"The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. No price is too high for the privilege of owning yourself." - Friedrich Nietzsche

That wedding ...

Image for That wedding ...

Satire: Leunig*. Guardian
21.05.18 6:18 am

Guardian: Is Meghan Markle the American the royals have needed all along? Thanks to the new Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry may well turn out to be good for Britain …

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‘Logging burns conceal industrial pollution in the name of ‘community safety’

Clive Stott*, http://www.cleanairtas.com. Pic: Clive Stott
21.05.18 6:00 am

Image for ‘Logging burns conceal industrial pollution in the name of ‘community safety’

“Logging burns would not be needed (and a substantial amount of associated smoke not generated) if the forest had not been logged in the first place. It is imperative that government departments inform the public about the smoke pollution coming from logging operations, whose purpose is for private commercial gain.”

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Majority Oppose Cable Car in Denison with 11% swing against Project

Peter Gutwein, Minister for State Growth, Ted Cutlan spokesperson for Residents Opposed to the Cable Car, Media Releases
20.05.18 4:00 pm

Image for Majority Oppose Cable Car in Denison with 11% swing against Project

New polling shows momentum is building behind the campaign to protect kunanyi/Mt Wellington from a cable car, with a majority of Denison residents now opposed to the project. The poll demonstrates that as more information about the cable car is released and special legislation to facilitate it is passed, more people are openly opposed to it …

EARLER on Tasmanian Times ...

Cable Car: Richard Flanagan’s speech in full ...

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Electric vehicles will soon rule the neo-chariot world

Ted Mead* Pic*
19.05.18 6:30 am

Image for Electric vehicles will soon rule the neo-chariot world

It didn’t seem all that long ago when Tesla released its first fully electric vehicle (EV), and due to its high retail price it wasn’t an instant success, but fast forward to the end of this decade and Tesla EVs will be burning off the production conveyor belt at a rapid rate, and there seems no end to this neo-tech revolution …

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Launched! Tom McHugo’s Gallery ...

Lindsay Tuffin* Pic* All Pics: Rob Walls
19.05.18 5:30 am

Image for Launched! Tom McHugo’s Gallery ...

They say old photographers never die, they just keep on/stop developing …

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Dear Senator Abetz ...

John Hawkins* Pic: of Eric Abetz, from his website
18.05.18 6:15 am

Image for Dear Senator Abetz ...

Dear Senator Abetz, On Friday 8th August 2014 you flew from Launceston to Hobart using a chartered aircraft at a cost of $1850 …

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Abetz now has the impudence to chastise Justine Keay ...

John Hawkins*
18.05.18 6:00 am

Image for Abetz now has the impudence to chastise Justine Keay ...

The appalling Senator Eric Abetz had been paid millions from the public purse while sitting illegally as a dual national in the Senate from 1994 to 2010, this being the year he renounced his German citizenship in order to head off my challenge in the High Court of Australia. He now has the impudence to chastise Justine Keay through the columns of the Mercury, and I suggest he is guilty of precisely the same offence …

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‘State loses $188 million GST ...

Martyn Goddard* Media Release. Pic*
17.05.18 9:46 am

Image for ‘State loses $188 million GST ...

... because Public Sector wages are too low’ The state budget will be docked by $188 million in GST funding in 2018-19 because government employees in Tasmania are paid less than in any other state or territory. The Commonwealth Grants Commission, which administers the GST, will redistribute this money to states which pay more, particularly to Western Australia. The Commission does this to even out the cost between the states of providing services …

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Oh god! Too Many Trucks ...

Andrew Kellett and Bert Lawatsch* Pic*
17.05.18 5:30 am

Image for Oh god! Too Many Trucks ...

Do you enjoy a drive to Mt Field or the South West or perhaps you enjoy fly fishing in the Tyenna River? If so, I’m sure you are aware of the condition of the underfunded section of road from Maydena to Westerway …

EARLIER on Tasmanian Times ...

Ivo Edwards: Please help me. I am in serious trouble ...

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Rich white trash ...

Josephine Zananiri* Cartoon: Martyn Turner* used with permission
17.05.18 5:23 am

Image for Rich white trash ...

Donald Trump might be the first name popping up as rich white trash.  His inept, self-centred manner, plus lack of conscience and no sense of ethics and community cohesion, make him the poster character for all those in the category …

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‘A bad outcome for Dover ...’

Vica Bayley, Tasmanian Campaign Manager, The Wilderness Society (Tasmania) Inc Press Release
17.05.18 5:15 am

Image for ‘A bad outcome for Dover ...’

Landowner consent for Dover woodchip port The Wilderness Society believes the proposal for a woodchip port at Dover is a bad outcome for the the town itself, the local and broader environment and industry. ‘At a time when Tasmania needs new solutions for the challenges it faces, sacrificing swift parrot habitat and the emerging identity of Dover by locking-in long-term woodchipping of plantations and native forests is simply the lowest common denominator … ’

Greens: Courtney Gives Tick for Controversial Woodchip Port

Letter to Sarah Courtney on Southwood Fibres Export Facility, Strathblane … Our area has been going from strength to strength with tourism & aquaculture working together to provide new future for people in the area. This development threatens both! …

Annie Venables, Producer, Viking Films:  To Sarah Courtney ... on the DA for Southwood Fibres Export Facility Strathblane I am deeply saddened by the news that the Liberal Govt has given consent for Crown Land i.e. public land to be used by a private developer for a wood chip port at Dover. What right does the Govt have to do this without consultation of the community that will bear the brunt of this development? A development that will cost local jobs, degrade the environment and turn what could be Tasmania’s most beautiful coastal town into an industrial wood chip port. The beautiful bay will be trashed, log trucks will clog our roads - one every 5 minutes, and the peaceful nature of the town will be ruined with bulldozers operating 24/7 …

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‘McCarthy review a dud ... live export ban the only option’

Independent Member for Denison, Andrew Wilkie Media Release
17.05.18 5:00 am

Image for ‘McCarthy review a dud ... live export ban the only option’

… “This is all the proof we need that the Government has no intentions of reining in the cruel live export trade,” Mr Wilkie said. “Turns out that the public was right to be sceptical when this review was announced. The small changes that are recommended by the McCarthy review will not stop the horrific animal welfare abuses in the live sheep export industry because the fact is the industry is systemically cruel. There’ll still be tens of thousands of animals sweltering in the heat on these hell ships and making minor changes won’t stop this …

ABC: Government admits live export industry hasn’t been held to account — until now

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‘Fish Farm Partnership Ignores Environmental Reality’

Rosalie Woodruff MP | Greens’ Environment spokesperson Media Release Pic*
17.05.18 4:30 am

Image for ‘Fish Farm Partnership Ignores Environmental Reality’

Petuna and Tassal’s restructured operations in Macquarie Harbour may temporarily quell nervous shareholders, but will do nothing to fix the fundamentals of a severely degraded ecosystem resulting from intensive fish farming …

Sarah Courtney: Joint venture agreement welcomed

ABC: Tassal, Petuna announce joint venture for Macquarie Harbour

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NATION: No ScoMo. It’s not Bill. Your own pants are on fire

Urban Wronksi (aka David Tyler*). Pic*
15.05.18 6:00 am

Image for NATION: No ScoMo. It’s not Bill. Your own pants are on fire

“Liar”, screeches Scott Morrison, the pot calling the kettle black, opting fittingly for a personal insult rather than a reply to Bill Shorten’s Budget reply, Thursday. ScoMo snatches a moment from commissioning a culturally sensitive, brilliantly timed erection of a statue of James Cook, to signal he’s on the Right white side of history in his electorate of Cook. It’s inspirational; an emblem of so much the member for Cook stands for. It will cost a lazy $50 million that might otherwise have been wasted on The ABC or squandered on ASIC, both of which have been crippled in his budget cuts …

Fairfax: The women the budget forgot

Fairfax: Shorten vows to put Hanson at ‘back of the queue’ on preferences

Guardian: Coalition’s budget fails to turn around Turnbull’s government’s fortunes

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(TONIGHT) Friday, May 18: Tom McHugo’s launches Ordinary Heroes ...

15.05.18 5:50 am

Image for (TONIGHT) Friday, May 18: Tom McHugo’s launches Ordinary Heroes ...

The long-time watering hole of Mercury journalists, now in its finest reincarnation as Tom McHugo’s Hobart Hotel, is launching a photo gallery, with an inaugural exhibition by photographer, Rob Walls …

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Tarkine ... The big one that got away!

Ted Mead*
15.05.18 5:45 am

Image for Tarkine ... The big one that got away!

… Almost half a century ago two track cutters working in a remote section of the Tarkine stumbled upon a giant eucalypt of unbelievable proportions. The exact location of this magnificent discovery was never accurately recorded, and so to date its whereabouts has remained a puzzling mystery stirring wonder to whether this extraordinary tree is still alive today? …

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‘Top secret surveillance shows fisherman Joe Pirrello was the common link in drug syndicate’

Emma Partridge, Exclusive, The Daily Telegraph, May 1, 2018> Pic*
15.05.18 5:30 am

Image for ‘Top secret surveillance shows fisherman Joe Pirrello was the common link in drug syndicate’

AN Ulladulla fisherman could be facing life behind bars after pleading guilty to masterminding one of Australia’s largest cocaine smuggling syndicates. Joseph “Joe” Pirrello, 64, was the kingpin behind a gang caught smuggling 500kg of cocaine wrapped in Emporio Armani packaging to shore at Brooklyn on the Hawkesbury River on Christmas Day 2016 …

• This story links to John Hawkins’ story: Seafish Tasmania, Cocaine, Trawlers and a fine Stink ...

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Mr Trump and Gaza ...

Cartoon: Martyn Turner* used with permission
15.05.18 5:15 am

Image for Mr Trump and Gaza ...

*Cartoon: Martyn Turner, used with permission: https://www.facebook.com/martynturnercartoons/ . http://www.irishtimes.com/opinion/martyn-turner

Guardian: Israel: Trump’s new embassy opens – and dozens are killed Gaza counts its dead as tens of thousands protest in bloodiest day since 2014 war

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Letter to Will Hodgman: Is democracy dead in Tasmania ... ?

Kim Peart*
14.05.18 4:45 am

Image for Letter to Will Hodgman: Is democracy dead in Tasmania ... ?

… I ran in the recent election for Prosser, spending around $10,000 on the campaign. I was able to send a postcard to every home in Prosser with Australia Post. The postcard, included above, featured an invitation to six community meetings organised around the electorate …

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This major pledge by Shorten is the key to our future in Tasmania

John Hawkins*
12.05.18 5:45 am

Image for This major pledge by Shorten is the key to our future in Tasmania

His most important words were that Labor would create a national Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) …

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Budget 2018: A frontal assault on a fair go for all Australians ...

Senator Peter Whish-Wilson. Speech in The Senate. Satire: Leunig*
11.05.18 11:00 am

Image for Budget 2018: A frontal assault on a fair go for all Australians ...

… It also cares about big corporations and their rich mates. There’s nothing in here to tax. It’s a rigged system—rigged by some of the biggest, wealthiest and most powerful corporations on this planet. There is nothing to fix the petroleum resource rent tax rort. We could have brought in tens of billions of dollars, if we had gotten these companies to pay for the gas that they’ve extracted—gas and resources owned by the Australian people …

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