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Foxtel Ci is screening SHADOW OF DOUBT on Sunday night at 9.30pm ...

29.07.14 2:54 pm


Eve Ash’s investigative doco, Shadow of Doubt which last year triggered the outrage at the murder conviction of Sue Neill Fraser in 2010, is returning to Foxtel’s Ci Channel on August 3 at 9.30pm and 1am (Aug 4), just days before the 5th anniversary of Neill Fraser’s arrest (Aug. 20).

The documentary, nominated for an AACTA Award earlier this year, exposes the flaws in the police investigation of the case of missing Hobart radiologist, Bob Chappell, Neill Fraser’s partner of 18 years.

Chappell was missing from their yacht, Four Winds, when it was found to be taking water early on Australia Day 2009. His body has never been found.

TasPolice were convinced Neill Fraser was guilty of his murder, but were unable to provide the prosecution with any probative evidence. The ODPP took the matter to trial, where the ODPP speculated that the missing man had been struck by Neill Fraser with a wrench from behind, winched up two decks, bundled into the dinghy and dumped in the water … somewhere, sometime, somehow, all by Neill Fraser, alone.

On August 20, 2014, Neill Fraser’s current legal representative, Barbara Etter APM, will be speaking at the Plenary Session of the Australian Academy of Forensic Sciences, at Sydney’s Union University Club. Etter, a 30 year police veteran and former Assistant Commissioner of Police (in WA) and former Integrity Commissioner (in Tasmania) will outline her first-hand exposure to a miscarriage of justice case in WA where Andrew Mallard spent 12 years in gaol for a murder he did not commit. She will also discuss the Neill Fraser case. She was awarded the Australian Police Medal (APM) in 2008.


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Burnet: Big Issues a Council Matter

Allderman Helen Burnet, HCC
29.07.14 2:10 pm

Following a marathon council meeting last night, Alderman Helen Burnet is upbeat about the role local government can play in the community.

“I was very pleased to have the support of all bar one of my colleagues in passing a motion to write to Attorney-General Senator George Brandis to request that he doesn’t repeal Section 18C of the RDA 1975,” says Alderman Burnet.

“This is reflective of the community who do not want bigotry to be allowed for the supposed sake of freedom of speech. It is also consistent with our approach as a council, evinced by our embracing inclusive strategies such as the ‘Racism. It stops with me.’ campaign earlier this year.”

“There was some initial resistance to the motion from aldermen who thought this was a federal matter and outside the purview of local government. I argued strongly that as the government body closest to the grassroots level, it was our duty to stand up to the Attorney General to say this policy would have a damaging effect on our community.”

“I thank those members of the public who have provided support for my position. This is a strong message from a capital city and makes us one of over sixty councils across Australia so far making the voices of our communities heard.”

Alderman Burnet is also pleased to announce that her motion in support of Hobart’s science sector passed unanimously.

“Hobart has the largest number of scientists per capita in any Australian city, and the contribution the science sector makes in enormous. Not only do our scientists bring intellectual prestige to Hobart, they as individuals make a huge social and economic contribution to our community.”

The federal government budget cuts will be significant and will not only affect Hobart’s standing as a scientific hub, but the loss of jobs will cause many of our scientists to find work interstate or abroad, and provide less incentive for UTAS students to remain here once they have graduated.”

“Any diminution to funding could easily reduce the critical mass of research and development in the area of climate change and ocean studies, the institutions IMAS, UTAS and AAD included.”

“The economic consequences are stark, and it is very pleasing to think that the Hobart aldermen are willing to support my motion and be heard as leaders of our community in relation to this important part of our community and economy.”

“I would also like to acknowledge the support of people including former CSIRO scientists Dr Trevor McDougall and Dr Stuart Godfrey as well as those CSIRO scientists who could not speak out.”

The council will send a delegation to Tasmanian Senator and Employment Minister. Eric Abetz as Employment Minister, and there will be opportunity for other MPs to be approached.

Alderman Burnet points out that both issues are as much local government as federal ones. “These are both issues that directly affect our community directly, and it is our duty to provide a voice for them.”


Nick McKim insults people of Triabunna

Guy Barnett, Parliamentary Secretary to the Premier
29.07.14 2:09 pm

Former Greens leader, Nick McKim, this morning grossly insulted the people of Triabunna who have lost their jobs and had to leave town to look for work because of the closure of the woodchip mill.
Speaking on ABC radio he said:

“I think that, ultimately, that the closure of that mill in Triabunna, when we look back in 10 years, it’ll be the best thing that happened to Triabunna”*

Mr McKim’s comments show how grossly out of touch he is.

His comments highlight that he refuses to accept the devastation the Labor-Green policies had on the Tasmanian economy and the impact that had on jobs.

Nick McKim is hell bent on destroying the forestry industry. He opposed the industry for years and used his position in the disastrous Labor-Green Government to drive the industry into the ground.

His policy failures have cost the economy and Tasmanian families dearly, and now he seems intent on rubbing their noses in it.

These comments highlight the importance of the Parliamentary Inquiry; so that all the information can become publicly available regarding the sale, closure and dismantling of the mill, so we can get to the bottom of this murky issue.

Nick McKim and the Greens have learnt nothing of their policy failures and continue to promote job destroying policies which Tasmanian families have ultimately had to pay the price for.

*ABC Radio Mornings, Sarah Gillman interviewing Nick McKim, 29 July 2014


Condolence sheets for MH17 victims available state-wide

Elise Archer, Speaker of the House of Assembly
29.07.14 2:08 pm

Tasmanians can now sign condolence sheets in memory of those who lost their lives in the Malaysia Airlines tragedy at all Service Tasmania shops and several Council Offices state-wide.

The community is invited to pay tribute to the victims of the Flight MH17 disaster, and express their sympathies to those who have lost loved ones.

The 27 Service Tasmania shops and many of the state’s Council Offices are in addition to Parliament House, Hobart.

This is to ensure all Tasmanians have access to conveying their sorrow should they wish to through these sheets which will be collected and bound into a Tasmanian condolence book.

It is the Prime Minister’s intention to announce the date of a National Commemoration Service shortly.

It is envisaged that the condolence sheets will remain available for signatures and messages for several days following that event.

I know I speak on behalf of all Tasmanian parliamentarians when I say our thoughts continue to be with those impacted by this dreadful event.


Three Soldiers Injured in an Attack in Papua

Jo Collins and Anne Noonan, Australia West Papua Association (Sydney)
29.07.14 2:02 pm
1) Three Soldiers Injured in an Attack in Papua
By Banjir Ambarita on 05:03 pm Jul 28, 2014
Category Crime, News
Tags: Papua
Jayapura. Three soldiers suffered from gunshot injuries on Monday morning following an attack against a military post in the Tingginambut area of Papua’s Puncak Jaya district, alleged to have been lead by a separatist group.
The men were reportedly patrolling near the post when a group of more than three people attacked the post, leading to an exchange of fire which eventually forced the attackers back into a nearby forest.
The attack injured three soldiers, namely Second Sgt. Dedi, Chief Private Agus and Private Firman. Other oficers from the Mulia subdistrict have reportedly evacuated the soldiers to Jayapura for medical treatment.
Papua military spokesman Lt. Col. Rikas Hidayatullah refused to comment on the incident.


Note. In the Antara news report below it should probably be “attacked eight soldiers ” not “killing eight officers” . Although media reports are usually updated later .
2) Eight police officers attacked in Papua
Senin, 28 Juli 2014 23:49 WIB | 312 Views
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Eight police officers had been attacked by unknown gunmen in the district of Lanny Jaya, Papua, head of the public relations division of the national police command, Inspector General Ronny F Sompie, said.

“At around 12.10pm Western Indonesia Time on July 28, a shooting incident occurred in Indawa in the district of Lanny Jaya, killing eight officers of the Lanny Jaya resort police command,” he said in a press statement received here on Monday.

He said the officers were visiting a village for a neighborhood security system development program when the shooting occurred.

“Eight officers were attacked by an armed criminal group led by Enden Wanimbo,” he said.

Ronny said two police officers died on the spot—Second Brigadier Zulkifli D Putra and Second Brigadier Yoga AJ Ginuny—after being shot in the head.

Others meanwhile had suffered injuries—First Brigadier Helsky Bonyadone in the stomach and Second Brigadier Alex Numbery in the temple.

“All the victims had been evacuated to the Wamena general hospital,” he said.

Ronny said the site of the incident was only a half hour drive from the Lanny Jaya police resort command or two hours from Wamena.

“Until 4pm, exchange of fire continued involving 20 personnel of the special team from the regional police command and two platoon strong units of Mobile Brigade from the regional police command,” he said.

The deputy chief of the regional police command, the director of intelligence, and chief of the Mobile Brigade Unit of the Papua regional police command are set to arrive at Lanny Jaya through Wamena by plane to provide moral support to the police force in the district and encourage them during their operations.

Reported by Yuni Arisandy


Mining outlook reaches a new five year low, says latest report

Newport Consulting
29.07.14 11:22 am

Despite some optimism last year, this year’s report found mining leaders plagued by tough market conditions.

Tuesday 29th July, 2014. Sydney, Australia. The mining sector has reached a new five-year low, with confidence levels likely to take years to recover, according to industry leaders surveyed in the latest Mining Business Outlook Report. Despite some optimism last year, the 2014 report found mining leaders plagued by tough market conditions including declining commodity prices, falling demand and a difficult regulatory environment. A majority shared the view that the sector’s future is now out of their control, signaling an increasing possibility of drastic changes to the industry especially in thermal coal.

The report confirms the sector’s increasing sombre outlook, with an overwhelming 93 percent of leaders not optimistic about their growth prospects for the next 12 months, up by more than 50 percent compared to last year. A further 82 per cent are not confident of large-scale projects resuming in the next 12 months, predicting it will take at least 3-5 years.

Saul Eslake, leading economist, supports the report’s findings. “I don’t expect any major new mining projects to commence in the next few years,” he said. “There is wide consensus that commodity prices will continue to decline as more supply comes on stream globally, while the growth rate of demand for commodities slows. Economic growth will continue at a below-trend pace over the next 12 months, and unemployment will continue to rise.”

Tough market conditions are the prevailing factor driving the gloomy outlook for almost five in seven mining leaders. A further one-quarter are concerned by falling demand in key markets such as China, stating that demand from other markets will remain hampered due to the high costs of doing business in Australia. While last year’s outlook was dominated by postponements in new investment, this year’s negative views are shaped by persistent, ongoing macro-economic and market challenges out of the sector’s control.

David Hand, Managing Director, Newport Consulting says, “Mining leaders are telling us they’ve done all they can to address their business performance, as demonstrated by large cost-cutting exercises and job retrenchments. Leaders are demanding better business conditions for confidence to return. They’ve accepted the new lows hit by the sector and have embraced a government who will listen. However, they want action quickly: less red tape, more flexible IR laws and better infrastructure.” 

The report also reveals that the industry has lost its investment appeal, with 89 percent of leaders agreeing that Australia is no longer the world’s best investment market. They concurred that macro-economic changes are necessary for this situation to reverse. Acknowledging the issue of a national productivity imperative, almost two-thirds of mining leaders (61 percent) conceded that productivity is on their agenda, but hold little confidence in improving their performance in this area.

The annual report traditionally concludes with advice to Canberra from the leaders interviewed. This year’s issue reveals a general embrace of the new federal government, even as the industry is calling for more action and delivery of promises after one year on the job. A more friendly regulatory environment and flexible IR laws is the top demand by the sector (27 per cent), followed by less red tape (18 percent).

The report, conducted annually since 2010 by operational management consultancy Newport Consulting, canvasses the views of Australia’s mining leaders. It draws on in-depth interviews held between April and June 2014 with 60 mining executives from a broad range of private and publicly listed companies. This special five-year edition of the report features Saul Eslake, Chief Economist Meryl Lynch. The report serves as an independent pulse-check of Australia’s mining industry.

• The report is available on Newport Consulting’s website here:

Newport Consulting ( is an operational management consulting company that helps organisations improve business performance through operational excellence. 


Wealth Know How’s new GM says Australia’s financial planners must ...

Wealth Know How
29.07.14 11:20 am

... capture future clients much earlier in the sales cycle or risk losing growth opportunities

Wealth Know How’s new GM says Australia’s financial planners must capture future clients much earlier in the sales cycle or risk losing growth opportunities

Wealth Know How (, Australia’s fastest growing independent online financial education video channel, has appointed Fiona Parker as General Manager. Fiona will lead the business in its strategy to position the brand as the “go to” marketing channel for financial services retailers.

Fiona has more than 20 years’ experience in media and financial markets, including as a senior executive for Thomson Reuters Financial in both Sydney and Hong Kong.  She will be responsible for executing WKH’s B2B strategy in Australia and key Asian markets.

Co-Founder, George Lucas, says “We’re very excited to have Fiona on the WKH team. She has already made strides in growing our business with her deep skills and experience in both the finance and media sectors. She talks our language and that of our financial planner clients”

The WKH website, through quick, easy-to-understand videos, covers areas of keen interest to financial services consumers.

WKH has seen a consistent demand for digestible, easy to understand video content which can explain financial subjects in a single trusted destination.

Videos topics such as budgeting, term deposits, self managed superannuation funds (SMSFs), shares, and property have proved popular.  The company now also offers targeted financial content videos for use by financial clients own digital marketing materials. 

Fiona adds;  ”With over 56% of Australians going online in 2013 to conduct financial services research before making their financial decisions, Wealth Know How has been able to position itself as a trusted destination for Australian consumers. 

“We also know that it’s not just direct investors looking at WKH’s growing video library. Financial planners are sharing these videos with their own clients to improve their financial literacy and this is helping financial planners reposition their role as educators. 

“We are growing quickly as the videos are offering an accessible financial content source for all Australians.

“ Wealth Know How is free to all users and its content is sponsored by leading financial organisations such as Lonsec, and Netwealth.  I am delighted to be a part of such an innovative business which directly addresses the challenges of communicating financial services offerings to end users”.

Parker has more than 20 years working closely with CEOs and COOs throughout Asia Pacific to develop the opportunities that the digital distribution realm creates for business improvement and customer intimacy. She has consulted on many financial services digital initiatives reaching end consumers including HSBC’s first FX trading portal and China Merchant Banks first retail banking site.

Follow Wealth Know How at


Helen Burnet: The Federal Government’s Budget cuts

Greens Alderman Helen Burnet
29.07.14 5:02 am

This evening my motion was considered at last by full council and fully supported regarding the federal government’s budget cuts on the Tasmanian science community, especially relating to climate science.

The federal government budget cuts will be significant and will not only reduce the capacity of providing the body of knowledge, but jeopardises Hobart’s role as Gateway to the Antarctic.

Any diminution in this standing will also have impact on the UTAS scientific community, and could easily reduce the critical mass of research and development in the area of climate change and ocean studies, the institutions IMAS, UTAS and AAD included.

The economic consequences are stark, and it is very pleasing to think that the Hobart aldermen are willing to support my motion and be heard as leaders of our community in relation to this important part of our community and economy.

I would also like to acknowledge the support of people including former CSIRO scientists Dr Trevor McDougall and Dr Stuart Godfrey as well as those CSIRO scientists who could not speak out.

Senator Eric Abetz as Employment Minister will have a delegation from Council, and there will be opportunity for other MP’s to be approached.

I have attached a copy of the background report.




Minister must provide details of health plan

Rebecca White MP Shadow Health Minister
28.07.14 8:02 pm

Shadow Health Minister Rebecca White is seeking a briefing about Health Minister Michael Ferguson’s proposed mergers of Tasmanian Health Organisations and the establishment of the Tasmanian Health Service.

“Labor is willing to support health reform if it benefits Tasmanian patients,” Ms White said.

“But what we, health professionals and the Tasmanian people need to see from Mr Ferguson is detail.

“If Mr Ferguson does not yet have that full detail why is he making these announcements, seeking media attention and headlines?

“There remain a number of significant questions about the Minister’s announcement including how these changes will be implemented, how improvements will be made and measured, what services will be centralised and importantly how health outcomes for Tasmanians will be improved.

“Mr Ferguson claims he is making $21 million in savings but how many job losses will that amount to and are they in addition to the job losses this government has already announced?

“Labor is prepared to work in a bipartisan manner to improve Tasmanian’s health services, but like all Tasmanians we can’t make decisions without the detail.”


Hand Washing Program Boosts Patient Protection

Michael Ferguson, Minister for Health
28.07.14 7:56 pm

The Liberal Government is keeping our election promises, fixing the budget mess and laying the foundations for a brighter future.

Our four point reform plan, One State, One Health System; Better Outcomes, will give Tasmanians the health care they need and deserve.

Our plan will put the needs of patients back where they belong – at the forefront of every decision.

Our commitment to patient care is exemplified by the hardworking staff at the St Johns Campus Renal Unit, which have achieved impressive results to tackle the global challenge of hospital acquired infection.

A hand hygiene program, backed by the World Health Organisation, has reached an outstanding compliance rate of 94 per cent, far exceeding the statewide target of 70 per cent compliance and easily meeting the national average of 80 per cent compliance.

According to WHO, washing your hands with alcohol-based hand rub or soap and water is one of the single most effective ways to prevent the spread of dangerous infections.

Currently, about six per cent of hospital patients contract an infection and unnecessarily end up getting sicker and staying longer.

The Liberal Government is committed to using our health services more efficiently and with the simple act of improving hand hygiene, we will free up those beds and resources to deliver better health care.

In fact, since the introduction of the hand hygiene program, the infection rate of Golden Staph at the Royal Hobart Hospital has more than halved to in March 2014 to 0.8 cases per 10,000 bed days – well below the national average.

Further improving hand hygiene for staff is the ‘Bare Below the Elbow’ campaign - no watch, no jewellery, no false nails, no long sleeves and keeping lanyards out of the way when treating a patient.

I congratulate the Renal Unit on their accomplishment and contribution to making Tasmania one of the healthiest populations in the country.


Labor has no platform, no values, no policies, no direction

Jeremy Rockliff, Deputy Premier
28.07.14 6:25 pm

The Labor Party is a rudderless ship with no values, no policies and no direction after confirming at its weekend state conference that it will abandon its state platform while its cynical manipulation of voters continues apace.

At its conference, it stage-managed a debate to give the illusion that it would not allow the Greens to be in a future Labor Cabinet. Delegates spoke against the motion and even though the motion was carried it was hollow.

The motion allowed the ultimate decision as to how a Labor government could be formed to be “referred to the Administrative Committee for endorsement.”

Effectively this means that the Administrative Committee can allow the Parliamentary Labor Party to form a coalition government with Greens as Parliamentary Secretaries or even as Cabinet Ministers.

It is clear that Labor is calculating that it can win ten seats at the next election and the Greens four, allowing them to form another Labor-Green government.

The motion was an exercise in smoke and mirrors semantics.

And while trying to hoodwink voters with hollow motions the Labor Party has also abandoned its Platform – its principal statement that guides policy formation.

No Platform equals no policy.

Further, at the specific request of Bryan Green, chapter one which deals with Labor’s “enduring values”  will be rewritten.

That means that Labor has abandoned its “enduring values” making it a rudderless ship.

That Labor lacks any consistency or sense of purpose is revealed by the fact that the Platform was last updated in June 2013, and now it has been cast adrift.

It seems that Labor’s “enduring values” and Platform now have a shelf life of just 12 months.


PIF leaders should discuss West Papua at its Koror Summit

Jo Collins and Anne Noonan, Australia West Papua Association (Sydney)
28.07.14 4:39 pm

The 45th Pacific Islands Forum and related meetings will be held from 29 July to 1 August 2014 in Koror, the Republic of Palau.

AWPA urges the PIF to discuss the human rights situation in West Papua at its Summit in Palau. It also urges the PIF leaders to make a public statement of concern regarding the human rights situation in the territory in its official communiqué as did the MSG leaders did in their official communiqué in Noumea in 2013.

AWPA also call on the PIF to urge the new Indonesian President to release all West Papuan political prisoners unconditionally as a sign of good faith to the West Papuan people.

Joe Collins of AWPA said “West Papua is the one territory in the Pacific where the deteriorating human rights situation could lead to instability in the region. The Forum leaders should be concerned about this and do all they can to help resolve this conflict”.  AWPA believes the PIF can play an important role in helping facilitate a dialogue between genuine representatives of the West Papuan leadership and the Indonesian Government.

AWPA open letter to PIF leaders in May at



Australian Marriage Equality national director, Rodney Croome
28.07.14 1:06 pm


Tasmanian marriage equality advocates have welcomed the State Labor conference’s decision that all Labor MPs should uphold the party’s pro-marriage equality policy.

Spokesperson for Tasmanians United for Marriage Equality, Andrew Badcock, said,

“It is absurd that Labor politicians are allowed to ignore both their party’s policy in favour of marriage equality and the public’s overwhelming wish to see the reform occur.”

“Labor MPs don’t have a conscience vote on human rights issues and that should include marriage equality.”

“I’m glad to see Tasmanian Labor taking the lead on marriage equality yet again and urge other state Labor conferences to follow.”

“Tasmanian Labor taking the lead on marriage equality also puts pressure on the State Liberals to move ahead with the reform, should the federal parliament fail to.”

At the weekend, the Tasmanian Labor conference voted to ensure that all Tasmanian delegates to Labor’s National Conference are bound to support a motion that ensures all Labor MPs vote for marriage equality.

A recent national survey by research company, Crosby/Textor, found that support for marriage equality nationally has risen to a new high of 72%.

Tasmanian State Labor Conference has led the nation on the issue, being the first to support the principle of marriage equality (2008), the first to support a state same-sex marriage law (2012) and the first to support all MPs voting in favour of the reform (2012).

Currently, the Labor Party has a conscience vote on marriage equality.


Congratulations to our Sporting Champions

Will Hodgman, Premier Minister for Sport and Recreation
28.07.14 1:04 pm

Commonwealth Games dual-medallist Amy Cure and boxing champion Daniel Geale are ensuring Tasmania is never left off the map.

Amy secured a second podium finish at Glasgow Commonwealth Games over the weekend, winning silver in the 10 kilometre Scratch Race.

This follows her bronze medal performance in the 3,000 metre pursuit on Saturday. This morning she narrowly missed out on a third medal in the 25 km Points Race.

Boxer Nick Cooney also wrapped up his debut Commonwealth Games, having been knocked out in round two in his second contest.

I wish the best of luck for three Tasmanians in action today, including hockey player Eddie Ockenden, boxer Jackson Woods and track and field athlete Huw Peacock.

Meanwhile, Tasmania’s Daniel Geale has again proven to be an inspiration to Tasmanians despite suffering defeat in his bid for the IBO and WBF titles.

Geale was gracious in defeat and a true sportsman. He showed tremendous hard work and determination, and did Tasmania proud.


Haemochromatosis Awareness Week to be launched again in 2014

Ben Marris, President Haemochromatosis Australia website
28.07.14 12:58 pm

Haemochromatosis Australia has announced the details of their major annual event, Haemochromatosis Awareness Week, with the launch of the Australia-wide awareness campaign to take place at the Menzies UTAS Medical Science Precinct.

Held at 1pm on Saturday, 9 August, the launch will be officially opened by Tasmanian Senator Catryna Bilyk followed by a public information session with Clinical Haematologist Dr Nick Murphy and Consultant Rheumatologist Dr Hilton Frances, as well as Menzies researcher Barbara de Graaff.

Haemochromatosis, or inherited iron overload disorder, is the most common genetic disorder in Australia, with one in 200 people genetically disposed to the disease.

The disorder, which is more common in people of European descent, causes the body to absorb excess iron which builds up in the organs and joints over many years and eventually becomes toxic.

President of Haemochromatosis Australia, Ben Marris, said that while it is common knowledge that a deficiency of iron in the blood can be dangerous, not enough Australians are aware of the dangers of iron overload.

“If untreated, haemochromatosis can lead to more serious and potentially fatal symptoms including diabetes, liver cancer and cirrhosis, heart failure and osteoarthritis,” Mr Marris said.

Mr Marris said that promoting haemochromatosis awareness is important because it can save many lives as well as a great deal of money for the health system.

“Tests for the condition are simple and cheap,” Mr Marris said. “If people are diagnosed early and treated then haemochromatosis is no barrier to a normal healthy life.

“Treatment is simple, drug free and uncontroversial. Regular venesection, like giving blood at a blood bank, unloads iron. Often this can be done at the Red Cross Blood Service and the blood is useful.”

Senator Bilyk, a long term advocate of haemochromatosis awareness, urged Australians to familiarise themselves with the symptoms of the disease.

“If you know someone in your family has haemochromatosis, or you have been feeling tired and aching for an extended period, talk to your GP about iron overload,” Senator Bilyk said.

Early symptoms of haemochromatosis include joint pains, fatigue, weakness and sexual dysfunction.

If you know someone in your family has haemochromatosis, or you have been feeling tired and aching for an extended period, talk to your GP about haemochromatosis. For more information visit the Haemochromatosis Australia web site at or call the information line at 1300 019 028.

The public meeting is free for anyone interested in knowing more about this condition. 

Haemochromatosis Awareness Week 2014
Haemochromatosis Awareness week is from 11th to 17th August 2014. During the week there will be many activities designed to raise awareness of haemochromatosis and improve the rate of early diagnosis to prevent much ill-health.
The OVERLOAD art exhibition at the Stable Gallery will be opened on Wednesday 6th August at 6pm by Senator Bilyk.

Haemochromatosis Australia:

Haemochromatosis Australia (HA) is the support, health promotion and advocacy group for people with haemochromatosis and their families.  The group has operated continuously for 22 years.
It is a not for profit group run entirely by volunteers, endorsed as a deductible gift recipient by the ATO and are registered as a charity.
HA has approximately 1500 members across Australia.
HA operates an INFO LINE 1300 019 028 and informative website .
A set of videos explaining haemochromatosis can be viewed on the YouTube channel .
HA medical advisors include some of the leading academics and clinicians in the field of haemochromatosis.  See our website home page for more information.



Lyons MHR Eric Hutchinson
28.07.14 12:45 pm

The Australian Government is working with local businesses in Lyons to create new opportunities, new markets and new jobs.

The new $484.2 million Entrepreneurs’ Infrastructure Programme (EIP) is putting in place the supporting infrastructure to help businesses become more robust and build on their strengths, as well as provide the advice and a helping hand to support businesses take the next step into new growth areas.

This will lead to a more diverse and competitive economy, including in agriculture, aquaculture, dairy, wine and tourism to name a few. 

Businesses in Lyons can access Government information and services through a single website or contact number. Eligible businesses will be able to request business evaluations from skilled advisors and be able to apply for assistance to grow their business.

The programme is easily accessible for businesses in Lyons through the new Single Business Service initiative which simplifies how businesses access Government information and services, on the web, over the phone or face to face. 

“Tasmania’s 37,500 small and medium businesses are the bedrock of our community, creating jobs and underpinning our economy. Our new programmes mean that they can access the services needed to develop their businesses, in a user friendly, streamlined way,” said Eric Hutchinson MP, Federal Member for Lyons.

“Eligible businesses can request a business evaluation, where an assessment provides detailed recommendations and assistance to implement key improvements, boost business performance and growth.”

Mr Hutchinson said the full range of EIP activities will be rolled out in the coming months, and will provide professional support to assist Lyons businesses to lift their capabilities, commercialise good ideas, find market and industry information and get easy access to business management advice and connections to research.

“Under the old system there were too many confusing and competing programmes and layers of expensive bureaucracy.  These have been removed to make dealing with Government easier and quicker,” he said.

“This is another way that this Government is boosting innovation, cutting red tape and ensuring that Australia is open for business.”

The Entrepreneurs’ Infrastructure Programme can be accessed through, on 13 28 46 or through your local AusIndustry office.


New hybrid theatre helping to improve outcomes for surgical patients

Michael Ferguson, Minister for Health
27.07.14 6:43 pm

The Liberal Government is getting on with the job of rebuilding Tasmania’s health system to deliver better outcomes for all Tasmanians.

In the past week, a new hybrid theatre that provides for imagery assisted surgery was opened at the Launceston General Hospital, and is already delivering benefits.

The first patient operated on in the new theatre, the only one of its kind in the state and one of only 20 in Australia, was Mrs May Johnstone, who was discharged on Friday after undergoing a procedure last Tuesday.

Mrs Johnstone had an abdominal aortic aneurysm repaired using a keyhole approach under x-ray-control.

The hybrid theatre features specialist equipment on a ceiling-mounted C-arm system that enables x-rays to be accurately taken from various positions, which help enable minimally invasive surgeries.

This is one of five new theatres that the Launceston General Hospital has been progressively opening from last week that are funded by the Tasmanian and Federal governments.

After a fortnight-long commissioning period, four old theatres will be closed for refurbishments, with hopes that two of these will be available for clinical use from as early as late October.

Touring the hospital’s new theatre suite today, it was great to see what has been achieved and it was also fitting given the commitment the Liberal Government has made to overhaul the state’s health system.

This new theatre highlights what it is all about: improved outcomes for patients.

Through a single, unified Tasmanian Health Service, we will deliver better health services to Tasmanians by reducing the bureaucracy and returning the focus to patients, where it should always have been.


Green as close to the Greens as ever

Jeremy Rockliff, Deputy Premier
27.07.14 6:41 pm

Tasmanians will not be fooled by Labor’s latest attempt to pull the wool over their eyes on future deals with the Greens.

We have seen it all before when Labor went to an election saying there would be no deal with the Greens and then, against the clear wishes and best interests of Tasmanians, did one anyway.

Bryan Green’s motion at Labor’s state conference yesterday was an exercise in cynical politics.

Not only did he leave the door wide open for another deal with the Greens, he gave no reason to believe that Labor could be trusted.

Green by name and Green by nature, as evidenced by his continuing support of the forestry sell-out, he simply has no credibility.

Labor remains wedded to the Greens in Tasmania and nationally, and Bryan Green is doing nothing to change that, demonstrating that he, and Labor, have learned nothing from the state election.



Australian Marriage Equality national director, Rodney Croome
27.07.14 6:40 pm



Advocates have welcomed NSW Labor’s decision to join other Labor branches and the federal party in supporting marriage equality.

Australian Marriage Equality national director, Rodney Croome, said,

“Support for marriage equality from the Labor Party in Australia’s largest state will send a message that the reform is back on the agenda and momentum is unstoppable.”

“With support for marriage equality now at 72%, the next step is for the Coalition to allow a conscience vote so MPs across the political spectrum can represent their communities.”

A separate motion that sought to bind Labor politicians to vote for marriage equality was narrowly defeated. Yesterday, the Tasmanian state Labor conference passed a motion binding all Tasmanian delegates to Labor’s National Conference to vote in favour of a binding vote on marriage equalty. In 2012 the Tasmanian Labor confernece became the first to vote in favour of a binding vote.

Mr Croome welcomed moves toward a binding vote but said his group is currently working towards a cross-party conscience vote.

“It is consistent with Labor Party rules that all Labor members should vote for marriage equality because it is a human rights issue, not an issue of life or death like abortion or euthanasia.”

“But AME’s focus is on a cross-party conscience vote and our strategy remains one of working with individual MPs and grass roots supporters in their electorates.”

Currently, Labor MPs are allowed a conscience vote, while Coalition policy is wholly against marriage equality.

Recently, the Coalition’s own research company, Crosby/Textor, unveiled a national survey which found 72% of Australians support marriage equality, the highest figure ever.

For more on the Crosby/Textor research, click here.


Labor Should Stop Blaming Others and Fulfil Promise to Restore Assembly Numbers

Kim Booth MP | Greens Leader
27.07.14 6:07 pm

Restoring the numbers of MPs back to 35 in the House of Assembly, as committed by all three parties last term of government, would strengthen Tasmania’s democracy by providing a greater talent pool to fill both parliamentary and Cabinet positions, Greens Leader Kim Booth MP said today.

“Labor’s response is both childish and dishonest in that it tried to ignore the enormous harm caused to Tasmania’s parliamentary democracy by reducing the seats to 25 in a play for absolute power,” Mr Booth said.

“Well, State Labor is now hoist upon its own petard.” 

“In concert with the Liberals in 1998, they moved to cut the Assembly numbers in a self-interested move to get rid of the Greens, only to discover they now can’t elect sufficient members to govern alone.”

“Ironically, if Labor had actually fulfilled their promise when in government and done the right thing by Tasmania’s democracy, they may have a better chance now of not needing the help of others to field a functional Cabinet and still have a strong backbench worthy of the Westminster tradition.”

“It is very telling that rather than move to repair the damage they and the Liberals inflicted on Tasmania’s democracy, Labor again seek to blame others and impose new restrictions as a so-called solution.”

“It is incumbent on all elected representatives to put the best interests of Tasmanians first, not just what is best for individual political parties.”

“If Labor were genuine about putting Tasmania first, then they would prioritise restoring MP numbers to increase the talent pool available, and then buckle down to earn as many of those seats possible just like any other Party should.”

“The community is diverse, and we have to expect that diversity will be reflected within the make-up of future Parliaments.  Nationally and internationally multi-party governments have become the norm.”

“It is for parliament to form a government, not the back room boys. The Tasmanian Greens will always respect the will of the voter, and work constructively to make the parliament, as returned by the people work.  We are confident that history will acknowledge the last period of government as one of the most stable, scandal-free, and reformist in recent times,” Mr Booth said.

DOWNLOAD: Statement signed by the then three Leaders, committing to restore the House of Assembly numbers to 35, 2 September 2010:



Michael Ferguson: One State, One Health System; Better Outcomes

Michael Ferguson, Minister for Health
27.07.14 6:26 am

The August budget will keep our election promises, fix the budget mess and lay the foundations for a better future.

As part of laying the foundations for a better future the Liberal Government will deliver on its commitment to fix Tasmania’s ailing health system by giving it a thorough overhaul.

Labor’s legacy is a health system which has failed Tasmanians. Patients are waiting too long for services and the needs of staff aren’t being met.

Tasmanians have been let down by a system which is broken.

Today, we begin putting the pieces back together with the release of our One State, One Health System; Better Outcomes plan.

We want to give Tasmanians a complete, state-wide system which places the interests of patients back where they belong, at the forefront of every decision.

Today I am announcing a thorough overhaul of our health system with a four point reform plan.

After operating for two years, it is clear the model of three Tasmanian Health Organisations does not work. Financial blow outs, failures with governance and leadership and bureaucratic duplication have become all too common.

The first step is to combine the three THOs into a single state-wide organisation – the Tasmanian Health Service - to deliver coordinated health across the state to generate better outcomes for all Tasmanians.

Based in Launceston the THS will become operational from July 1, 2015.

By being based in Launceston, the THS will deliver a better balanced distribution of health bureaucracy between the north and the south with the Department of Health and Human Services being based in Hobart as well as the Royal Hobart Hospital, the state’s major hospital.

One health system will make waiting lists more efficient, deliver better patient services and save $21 million over the first four years by reducing waste, duplication and administration costs.

The establishment of the THS will not impact on any hospitals. The integrity of our four major hospitals will be maintained and no regional hospitals will close.

Step two will see the local people having an even greater say in how health services are delivered through the establishment of the Health Council of Tasmania.

This council will give clinicians, health staff, stakeholders and the community the voice they deserve to help create a better system.

By working closely with the existing Clinical Advisory Groups, the Health Council of Tasmania will ensure those who use and understand our health system are the ones shaping its future.

Step three will see the Department of Health and Human Services undergo a comprehensive review to reduce duplication and better align the department’s structure and functions.

This will deliver savings which will be redirected where they’re needed most – frontline health services.

The fourth part of our overhaul of the health system will be delivered in three tranches:

• The release of an Issues Paper detailing the Liberal government’s vision for health reform when the budget is handed down next month seeking public submissions.
• Flowing from the Issues Paper will be the development of a Green Paper to further inform the government on how to deliver even better health services.
• The final tranche will be a White Paper outlining the Government’s position which will then feed into the 2015-16 budget.

Our One State, One Health System; Better Outcomes plan will also lead to a more accountable and transparent health system where the standard of leadership and governance matches community expectations.

This is no small undertaking, but it is a change which must happen to deliver the health system Tasmanians deserve.

It will deliver better access to services which are safer and of a higher quality. It will reduce waiting list times and put the needs of patients first. It will make the health system more transparent and accountable. And it will make significant savings to be reinvested back into frontline services.

You cannot build a long term health system on shaky foundations. Today we begin laying new, strong foundations for a health system which will care for Tasmanians, both now and into the future.


Senator Bilyk lends support to Ukraine peace program

Senator Catryna Bilyk Labor Senator for Tasmania Deputy Opposition Whip in the Senate
26.07.14 7:00 pm

Senator for Tasmania and Chair of the Australia-Ukraine Parliamentary Friendship Group, Catryna Bilyk, is encouraging Tasmanians to give generously to U-Help, an Australian program promoting Ukraine’s sovereignty, democracy and path to peace and prosperity.

Senator Bilyk, who has family ties to the Ukrainian community, said that the tragic incident of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17, in which 27 Australians were killed, demonstrated that it was in Australia’s national interests to promote peace in troubled areas like Ukraine.

“We also owe it to our brothers and sisters in the Ukrainian community in Tasmania to support a peaceful and prosperous future for their homeland,” Senator Bilyk said.

U-Help—or the Ukrainian Humanitarian Educational and Leadership Program—was established by the Australian Federation of Ukrainian Organisations to:

• fund medical and humanitarian assistance to people injured in the self-defence of Ukraine, and
• support educational and leadership programs that promote Ukraine’s democratisation and prosperity through increased Ukraine-Australia social, political and economic ties.

“Australia has much to offer Ukraine as a model of a successful and peaceful democracy,” Senator Bilyk said. “Supporting a democratic and prosperous Ukraine is not only good for global peace and security, but also our business ties, which will benefit Australia’s economy.”

Flyers with further information about U-Help are available from Senator Bilyk’s office in Kingston Plaza.

Tasmanians wishing to donate to U-Help can deposit funds in the following account using the payment reference ‘U-Help’:

BSB: 704-235
Account Number: 00015958
Account Name: Australian Federation of Ukrainian Organisations



Immortalising the iconic Sydney to Hobart

Matthew Groom, Minister for State Growth
26.07.14 6:20 pm

Today, I was excited to launch a new edition of a book telling the story of the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race that will help to immortalise the epic events and colourful characters of this blue water classic.

Written and published by Hobart historian Michael Ludeke, the appropriately named ‘The Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race’ is now in its fourth edition.

With the race in its 70th year, it was my pleasure to represent the Premier and Minister for Sport and Recreation in launching this latest edition at the Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania today.

The Sydney to Hobart is more than a sporting event; it is an iconic part of our culture and is synonymous with summer activities around the Hobart docks, such as the Taste of Tasmania festival.

Symbolising the ties that connect Australia’s two oldest former British colonies in Sydney and Hobart, this is at its heart a serious yacht race.

The Sydney to Hobart is notorious for its rough weather, with many crews considering it a victory to complete the race, and 11 sailors tragically losing their lives in the attempt.

Mr Ludeke’s work includes a wealth of statistics charting the race’s history, but of most interest to the reader will be the narratives of the characters and events that have made the Sydney to Hobart what it is today.


Tender Called for Strahan Roads Upgrade

Adam Brooks, Parliamentary Secretary for Small Business and Trade
26.07.14 6:19 pm

The Liberal Government is committed to supporting the West Coast community.

This weekend tenders will be called for $5.2 million road upgrades at Strahan to support the West Coast’s growing aquaculture industry.

The Department of State Growth will be managing the project, which is expected to create up to 30 jobs in the construction phase.

The upgrades will support economic development on the West Coast, including the important development of aquaculture facilities at Smith Cove.

Work on this project, which will significantly improve about 5.3 kilometres of Macquarie Heads Road, Ocean Beach Road, and Harvey Street between Strahan and Smith Cove, is expected to start in mid-September.

Planned upgrades include road widening, curve and safety improvements, junction upgrades, and provision of pedestrian facilities on Harvey Street.

We recognise that this is a key transport route which is required to support economic development on the West Coast.

The West Coast Economic Working Group is eager for this project to proceed as soon as possible as it has the ability to provide local employment relatively quickly.

The project will also help the aquaculture industry, an important one for the West Coast, generate much needed economic activity and employment.

These roads are already an established heavy vehicle route and the upgrade promises to deliver huge improvements to existing infrastructure, including the provision of pedestrian facilities.

Works are expected to be completed by mid-2015. The project is in addition to the State Government’s major upgrades to the Murchison Highway, the West Coast’s key freight corridor.

The Liberal Government will continue to support the West Coast community through the work of the West Coast Economic Working Group.


THO Reform Welcome but Launceston Wrong Location. Download Cassy’s THC speech

Cassy O’Connor MP | Greens Health spokesperson
26.07.14 5:15 pm

The decision to merge the three Tasmanian Health Organisations into one is welcome, but the Minister’s plan to base the new Tasmanian Health Service in Launceston is a serious mistake that smacks of parochial politics interfering in good health governance reform,” Greens Health spokesperson Cassy O’Connor MP said today.

Ms O’Connor, who addressed the annual Tasmanian Health Conference in Hobart today, said the Minister had argued the need for consultation when he amended the Greens’ motion to merge the three THOs - debated on the 25th of June - to remove the requirement for immediate action to review the three THOs.

“It doesn’t look like there’s been enough consultation with clinical and health policy professionals over the decision to centralize health system governance in Launceston.  It looks very much like a Launceston-based Minister has put politics and self-interest first. This has been a problem in Tasmanian health policy for far too long,” Ms O’Connor said.

“The Greens have been calling for some time now for the merger of the three THOs into one, and therefore we welcome that aspect of Minister’s announcement today, to provide for the more efficient, and hopefully more effective and strategically statewide delivery of health services to Tasmanians.”

“We hold serious concerns that a northern location of the new Tasmanian Health Service will impact on its ability to succeed.  Launceston does not have the critical mass of population or Departmental expertise, nor the state’s major tertiary and teaching hospital which the Royal Hobart Hospital.”

“It is hard to escape the impression that this is a political decision, and that if the Minister was southern based this new THS would remain based in the State’s capital where it can leverage the necessary skills and expertise.”

“As identified by the national President of the AMA, Tasmania must break down our internal north versus south parochialism to ensure good public policy decisions are made and quality health services are delivered when and where they are needed to Tasmanians, regardless of where they live.”

“In this instance, establishing such a significant health entity in a location divorced from the critical mass of health expertise, including the UTAS Medical Precinct, and the major tertiary and teaching hospital, could undermine its capacity to deliver the urgently needed reforms.”

“Nobody wants to see this reform fail.  It is crucial to the well-being of all Tasmanians that it succeeds, which is why the Greens urge the Minister to pause, rethink the northern location, and instead consult with stakeholders and the community, as he said he would do, over this important implementation aspect of merging the three THOs into the new Tasmanian Health Service,” Ms O’Connor said.

DOWNLOAD:  Speech delivered by Greens Health spokesperson Cassy O’Connor MP, at today’s Tasmanian Health Conference, Hobart:



Commonwealth Games Bronze for Tasmanian Amy Cure

Will Hodgman, Minister for Sport and Recreation
26.07.14 5:14 pm

Congratulations to Tasmanian cyclist Amy Cure on her podium finish in the 3,000 metre pursuit at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow overnight.

Tasmanians will feel a great sense of pride in Amy’s bronze medal ride in her opening event at her debut Commonwealth Games.

It is athletes like Amy Cure who are getting Tasmania the international recognition we deserve and ensuring we are never left off the map.

We wish Amy continued success as she turns her sights on the 10 kilometre Scratch Race tomorrow morning Tasmanian time, and the 25 km Points Race early on Monday.

Tasmanian boxer Nick Cooney will be the next Tasmanian to take to the world stage, competing in the lightweight division tonight.

Our world champion hockey player Eddie Ockenden will start the path towards a second successive gold when the Kookaburras take on Wales tonight.

Tasmania has seven athletes competing at the 20th Commonwealth Games.

We wish all the best to our remaining athletes yet to begin competing including boxer Jackson Woods, weightlifter Jenna Myers and track and field brothers Hamish and Huw Peacock.

Stay up to date with all the latest information on Tasmanians at the Commonwealth Games via the Tasmanian Institute of Sport Website or via Facebook or follow via Twitter @Tassiesport


Award highlights efforts to improve roadworks safety for all

Rene Hidding, Minister for Infrastructure
26.07.14 7:00 am

Ongoing efforts to improve safety in and around roadworks have been highlighted with an award to two Tasmanian construction companies.

This year’s Safety at Roadworks Award in the Civil Contractors’ Federations’ Earth Awards is shared by Hazell Bros Pty Ltd and Andrew Walter Constructions Pty Ltd.

The award, which I had the honour of presenting in Hobart, recognises the strong commitment shown by these companies to the safety of road workers and road users.

While roadworks are critical if we are to improve the safety and efficiency of our transport network, the work itself can create frustration on the part of road users, and, at times, it can be dangerous.

That’s why the Liberal Government is committed to working with the Civil Contractors’ Federation, individual contractors and the RACT on developing a new approach to traffic management at roadworks sites.

Initiatives that we are working on will include improving training arrangements and clear traffic management guidelines for all contractors.

Site audits will also be undertaken to provide constructive feedback to contractors and establish industry best practice.

And the Government, together with the Civil Contractors’ Federation and the RACT, will be working to educate road users on what the road rules are when driving through a roadworks site and, importantly, why these rules are in place.

This approach will help make works sites safer for all, and ensure all contractors work to consistent guidelines that drivers understand.


Renew Devonport Memorandum of Understanding!

Eric Mobbs, Chair Renew Devonport Working Group
25.07.14 6:35 pm

At the signing of Renew Devonport Partners’ MOU today, are, (front) Devonport City Council Mayor, Alderman Steve Martin, Devonport Chamber of Commerce and Industry President, Sylvia Sayers, (back) Tasmanian Regional Arts’ Renew Devonport Arts Liaison Officer, Eunice Horne, Tasmanian Regional Arts’ Board representative, Lee Cole and Devonport Chamber of Commerce and Industry Senior Vice President and Chair, Eric Mobbs.


Today the Renew Devonport project was launched with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between Devonport City Council, Devonport Chamber of Commerce & Industry and Tasmanian Regional Arts.

Supported by the Devonport Chamber of Commerce & Industry, the project is jointly funded by Tasmanian Regional Arts and the Devonport City Council. The project working group is also in negotiations for further funding from the State Government.

All parties are keen to begin the process of revitalising Devonport’s retail precincts. The model is based on Renew Australia which places creative producers in vacant shops on short-term leases to regenerate retail precincts.

Chair of the Renew Devonport Working Group Eric Mobbs said currently there are 25 vacant shops within the Devonport retail precincts.

“Many Tasmanians have looked at and explored a solution to the empty shops and the economic downturn – Devonport is doing something about it,” Mr Mobbs said.

“Serious interest from property owners was generated in the project when Marcus Westbury of Renew Australia and Marni Jackson of Renew Newcastle visited Devonport on July 14 to present the opportunities,” he said.

During their visit, Mr Westbury and Ms Jackson were given a tour of the city and provided advice to the Renew Devonport Working Group regarding the suitability of potential properties for the project and recommendations on the rollout.

“A number of the vacant shops were identified as potentially suitable, and at least one Renew Devonport project is envisaged to be active by early September,” Mr Mobbs said.

Tasmanian Regional Arts State Executive Member Lee Cole said strong interest has also been received from local artists, but the project team are keen to hear from more.

“We’re very fortunate that we have a diverse and talented creative community in the north-west, and this is a great opportunity for everyone,” Mr Cole said.

Creative thinkers, makers, and artists who are keen to incubate new ideas are invited to submit Expressions of Interest from August 1 to August 21, 2014 at Once expressions of interest close, the Renew Australia team will visit Devonport again to assist in matching creatives with properties.

The project will be facilitated by Tasmanian Regional Arts with support from the Devonport Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

To get behind this exciting initiative, keep an eye on updates at

For further information mail to: Renew Devonport, Devonport Corporate Centre, Bass House, 1st Floor Cnr
Edward & Best Street, PO Box 1262, Devonport, 7310.
For more information and photo opportunities please contact , on 0407 588 700.

Tasmanian Regional Arts (TRA) is the peak organisation for regional arts
and community based arts in Tasmania.


Government working to help industrial hemp industry achieve its full potential

Jeremy Rockliff, Minister for Primary Industries and Water
25.07.14 6:18 pm

The Liberal Government has a vision of growing the value of our agricultural produce ten-fold by 2050 to create many more jobs in Tasmania.

To achieve Agrivision 2050, we must encourage all our primary industry sectors to achieve their full potential, and we must help to overcome the obstacles that they face.

That’s why the Liberal Government is taking action to assist Tasmania’s fledgling industrial hemp industry to grow.

We have directed AgriGrowth Tasmania, the body we established with a charter of promoting growth in agriculture, to develop options for cutting red tape and simplifying the regulation of the industrial hemp industry.

This work will involve coordinating a Government response to the 2012-13 House of Assembly inquiry into the industrial hemp industry, which I was pleased to have participated in as an advocate of this promising sector.

AgriGrowth Tasmania is to provide a report to me within three months.

Today, I have also released revised guidelines for the production of industrial hemp in Tasmania, which is important information for prospective growers, but we believe there is much scope to further reduce the regulatory burden on farmers.

The Liberal Government supports sensible regulation that allows this industry, which has actually existed in Tasmania since 1991, to achieve its potential.

We also support the use of industrial hemp products in food as it would open up new markets for the industry and will continue to lobby strongly for federal approval.

We will continue to work closely with the Industrial Hemp Association of Tasmania and also the Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers Association to deliver positive outcomes.