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  1. This is just the best piece of writing I have seen for some time.

    Following the Gunns writs and the compliant political situation in Tasmania this writing again gives me heart that the true integrity of the island is in tact.

    Thanks Richard.  The rest of the year will be a bonus.

    Posted by peter willans  on  26/01/05  at  02:11 AM
  2. That is sad to hear about the Tasmanian Devil.  I have been hearing there is a large population of koalas that is probably going to starve to death from the lack of food.

    Those are the main animals I think of when I think of Australia.

    Posted by Flag Gal  on  28/10/05  at  03:22 PM
  3. Re #2
    Don’t worry about it, Flag Gal.

    We’ve got 1080 poison (banned just about everywhere else in the world) for the rest of them pesky thieving unique to Tasmania and Australia native animals…you know…kangaroos, wallabies, bettongs, quolls and eagles here in Tasmania plus eagles, harriers, skuas, jaegers, ducks and gulls and whatever else takes the Brodifacoum yummy looking chook-pellet type baits arielly dropped on Macquarie Island (290 tonnes of it, also banned in many other countries).

    Soon, you’ll only have to worry about cats and dogs when you think of Australia.

    Posted by Russell  on  25/10/09  at  05:28 PM
  4. I’m not sure why this thread popped up again after a five-year absence, but I’m glad it did.

    I’ve never met you Richard, but I admire you.

    I’ve seen more of Tasmania than most.  Even so, even in my more eloquent moments I could never even hint at the magnificence of this place in the way you can in a few lines.

    Flanagan may be a Tasmanian, indeed national treasure, but there are many others like him. 

    People passionate about the place.  Concerned enough to step forward, despite the inevitable negative consequences from those with a vested interested in preserving our current, disfunctional culture.

    All we need is for them to stand up and be counted.


    Posted by Tom Ellison  on  02/11/09  at  07:54 PM





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