we know is that we too will win this battle, just as it was won with Tobacco smoke being banned everywhere.

Communities across Canada must become informed, educated and concerned about the grave danger of Toxic Woodsmoke Pollution.  Our leaders must recognize that ridicule is borne from ignorance and intolerance. Our leaders must adopt by-laws to ban all outdoor open air burning in every Province.  Regulations must be implemented to phase out the use of all Woodburning stoves, Woodburning fireplaces, OWBs (outdoor woodboilers) and pellet stoves. New home building codes must exclude all Woodburning devices.

Fighting for fresh air must become part of our past.  Being able to breathe healthy air-Woodsmoke-free must become our future. Take action today to ban Woodsmoke.  Speak up. Follow the wise words of Gandhi:  We will be ignored…but not for long!  We will be ridiculed…but not for long!  We will be assaulted…but not for long!  But then, we will win!

And, Shirley Brandie ...

Below is the February issue of the Wood Smoke Activist.

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