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Tourism Employment Plan prepares Tasmania for growth

SENATOR THE HON RICHARD COLBECK Senator for Tasmania Minister for Tourism and International Education THE HON WILL HODGMAN Premier of Tasmania Minister for Tourism, Hospitality and Events
09.10.15 11:14 am

A new employment plan for Tasmania’s North West and West Coast tourism industry will help reskill its workforce and create the capacity to handle stronger growth in traveller numbers.

Australia’s Tourism Minister, Senator Richard Colbeck, and Tasmania’s Premier and Minister for Tourism, Hospitality and Events, Will Hodgman, jointly announced development of the Tasmania Tourism Employment Plan today. 

“Tourism is one of Australia’s most important industries and already employs about a million people nationally but we will need more people working in the industry as visitor numbers increase, particularly from China,” Senator Colbeck said.

“This Plan will promote tourism as a career path and help ensure we have enough skilled young people coming into the industry over the next few years.”

The Plan will target projects to ease regional employment pressures, ease skill shortages, help retain quality staff, coordinate training needs with business planning, and encourage labour mobility.

It will include measures to promote tourism careers to young people, increase the take-up rate of apprenticeships, improve training and provide more staff accommodation in peak seasons.

Mr Hodgman said the plan was good news for tourism, the economy and jobs.

“It is a record time for tourism in Tasmania, with more people than ever before visiting our state,” he said.

“This is especially great for our regional areas like the North West, where the Cradle Coast region has experienced a 10 per cent growth in visitors recently.

“This plan will help to build on that, which is great news for the region because we know that where tourists go, dollars go with them, and that’s good for locals pouring beers at the pub, owners of the bed and breakfasts and the guides on the Gordon River Cruise.

“We have set the target of attracting 1.5 million visitors to the state by 2020, which the industry tells us will create an additional 8,000 jobs.”

The Plan will be developed over nine months via collaboration between the region’s tourism and hospitality industry, the Tasmanian Government and Austrade.

The announcement comes after the Federal and Tasmanian Governments announced almost $800,000 worth of projects under the $43.1 million Tourism Demand Driver Infrastructure Programme.

Under the Tourism 2020 initiative, the Plan represents a partnership between the Australian and state and territory governments.

The Tourism 2020 Strategy aims to increase overnight tourism spending in Australia to between $115 billion and $140 billion by 2020.

Information about the Tourism Employment Plan and other Tourism 2020 initiatives is at


Conference in Safe Hands

Elise Archer, Speaker of the House of Assembly, Liberal Member for Denison
09.10.15 8:40 am

Tasmania is this weekend playing host to 300 delegates attending the 24th Annual Australasian Military Medicine Association (AMMA) Conference.

AMMA is an independent organisation of health professionals with the objectives of promoting the study and research of military medicine and veteran’s health. The AMMA Conference is the premier military medicine event in Australasia and delegates have come from around Australia and New Zealand to attend.

Today, I was honoured to be invited to open the Conference at the Hotel Grand Chancellor and welcome guests to Tasmania on behalf of the State Government.  Tourism is of course one of Tasmania’s key markets so it is always pleasing when organisers select Tasmania as their conference destination of choice.

Hobart business owner Paula Leishman, whose company will be managing the conference, says that the conference also provides a great opportunity for Tasmania to reinforce itself as an international conferencing location. “Each time that Hobart hosts an event like the Australasian Military Medicine Association conference, it draws new interstate and international visitors to the city and places the state at the forefront of people’s minds as a holiday and business destination.”

The theme for this year is the Anzac Legacy recognising the sacrifices our serving men, women and their families made 100 years ago and continue to do so today. From a medical standpoint, World War One was a gruesome affair. Australia had over 60 000 casualties and a further 155 000 wounded. However, some good that came from World War One was the advances in orthopaedics, neurosurgery, plastic surgery and psychiatry. These practices were later used to treat the civilian population and continue to be used today.

Conference attendees will attend sessions covering: traumas; cooperation in disasters; post-traumatic stress disorder, resilience, impact of combat on women and veterans’ health.

The Conference will see two international keynote speakers present to the delegates: Dr David R King and Dr Kathy Magruder PhD. Dr King is an academic attending trauma and acute care surgeon at the Masachusetts General Hospital Trauma Centre. Dr Kathy Magruder works, and is a tenured Professor, in the Departments of Psychiatry and Public Health Sciences at the Medical University of South Carolina where she also serves as Director of the Office of Research Integrity.

I wish all conference attendees a successful and enjoyable conference, and I hope that they see and sample the many delights Tasmania has to offer.


Mental Health Council Endorse 10 Year Plan for Mental Health

Catherine Delpero
09.10.15 8:37 am

The Mental Council of Tasmania (MHCT) is happy to see the much anticipated 10 year plan for mental health
announced today as part of the State Government’s Rethink Mental Health Project.

MHCT has been a key partner in the development of the plan that seeks to lay out a map for the next ten years
to ensure that the mental health system is addressing the needs of all Tasmanians at every stage of life.

“The State Government is to be congratulated for taking on such a complex task that by its definition
acknowledges there are deep flaws in the mental health system that need to be addressed. Everyone who has
been part of the development of this plan has seen the significance of what needs to be done. It’s now a
chance to hold the mental health sector as well as the government accountable for fixing the problems within
the system. In making this commitment for reform, we have a better chance of some long term outcomes that
will improve the mental health of all Tasmanians,” said Connie Digolis, MHCT CEO.

The key elements of the plan will see a long-term strategy to put the individual at the centre of their care
through redesigning mental health services in both the acute and community setting to form a more
integrated mental health system.

“What this means is there will be a model of mental health care that will eventually see a greater focus on
mental health support in the community which will alleviate the acute system and deliver better outcomes for
individuals and their carers, said Ms Digolis.”

“Not only does the plan seek to address the needs of those living with mental health issues or illness, but there
is an overarching strategy to put initiatives in place that are focused on early intervention and prevention. Of
particular note is to engage with primary health services to provide a stronger approach in early intervention
as often they are the first point of contact people have and therefore are best placed to help people navigate
their own mental health care. “

“The plan also seeks to directly improve referral pathways, particularly after self-harm or a suicide attempt.
This is a welcome initiative that the community will be very pleased to see.”

“Now that we have this plan, MHCT and its members are looking forward to seeing the specific detail around
how we can work together to achieve these important goals. There needs to be a lot of work done to develop
the method in which we deliver this plan in order to ensure Tasmanians aren’t left waiting for reform to
come”, said Ms Digolis.

Advice on how to report sensitively and accurately on mental health and suicide can be found at:


The total value of imported logs and lumber to China fell ...

Hakan Ekstrom, Wood Resource Quarterly
09.10.15 5:32 am

The total value of imported logs and lumber to China fell in August to its lowest level since 2010; the Nordic countries increased lumber sales to the high-end market, reports the Wood Resource Quarterly.

Importation of softwood logs and lumber to China has fallen from a peak of 900 million dollars in April last year to only 500 million dollars in August 2015, reports the Wood Resource Quarterly.

The average cost of imported softwood lumber has declined 15% in 12 months, with European lumber prices having fallen the most.



Report into recent prison escape

Vanessa Goodwin, Minister for Corrections
08.10.15 8:09 pm

The Tasmania Prison Service has this week provided me with a report into the escape which occurred last week.

As was indicated on the day of the escape, the prisoner was able to escape the secure confines of the facility via a roller door and then left the premises through an entrance which is used for deliveries. He was armed with a knife from the vegetable processing facility.

Another prisoner working in the vegetable processing facility observed the escape and notified the Industries Supervisor, at which time a Code White response was called, including immediate notification of the escape to Tasmania Police.

I made clear to prison management that this was an unacceptable occurrence, and indeed prison management also recognised this. Immediate changes to procedures and protocols were put in place to prevent a recurrence.

The report makes several further recommendations to improve security at the facility and I have asked prison management to progress these immediately.

For obvious reasons it is not appropriate to release reports detailing the specifics of prison security measures.

I was shocked to hear Labor MP Lara Giddings call for the report to be released publicly considering reports into escapes at the prison while she was Premier were not released publicly, with her Government citing exactly the same concerns about compromising security*.

*Examiner newspaper 7/2/2012. “(Corrections Minister) Mr McKim confirmed that he yesterday received a report into last month’s escape involving two prisoners. However, he said that the report would not be made public as releasing such detail could compromise security.”


Tasmania Fire Service inquiry is crucial

Bryan Green MP Labor Leader
08.10.15 2:41 pm

Labor Leader Bryan Green said he’s pleased that the parliamentary committee dealing with the inquiry into the funding of the Tasmania Fire Service will meet for the first time next week.

“This inquiry is crucially important when it comes to Tasmanians having confidence that the TFS is properly funded and resourced,” Mr Green said.

“The inquiry must be robust and free of political influence.

“Labor agrees the SES and the TFS are a natural fit, but we must be convinced that one vital service isn’t being supported at the expense of the other.

“We also want to know if the State Fire Levy will be increased to offset the funding shortfall.

“I note with interest that Minister Rene Hidding failed to answer questions put to him by the media on this crucial issue.

“It’s time the Government was less secretive and more transparent with Tasmanians, especially on critical issues like the future of the Tasmania Fire Service.

“Already this fire season we’ve seen the extraordinary work of our career and volunteer fire-fighters.

“We must make sure the TFS has the resources it needs to do its work with confidence.”


Government’s long term Plan driving boom in property industry confidence

Peter Gutwein, Treasurer
08.10.15 2:39 pm

The Hodgman Liberal Government’s long-term plan is all about creating jobs, boosting the economy and increasing confidence and the Property Council survey released today shows that Tasmania is heading in the right direction.

While there is still a lot of work to do, the surge over the last 12 months in confidence levels reported by the Property Council is welcome news.

When we came to Government last year, we said we would create jobs by unleashing our economic potential and supporting vital industries like the property sector.  Our long-term Plan includes bold reforms like introducing a single, state-wide planning scheme, scrapping headworks charges, reducing red and green tape and continuing the First Home Builder Boost.

The 2015-16 Budget included a massive $1.8 billion infrastructure investment as well as a $315 million job stimulus plan that will support the high levels of confidence that we are seeing in Tasmania right now.

This survey shows that confidence in Tasmania is the second highest in the country and follows recent NAB surveys that show Tasmania has the highest level of business confidence in the country.


Union dangerous and false scaremongering on bushfire safety

Jacquie Petrusma, Acting Minister for Police and Emergency Management
08.10.15 2:38 pm

The real Opposition, the union movement, are again playing politics and seeking to scare Tasmanians with dangerous and false scaremongering.

The fact is the Hodgman Liberal Government’s record $28.5 million investment in the most comprehensive cross-tenure fuel reduction program in this State’s history means that Tasmania is better prepared than ever for the coming bushfire season.

There has been no cut to the frontline of the Tasmania Fire Service (TFS). In fact, we have invested an additional $1.5 million this year.

There has been no reduction in the building of new fire tankers.

There has been no reduction in the amount invested in the TFS’s proven community information and preparedness programs.

There has been no reduction in frontline TFS fire-fighting officers, and Forestry Tasmania (FT) also advises that it has recruited casual and temporary firefighters over the bushfire season to ensure they too are at full complement.

The reduction of machinery is a problem we inherited due to the Labor-Green shutdown of the forest industry. As in recent years, FT has contracted to fill this void, to ensure the same number of machines will be available as in previous years.

In addition, we have available the same number of aircraft to assist with firefighting as in previous years.

The union movement should be ashamed of its scaremongering, and should be working with the Government and the wider community on ensuring that Tasmania is united in facing the threat to life and property that bushfires pose.


Another union scare

Michael Ferguson, Minister for Health
08.10.15 2:37 pm

Another day another union scare campaign from the real Opposition, the union movement.

Despite being told numerous times that no decision has been made, HACSU is only interested in playing politics.

It’s time the union were held to account for their misinformation.

The facts in relation to improving hospital support services at the Tasmanian Health Service in the north west are:

• No decision has been made;
• The review will look at ways to assist with delivering an efficient and effective service, which is what health managers should be doing;
• There is no predetermined plan or decision against which to protest;
• Unions and staff will be informed when the review is complete and what recommendations are being considered, as repeatedly advised; and
• No changes will be made without consultation with staff and unions, as repeatedly advised.

HACSU has been fully informed that the review is underway. It complements the move to a Statewide health system.

The irony is that the One Health System reforms are publicly supported by HACSU despite this continuing tactic of oppositional scaremongering.


Up to 10,000 Tasmanians are living with undiagnosed diabetes and at risk of blindness

Diabetes Tasmania CEO, Caroline Wells
08.10.15 2:29 pm

Eyelines Optometrist Paul Fountain and John Anagnostis, who is 87 years old and has had diabetes since 1987, having his eyes checked.

Diabetes Tasmania CEO Caroline Wells and Eyelines Marketing Manager Mary-Anne Legro.

Diabetes Tasmania CEO Caroline Wells and Eyelines CEO Will Downie

Diabetes Tasmania and Eyelines have chosen World Sight Day to launch a new strategic partnership with a key focus to raise awareness about the important link between diabetes and vision loss.

The annual World Sight Day raises awareness of blindness and vision impairment, and according to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare diabetic retinopathy is the leading cause of vision loss for Australians aged 30 to 69, and a significant cause of vision loss in older Australians.

Diabetes is the world’s fastest growing chronic disease, however a simple eye test from your local optometrist can provide early detection and with early treatment the majority of diabetes-related vision loss can be prevented.

Diabetes Tasmania CEO Caroline Wells said many Australians with diabetes do not realise the importance of having regular eye tests.

“Only 50 per cent of Australians with diabetes have their eyes examined regularly and this number has not changed in the past two decades,” Ms Wells said.

“The figures are even lower for Indigenous Australians, with only around 20 per cent having regular eye examinations.

“In Tasmania, we know that over 27,000 Tasmanians have diagnosed diabetes and are registered on the National Diabetes Service Scheme register, but an estimated 10,000 Tasmanians are living with undiagnosed type 2 diabetes and a further 45,000 are at high risk of developing the disease.

“Everyone with diabetes is at risk of developing diabetic retinopathy, which damages the retina in the back of the eye and causes vision loss, but those who are most at risk include people who have had diabetes for many years, those whose diabetes is poorly controlled, those with kidney damage and those with high blood pressure or high blood cholesterol.”

Eyelines optometrist, Paul Fountain said that a simple eye examination by your local optometrist can be the first time that signs of diabetes are detected, and early detection and timely treatment can prevent the majority of diabetes-related vision loss.

“Too many Australians are presenting with vision loss from advanced disease and in many of these cases their long-term visual outcomes are poor. It’s a tragedy when so much of this vision loss could easily be prevented,” Ms Wells said.

A Medicare rebate is available for eye consultations.


Government slams self-serving defence claims by John Short

Adam Brooks, Parliamentary Secretary for Small Business and Trade
08.10.15 12:23 pm

John Short’s claims about the State Government are completely false and self-serving nonsense.

Today’s media stunt from Mr Short has more to do with the fact that he’s a Labor candidate at the next federal election and is trying desperately to repair his profile after he dragged down the popular incumbent Senator Lisa Singh to take her spot on Labor’s Senate ticket.

The only job Mr Short really cares about is the Senate job that he’s chasing.

The truth is, the Hodgman Liberal Government is championing our competitive strengths in advanced manufacturing and defence. 

We’ve long been on the record saying that Tasmania deserves its share of defence spending and we are doing everything we can to make that happen, because more defence spending in Tasmania will create jobs and grow the economy.

Just this week, I’ve been at the Pacific Maritime 2015 Defence Expo in Sydney with the TasPac Maritime Group (TPMG) who are leading Tasmania’s bid for the Pacific Patrol Boat Contract. The groups is made up of its joint venture partners ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems Australia (TKSMA) and UGL Engineering with vessel construction by Incat and Haywards Steel.

I was at the Expo to lobby on behalf of Tasmania’s advanced manufacturers and to raise the profile of Tasmania’s defence capabilities, especially when it comes to the Pacific Patrol Boat tender.

During the expo, I spoke personally with the Chair of the Joint Defence and Trade Standing Committee Teresa Gambaro MP and hosted her and committee member Dr Dennis Jensen at the Tasmania stand yesterday afternoon where we highlighted our capability, design attributes and the benefits the TasPac proposal will deliver.

Just last month we also joined the Elphinstone Group and Team Sentinel’s bid launch for a share of the Commonwealth’s $10 billion LAND 400 project, the ADF’s new light-armoured vehicle.

For anyone to suggest we aren’t 100 per cent supporting our companies to get a greater share of defence spending is just ridiculous.

John Short may be an endorsed Labor Senate candidate but he should do his homework before he goes around peddling mud and false claims.


Reducing red tape in Tasmania’s workers compensation scheme

Peter Gutwein, Treasurer
08.10.15 12:22 pm

The Hodgman Liberal Government is cutting red tape to make it easier for people to do business in Tasmania, which will drive economic growth, investment and jobs.

Part of our work involves cutting red tape in the Tasmanian workers compensation scheme.

A current consultation process allows for all scheme participants and stakeholders to have their say and assist in identifying potential opportunities for reducing unnecessary regulatory burden in the workers compensation scheme.

WorkSafe Tasmania is facilitating the consultation process and encouraging anyone with an interest in this issue to review the Consultation Paper provided online, and give their feedback on the proposed options for legislative change.

From this feedback, key issues will be identified and changes, which will focus on improving and streamlining the scheme’s operation, will be progressed.

This reduction in red tape will benefit all scheme participants and will ultimately help ensure the safe, prompt and effective return to work of injured workers.

To view the Consultation Paper and make a submission go to and under the ‘News’ heading, choose the link ‘Workers comp amendments: have your say’. A form has been provided on this page to assist in your submission.

Consultation has been open since early September, and submissions must be received by COB October 14, 2015.

There will be a further opportunity for comment as the project moves into the next phase early in 2016, after the initial round of feedback is received and analysed.


What is a Sustainable Tasmanian Diet?

Lissa Villeneuve, Sustainable Living Tasmania
08.10.15 10:38 am


Tasmania has become synonymous with quality produce and artisanal food producers with the diversity of our food production culture and fertile soils celebrated. Yet at the same time a surprisingly large number of Tasmanian’s cannot afford a healthy diet and social media is full of prominent voices claiming that conflicting diets are the most sustainable.

“Should we be eating a strictly vegetable diet or only items that would have been available to Paleolithic humas? Is it better to buy organic chickpeas from overseas or frozen peas grown in Northern Tasmania?” These are some of the tricky questions that plague many of us trying to eat sustainably in Tasmania, says Festival Director Lissa Villeneuve.

So, with our reputation as a quality, clean, green food producer and a high percentage of Tasmanians concerned about making good food choices, the Sustainable Living Festival
is bringing together some of the best thinkers and doers around the State to discuss what a sustainable Tasmanian diet might look,” said Festival Director Lissa Villeneuve.

“We’ve brought large and small scale producers, academics, and retailers together to explore the in’s and out’s of the topic and get beyond the bumper sticker slogans” continued Ms Villeneuve.

You can ask questions of the esteemed panel in advance by going to by 24th October.  Some of these questions will be answered on the day as well as questions taken from the live audience.

The Sustainable Tasmanian Diet presentation is on 31st October at 2.30pm as part of the 2015 Sustainable Living Festival at PW1.


James Kirkpatrick, University of Tasmania
Jarod Santana, Mapali Farm
Louise Sales, Hobart City Farm
Alban Johnson, Eumarrah
Rohan Johnson, University of Tasmania
Will Bignell, Thorpe Farm


A partnership that delivers school holiday smiles

THAT Chairperson Chris Symonds, Colony 47 CEO Therese Taylor
08.10.15 8:39 am


Tasmania Hospitality Association Together (THAT) and Colony 47 have partnered to provide young people and families with an outing to the movies at Village Cinemas.

Approximately 300 young people in Hobart and Launceston will be given the opportunity to attend a movie session during the school holidays. 

Event Details:

8th October 2015
11.00 a.m.
Village Cinema

9th October 2015
11.30 a.m.
Village Cinema

Colony 47 focuses on five key areas to create a fairer community and improve the lives of disadvantaged Tasmanians. Our programs work across housing and homelessness, mental health, education, employment and community development.


Government must drop undemocratic citizenship laws

Australian Greens spokesperson for legal affairs Senator Nick McKim
08.10.15 6:57 am

Australian Greens spokesperson for legal affairs Senator Nick McKim has called on Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to show leadership and dump the Government’s undemocratic changes to citizenship laws.

Senator McKim said he welcomed Mr Turnbull’s efforts to re-engage with the Islamic community, but said the citizenship laws risked undermining such moves.

“These proposals are an attack on some of the fundamental freedoms we enjoy as Australians,” Senator McKim said.

“They are inconsistent with the rule of law, and have the potential to disrupt the lives of between 4 and 6 million Australians who have dual nationalities.”

“Making this an administrative decision seriously increases the risk of abuses of power.”

Senator McKim said the Government should take notice of the fact that these changes could be defeated by a High Court challenge.

“We have had repeated experts tell the Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security that these laws are unconstitutional,” Senator McKim said.

“Attorney-General George Brandis should release the solicitor-general’s advice if he believes his legislation is so sound.”


Jacqui Lambie welcomes Tasmanian Senate Candidate Rob Waterman to the JLN

Rob Messenger for Senator Jacqui Lambie Senator for Tasmania
08.10.15 5:30 am


Independent Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie, has revealed that Rob Waterman will be a Tasmanian Senate Candidate for the JLN.

Click below to meet Rob Waterman

“Rob is already doing a great job serving the people of our state as the CEO of Rural Health Tasmania. He has a passion to help people recover from and find solutions to family violence, drug addiction, alcoholism, homelessness and mental illness.

He understands what some of the main issues and challenges that ordinary Tasmanians are facing – and importantly Rob knows how crucial and cost effective it is, to put in place early intervention programs / solutions.” said Senator Lambie.

“Rob Waterman agrees with, and strongly supports JLN’s policy to introduce national laws, which give parents the right to involuntarily or non-consensually detox their children, should they become addicted to drugs like Ice.

Rob makes the very important point that 30 to 60% of Methamphetamine users end up non–consensually in jail, without the right to proper medical treatment. So isn’t it better to intervene early when our children still have a chance at life and they don’t have to go to jail – and then they still have a chance to get their lives on track?” said Senator Lambie.

“Rob’s commonsense, life experience and compassion for those less well off and doing it tough – will be a welcome addition to the JLN. We’ll look to Rob for valuable policy input for a range of preventative health programs. What Rob Waterman says is true. For every dollar we invest in preventative initiatives the government will save $7 down the track.” said Senator Lambie.


Summary of events in West Papua for September

Anne Noonan, Jo Collins, Australia West Papua Association (Sydney)
07.10.15 7:23 pm

Read more here


Greens’ claims part of thinly veiled opposition to fuel reduction burns

Jacquie Petrusma, Acting Minister for Police and Emergency Management
07.10.15 6:17 pm

The Greens’ Cassy O’Connor and Rosalie Woodruff should hang their heads in shame for attempting to politicise such an important issue as bushfire safety.

We all know the Greens have an ideological opposition to fuel reduction burns, and their claims today should be seen entirely in that light.

While our hardworking career and volunteer firefighters have been out there protecting lives and property, the Greens are more intent on trying to score cheap political points.

The Liberal Government is committed to protecting Tasmanian communities from fire, and we have backed that up with a $28.5 million investment over four years in the most comprehensive cross-tenure fuel reduction program in this State’s history – a program which was opposed by the Greens when they were in government.

Under this program, a record nearly 30,000 hectares of land has been subject to fuel reduction this year, meaning that Tasmania is better prepared than ever for the coming bushfire season.


Biggest biosecurity reform in 100 years

teve Hannan, Westpac’s General Manager Agribusiness
07.10.15 3:49 pm

The passing of the Biosecurity Act 2015 is being hailed as the biggest reform to Australia’s biosecurity system in more than a century, and Westpac is encouraging Australian farmers and agribusinesses to have their say in how the associated regulations are being developed over the coming nine months.

The Biosecurity Act 2015 does not come into force until 16 June 2016, with the interval allowing people and organisations to make a smooth transition and to join in consultations as new Biosecurity Regulations are developed.

“The new Biosecurity Act has been more than six years in the making and the Department of Agriculture consulted with more than 400 organisations to get it right,” said Mr Steve Hannan, Westpac’s General Manager Agribusiness.

“This is good news for Australia’s farmers because a strong biosecurity system means crops are safer from exotic pests and livestock are safer from introduced diseases.

“A recent ABARES report found that an outbreak of foot and mouth disease (FMD) in Australia could devastate our livestock industries and cost billions of dollars over many years.

“The new biosecurity system will greatly reduce Australia’s risk of such devastating pests and diseases – plus it will reduce compliance costs across the supply chain because of improved processes.

“Westpac Agribusiness is keen to see all Australian agribusinesses become educated in the new biosecurity systems that will be put in place next year, particularly in the consultation process for the detailed regulations,” said Mr Hannan.

Public consultation is now open for the first regulation, and more information is available on the Department of Agriculture’s website.

“Our latest edition of Produce magazine has a more in depth feature about the new Act and what it means for Australia’s primary producers,” said Mr Hannan.

Produce can be found online at


Labor commits to social and emotional learning in schools

Rebecca White MP Shadow Health Minister
07.10.15 1:48 pm

Shadow Health Minister Rebecca White has marked Mental Health Week by launching a youth mental health policy.

14% of Australians experience mental health issues at some stage during adolescence, which is equivalent to 16,850 young people in Tasmania.

“It is widely acknowledged that early intervention and prevention during childhood and adolescence is the most effective way to address mental health issues,” Ms White said.

In government, Labor will introduce compulsory social and emotional learning (SEL) programs in Tasmanian schools.

“Social and emotional learning programs would be introduced into primary and high schools to compliment work already being done in classrooms.

“As leaders, we need to make sure there is appropriate support in schools for students experiencing mental ill-health.

“Introducing SEL programs into the classroom of every Tasmanian public school will help give all children the opportunity to develop personal and social competence, manage their emotions and behaviours, perceive and understand other people’s emotions and viewpoints and form positive relationships.

“Labor is committed to providing teachers and support staff with the appropriate resources to deliver SEL.

“We’re committed to addressing the stigma associated with mental health and determined to improve the health and wellbeing of all Tasmanians.”


Greens call on Government to refer Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement to Productivity Commission

Australian Greens spokesperson for Trade, Senator Peter Whish-Wilson
07.10.15 1:36 pm

The Australian Greens spokesperson for Trade, Senator Peter Whish-Wilson, has written to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to request that he refers the entire Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) to the Productivity Commission for full economic assessment.

Senator Whish-Wilson said, “The public and the Parliament have a right to hear the full story about the TPP, not just the spin from the government.

“The Treasury has previously said that the ‘benefits of FTAs currently under negotiation have been oversold and the negatives largely ignored.’ The Parliament and the public need to be given all the information so they can make up their own minds about the pros and cons of these deals because you can’t trust the government to tell us the whole truth.

“When selling the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement the government made a basic maths error and overstated the potential jobs benefit by a factor of thirty-three.

“Inquiry after inquiry, the most recent being the Harper Review of competition policy, have called for genuine independent economic analysis of the potential benefits AND costs of these deals.

“We strongly oppose the inclusion of Investor-State Dispute Settlement provisions in trade deals and we have enormous concerns about the impacts of changes to intellectual property laws, digital rights and financial regulation that may flow from the TPP.

“I have written to the Prime Minister asking him to refer the TPP to the Productivity Commission for assessment. If the TPP really is the ‘foundation stone for future prosperity’ that Malcolm Turnbull says it is then he should have no fear in putting it up for proper scrutiny,” Senator Whish-Wilson concluded.


Mental Health Council Supports Tasmanian Labor School Mental Health Policy

Catherine Delpero Communications Officer|Mental Health Council of Tasmania
07.10.15 1:21 pm

The Mental Council of Tasmania would like to express support for the announcement made today by
the Hon. Rebecca White MP, opposition spokesperson for health, on the Tasmanian Labor policy to
introduce compulsory social and emotional learning (SEL) programs into the school curriculum in

Through this proposed initiative, Tasmanian Labor have acknowledged the need for widespread
prevention and early intervention initiatives in schools that will assist Tasmanian children to build
resilience and develop the skills to maintain their own mental health and emotional wellbeing.

“We are pleased to see that whilst we are focussed on reforming the mental health system to deliver
a better model of care for everyone, this policy addresses the need to ensure we are actively putting
measures in place that will prevent mental illness and equip our children to assess how they are
feeling and confidently seek help when they need it,” said Mental Health Council of Tasmania CEO,
Connie Digolis.

“By starting initially in Primary schools and making it part of the compulsory curriculum, this
initiative seeks to guarantee that no child will fall through the cracks in terms of providing them the
best chance we can offer to build their social and emotional wellbeing skills at this crucial stage of

“It is the hope of the Mental Health Council that this policy be adopted with bipartisan support as
part of the ten year plan for reform the ‘Rethink Mental Health Project.’ Labor has proposed that
this program will have no additional costs as part of the budget so it will be important that it is
adequately resourced in order to have maximum impact for Tasmanian children, said Ms Digolis.”

Advice on how to report sensitively and accurately on mental health and suicide can be found at:

Download policy ...



Hawks celebrating our winning partnership

Will Hodgman, Premier
07.10.15 1:00 pm

The Hawthorn Football Club’s victory lap of the state today is a great opportunity for Tasmanians to share in their Grand Final victory.

It is a chance to meet the team behind the three-peat and say congrats, particularly to Tasmanian premiership player Grant Birchall.

This third successive Premiership puts Hawthorn among the greatest AFL teams of the modern era. It’s a terrific time for Tasmania to be their partner. It is a true partnership in every sense of the word – it is good for them, and it is even better for us.

This partnership draws interstate visitors to Tasmania, about one in three spectators at Aurora Stadium, to boost our tourism and hospitality sector during the traditionally quieter winter months.

It gives Tasmanians a chance to watch live AFL action in their backyard. It encourages our kids to get active and enjoy a healthy lifestyle, with about 45,000 young Tasmanians getting involved in Hawthorn’s community and school engagement programs.

And, it puts Tasmania on the map.  Saturday was the fifth time that Tasmania has been front and centre, emblazoned on the heart of the guernsey of every Hawk, at an AFL Grand Final.

For more than 120 minutes our state was seen by almost 100,000 fans live at the MCG, a domestic TV audience estimated to be more than 2.5 million and a global audience spanning 250 countries.

This audience isn’t just sports fans; it includes holiday-makers, investors, and expats thinking of coming home.  Putting Tasmania centre-stage makes our state front of mind for many, and turns a great spectacle into a great opportunity for our state.

While every dollar we invest in Hawthorn is returned nearly ten-fold in direct spending and exposure, we also make a very important contribution to the Hawks. For the Hawks, they have a sponsor who backs them in every single way.

They have Aurora Stadium, where they’ve won the past 15 games; the club’s longest winning streak at any ground.

And, they have a legion of loyal Tassie fans including 9,000 members, which represents more than 12 per cent of their total membership.

By any measure, our partnership is a valuable one. Whether the future holds another flag or not, Hawthorn and Tasmania are both winners out of this deal.


Kids’ talent on show at RHH

Michael Ferguson, Minister for Health
07.10.15 12:52 pm

The Hodgman Liberal Government is fixing the broken health system and just yesterday an important milestone in rescuing the Royal Hobart Hospital was reached with the start of construction of the temporary forecourt facility.

The forecourt is now a construction zone with hoardings in place so that works can get underway.

Hospitals can be stressful and scary places for patients, especially if you are a child facing serious health challenges. To brighten the surroundings and help distract young patients the Royal Hobart Hospital conducted an art project involving children and families at the hospital.

Today I was very pleased to inspect the artwork which will be placed on hoardings and present certificates to those who had participated.

The creative artworks will help make the hospital a nicer place during construction and highlight the artistic skill of the young participants.

I wish to thank the children who are contributing to the rescued Royal redevelopment.


Improved facilities at Mt Field National Park Visitor Centre

Guy Barnett, Parliamentary Secretary to the Premier
07.10.15 12:47 pm

Construction is under way on a project to improve facilities at the Mt Field National Park Visitor Centre as the park continues to see record visitor numbers.

Tasmania’s world-class natural environment is a key part of the Hodgman Liberal Government’s plan to attract 1.5 million visitors per year by 2020 and recent visitation figures to parks showed 52,000 more visitors in 2014-15 than the previous year.

The Mt Field visitor centre extension will add about 40 square metres of dining and retail floor space to the visitor centre providing an improved function area for the Waterfalls Café at the centre.

The Waterfalls Café proprietors, Rachel and Greg Power, are to be congratulated for providing a quality café and gallery with much improved customer service. This building extension will help to service the demand created by this increased business activity.

Construction has started and is expected to be completed in early December 2015, in time for summer peak visitation period.

Mt Field National Park had record visitation for year ending June 2015 with more than 146,000 visitors recorded. The majority of visitors are on day trips around the visitor centre taking in Great Short Walks such as Russell Falls and the Lady Barron Falls circuit.


Invitation - 2015 Nikon-Walkley Awards for Excellence in Photojournalism and the Walkley Documentary

The Walkley Foundation. First pub: Sept 22
07.10.15 12:45 pm


Download invitation ...



A partnership that delivers school holiday smiles

THAT Chairperson Chris Symonds
07.10.15 12:45 pm

Tasmania Hospitality Association Together (THAT) and Colony 47 have partnered to provide 200 young people with an outing to the movies at Village Cinemas.

THAT have generously purchased and donated the tickets to Colony47 to distribute to families.

THAT Chairperson Chris Symonds stated “As a result of cost of living pressures, too often families are excluded from participating in fun activities.

This is a wonderful opportunity for young people and their parents to share some quality time together and participate in a fun activity without having to feel the stress of financial constraints “ said Mr Symonds.

Colony47 this year has provided opportunities and solutions to over 20,000 vulnerable Tasmanians, including those with lived experience in homelessness, mental health, parenting challenges, financial difficulties and unemployment.

This is the second year that THAT and C47 have teamed up and CEO Therese Taylor is keen to see more projects developed between the two organisations, providing more opportunities for children and families. 

“Entertainment, such as a movie, is an extravagance for many families. This partnership allows many more families to enjoy time together.” Ms Taylor said.

Event Details:

8th October 2015
11.00 a.m.
Village Cinema

9th October 2015
11.30 a.m.
Village Cinema


AustSafe Super recognised for SuperRatings Awards

Craig Stevens, CEO of AustSafe Super
07.10.15 12:40 pm

AustSafe Super has been nominated as a Rising Star Finalist in the SuperRatings Fund of the Year Awards. This is the second time AustSafe Super has been nominated as a Rising Star Finalist in the SuperRatings Fund of the Year Awards.

The Rising Star Award seeks to recognise the fund that has excelled in terms of enhancing their value proposition to members through significantly improved services and benefits.

Craig Stevens, CEO of AustSafe Super says the industry super fund for rural and regional Australia has worked hard amid a raft of regulatory changes and reviews to deliver outstanding value for its members.

“This nomination is a pleasing acknowledgement for the Fund at a time when competition is increasing in the superannuation industry,” said Mr Stevens.

“The nomination recognises the hard work and effort that everyone at AustSafe Super has contributed over the last year improving our capabilities and the benefits for members.

“Rural and regional Australia has been doing it tough for a while now, and it’s nice to know we are helping in a small way by offering low fees,* outstanding performance and a raft of financial education and mental health programs to better support our members.

“This has been topped off with excellent returns on AustSafe Super’s MySuper (Balanced) investment option of 10.56%p.a. for the past financial year, and the third consecutive year of double digit returns for AustSafe Super’s MySuper (Balanced) investment option.

“These results reflect our strong history of returns to members, with the MySuper (Balanced) option producing above median results over 1, 3, 5, 7 and 10 years#,” said Mr Stevens. 

SuperRatings, an independent research company, helps Australians make informed decisions about their superannuation.

The awards will be presented at the 13th Annual SuperRatings Fund of the Year Awards on October 13.


IAB and Nielsen Release First Mobile Ratings Report

Alice Manners CEO - IAB Australia
07.10.15 9:26 am


Source: Mobile Ratings Report, July 2015

Industry moves closer to cross-device and daily audience measurement

SYDNEY, 7th October, 2015:  IAB Australia and Nielsen today released Nielsen’s Mobile Ratings Report, the first official step towards releasing the industry-supported smartphone and tablet audience measurement for the Australia market. It follows on from the pilot work completed in 2014 by IAB Australia, the digital industry and Nielsen to build quality panels to measure smartphone and tablet users.

The release of mobile audience data via the Mobile Ratings Report is the first phase of major upgrades to the digital audience measurement system in Australia.  In early 2016 the Mobile Ratings Report will be replaced by Digital Ratings Monthly which will fuse smartphone and tablet panel data with Nielsen’s home/work PC panel data and tagged website data. Digital Ratings Monthly will be the base for further development which will see Nielsen transition to daily delivery of digital audience data through Digital Content Ratings, which is slated for launch in mid-2016.

According to Lisa Walsh, IAB Research Director, the release of the Mobile Ratings Report is another significant step towards the provision of comprehensive cross platform digital audience measurement and daily audience measurement. 

“With over 15 million Australians now owning a smartphone and some 12 million owning a tablet device, these two devices count for 59 percent of all time spent online.  It’s critical that the industry has access to data which quantifies the importance of mobile media audiences and helps to inform marketing investments in the digital realm.

“This report tackles a particularly complex area of measurement and we are confident publishers and agencies alike will gain considerable insights from it. We look forward to continuing to work closely with the industry to ensure Australia remains at the forefront of digital audience measurement globally,” said Walsh.

Ed Harrison, IAB Board Chairman and Yahoo7 CEO, commented: “Australia is once again at the forefront of measurement globally, becoming just the fourth market in the world where Nielsen has established a mobile panel.  We are confident we will continue to achieve industry milestones with the next iteration of our online measurement currency due next year thanks to the strong support of publishers, who are working closely with Nielsen.”

Head of Nielsen’s Media Industry Group, Monique Perry said that through support from IAB Australia and the digital industry, Nielsen has been able to focus and invest heavily in technology, platforms and meters that can measure these important mobile audiences.

“This data gives the industry an independent first view of Australian mobile audiences and is a fundamental input into IAB Australia and Nielsen’s more comprehensive trading currency, Digital Ratings Monthly,” said Perry.

Key findings of the July 2015, Mobile Ratings Report include:

12.5 million Australians accessed the internet on smartphones and 7.4 million Australians on tablets
Australians 18+ spend more time on smartphones than any other digital device, with just over 33 hours per person per month spent browsing or using apps
Current Events and Global News category is dominated by the same brands that have historically been strong on desktop (,
9 million Australians used commerce or shopping sites on their smartphone and 5 million on their tablet
Over 10.7 million Australians used video and streaming services on their smartphone and 5.2 million on their tablets
75% of Australian smartphone users are connecting to financial services or information every month
Time spent browsing or on applications is now highest on smartphones than desktop or any other device with 42 percent of total time spent on smartphones;
More than 10 million Australians are using smartphones for entertainment, news, social and search each month;
More than eight million are using smartphones for shopping, music, travel and gaming;
Google and Facebook are the leaders in both smartphone and tablet rankings with a number of other global brands being very high in rankings.  Local companies also feature strongly with Yahoo!7, Telstra, Fairfax, Coles, Commonwealth Bank and News all ranking highly.
According to the IAB PWC Online Advertising Expenditure Report issued in May 2015, close to one-third of all display digital advertising dollars in Australia was spent on mobile advertising in the March quarter of 2015.



The Mobile Rating Report provides a first look at results based on the mobile panel which consists of 2,000 iOS and Android smartphone users and 500 iOS and Android tablet users aged 18+.  This panel is nationally representative of Australian smartphone and tablet internet users, has individual privacy agreements in place with all panellists and passively measures the online behaviour of panellists on their mobile device through an on-device meter (Android) or proxy solution (iOS).  The panels provide granular data on a monthly basis that can be used by media buyers and sellers to better understand the mobile consumer and assess the opportunities available in what is now a significant media channel.

The full Mobile Ratings Report will be uploaded to the Nielsen website on the 7th October.

About The Interactive Advertising Bureau

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Limited is the peak trade association for online advertising in Australia and was incorporated in July 2010. As one of over 43 IAB offices globally, and with a rapidly growing membership, IAB Australia’s principal objective is to support and enable the media and marketing industry to ensure that they thrive in the digital economy.

The role of the IAB is to work with its members and the broader advertising and marketing industry to assist marketers to identify how best to employ online as part of their marketing strategy, to better target and engage their customers and build their brands.

By addressing the core pillars of growth of the online advertising industry - simplified and standard online audience measurement, research, and online operational standards and guidelines, and regulatory affairs, IAB Australia leverages the skills, experience and commitment of its members to advocate the benefits of online advertising by acting as an authoritative and objective source for all online advertising issues whilst promoting industry-wide best practice.

IAB Australia is a registered not-for-profit organisation; membership fees and revenue generated is invested back into the IAB’s membership benefits such as resources, events, reporting, and industry representation.

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Nielsen N.V. (NYSE: NLSN) is a global performance management company that provides a comprehensive understanding of what consumers Watch and Buy. Nielsen’s Watch segment provides media and advertising clients with Total Audience measurement services across all devices where content — video, audio and text — is consumed. The Buy segment offers consumer packaged goods manufacturers and retailers the industry’s only global view of retail performance measurement. By integrating information from its Watch and Buy segments and other data sources, Nielsen provides its clients with both world-class measurement as well as analytics that help improve performance.  Nielsen, an S&P 500 company, has operations in over 100 countries that cover more than 90 percent of the world’s population.

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