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  1. My URL links to a little social history, and commentary, on my growing up in Launceston in a Gunns neighbourhood.

    Posted by meika loofs samorzewski  on  19/02/05  at  01:33 AM
  2. I’m reading The Corporation by Joel Bakan at the moment, it’s the book of the mini-series shown on SBS a few weeks ago.  It makes very clear why Gunns behaves the way it does and paints a chilling picture of how corporations are trying to take over every aspect of our life.

    Bakan says that corporations behave the way they do because they have to be concerned only for the profits of their shareholders.  The only way they can be concerned about the environment, social repercussions of their actions, people’s health, or any other moral or legal obligation is if it helps them increase profits. If it is more profitable to destroy the environment, let people get hurt/killed, break the law, etc., that is what a corporation has to do.

    What Bakan writes in this book makes sense of the apparently non-sensical behaviour of governments and companies that don’t act in the best interest of the general public. It’s a book that I think should be required reading for everyone.

    Posted by Rachel Roberts  on  19/02/05  at  11:52 AM





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