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Tasmania is under attack from forces we don’t even realise is attacking us …

Tasmania needs a strong defender of what Tasmanians want, and what we can do to achieve it …

Tasmanian people have been divided for too long about what is right for our State, and who is best to deliver it …

Well the reality is, that the best people to ask what is wrong with something, are those at the “coal face”.

So if you want to do something about it, these people are the ones that will inevitably fix the problem, they may not make the decisions, but they are the ones that will fix it.

That being the case, the best people to ask what is best for Tasmania?, are the Tasmanian people. There can be no other answer or choice.

When was the last time the Tasmanian Government asked the Tasmanian people what they thought about anything?, or does the Government believe that asking a voting population of about 375,000 people too hard a task, or that by being voted into Government, you have a mandate to ignore the people?

With such a small population for a State of Australia, both of the larger parties have to work hard to maintain the status quo of Tasmanian Government, that is to say, take the pay, and keep it to a dull roar in Tasmania, give them bread and circuses and they’ll never revolt.

Tasmanian people just have to do the numbers here, it’s maths and dirty politics, not rocket science.

Under the Law of Australia , and the Constitution, Tasmania has only to realise that as the smallest State, with the smallest voting population, we have a very unique opportunity here for Tasmania and its people, and really the only leverage we have in Federal Politics.

So let’s be smart and utilise it.

Electoral Divisions in Australia roughly consist of the same amount of people, it’s called proportional representation, because each electoral division is a proportion of the population of Australia. Each electoral division elects a member to the House of Representatives, this is also called the “Lower House” and is the House that forms Government. It is also regarded as the people’s house because it’s proportional of the population.

It stands to reason that the States with a larger population, will have more electoral divisions, and thus more politicians in the Government of Australia. This means that the Government of Australia will in most instances be controlled by politicians from NSW, VIC and QLD, those States having the largest population proportion.

Tasmania has five electoral divisions based on our population size, and so we have five members in the Lower House, those being the members elected from Bass, Braddon, Lyons, Franklin and Denison. This gives Tasmania 5 members in the Lower House, not many compared to only one of the other three big States.

But this is not all lost, as I’ll explain shortly, Tasmania is still in a very unique position.

The Senate is also called the Upper House, and more rightly, by its functional name the “House of Review”. For that is the job of the Senate, to review legislation that the Government wants to pass in Parliament. Its other job is for the Senators from that State to make sure that no one State is disadvantaged by the other States. This is the job and the purpose of the Senate. This is why the Senate is regarded as the “States House”.

So Tasmania gets the same amount of Senators as does the other States of Australia, twelve.

Senators sit for six year periods and half senate elections are held with every election for Government.

So here is where Tasmanian people can, and need to be smart.

If Tasmanian Senators stood together as Tasmanians, not Liberal, not Labor and not Green, as Tasmanians 4 Tasmania, and stood up for their State and not the ideals of a Federal Political Party, then Tasmania, as the smallest State, with the smallest voting population, would more than likely hold the balance of power in the Senate at any given time, which is where Tasmania holds it’s only real leverage in the Parliament of Australia.

Once that is achieved, this gives Tasmania enormous bargaining power in Parliament, and a very big stick to carry. We believe that once this is achieved, then we would think that most Senators would join in and be a Tasmanian 4 Tasmania, or lose their seat at the next election. They have to look at themselves in the mirror and as the question, “am I a Tasmanian working for Tasmania, or am I just keeping my party happy by stopping Tasmanian people from being united as one?.

Generally there’s only a couple of things that divide Tasmanian people…..who’s going to win the footy on Saturday?, and who are you voting for this election? On most other things Tasmanian people generally agree, so why should it be any different with politics?

We all agree that it takes too long to get things done by either party, but the solution is at hand. Federal Government stifles Tasmania, because they want to keep us the way we are and just take what they can. We see this when Malcolm Turnbull announced he would like two more interconnectors across Bass Straight, to support the “National Grid”. We nearly ran out of water a while back, remember?

If Tasmania can produce that much more electricity, then bring your businesses and your industry to Tasmania, give us and our children jobs and support Tasmania, instead of just taking all our power and putting up our bills.

Enough is enough and Tasmanian people are starting to understand that we can have a voice in the Australian Parliament, and it could be even better if the five Lower House Members stood together as T4T-Tasmanias 4 Tasmania (and not for a Federal Party’s wishes), then given the current numbers in the Lower House, we could conceivably control the balance of power there as well.

So to the Tasmanian people I say this, if your local member won’t stand up for Tasmania as a Tasmanian, then do you really want them there?, because that is what politicians are expected to do….stand up for the people that elected them, and these people are Tasmanian people.

I issue this challenge to all Tasmanian Federal Politicians, especially the Senate, will you stand up for Tasmania where you can have some say for our State, or will you continue to be the lap dog of the mainlanders, and keep your snout in the trough, and do nothing for the State that put you there…...??

T4T-Tasmanians 4 Tasmania will only ever be Tasmanian. We will only ever do what is in the best interests of Tasmania in Federal Parliament. We will observe the “Fitzgerald Principles”, which very few Australian Federal Politicians have the guts to abide by.

The time has come for Tasmanian people to see the reality of the situation and understand how we can get things going in Tasmania.

T4T-Tasmanians 4 Tasmania can only start what needs to be done, you the people of Tasmania have to take ownership of Tasmania and use your vote wisely.

We believe we have some solutions, but not all, that’s what we want our members to do. Help us formulate policy by having direct input into policy decision making for what Tasmania not only wants, but more critically needs, you are our people at the coal face and we want to hear from you. Tasmania needs your help, help us help Tasmania…....

T4T-Tasmanians 4 Tasmania.

We Can, We Will.

*Rob Newitt is the Founder of T4T-Tasmanains 4 Tasmania