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Greens Welcome AFAC Report on Tasmanian Bushfires

Greens Senator for Tasmania Nick McKim
30.04.16 7:24 pm

The Greens welcome the operational review into the management of the Tasmanian bushfires.

While the review rightly lauds the work of our hardworking firefighters, it identifies a number of areas of improvement, such as staff numbers, training, aerial firefighting and communication with the public.

Greens Senator for Tasmania Nick McKim said the state government should adopt all of the recommendations contained within the review.

“Last summer’s bushfires laid bare the tragic and frightening side of global warming which we know need to address head on,” Senator McKim said.

“The Greens call on the Tasmanian government to adopt all of AFAC’s recommendations.”

“We agree with AFAC that the Tasmanian Fire Service needs to have greater resources, as well as higher levels of training for remote firefighting.”

“We also agree with the recommendation for greater communication and information to be shared with the public before, during and after fire events.”

“We want to see a greater use of aerial firefighting where appropriate, and call on the Commonwealth to consider additional resources for next summer.”

“As we have consistently said, our firefighters deserve the very best, and we need to be sure that they have the best possible planning and resources in place for next time.”


Hobart’s Rail Action Group welcomes the Prime Minister’s plans for 30 minute cities ...

Ben Johnston President, Hobart Northern Suburbs Rail Action Group
30.04.16 5:26 am

... and wiser investment of infrastructure funds

The Action Group’s President Ben Johnston says, “without question, passenger rail gives the ‘best bang for infrastructure buck’ since we already have a rail corridor, which parallels corridors of traffic!” The State Government’s 2013 study into light rail between Hobart and Glenorchy showed up to $1.58 would be returned for every $1.00 invested in light rail -  a no brainer!

Mr Johnston says, “the morning ‘express’ bus from Bridgewater to Hobart takes around 1 hour, by rail this would be reduced to under 30 minutes. Commuters could bus or car to the station then sit back and relax for the congestion free rail journey.”

We have the perfect project for Malcolm Turnbull. Checkout our latest video

Ride Hobart’s Groovy Ghost Train,

It should be rolling. The Tracks are there, the traffic jams are there, but according to the State Government, it’s ‘a good idea whose time is yet to come’. ...

Catch the Train Walk this Sunday:


Greens confirm federal election line-up for Tasmania

Kay McFarlane, Tasmanian Greens Convenor
30.04.16 5:24 am

The Tasmanian Greens are pleased to confirm their Senate and House of Representatives ticket in the event of a double dissolution election.

Senator Peter Whish-Wilson will be first on the ticket, with Senator Nick McKim second and Hobart Alderman Anna Reynolds third.

Tasmanian Greens convenor Kay McFarlane said the three Senate candidates would be ably supported by House of Representatives candidates Terrill Riley-Gibson (Bass), Scott Jordan (Braddon), Jen Brown (Denison), Martine Delaney (Franklin) and Hannah Rubenach-Quinn (Lyons).

“Our candidates for Tasmania are a diverse and intelligent group of people who all have a proud record of fighting for the state in different capacities.

“Only the Greens have the courage and vision for Tasmania’s future, to end our reliance on fossil fuels, to show compassion to people seeking asylum and protect our precious places.”

The Senate ticket order was determined by the party’s executive based on the length of the Senators’ time in office.


CEPU ... an email exchange ...

Trevor Gauld State Secretary CEPU - Tasmania
30.04.16 4:30 am

At the very bottom of this email you will see a press release from the Government.

Below is the current exchange between the CEPU and Workplace Standards.  You will note that contrary to the Governments claim “The joint venture partners have also advised WorkSafe Tasmania that they have not received any reports of workers experiencing illness due to mold.”

You will note in the correspondence between the CEPU and Workplace Standards that at all material times the CEPU included joint venture representatives in our emails.

It is astonishing that on the day after international workers memorial day, a day on which we reflect on those workers injured or killed through work, that this Government would attempt to score political points off the backs of workers injured on their watch.

Somebody is telling lies and it isn’t the CEPU.

Subject: RE: Your cc email to WST Info dated 22 April 2016 s.117 entry RHH


Thanks for your quick response, and action contacting the employees.

Mick and I have run out of time this week to meet, but will give you a call on Monday to set up a time later in the week, tentatively perhaps Wed morn?




(03) 6166 4691 : 0419 540 373 : Fax (03) 6233 8338
30 Gordons Hill Road, Rosny Park 7018

Subject: RE: Your cc email to WST Info dated 22 April 2016 s.117 entry RHH


Thanks for your email and commitment to address the issue raised, and we are more than happy to participate in its resolution.

Given the broad range of information you are seeking, we would seek a meeting when convenient to discuss. I will collate the requested documentation in preparation for our meeting.

Notwithstanding I can confirm I have contacted those employees I have details for at dot point three as requested, however each of them indicated to me their reluctance due to their concern they will be treated adversely by their employer if they participate in this process.

In the interest of expedience, the CEPU encourages you to commence an investigation by exercising your right to gather the contact details of every employee engaged on the ‘Modscape’ site, and conduct enquiries with those people irrelevant of their employer, offsite, in relation to the adverse health effects which have occurred.

Best regards,

Michael Anderson
State Organiser
CEPU - Tasmania

From: XXX
Sent: Wednesday, 27 April 2016 10:34 AM
To: Michael Anderson
Subject: Your cc email to WST Info dated 22 April 2016 s.117 entry RHH

Dear Michael

Thank you for your cc email of the issues noted during your site visit.

I have specifically been directed to investigate the concerns relating to the potential effects of mould and other contaminants in the new (Modscape) modular building on Liverpool St.

To enable me to do that, could you do the following:

•    Provide the contact details of the PCBU representative that informed you, or your members, that the mould has been incorrectly dealt with.  If possible please provide the date and approximate time of any meeting, and where it occurred.
•    Provide the contact details of the direct employers of any workers who advised you of abnormally high rates of illness.
•    Contact the workers who notified you of their high rates of illness and request that they contact me directly.
•    Provide copies of any relevant correspondence you have had with any PCBUs at the Royal Hobart Hospital site in regards to this issue.

If you could provide the information, and confirmation of your contact asap that would assist in undertaking the investigation in a reasonable timeframe.

If you have concerns about providing the information voluntarily, or any other concerns don’t hesitate to contact me.



(03) 6166 4691 : 0419 540 373 : Fax (03) 6233 8338
30 Gordons Hill Road, Rosny Park 7018

From: Michael Anderson
Sent: Friday, 22 April 2016 4:24 PM
Cc: WST Info (DoJ);
Subject: s.117 entry RHH


In accordance with s.117 of the WHS Act, please regard this as the written entry report.

Concerns conveyed to PCBU (JHFBJV) on arrival;
1.    Access / Egress procedures
2.    AS/NZ 3012 contraventions
3.    Illness clusters related to contaminants in modular building
4.    House keeping
5.    Adverse treatment of workers raising issues relating to asbestos concerns

General issues observed in relation to the above; (with only modular building of RHH entered)

1.    Workers remediating contamination issue did not have any proper exits paths – one with inadequate signage, the other not clear of materials/tools
2.    Inadequate exit and emergency signage in the forecourt, amenities area
3.    Testing and tagging out of date or not present
4.    No clear defined access to some temporary distribution boards
5.    Inadequate exit and emergency lighting in the work areas
6.    Incidental to the above, inaccurate exit and emergency plan

Specifically relating to illness clusters of workers due to contaminants in modular building reported to CEPU;

-      The PCBU made admissions that they have incorrectly dealt with the potential effects of mould and other contaminants, albeit through their subcontracted hygienist. As a result, for several past weeks until recently, workers have been directed to work in areas which are now subject to quarantining because it has been found to have potential adverse health effects.
CEPU members and other workers had recently advised us of abnormally high rates of illness among their work groups resulting in personal leave. Specifics on illness is unknown at this time.
The CEPU has grave concerns that the PCBU has failed to provide a safe and healthy workplace in accordance with s.19 of the WHS Act, among others.
We request that the PCBU provide, in response to this, or under another ROE if they wish, documentation of how they provided a safe and healthy workplace from the beginning of the modular building fit out, to the time when potential health impacts were recognised, if in fact quarantine was necessary the entire time.

Specifically relating the adverse treatment of workers raising issues relating to asbestos exposure;

-      A CEPU member has alleged that an inappropriate phone call was made to another worker (employee of Fairbrothers) regarding them both, after they requested the PBCU provide written documentation about a suspected asbestos issue/exposure. The call is alleged to have been made by a senior manager of Fairbrothers.
-      It suggested that;
o   Further enquiries should cease so no ‘trouble’ was caused and he should ‘pull his head in’
o   Our member should be ignored as ‘the Union (CEPU) is in his ear’
-      The PCBU undertook to review the matter.

Best regards,

Michael Anderson
State Organiser
CEPU - Tasmania
P. (03) 6228 0098
F. (03) 6228 7557


M. 0400 981 024

P. (03) 6228 0098
F. (03) 6228 7557

Sent: Friday, 29 April 2016 2:47 PM
Subject: Update on RHH Worksafe Investigation

29 April 2016

Adam Brooks, Minister for Building and Construction

Update on RHH Worksafe Investigation

WorkSafe Tasmania commenced an investigation of the allegations made by a Union, including concerns regarding alleged “illness clusters” on 27 April 2016.

WorkSafe has advised me that the union has not provided details of any workers experiencing illness due to mold.

It is regrettable that the union does not wish to cooperate with the inquiry it called for.

The joint venture partners have also advised WorkSafe Tasmania that they have not received any reports of workers experiencing illness due to mold.

Throughout the building project and also since the mold issue arose, Worksafe has conducted regular on-site compliance inspections.

I am advised WorkSafe Inspectors have recently received occupational hygienists reports commissioned by the relevant builders. These are currently being reviewed.

During onsite inspections WorkSafe Inspectors have observed that appropriate controls have been implemented.

Following the union and Labor Opposition allegations,  WorkSafe Tasmania have increased the frequency of compliance inspections at the site.

Today, Worksafe have advised me:
- They have observed that access to the affected area is restricted to workers wearing appropriate personal protective equipment [PPE];
- Signage is installed to ensure people on site are aware of the isolated work area and requirement for PPE use;
- The Joint Venture partners maintain that they have had no reports of workers experiencing illness due to mold; and

- WorkSafe inspectors have requested the Joint Venture partners provide details of sub-contractors within the affected areas in order to further investigate the claims of an “illness cluster”.
The investigation is on-going.


Government Approves Fish Disease And Dead Zones For Macquarie Harbour Fish Farms

Rebecca Hubbard
29.04.16 1:56 pm

Environment Tasmania is calling for immediate independent review of the Tasmanian Government’s unexpected decision to increase the density of farmed fish in Macquarie Harbour, citing evidence that the harbour is already in a state of chronic environmental stress.

“Macquarie Harbour is already experiencing ongoing problems with dissolved oxygen levels, bacteria mats and disease outbreaks,” said Laura Kelly of Environment Tasmania.”

“This decision is really about the aquaculture industries supply problems, and their undue influence over the Tasmanian Government, who cannot ignore what the science is telling them indefinitely.”

“What the science shows is that any expansion of fish farming at this site is unsustainable. The Tasmanian Government may refuse to take notice, but shareholders concerned about ongoing supply issues won’t. Nor will consumers – who will increasingly be offered poor quality products pumped full of antibiotics if environmental conditions at fish farm sites aren’t improved.”

“The Government’s own status reports document alarming dissolved oxygen and water temperature readings. They clearly demonstrate that the site cannot support existing fish farms, let alone an increase in fish density, which will only worsen mass fish kills,” said Ms Kelly.

The Facts:
·      The Tasmanian Government’s 2016 Update to the Macquarie Harbour Status Report states that 52% of benthic conditions have been breached in the last 11 months and dissolved oxygen levels are at hypoxic levels throughout the Harbour and into the World Heritage Area.

·      Huon Aquaculture’s own study states that the Dissolved Oxygen and temperature conditions in Macquarie Harbour make it unsuitable for fish farming for at least 6 months of the year, and the conditions are unacceptable for fish health and production.

·      “There is a history of pathogen emergence events; some of the pathogens may be associated with chronic environmental stress and there has been clinical expression of pathogens generally found subclinically elsewhere in Tasmania. The emergence and persistence of other pathological syndromes such as nephrocalcinosis and multi-organ inflammation have also been identified.
“Internationally, repeated pathogen emergence has been observed as an indicator of declining fish health status and as a precursor to epizootic emergence.” Cawthron Institute review of environmental and fish health impacts in Macquarie Harbour.

The 2016 Update to the Macquarie Harbour Status Report can be found at:


Outside the office of Senator Eric Abetz: ‘Bring Them Here’

Carol Bristow (Convenor of Refugee Rights Group)
29.04.16 8:28 am

Event: “Bring them Here”- Snap Action

Time : Friday 29th April 1p.m

Place Outside the office of Senator Eric Abetz, 136 Davey St Hobart

Purpose: to protest against the Australian Government’s response to the Manus Island decision; to demand that Australia takes responsibility for these asylum seekers and brings them to Australia for immediate processing of their refugee claims.

Main Group Involved: Amnesty’s Tasmanian Refugee Rights Group

This will be a peaceful protest drawing attention to the Australian Government’s responsibilities regarding Asylum Seekers.



Amanda Street Vice President Hobart Branch Make-A-Wish
29.04.16 6:36 am

World Wish Day on 29 April is a special celebration for many Tasmanian families, as it marks the beginnings of Make-A-Wish, the children’s charity that makes the wishes of children and teenagers fighting life-threatening medical conditions come true.

The very first wish happened in the USA 1980 when two state troopers in Arizona rallied their colleagues and the community to grant the wish of five-year-old Chris Greicius, battling leukaemia, who wished to be a police officer.

Make-A-Wish is now the largest wish granting organisation in the world, bringing hope, strength and joy to really sick children in almost 50 countries.

To acknowledge World Wish Day, the Hobart branch have launched the ticket sales for their upcoming ball to be held on Saturday 30 July at Wrest Point.

Amanda Street, Vice President of the Hobart branch says she is proud to be a part of the Hobart branch and looks forward to World Wish day each year. 

“Make-A-Wish is a wonderful organisation, and I’ve seen first-hand the powerful, positive impact a wish can have on a wish child,” she said. 

“Our wishes help the child to build resilience, create a positive mindset, and give a child and their family something to look forward to during tough times.”

The 2016 Make-A-Wish ball will be held at Wrest Point Casino on Saturday 30 July. Tickets can be purchased by calling Wrest Point on 1300 795 257 or online

For information on how you can sponsor the event, please contact the Hobart branch via .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


Port Arthur ...

Rob Messenger for Senator Jacqui Lambie Senator for Tasmania
28.04.16 2:09 pm



MyState Limited Tasmanian Economic Update ...

MyState Limited Chief Financial Officer David Harradine
28.04.16 8:28 am

...Tasmanian economy surges on the back of tourism boom

In a trend that draws parallels to Australia’s resources boom, Tasmanian is currently experiencing a tourism boom according to the latest MyState Limited Tasmanian Economic Update released today.
The December quarter report shows Tasmania has recorded unprecedented tourism numbers and expenditure over the past quarter.

MyState Limited Chief Financial Officer David Harradine said the tourism boom and strong household consumption have seen the state’s economy continue to build on the solid growth generated during 2015.

“The MyState Limited Tasmanian Economic Update shows Tasmania has seen a significant increase in tourists to the State, with domestic and international tourist numbers up 17 and 19 per cent respectively,” said Mr Harradine.

“Coupled with the increase in tourist numbers, visitors are also spending more in Tasmania with domestic tourist expenditure up approximately 21 per cent (12 months to Dec 15) while international tourist expenditure has increased approximately 34 per cent on the previous year.

“Tasmania’s improved economic position has been aided by a lower Australian dollar, increased business confidence, low interest rates, and Tasmania’s competitive strengths in long term growth industries, with tourism being the clear standout.”

The update shows Tasmania’s exports have recovered strongly since bottoming in April 2015, with exports on track to exceed $3 billion this year for the first time since 2013 at the current run rate.

Retail sales also remain a strong area for the Tasmanian economy, increasing to approximately $490m in February 2016.

Mr Harradine said it is very positive to see retail sales in Tasmanian are growing faster than the national average.

“The increase in retail sales is a reflection of improved local confidence and a booming tourism sector.”

“Household consumption has been particularly strong which indicates a growing confidence across Tasmanian households,” said Mr Harradine.

State Final Demand (SFD), a broad measure of economic activity, has shown steady improvement since bottoming during the March quarter of 2013. SFD grew 0.6% in the December quarter and 2.8% over 2015.

In addition, the Tasmanian housing market appears to be performing well, with Hobart recording the highest price increase of the Australian capital cities in the March quarter.

Despite Tasmania’s strong economic showing, conditions in the labour market have weakened more recently following a period of strong improvement.

The state’s unemployment rate has increased to 6.8 per cent while the participation rate has fallen to just over 60 per cent.

These figures are somewhat at odds with the strength of a large majority of key economic indicators.

Key Findings

- Tasmania saw a 17 per cent increase in domestic tourist numbers and a 19 per cent increase in international tourists

- Domestic tourist expenditure is up 21 per cent on the same period last year

- International tourist expenditure in up 34 per cent on the same period last year

- Tasmanian household consumption increased over 1% in the December quarter to be up over 3.5% in 2015

- Exports have continued a strong positive trend since reaching their lowest point in April 2015

- Retail sales in Tasmania are growing faster than National sales reflecting improved local confidence and a booming tourism sector

- New vehicle sale declined over the last quarter in Tasmania while the national the number increased

- Regional employment growth in the state’s west and north west has fallen slightly but the west/north west region now boasts the state’s lowest unemployment rate, while Launceston/north east region has the highest.

Download Economic Update ...



Antarctic plan welcomed

Chief Executive Officer of the ACE CRC, Professor Tony Worby
27.04.16 6:31 pm

The Antarctic Climate & Ecosystems Cooperative Research Centre (ACE CRC) has today welcomed the commitments outlined in the Federal Government’s Australian Antarctic Strategy and 20 Year Action Plan.

The Chief Executive Officer of the ACE CRC, Professor Tony Worby, said the commitments would help to modernise the Antarctic Program and enhance Australia’s ability to carry out scientific research in Antarctica and the Southern Ocean.

“Australia is a global leader in Antarctic science, and this new operational capacity will strengthen our ability to conduct scientific research on the Antarctic continent” Professor Worby said.

“The boost to Australia’s resupply and traverse capability will enable scientists to access remote regions of the Antarctic interior, including as part of the search for the world’s oldest ice core.”

“The million year ice core will be an important resource for understanding the global climate, and this new commitment to traverse capability will enable Australia to play a leading role in this international scientific effort.”

“The ACE CRC also strongly welcomes the commitment to measures for improving management of krill, a keystone species the Southern Ocean,” Professor Worby said.

Professor Worby said the ACE CRC looked forward to being part of discussions toward a revitalised Antarctic science model, as detailed in year two of the plan.

“We look forward to being part of discussions with the Antarctic Division and other stakeholders to identify the key future Antarctic science priorities and the timeline to achieving them,” Professor Worby said.


Psychiatric Emergency Nurse (PEN) Funding ending 30th June 2016 ...

Janine Kemp
27.04.16 6:00 pm

... ANMF calls on Minister to fund PEN nurses. 

On the 31st March 2016, Mr Andrew Wilkie MP sent a letter to the Minister for Health, The Hon Sussan Ley MP.  In this letter, Mr Wilkie urged the Minister to “maintain funding for the seven Psychiatric Emergency Nurse (PEN) positions at the Royal Hobart Hospital. “ 

The reply from the Federal Minister of Health stated “As you are aware, the PENs at the Royal Hobart Hospital was funded as part of the Health Assistance Package, which was always due to conclude on 30 June 2016.  It was not intended to be an ongoing program.” 

“PEN nurses are highly trained specialists working in the Emergency Department (ED) at the Royal Hobart Hospital (RHH). They assess, plan and manage mental health patients or those with mental health presentations; ensuring appropriate pathways (either discharge, transfer to community care or admission to Department Psychiatric Medicine (DPM) or Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU). “ 

“A PEN’s role is important for safety to all patients and staff in ED through to a more timely and professional response. This makes for better outcomes for patients and their families, with more appropriate pathways to ensure necessary admissions can be admitted as well as reported cost savings overall. “ 

“To have no PENs working in ED means an increase to inappropriate admissions, increased bed block in ED, increased danger to patients, increase in violence and aggression as agitation will increase due to unsuitability of the environment for an extended stay, which may falsely increase the patient’s acuity and length of stay on DPM or PICU.” 

“The PEN role was an initiative coming from a recommendation from a grievance to ANMF in 2007 and implementation of the role was confirmed in 2013 with Commonwealth funding.  To have this crucial role come to an end with no further discussion of funding is totally negligent.” 

“ANMF urges the Tasmanian Minister for Health, Michael Ferguson as well as the Federal Minister for Health, to assist in continued funding of this crucial role that has become a necessary and invaluable service to the Emergency Department team and patients.  Having PENs on staff takes a great deal of stress and additional workload off the already struggling Emergency Department within the Royal Hobart Hospital.” -


Antarctica 20-year plan desperately light on detail

Greens spokesperson for Antarctica issues, Senator Peter Whish-Wilson
27.04.16 5:57 pm

Greens spokesperson for Antarctica issues, Senator Peter Whish-Wilson, says that Greg Hunt’s 20-year Antarctic Strategy is desperately light on details when it comes to spending and key actions.

Senator Whish-Wilson said, “When Tony Press laid out his report to Government to guide the development of this strategy he laid out 32 key recommendations to be considered. What we have in response from the government is a series of dot points and some scenic photos of ice.

“It’s disappointing that a comprehensive response to the Tony Press report and a detailed vision for the future of Australia’s Antarctic Program has not been provided.

“This release of this report has been continually delayed and now a shell of a report has been rushed out a week before a budget and two weeks before an election is called.

“When it comes to funding, I will be double checking Greg Hunt’s claim of more funding against the Budget next week. Given the pea and thimble trick Hunt has tried with CSIRO climate funding I won’t be surprised if any new funding is merely shuffling the figures.

“It’s hard to imagine that there is any more critical research for the fate of Australia and the planet than understanding if and when Antartica’s ice sheets are going to collapse.

“The currently funding allocation towards the Australian Antarctic Division over the forward Estimates drops from around $115 million per annum to $90 million per annum.

Any funding put forward by the Minister may merely be to restore what was taken away by previous budgets,” he concluded.


Not-for-profits vital part of our communities

CEO of TasCOSS Kym Goodes
27.04.16 2:57 pm

TasCOSS has welcomed moves by the State Government to relieve some of the duplicated regulatory burden applied to very small charitable organisations in Tasmania.

CEO of TasCOSS Kym Goodes said moves to harmonise the State’s Associations Incorporation Bill with the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission (ACNC) audit requirements was welcome assistance to those organisations across Tasmania working hard to improve their communities.

“In the community services sector, about 22 per cent of the State’s more than 350 not-for-profit organisations have income under the proposed new threshold ($250,000) and would no longer have to double up on their audit reporting,” Ms Goodes said.

“These organisations tend to be the ones providing a range of housing and family support services in the most isolated areas of our State: in many cases they are the glue that holds these towns together,” she said.

“They are reliant on volunteers in most cases and provide essential grassroots work that lifts their communities and increases participation—both socially and economically—in those areas.”

Ms Goodes said the proposed amendments were a good example of how government can respond to those organisations that are otherwise at risk and can disappear based on the burden of reporting requirements.

“There are many businesses and organisations around Tasmania that recognise the contribution of not-for-profit and charitable work by providing discounted amenities and services,” she said.

“Many Local Councils provide discounted rates for NGOs and hotels, function venues and other service providers often negotiate lower prices with our Members in recognition of the good work they put back into our communities.”

TasCOSS is the peak body for the community services sector in Tasmania and advocates on behalf of disadvantaged Tasmanians.



Andrew Wilkie, Independent MP for Denison
27.04.16 9:07 am

The Independent Member for Denison, Andrew Wilkie, has condemned the Federal Government for refusing to continue funding the seven psychiatric emergency nurse positions at the Royal Hobart Hospital and calls on the Tasmanian Government to step up and fund the positions itself.

Mr Wilkie has now received official confirmation from the Federal Minister for Health, Sussan Ley, that the seven PEN positions at the Royal Hobart Hospital will not be funded beyond 30 June this year.

“It’s very disappointing that the Federal Government won’t continue funding these essential positions at the Royal beyond 30 June this year,” Mr Wilkie said.

“These are highly-trained medical professionals who provide an invaluable service at the Royal. They improve quality of patient care and help ensure the Emergency Department capability is not further diminished.

“Now that Canberra has formally ruled out continued funding, the onus is on the Tasmanian Government to safeguard staffing levels at the Royal and ultimately it is their responsibility to ensure these positions remain.

“It’s very disappointing that Canberra either doesn’t care about, or understand, the Tasmanian health system. But now that the Minister has made up her mind, it’s time for the State Government to step up.

“The PEN nurses should be seen as part of the baseline funding for the Royal, and not as some sort of additional supplement that can come and go as the political mood changes.”

Download a copy of Mr Wilkie’s letter and the Minister’s reply ...




Lambie challenges QLD Politicians to match $500 donation to sacked QNI workers’ food bank

Rob Messenger for Senator Jacqui Lambie Senator for Tasmania
27.04.16 8:54 am

Click below to view 30sec YouTube - Senator Lambie’s donation to sacked QNI workers’ food bank:



AIPM CEO warns of lessons learned from Collins Class submarines

Michael Martin National Manager Marketing and Communications, AIPM
26.04.16 5:08 pm

The CEO of the Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM), Ms Yvonne Butler, today announced the Institute’s support of the government’s decision to award the contract to build Australia’s 12 new submarines to France’s state-controlled naval contractor DCNS, but warned of the implications to Australia should the AUD$50 billion project not follow lessons learned from previous submarine delivery projects.

“The decision to undertake construction of the submarines in Australia using Australian project managers is an indicator of the strength of local capability and the government’s renewed focus on innovation, which should see the fleet delivered successfully through good design and project management.” Ms Butler was quoted as saying. ”This is great news for our members, as this contract will see further focus put on the importance and demand for qualified and competent Australian project managers.”

“We fully support Defence, Government and Industry taking a portfolio management approach to the delivery of this program, as by taking a portfolio approach to ensuring the Fundamental Inputs to Capability (FIC) are delivered in an aligned, interlocking and interdependent way will dramatically increase the chances of this important capability being delivered to scope, time and within budget. We believe that the re-professionalised Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group (CASG) under the leadership of Kim Gillis which has seen their project and program managers independently qualified and certified puts this project in a good position to succeed.”

However Ms Butler warned that if the current contractors don’t take any lessons learned from the previous Collins Class submarine contracts then they are putting themselves in a perilous position. “Really good defence and industry capability is always reflective of lessons learned from previous capability acquisitions. With an integrated portfolio approach to planning and delivery, inputs ranging from hardware to software, to facilities, sustainment and personnel training. However by taking a portfolio approach to FIC it signals that the government is serious about the lessons learned through the project management discipline to assist in the successful delivery of this contract.”

The Australian Institute of Project Management is the peak body for Project Management in Australia. Celebrating its 40th year, its aim is to drive the professionalism of project management and to be regarded as a world authority and advocate on project management practices and competency.  Its mission is to foster the application of project management skills and techniques in order to deliver exceptional organisational outcomes.  AIPM has been a key driver behind Australia becoming a world leader in professional participation in project management.


The Subs’ Deal: What Jacqui Lambie reckons ...

Rob Messenger for Senator Jacqui Lambie Senator for Tasmania
26.04.16 2:14 pm





Candice Rafferty
26.04.16 2:00 pm



The all-new online shopping portal TASSIE PURE is now taking the very best products of the Australian state Tasmania and delivering them direct to a global audience.

In close collaboration with 40 local Tasmanian producers, Tassie Pure ( has been launched and is now live, offering international shoppers an online store of over 300 locally-made items, that are then delivered direct to anywhere in the world.

Available via Tassie Pure are of course leatherwood honey and cherry jam, for which the Apple Isle is famous, plus a curated range of premium and unique culinary items – saffron, ginseng, wasabi, sea salt, truffles, olive oil, hawthorne paste, elderflower, native pepperberry, fudge and shortbread.

Beyond gourmet food, Tassie Pure is proud to offer an array of beauty, wellness and lifestyle products, such as merino wool socks, Huon Pine utensils, organic lip balm, children’s books, beeswax food wraps, contemporary jewellery, baby balm, herbal tea, goat milk soap and recycled stationary.

Tassie Pure is in partnership with many respected and award-winning luxury local brands, like Tailored Tasmania, Wellington Apiary, Fudge A’Fare, 41° South Tasmania, Merino Wild, Tamar Valley Truffles, Lean-To Kitchen, Port Arthur Lavender, Tasman Sea Salt and Tasmanian Gourmet Sauce Company, Tas-Saff, Hillwood Berry Farm, Red Kellys and Island Curries.

The site also exclusively features the brand ‘Tassie Pure Originals’ – distinguished by a range of stylish, hand-painted multi-purpose bags made of organic cotton and raw leather.

Tassie Pure is already available in English, and Simplified Chinese (Mandarin) will launch soon, making it the first bi-lingual Tasmanian-dedicated shopping portal out of Australia.

Tasmania is the small island-state off the south coast of mainland Australia, renowned for its rugged wilderness, fresh air, clean water and organic local produce.

Tassie Pure is the initiative of Candice Rafferty, who has returned to her hometown of Hobart to launch the business after years working abroad in Asia, particularly China.

“The thing that makes Tasmania so unique is it is one of the world’s greatest wilderness areas, and what is produced on the island contains a rare purity,” Candice says.

“I want everyone to have access to Tasmania’s amazing local products. The unique aspect about the items available through Tassie Pure is they are hand-made by small, artisanal producers. What we are doing is taking the best of this tiny corner of the world and putting it on an international stage for everyone to fall in love with the best of Tasmania.”

About Tasmania:

Tasmania is a small cool-climate island-state (about the size of Ireland) off the south coast of mainland Australia, renowned for its rugged wilderness, fresh air, clean water and organic local produce. It has a population of just over half a million and 20% of it is World Heritage listed wilderness, including such famous regions as Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair, Freycinet and the Tarkine. Tasmania is perhaps most famous for its unique indigenous offerings, such as the Tasmanian Devil, Tasmanian Tiger, leatherwood honey and Huon Pine.

In recent years, Tasmania has become Australia’s most popular tourism destination for domestic and international visitors. In 2015 alone, 197,100 overseas visitors came to Tasmania, an increase of 11 per cent over the previous year and above the national average of 9 per cent. At the 2015 Australia Tourism Awards, gold medals were given to Bruny Island Cruises and The Tasmanian Walking Company in the categories of Tourist Attraction and Ecotourism respectively. And the prestigious global magazine Travel+Leisure recently voted Tasmania the Best Island Destination in the region, calling it a “little unknown treasure”.

About Tassie Pure:

Tassie Pure is a Hobart-based online retail store, owned and operated by a true blue Tasmanian; selling a bespoke range of premium 100% Tasmanian-made food, beauty, wellness, lifestyle and gift items. The company works in close collaboration with 40 local suppliers, selling a range of 300 items, including its own line of products called Tassie Pure Originals. The store – – is available in both English and Simplified Chinese (mandarin) and has bi-lingual support staff on hand 24/7. The company gives back to its local community by donating 20¢ from every sale to the Save the Tasmanian Devil Program.

Hereto it was near impossible to find any genuine Tasmanian products in-store or online outside of the Apple Isle, particularly non-food items. To overcome this shortfall and share the wonders of this idyllic green haven with the rest of the world, Tassie Pure was established to sell a curated range of top-quality local products both domestically and, predominately, internationally.

About Candice Rafferty:

Candice was born and raised in Hobart and is a proud Tasmanian. After completing her studies in Chinese language and culture at the University of Melbourne, she left Australia to work in China for 6 years in various government, tourism and media sectors, before moving to Thailand to work with the internationally renowned French hotel group, Accor. She devised the concept for Tassie Pure in early 2015 after identifying an international need and returned home in late 2015 to launch her new enterprise. She now divides her time between the Apple Isle and travelling abroad to spread the good word about Tasmania.


Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, G+, Pinterest, LinkedIn): @tassiepure


Students Back University Move to CBD

Clark Cooley State President National Union of Students
26.04.16 9:29 am

The National Union of Students backed the University of Tasmania’s plans for a $400 million investment in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) and the relocation of facilities to the Hobart CBD.

Under the proposal, the university would move its STEM research and training facilities into the CBD in a major expansion of its current city footprint.

‘This is a win-win proposal for students, business, the community and the states economic future. The nations economic future is dependant on investment in science, technology, engineering and maths, and Tasmania is no different.” said Clark Cooley, Tasmanian State President of the National Union of Students.

‘Investment in infrastructure coupled with support for new degree opportunities will give the opportunity for more people to attain a tertiary education’ Mr. Cooley continued

The NUS has previously backed plans for investment in the Creative Industries and Performing Arts Development which will allow for a new generation of creatives, artists, and performers.

The National Union of Students (NUS) is the peak representative body for Australian university students. The NUS seek to advance the rights and protect the interests of students by working with campus-based student organisations, running campaigns, and making sure the voices of students are heard by parliamentarians, policy makers, university leadership and the wider community.


Ross Walk in the Clouds: 1pm Sunday 1 May

Kim Peart
26.04.16 5:57 am



Ross has a hill, but hasn’t had a lookout.

Now Ross will have a lookout on the hill, for residents to enjoy and visitors to discover the view.

Kim Peart and Jennifer Bolton have recently purchased land on the hill above Ross and plan to build a lookout there overlooking Tasmania’s magical heritage town.

“We are inviting one and all interested to come along and see the hill, and take in the panorama around Ross from the hill.” said Mr Peart.

An event described as ~ Walk in the Clouds ~ will happen at 1pm on Sunday 1 May.

Participants are invited to meet at the top end of High Street, below the reservoir, and dress warm.

There is a great view to Ben Lomond and the mountains of the Central Highlands, as well as the surrounding farmlands.

“We are inviting astronomers to watch the stars from Ross, and plan to include an astronomy clubhouse behind the lookout.” Kim said.

In time there may be real astronomy happen on the hill, with a serious astronomical instrument.

Visitors on the day will be shown a proposed sculpture trail around the top of the hill, with some examples of what will happen there.

At one location along the trail we look to the prospect of an art gallery and cafe, which would be a boon for Ross and add to the attraction of a visit to the hill.

We look toward artists retreats happening in Ross, where artists and writers may find inspiration among the history and farms.

We would love to hear from sculptors who need a place to exhibit their work, especially with a view to making sales.

Once our vision is established, visitors to the hill will be able to find a work of sculpture for their business, home and garden, or commission a new work.

Sculptures made and available for sale will be displayed on our website.

“Among the farms of Ross, we will be farming art.” Mr Peart said.

Could Ross become the home of a Mona of the Midlands?

See more here ~


Norfolk Island petition to UN by Geoffrey Robertson

Chris Nobbs
25.04.16 9:37 am

Following the actions of the Australian Government to strip Norfolk Island of the limited form of self-government it has enjoyed for over three decades, a petition will be lodged today with the United Nations Special Committee on Decolonization asking it to declare Norfolk Island a non-self-governing territory.

Geoffrey Robertson QC of London will present the petition today in New York on behalf of the Norfolk Island People for Democracy. The following is a link to a recently published statement by Geoffrey Robertson on this matter:



Andre Nobbs
23.04.16 8:56 am


Norfolk Island has become the first territory in the world to pin its hopes of self-government and a democratic future on crowdfunding.

The island in the south Pacific Ocean is seeking to raise $275,000 through to part-fund a petition to the United Nations to be accorded protective rights as a Non-Self-Governing Territory, allowing the islanders to determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development.

Andre Nobbs, spokesperson for the Norfolk Island People for Democracy Limited (NIPD), said Norfolk was fighting back against a hostile, and illegal, takeover.

“Against the wishes of an overwhelming majority on-island, we are on the cusp of losing our culture, heritage and identity because the Australia government wants greater access to our Economic Exclusion Zone and natural resources,” Mr Nobbs said.

“Australian interests have already surveyed for oil and natural gas and we fear they’ll wreck our eco-system hunting for oil when it’s an outdated commodity. The world is moving on from fossil fuels. Australia should too.”

As a volunteer committee standing up to the 12th biggest economy in the world the NIPD values influential support and FundRazr was a perfect partner given its success with community-oriented causes.

Founded in 2010, FundRazr has helped raise more than $80 million from over 60,000 campaigns in dozens of countries around the world and CEO Daryl Hatton is determined to provide Norfolk Island with the support to meet its fundraising goals.

“We are excited to see Norfolk Island become the first territory in the world to use crowdfunding to help defend its sovereignty,” Mr Hatton said. “Crowdfunding is all about people working together to solve funding problems. In this case, it allows concerned citizens all around the world to support the people of Norfolk Island in their fight to defend their rights.”

Nobbs says the island has a message for the world: “Whether you’re a believer in democracy, a champion for the little guy, a crusader for justice or an advocate for a threatened environment, you have the chance to put your hand up for an issue that truly matters.

“Please go to and put your hand up to save our home.”

The genesis for the Hands Up campaign theme was last year’s community-led development of the Field Of Hands in Burnt Pine, a patch of grass containing a trove of green hands, each signed by a Norfolk Islander threatened by the Australian government’s actions in taking over control of the island. The theme has resonated on Norfolk, most recently at a community meeting on Monday night attended by more than 400+ people, just under a quarter of the total population.

Nobbs is confident the funds raised will allow NIPD to strengthen a compelling case to the United Nations to regain their democratic rights.

“We’re sorry we’ve had to ask the world for a hand, but the Australian government won’t engage with us, so we have been left with very few options. The exploitation has to stop.”

Mr Nobbs said the crowdfunding campaign would be divided into two parts - firstly, funds to assist the development and delivery of Norfolk Island’s petition to the United Nations to become a Non-Self-Governing Territory and, secondly, the evaluation and implementation of compelling legal action, if necessary, to return the island’s democratic rights. If the latter was not needed, a second campaign would be cancelled and any leftover funds would be put in trust to assist other small islands to fight for their indigenous rights.

“It’s criminal that we have been forced to fight for rights that are inalienably ours anyway, but if we can achieve our goal of freedom and inspire others in the process, it will have been a battle worth undertaking.”

Websites - Please feel free to jump on our website for background information and archived material, including media releases and rights-free images:

Hands Up Website =

Twitter = @HandsUp4Norfolk

Facebook =

Norfolk Island People for Democracy Limited (NIPD) Website =


Greens commit to fairer students with disability funding

Senator Richard Di Natale, Senator Nick McKim
22.04.16 11:14 am

The Greens have committed to increase resources for students with disability by $4.8 billion over the next four years, as part of a comprehensive plan for fairer funding for schools.

Australian Greens Leader Richard Di Natale said he was proud to lead the only party with a comprehensive plan for students with disability.
“The Australian Greens believe every child has the right to an education and disability should never be a barrier to access,” Senator Di Natale said.

“The Abbott-Turnbull Government has failed to provide young children with disability the vital resources they need to enable them to continue education in mainstream schooling.”

“We want to make sure that each and every child, no matter their abilities, gets go to school and participate just like everyone else.”

“Children with disability have the right to follow their dreams just like every other child, and schools need the funding to support them.”

Greens spokesperson for schools Nick McKim said fairer funding for students with disability meant better outcomes for all students.

“Less than half of students with disability in Australian schools are currently being funded,” Senator McKim said.

“Our funding proposal is based on nationally consistent data that will help an additional 277,000 students.”

“We want to ensure that every child in every Australian school can reach their full potential.”

The Greens have also committed to making a National Plan for Students with Disability, so that each and every child has their right to an education recognised.


Standing Up to Make Malaria History

Kaye Dowling
22.04.16 11:06 am

Bishop Ross Nicholson from St John’s Anglican Church in Launceston

On Sunday 24 April at 5.30pm members of church congregations and supporters of aid organisations including Oxfam, Save the Children and World Vision will come together in Civic Square for:

Standing Up to Make Malaria History: a candlelight Vigil ...

Is a northern Tasmanian event to mark the World Malaria Day, which is an initiative of the World Health Organisation

Organised by the northern Tasmanian team of the Campaign for Australian Aid Standing Up to Make Malaria History: a candlelight Vigil will focus on this debilitating and often fatal disease and what can be done to prevent and treat it. It will also demonstrate public support for Australia to take appropriate action to free the world of this debilitating disease by 2030.

MC for the event will be Bishop Ross Nicholson of St Johns Anglican Church, Launceston.

“Malaria accounts for 40% of all public health spending in Africa. Imagine the schools, hospitals, the general infrastructure that could be built if malaria were eradicated and those resources released to alleviate the other problems of Africa!” Bishop Nicholson

Malaria is a preventable and treatable disease however half of the world’s population remains vulnerable to malaria, particularly children and pregnant women.  In 2015 the WHO estimated there were still 214 million new malaria cases worldwide and about 438,000 deaths.

Malaria is caused by Plasmodium parasites and is transmitted via the bites of infected Anopheles mosquitoes. The use of insecticide, drug treatments and mosquito nets have helped reduce mortality from malaria.

From 2000 - 2015 global efforts have resulted in global death rates due to malaria dropping by 60%, however we are now seeing the emergence of new forms of drug-resistant malaria which could reverse this trend, especially in the Asia Pacific region.

Although Malaria is not endemic to Australia travellers to countries where it is found including tourists, our defence forces and those travelling for business, are at risk.

This event is organised by the northern Tasmanian team of the Campaign for Australian Aid, a joint initiative of the Make Poverty History and Micah Australia coalitions supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.


Hobart Airport welcomes Major Development Plan Approval for Runway Extension

Mel Percival
22.04.16 10:47 am

Hobart Airport has welcomed the approval of the Hobart Airport Runway Major Development Plan.

Hobart Airport CEO, Rod Parry said with formal approval of the Major Development Plan now granted, construction of this important infrastructure project can now commence.

“The extension of the runway will open up new and exciting opportunities for the Tasmanian economy and will provide the state with the ability to better participate in Asian markets and to be a stronger Antarctic Gateway for Australia and other Nations,” Mr Parry said.

“This important project would not be possible without the financial investment from the Commonwealth Government and we are very thankful for this investment in Hobart Airport and Tasmania.”
With the Major Development Plan now approved, the next steps for the project are to finalise Airport building approvals and then commence the enabling works for the first phase of the project, the construction of Grueber Avenue.

Physical works is expected commence in the next 4-6 weeks.

The construction of Grueber Avenue, named for Tasmania’s first air hostess, will provide continued access to the residents of Seven Mile Beach and enable the closure of Surf Rd to vehicular traffic, which is required for the safe operation of the extended runway.

Once Grueber Avenue access has been completed, the next phase of the project has two major components; the relocation of Air services navigation equipment and the construction of the runway extension itself.

Pending the relocation of navigation equipment, it is planned to commence construction works on the runway extension this coming summer, with the project to be completed by March 2018.

Mr Parry said the extension of the runway is a process that needs to be meticulously planned, especially given the need to continue to maintain regular air services to and from Hobart while construction continues.



Andrew Wilkie, Independent MP for Denison
22.04.16 9:17 am

The Independent Member for Denison, Andrew Wilkie, has joined Dr Len Crocombe and Dr Jess Manuela from the Australian Dental Association Tasmania Branch to condemn the Federal Government’s intention to axe the Child Dental Benefits Schedule, which will be especially bad for Tasmania.

“The Federal Government’s intention to axe the Child Dental Benefits Schedule is the latest step in the systematic dismantling of universal health care in Australia,” Mr Wilkie said.

“Whether it’s cutting funding to public hospitals, trying to introduce a GP co-payment, or the recent cuts to optometry or pathology, the Abbott-Turnbull Government seems determined to move Australia’s health care system towards a US-style user-pays model.

“The Child Dental Benefits Schedule provides subsidised dental care for up to 3.4 million children. If you take it away there’s no doubt that these children’s health will suffer.

“We know that Tasmania has the worst oral health outcomes in Australia. And we know that the more remote and lower socio-economic status of the area, the poorer oral health gets.

“Moreover it’s a false economy to supposedly save money by axing this scheme, because research shows that it’s far cheaper to prevent dental problems occurring as soon as possible, rather than hospitalisations or corrective treatments later in life. Indeed in Tasmania the number one cause of preventable hospitalisations is dental conditions.

“I call on the Health Minister to continue funding for the Child Dental Benefits Schedule beyond June this year, and to look seriously at what we need to do to improve our health care system rather than just looking for item after item to cut.”



Tim Jacobson, Tom Lynch
22.04.16 8:45 am

Health and Community Services Union Community & Public Sector Union

Friday, 22 April, 2016


From next Tuesday Allied Health Professionals in the Tasmanian Health Service will commence industrial action after the new CEO of the THS refused to reconsider his decision not to have a specific voice for allied health professionals on his Executive team.

Instead Dr Alcorn has referred responsibility for the leadership and representation of the second largest professional workforce in the THS to an Executive Director who is already responsible for Nursing and Midwifery.

“Our Allied Health Professional members feel insulted by this decisions and the failure of the CEO to reconsider has angered them to the degree they have decided to take action,” said Tim Jacobson HACSU State Secretary

“The action is designed to have no impact on service users but maximum effect on THS Management. Members have vowed to escalate the action should the Dr Alcorn not reconsider his position,” said Mr Jacobson.

Allied Health Professions include, Speech Pathologist, Physiotherapist, Social Worker, Podiatrist, Pharmacist, Radiographer, Occupational Therapist, Dental Therapist and are key to the operation of an effective health system.

Both Nursing and Allied Health Professional Associations across the State have protested that the work of representing such a large and diverse workforce can’t be undertaken by a single person and the unique roles AHPs perform within health service delivery must be represented at the Executive team level.

“The management model Dr Alcorn is proposing for the THS might have been appropriate for a health system in the 1950s but it won’t work in 2016,” said CPSU General Secretary Tom Lynch.

“It is hospital and acute care focussed and ignores the importance of community care and the role of allied health professionals in getting patients out of hospital beds and back into their homes,” said Mr Lynch.

On behalf of their members both the CPSU and HACSU have sought a meeting with Minister Ferguson so they can explain directly to him the detrimental impact of not allowing specific representation on the Executive will have on patients and clients.


Lambie supports Veterans’ Gold Ribbon for a Gold Card campaign

Rob Messenger for Senator Jacqui Lambie Senator for Tasmania
22.04.16 6:42 am


Click below to view four 30sec YouTube:

1 Why wear Gold Ribbon?

2 Most Australians shocked?

3 Suicide Rate?      

4 Killing Veterans?  


Draft Cat Management Plan Welcome

Rosalie Woodruff MP | Greens Environment spokesperson Andrea Dawkins MP | Greens Primary Industries spokesperson
21.04.16 4:58 pm

Andrea Dawkins MP and Rachel Beech

The Greens welcome the government’s cat management plan and encourage the community to provide comment.

The recommendation for all cats to be confined to their home property, if done humanely, is a necessary part of reducing the livestock and wildlife deaths in Tasmania from cat predation.

We welcome the aim to shift community expectations from being a ‘cat owner’ to being ‘responsible for a cat’. The plan recognises that while cats play an important role as a companion animal for many people, all cats can have an environmental impact if not responsibly managed.

If the management of cats is to be pushed to local councils then this has to come with funding by the government, as councils are already struggling with adequately resourcing dog management.

Andrea Dawkins MP Greens Primary Industries Spokesperson

Without support to subsidise and organise cat desexing, there is a risk of an increase in cat dumping. In the past, Just Cats Tasmania have promoted mobile cat desexing services for the remote areas of the state, where vets are few and far between, and this would be a sensible initiative.

For compulsory desexing and microchipping to be successful it has to come with extensive community education.  Tasmania needs a generational change in attitudes about the responsibilities that coincide with cat ownership, and it will take long-term coordination between state and local governments and community groups to achieve this.

The trapping and shooting of “colony” cats is essential, and it is highly skilled work that should be separately funded, to ensure training at the council level can be provided to guarantee it is effective and humane.

Online: | | |    


Sophie Houghton confirmed as Greens Candidate for Apsley in the Legislative Council

Party Convenor Kay McFarlane
21.04.16 4:56 pm

The Tasmanian Greens are pleased to announce that Sophie Houghton has been endorsed as their Legislative Council candidate for the Apsley election on May 7th.

Party Convenor Kay McFarlane said Sophie Houghton has worked in the hospitality, winemaking and tourism industries for many years, and understands the challenges facing regional Tasmania in her role as a small business owner.

“Sophie Houghton will be a strong and creative voice for the regional communities of Apsley, with fresh perspective and ideas.” Ms McFarlane said.

“Working cooperatively with Greens MPs, Cassy O’Connor, Rosalie Woodruff and Andrea Dawkins in the Lower House, she will present an innovative and alternative voice in the Legislative Council.”

Sophie Houghton is passionate about maximising regional employment opportunities and improving resources for regional health, education and community services.

She is committed to ensuring the five year moratorium on coal seam gas fracking becomes permanent, and will also campaign for much needed upgrades to infrastructure delivering more reliable drinking water to residents and preventing further contamination of the East Coast’s stunning world class beaches.

Sophie Houghton said: “The Legislative Council has a huge responsibility to ensure that all legislation creates a fairer, safer and more prosperous community.  I would be honoured to be the Apsley Legislative Councillor.”