"The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. No price is too high for the privilege of owning yourself." - Friedrich Nietzsche

A Christmas Carol ...

Image for A Christmas Carol ...

Kim Peart*. Pic*
18.03.18 6:39 am

Charles Dickens once wrote a story about a mean old man, and how he had a wake-up call from a couple of ghosts on Christmas Eve. Ebenezer Scrooge knew the value of money and time, and was very mean, but he found his heart. Are we any better than old miser Scrooge, when we allow fellow citizens to go homeless? We are forcing good people into homelessness, and wrecking their lives. Why? …

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The Clean Coal Calamity ...

Ted Mead*
17.03.18 3:45 am

Image for The Clean Coal Calamity ...

Australia should take note!  The abandonment of the Kemper clean-coal power plant in Mississippi has been declared. As a result of this flagship plant’s failure, it now seems unlikely that any large-scale clean-coal concept will ever be constructed in the US. Given that, then the desperate attempts to pursue the clean-coal fantasy in Australia should also cease before more fortunes are wasted on this fruitless cause …

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‘Griggs demands Macquarie Point be part of solution to housing crisis’

Richard Griggs Independent Candidate for Legislative Council Seat of Hobart Media Release. Image* Kim Peart
17.03.18 3:39 am

Image for ‘Griggs demands Macquarie Point be part of solution to housing crisis’

Richard Griggs, Independent Candidate for Legislative Council Seat of Hobart, has repeated his call for Macquarie Point to become part of the solution to the housing crisis in Hobart. On Wednesday, as part of the outcomes of the housing crisis summit, the Tasmanian Government identified 239 hectares of government owned land suitable for residential development. On Friday it emerged just 56 hectares of this was available in southern Tasmania and that some of this area is currently road. “Hobart is where the worst of the housing crisis is so it is not good enough that such a small amount of land has been flagged in the south,” Mr Griggs said …

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‘Twas a very strange Tasmanian State election (2018) ...

Geoff Holloway* Pic: of The Tarkine by Ted Mead
17.03.18 3:37 am

Image for ‘Twas a very strange Tasmanian State election (2018) ...

There were a myriad of issues that affected the dismal result of the Tasmanian Greens and, once looking at all of them it is hard to determine which were the most important. The key point is that 1 in every 4 previous voters for the Tasmanian Greens changed their vote (to the Labor Party), which is an extraordinary change. I am loathe to comment on the internal functioning of the Tasmanian Greens. However, I will make one comment: the internal inquiry that was established at the Tasmanian Greens State Conference in 2016, which was initiated in response to a damning report by the departing State Convenor, did not go anywhere to address the communication issues between the parliamentary Greens and the State Executive and the membership generally. I understand that there will be another internal inquiry now, but Green ex-politicians should not conduct it, plus it should have representation of the general Greens membership on the inquiry committee …

ABC: Greens secure second seat in Tasmanian election with election of Rosalie Woodruff

The Psephologist: Dr Kevin Bonham

Will Hodgman: 2018 Tasmanian State Election

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A Tarkine Park ... The Campaign Continues ...

Ted Mead* Pic*
17.03.18 3:35 am

Image for A Tarkine Park ... The Campaign Continues ...

Most conservationists are still reeling from the disastrous result of the recent state election aware of what this means regarding threats towards Tasmania’s natural environment. Yet the campaign for securing protection of the Tarkine region will unquestionably continue onward ... here’s why …

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Let’s talk about problem gambling ...

Matthew Coscia*
16.03.18 6:33 pm

Image for Let’s talk about problem gambling ...

… My name is Matthew and I was previously employed in the gaming industry for a number of years. Through my experience within the industry, I have witnessed first-hand the behaviour, thinking and consequent effects of a problem gambler. Using the information I have gained through talking to gamblers, I have developed a pro-active yet cost-efficient approach to help combat problem gambling. I acknowledge the campaign is not of the highest quality as I was working with limited resources on a very limited budget, but I believe the concepts behind it are extremely valuable …

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NI Self-Determination: Update on meetings and presentations in UK 25th Feb – 2nd March 2

André Nobbs
16.03.18 6:00 pm

Image for NI Self-Determination: Update on meetings and presentations in UK 25th Feb – 2nd March 2

Providing a progress report on the work of so many people toward self-determination for Norfolk Island is never easy. Part of the difficulty is making sure that no momentum is lost by revealing an initiative, or the people at work on the legal, political or United Nations elements …

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Communique - Tasmanian Housing Summit

Will Hodgman, Premier. Peter Gutwein, Treasurer. Pic of Premier Will Hodgman
15.03.18 12:45 pm

Image for Communique - Tasmanian Housing Summit

The Premier Will Hodgman today convened an urgent summit to address Tasmania’s housing shortage …

Advocate: NW homelessness bucks state and national trends

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How my book - A Wink from the Universe - got its title ...

Martin Flanagan* Pic*
15.03.18 5:00 am

Image for How my book - A Wink from the Universe - got its title ...

… The Mad Russian had actually been a medical student in Russia but, having no English, the only work he could get in Melbourne was as a labourer on the wharves. His Polish wife, who had survived a Nazi forced labour camp, was short, dynamic and, according to her granddaughter Carmen, “something of a stunner”. She took in boarders, including some pretty rough types. But one, Reg Cook, was a cut above the rest. He worked as a clerk at Olympic tyres. He dressed up on Sundays even though he didn’t go to church. And he barracked for the Dogs, went every week, took the Mad Russian’s son, then eight years old. His name is Alexander Petropulo …

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TTP and the investor-state dispute settlement procedures ...

Don Maisch* Image: Flickr
15.03.18 4:45 am

Image for TTP and the investor-state dispute settlement procedures ...

… Nice that the Turnbull govt is keeping the terms of the contract secret until after the deal is done. However the New Zealand government has released its version which acknowledges that the investor-state dispute settlement procedures (ISDS) are largely still in place. To quote from The Sydney Morning Herald 21 February 2018.

Excerpt: The deal will cut tariffs on trade within a bloc that accounts for 13 per cent of global GDP. Had the US been included the bloc would have accounted for 40 per cent of global GDP. More than 20 provisions originally included at the insistence of the United State have been suspended or changed in the final text, including rules around pharmaceuticals and intellectual property. Still in the agreement are investor-state dispute settlement procedures that allow private companies to sue member governments in extrajudicial tribunals. A minor amendment inserted at the request of New Zealand prevents companies that are parties to contracts with governments from suing those governments …

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Tony Benneworth: ‘Genial giant Koala’

Lindsay Tuffin* Pic*
15.03.18 4:35 am

Image for Tony Benneworth: ‘Genial giant Koala’

It was sometime in the early 1970s that Tony Benneworth and I were playing something-or-other in a pub in Launceston …

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Fixing the Housing Crisis ...

Kim Peart* Image*
15.03.18 4:29 am

Image for Fixing the Housing Crisis ...

Will Premier Will Hodgman be inviting Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to his emergency Housing Summit in Tasmania? [1] Why should he do that? Homelessness and housing affordability is a national crisis, and a solution that works in Tasmania, will attract people from other parts of Australia. We need a national solution to a national problem, as homelessness and housing affordability is a crisis that affects all of Australia …

Labor: Housing Summit must result in urgent solutions to address crisis

Will Hodgman: Housing Summit

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‘Housing crisis is our biggest challenge ...’

Richard Griggs* Pic: From Civil Liberties Australia website
15.03.18 4:20 am

Image for ‘Housing crisis is our biggest challenge ...’

… Hobart is a great place to live. Nestled between the mountain and the river, we have much to be thankful for. However, we face our fair share of challenges and to best address these we need hardworking Independent Members of Parliament with new ideas and new energy to scrutinise government and hold political parties to account. One issue that is in drastic need of immediate action is the housing crisis forcing local families to live in tents …

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Tasmanian nurse recruitment drive draws a blank, unions blame pay, conditions for failure

Kevin Moylan. ABC. Pic: of Royal Hobart ... Flickr
15.03.18 4:15 am

Image for Tasmanian nurse recruitment drive draws a blank, unions blame pay, conditions for failure

A taxpayer-funded, three-week trip to the United Kingdom to entice nurses to work in the Tasmanian health system has so far not resulted in a single recruitment …

… Tasmania has the national distinction as, “The worst public health system in Australia”. (Australian Medical Association 2017). The biggest mistake of my life/career was relocating to backwater Mental Health Tasmania. The systemic and ingrained, nepotism, incompetence and historical neglect has been occurring for three ‘sick’ decades. It’s a blind-eyed Tassie ‘no-go-zone! …

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The problem record immigration is supposed to solve doesn’t exist

William Bourke* Pic: Q&A
14.03.18 5:15 am

Image for The problem record immigration is supposed to solve doesn’t exist

Population is “the everything issue”. It affects all aspects of public policy and our daily lives. It is essential to get population policy right if we are to achieve critical public policy outcomes like secure jobs, affordable housing, better planning and a sustainable environment …

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‘Senate Inquiry hears Australia now in nationwide recycling crisis’

Peter Whish-Wilson, Senator for Tasmania Media Release. Pic: Flickr
14.03.18 5:13 am

Image for ‘Senate Inquiry hears Australia now in nationwide recycling crisis’

Greens waste and recyling spokesperson, Senator Peter Whish-Wilson provides the following comments on the evidence heard at the Senate waste and recycling Inquiry held in Sydney today …

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Just what are funerals for ... ?

Hans Willink*
14.03.18 5:12 am

Image for Just what are funerals for ... ?

Funerals serve two purposes, to honour the dead and support the grieving. There can be no doubt that at Vanessa Goodwin’s funeral on Friday, the former role was admirably performed. The service was sensitive, kind and caring, much like Vanessa herself. As to the second role, it is my view, shared by some close to her including some Goodwin family members, that the funeral had one glaring omission …

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Vlad ... and diplomacy ...

Martyn Turner* used with permission
14.03.18 5:10 am

Image for Vlad ... and diplomacy ...

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First salvo in a trade war that could lead to a global recession ...

William Briggs* Pic: Flickr
14.03.18 4:45 am

Image for First salvo in a trade war that could lead to a global recession ...

President Trump has declared that ‘trade wars are good’ and that ‘they’re easy to win’. This, accompanied by his move to impose tariffs on imported steel and aluminium, is the first salvo in a trade war that could lead to a global recession, the loss of millions of jobs and an increased threat of political, economic and military conflict between the major powers …

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Traffic ... post-election

Leunig. Toon: Leunig, http://www.leunig.com.au/ used with permission
13.03.18 4:30 am

Image for Traffic ... post-election


‘Geoffrey Robertson QC appears for Norfolk Islanders ... ’

Albert Buffett, Andre Nobbs, Geoffrey Robertson QC Media Release. Pic: Norfolk Island
13.03.18 4:15 am

Image for ‘Geoffrey Robertson QC appears for Norfolk Islanders ... ’

The Norfolk Island community has launched a legal challenge with the United Nations, alleging the Australian Government has breached an international covenant on civil and political rights following the forced takeover of the island’s governance. The case is being run by high-profile international human rights lawyer Geoffrey Robertson QC on behalf of the president of the Norfolk Island Council of Elders, Albert Buffett …

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