Image for Cancer of the Chudleigh Valley

Here in Chudleigh Gunns recently cleared less than 500 acres of plantations and replanted for a second rotation.

They employed professional shooters and shot between three and four thousand wallabies and kangaroos coming in from the State Forest over a two week period,  leaving the carcasses to rot.

This is not my complaint …  it is the effect of aerial sprays over plantations that is my interest.

The wife of the previous owner of Bentley was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

Three farmers whose properties adjoin or virtually adjoin the plantation have or have had prostrate cancer.

The son of the house centred in the plantation is recovering from pituitary cancer.

The lady living below the plantation has died of cancer.

That is nearly a 100% strike rate amongst adjoining landowners.

I hope Gunns insurers have read the labels on the tins or for that matter the State Government who sanction the spraying of chemicals over plantations are well protected against a class action.