Laws that make sex workers vulnerable to violence must be repealed!

Australian sex workers and supporters join the International Day of Protest against violence and murder of sex workers and the laws that allow it to happen.

Recent murders and violent attacks on sex workers spark an unprecedented wave of spontaneous international action calling for an end to discrimination and criminalisation of sex workers.

Scarlet Alliance, Australian sex workers Association, our members, and allies in Australia join the international protests in memoriam of sex workers Jasmine in Sweden and Dora in Turkey murdered within 1 day of each other, last week.

The protests that will take place outside the Swedish and Turkish embassies and other prominent locations in every state of Australia and across hundreds of cities worldwide, will draw attention to the systems of criminalisation and discrimination that allowed violent murders to happen and enabled the lack of action by Police.

“It is time for wider society and law makers to listen to sex workers and stop ignoring our deaths and the violence committed against us. We are calling for an end to discrimination and stigma and for governments to stop criminalising us, our work places and our clients. We are calling for decriminalisation of sex work and to be treated with respect,” said Ryan Cole, a sex worker and current Secretary of Scarlet Alliance

Hobart: Parliament Lawns, Hobart

“The Swedish model is often misrepresented as protecting women. Jasmine’s case demonstrates how the law is actively disadvantaging sex workers. Tasmanian groups who assert the value of the Swedish Model place less value on sex workers lives.” Jade Barker, Tasmanian Sex Worker Project, Scarlet Alliance

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