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The largest financial political promise to Tasmania over the pre election period was the $150 million to UTAS to pay for a new campus at Inveresk.

This was no more and no less than a straight-out bribe.

A bribe initiated by Federal and State Labour for reasons of political expediency. Later after considered thought and much hand-wringing this bribe was matched by Nikolic and the Tasmanian Liberals.

Why would anyone fund the removal of an existing perfectly good University campus some 4 miles down the road to a new site?

This high stakes bribe is straight out of Alice in Wonderland.

The Liberals have won the election now they must play the part of the Mad Hatter and honour their pledge and set in stone their promise.

At the end of the month Scruffy will be taking down her advertisement on Tasmanian Times and has agreed that it should be replaced by an image of Nikolic the vanquished Liberal all Tasmanian hard man spruiking a new University campus.

The advertisement will remain until the money is paid and the Campus built.

If the money is never paid it will prove that these lying bastards are, as we all knew, totally and utterly dishonest.

Nikolic, try to remember that the pledge was the word of an officer and a gentleman, it is therefore considered his bond.

The University must now take steps to appoint you to its Board and you should accept gracefully to follow up the promise you made in good faith on behalf of your party which is now in Government.

The siting of a new campus at Inveresk is a bad idea for one day with climate change the site is certain to be flooded.

It will however be a monument to the vision splendid created by corrupt political parties who bought our votes to get elected.

“Jobs and Growth” in Tasmania will then have seen $150 million pissed up against the wall by our political masters.

Nikolic a deal is a deal.

The proposed new University campus in Tasmania needs you!

Posted by John Hawkins on 18/07/16 at 06:24 PM