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Victims of Woodsmoke Pollution in Canada are calling upon their municipal leaders, mayors, fire departments, council members and government to adopt a ban Province wide on all outdoor open air burns.  Regulations must be implemented to phase out the use of Woodburning fireplaces and Woodburning stoves in all urban areas in Canada. This is a crisis directly affecting our life.  Our health is being destroyed and our quality of life is being diminished. Our lungs and hearts are sick from being subjected to breathing acrid Woodsmoke filled air that permeates our life and neighbourhoods.

We are imploring our HEALTH BOARDS, Lung, Heart and Cancer Associations to support a BAN on all outdoor open air burns, no exceptions. The fact that Woodsmoke is destroying our health is quite obvious.  People are sick and dying from Woodsmoke. No longer are Canadians willing to allow the toxic cancer causing chemicals found in Woodsmoke to destroy their life and health. 

We do not smoke in the work place, municipal office, church, hospital or any other venue. Laws were adopted to ban tobacco smoking because of the adverse health risks to life.  People became very ill.  Millions died from tobacco related diseases. Scientific and medical evidence validate the claims that Woodsmoke is taking our breath away, making us suffer and killing us.  Many of the same cancer causing chemicals found in tobacco smoke are also in Woodsmoke. 

It is hypocritical for our government to protect us from tobacco smoke and not from Woodsmoke.

Communities and government must become involved. Our leaders must begin to become informed and take immediate action on behalf of all Canadians whose lives are at risk from Woodsmoke Pollution. The healthy suffer as much as those with compromised immune systems, the very young, elderly, those with Asthma, COPD, Cardiovascular, Cancer, and Cardiopulmonary and other diseases.  Everyone suffers!

Outdoor Open air burns in our Nation must cease.  Urban areas should no longer be saturated with smoke hazy days and nights as Canadians meanwhile have their life destroyed.  We must have new provincial laws and codes adopted that will finally end this suffering of so many lives.

Become informed today.  Raise your voice to support a Ban on Woodsmoke.

See the following websites:

Breathe Healthy Air           

Clean Air Revival         

Canadian Clean Air Alliance

We, as Canadians, are Calling for a BAN on all Outdoor Open Air Burns and Woodsmoke….now.


The Song of a Million Crickets

  The Song of a Million Crickets

Early August nights bring many wonders to our life. The rain nourishes the dry earth.  Off in the distance can be heard the melodic chanting of a million crickets.  The fresh smelling rain also offers us a very brief respite from the outdoor open air burns that destroy our air, health, the harmony in our life and our fragile environment.  Fresh clean unadulterated air is an elixir in life. We need fresh air for our survival. We need to be able to open our windows and not have our life threatened by Woodsmoke that currently surrounds us everyday. 

These gifts of Nature, the sounds and experiences of enjoying our homes with peace and solitude should be there for all to enjoy. The harmony we derive from nature brings joy and a feeling of well being to our life. 

Sitting out in the late evening and enjoying the sound of crickets, or a chorus of frogs, or the evening sound of the nesting of geese by the waters edge should be possible.  But, we should all be have the freedom to enjoy our home without being made ill or saturated and smothered in the acrid smell of Woodsmoke that permeates our urban air.

Millions of Canadians never experience the opportunity to enjoy these summer pleasures of their yards because of communities that continue to allow, condone and enable Woodburning.  Our proximity of homes in urban locations does not make Woodburning acceptable. We are within meters of all Woodburning devices in the city. Our health is being compromised. The sanctuary of our home is being destroyed in all seasons by Woodsmoke.  Woodsmoke must be banned in all urban areas, without any exceptions.

Woodsmoke is toxic. Woodsmoke is comprised of many cancer causing chemicals.  The inhalation of fine particulate matter PM(2.5) causes irreparable damage to our lungs. Asthma, COPD, Cardiovascular, Cardiopulmonary, Cancer and other diseases have been linked with Woodsmoke. Those with fragile immune systems, the elderly and young children are especially vulnerable. Everyone suffers from Woodsmoke!!  Why should the life and pleasure of everyone be destroyed because some others pollute our air, take away the freedom of our home all to satisfy the burner’s archaic practice to sit by a camp fire and burn wood and debris all night long? Woodburning should not exist in urban areas!

It may be the song of a million crickets that bring us joy, or another sound of nature, but sadly with toxic Woodsmoke that fills our lungs and life we will be not be able to enjoy those many gifts from Mother Earth. We are being deprived of the very fresh air we need to sustain our life.

Become informed about the dangers of Woodsmoke. 

Then hopefully very soon, all Canadians will be able to hear and enjoy ….

The Song of a Million Crickets