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Steven Chaffer, The Bob Brown Foundation
30.07.16 6:05 am

Frydenberg must act: Brown

Federal environment minister Josh Frydenberg should take immediate action against the men responsible for chain sawing down vital nesting trees for Australia’s critically endangered Swift parrot, environmentalist Bob Brown said tonight.

“Under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999, it is illegal to take actions which affect rare or endangered species.”

“The destruction of important nesting trees for one of the world’s most remarkable parrots, which is listed globally as ‘critically endangered’, requires Minister Frydenberg to act.”

“Environmental crime is crime. It is high time we had a minister in Australia that acted to uphold the laws meant to protect this nation’s remarkable but disappearing wildlife.”

“The Swift parrot, the world’s fastest parrot, crosses Bass Strait on its annual migration from the mainland to Tasmania in 3 hours (the Spirit of Tasmania takes all night). But it is down to perhaps 1000 breeding pairs and depends on trees like those now destroyed to regenerate. No trees, no nests: no nests, no birds.”


State and national health leaders come together for Tasmanian Health Conference

Ned Worledge
29.07.16 4:02 pm

Around 150 health professionals, health advocates and members of government will meet in Hobart tomorrow for the 2016 Tasmanian Health Conference at the Menzies Research Institute. 

The theme of this year’s conference is Communities of health: It takes more than an apple a day.  The 2016 Tasmanian Health Conference aims bring delegates up-to-date on recent developments in the health, aged and social care sectors while showcasing frontline activities keeping people well and out of hospital. 

AMA Tasmania President Dr Stuart Day said the conference is an important opportunity for Tasmania’s health leaders to come together to discuss the future of the state’s health system and the health of the population. 

“If Tasmania is to achieve the state government’s target of making Tasmania the healthiest state in Australian by 2025, it is going to take a collaborative effort between GPs, hospitals, not-for-profitgroups and government. 

“The community has made it clear, particularly throughout the federal election, the health of our population and our health care systems needs to be addressed and there is no question that action is needed now to head off an unprecedented level of chronic illness and pressure on our health, aged and social care services in the not-too-distant future. 

“The 2016 Tasmanian Health Conference aims to further conversations around how organisations can work with each other, and with government, to deliver solutions for the community.”  This year’s conference will hear from an array of speakers including a keynote presentation from the Director of the Centre for Health Promotion and Research, Dr Garry Egger. 

Attendees of the conference include AMA National President, Dr Michael Gannon and AMA Secretary General, Ms Anne Trimmer. 

The full Tasmanian Health Conference program is attached to this email and available to download at


Meehan Monster Digest - 2016 Entries are NOW OPEN!

Meehan Monster Crew
29.07.16 3:58 pm


As the nice Monster newsreader chap points out - Entries are Now Open for the Meehan Monster for 2016. Get your entry in soon!

And if you haven’t already put in your calendar, race day for Meehan Monster 3 is October 9th 2016!

The Meehan Monsters have specifically requested that everyone wear their most tasty riding gear, and please don’t worry about the chewy bits, if they can chew through carbon fibre bike frames, they’ll get through your bike shoes too!

- The Meehan Monster + The Monster Crew.

Enter HERE




Georgina Gartland
29.07.16 1:58 pm


Monday night’s horrific exposure of state sanctioned abuse and torture of vulnerable Aboriginal children at Don Dale detention centre Northern Territory (NT) shocked and outraged the nation.  Social media, Australian and International print media, many organisations, the Federal Government and then the NT Government strongly called for urgent action.

Within twelve hours, PM Turnbull called for a Royal Commission. The terms of reference were announced last night - they have been determined without any input from Aboriginal people!  NT Aboriginal people had been demanding more.

Aboriginal Peak Organisations (APO) of the NT had called for the NT Government to be dissolved.  Over one hundred organisations, Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal, called for the Royal Commission to be “independent…from the Northern Territory Government ...and…chaired by an appropriate expert ... [and that it]... must have Aboriginal representation from the NT.”  There are calls for a second Royal Commissioner to be appointed, one from the NT and Aboriginal, and to be appointed by NT Aboriginal groups. There is a great lack of trust.

Previous distressing reports had been silenced and Territory and Federal sanctioned legislation has allowed this inhumanity and abuse to continue to fulminate. Earlier reports have also been ignored, like the 1997 Bringing them Home Report, the 1998 RCADIC and 2007 Little Children are Sacred report.  Many question what good another inquiry or report will do.

In addition, the increasing punitive nature of our Territory and national polices which stripped basic human rights, removed Aboriginal control, penalised and or criminalised Aboriginal alcoholism and school truancy, and the paperless arrest laws, recent legislation approving restraints, use of spit hoods and the detention of young children has placed Australia on a slippery slope towards inhumanity and criminality of vulnerable citizens. The NT has the highest imprisonment rates in Australia particularly of Aboriginal people [1].The polices are failing and are inherently racist.

Discrimination and demonisation of NT Aboriginal communities and denial of their right to self-determination since the 2007 NT Intervention, which was extended for another ten years (and rebadged with additional punitive laws) as Stronger [Stolen?] Futures has had profound adverse impacts on Aboriginal communities.

The removal of Aboriginal children from communities and placement into out of home care or other institutions, the coercing of Aboriginal people off their homelands and into hub towns, and the pushing of Aboriginal children into boarding schools rather than provide choice through distance education models (as is available to non-Aboriginal children) raises other concerns; land is intricately connected to Aboriginal wellbeing and they have a responsibility to it.  Racist laws need to be repealed and Human Rights principles implemented so that our communities and children may flourish.

Rosalie Kunoth Monks OAM, Arrente Alyawerr woman and NT person of the Year 2015 believes these horrific acts are part of the ongoing abuse and neglect on her people and children. She was part of the stolen generations and does not want a knee jerk response. She says,

“We saw kids removed, institutionalised and imprisoned through the 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s.  We need healing centres not kids taken away again or abused.  The tears, the re-traumatisation and the pain run deep. ... Our little children are sacred and have been removed from our communities at alarming rates since the 2007 NT Intervention. First under the pretext of paedophilia rings [which was disproved in 2009] and then neglect!  We have the solutions but are denied these. We want our children brought home, our children and kin supported in culturally relevant solutions. Our children must be returned, Elders’ structures and solutions be respected and we – NT First Nations’ – be at the core of the solution.”

On child removal, a VACCA report recently noted that there “is a direct correlation with children entering out of home care, and children entering juvenile justice. In the NT the rate of Aboriginal children in out of home care is DOUBLE the national average. They represent 96% of juvenile detainees system in the same territory.”  In the NT children are flown out of communities away from kin, languages and culture.

Georgina Gartland of ‘concerned Australians’ says, “assimilation is in full swing and at the heart of this is the ongoing dehumanisation of Aboriginal people and children.

There is a broader and legislated disregard of First Nations peoples and their human and Indigenous rights are denied them. Australia legislates racism. The Intervention (which required the suspension of the 1976 RDA) and Stronger Futures are inherently racist and were not consented to. Australia is in breach of the Committee for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD) & GR 32 on Special Measures, the ICSECR,  and ignores totally the United Nations’ Declaration of Human Rights of Indigenous peoples which it committed to in just 2009. This recent brutality is in breach of the Rights of the Child.”

This demands a broader response. First Nations peoples of the Northern Territory must be at the core of the processes and their solutions be implemented. There are calls for a second commissioner to be appointed - an Aboriginal person from the NT. We strongly support these calls.

Alastair Nicholson AO RFD QC, former Chief Justice of the Family Court firmly believes the NT Government must have no part in this inquiry, he goes further,
“The NT Government is part of the problem and it is quite inappropriate for it to have anything to do with the setting up of the Commission or the terms of reference or the selection of a Commissioner. The process is very much open to question if it did so.”

Natalie Cromb, Gamilaraay woman, questions power structures and governments that allow violence and racism and questions what will come of yet another report or Royal Commission. She, like many others, wants justice. She adds,

“Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders do not want more words written in reports that will be ignored. We want justice. We want change. We want the corrections officers to be held criminally culpable. We want the officers of the government held to account, the way that officers of a company would be if such conduct occurred under their watch. We want the systemic racism that targets Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to cease by first overturning the apartheidesque Intervention and we want all Australians to act. To command the government to act.  To demand change.

Self-determination will be a key part of the change and Aboriginal involvement is essential. To date Aboriginal input has been denied. The NT Government must not be part of this Royal Commission process which needs to be completely independent, transparent and have strong Aboriginal involvement.

We support the calls for the appointment of a second Commissioner - an Aboriginal person of the NT


Rosalie Kunoth- Monks
Natalie Cromb          
Alastair Nicholson      
Georgina Gartland



Amanda Street, Hobart Branch Vice President
29.07.16 1:50 pm

For more than 10 years, the annual Make-A-Wish Hobart Gala Ball has provided a magical night of fun, frivolity and fundraising for a great cause.

In the last 10 years, the Ball has raised an incredible amount of more than $400,000, thanks to the generosity of the Tasmanian community.  All funds raised help make wishes come true for children with a life-threatening illness.

This year’s theme is ‘vintage circus’, with guests encouraged to dust off their top hats, sequins, or clown shoes and head to Wrest Point Entertainment Centre on the evening of Saturday 30 July.

Make-A-Wish patron and inspirational speaker Robyn Moore, live music from The Hobart Navy Band, and an opportunity to bid on some incredible one-of-a-kind auction items from generous supporters.

Date: Saturday 30 July 2016
Time: 6.45pm pre-dinner drinks for 7.30pm start
Venue: Wrest Point Entertainment Centre, 410 Sandy Bay Road, Hobart



29.07.16 1:47 pm


Senator Catryna Bilyk today attended the opening of the Rowallan Park supported accommodation facility in Jindabyne Road, Kingston, for which she had worked to secure Commonwealth funding.

The Rowallan Park project has provided a mix of houses, townhouses and units for 12 people with severe or profound disability.

“I take personal pride in seeing this facility opened, having provided support, advice and assistance to the Kingston Uniting Church on this project over several years, and taking a central role in ensuring the $2.8 million in funding was committed under the former Labor Government,” Senator Bilyk said.

Senator Bilyk said that the project would provide a more secure future for people with disability in Southern Tasmania.

“A project such as Rowallan Park takes an innovative approach to providing supported accommodation to people with disability, and it is a project that I hope will be showcased and replicated across Australia,” Senator Bilyk said.

During its development the project has also provided a number of local construction jobs in Kingston.

A parent of one of the Rowallan Park residents, Janine Romaszko, who had also been instrumental in seeing the project delivered, acknowledged Senator Bilyk’s role in her speech at the opening.

“Senator Catryna Bilyk directed us towards the Federal Supported Accomodation Innovation Fund and supported us through that process and throughout the whole project,” Ms Romaszko said.



Richard Prosser MP New Zealand Spokesperson for Outdoor Recreation
29.07.16 5:58 am

Conservation Minister Maggie Barrie is totally ignoring the serious risks of using 1080 in her plan to make New Zealand predator free by 2050.

“She is so out of touch she once stated in Parliament that there is more 1080 in a cup of tea than in a poison bait which is totally absurd,” New Zealand First Spokesman for Outdoor Recreation Richard Prosser says.

“The fact is the World Health Organisation lists Compound 1080 as a Class 1 deadly poison and they don’t do that with tea.

“Her reckless approval of 1080 is unfortunately placing the health of New Zealanders, and dogs at serious risk.

“She claims:

1. ‘1080 breaks down in 48 hours, and keep dogs out of the 1080 areas for about 2 days.’
FACT: Dogs are susceptible to 1080. Her own department warns baits can remain dangerous for weeks and in poisoned carcasses for months.

2. ‘1080 is safe because it is ‘plant-based’.’
FACT: The only plant that has any connection with 1080 is the Tull Chemicals plant in Alabama.  Compound 1080 is a synthetic toxin manufactured from Fluoroacetate which is plant based.  They replicate/synthesise the plant toxin and add sodium to it to make 1080.

3. ‘1080 is safe because it is ‘water soluble’.’ 
FACT: Water solubility is what makes 1080 dangerous. It hastens the digestive uptake of the poison by birds and animals and other susceptible air-breathing species and allows the toxin to spread very fast in the environment. When added to water, the toxic fluoroacetate molecule remains intact. The manufacturer’s instructions specifically exclude the use of 1080 in or near waterways.

4. ‘There is more 1080 in a cup of tea.’
FACT: Fluoroacetate (not 1080) is in some teas, of which, depending on the tea, a person would have to drink between 800 and 5000 cups at one sitting to reach a dangerous dose level.

“All of this shows that if the minister and the government think it is right to tell New Zealand that 1080 is safe then they have no right to be running this country,” Mr Prosser says.


NZ: Zero Invasive Predators ... and Scientists

New Zealand’s impossible dream: a Predator Free Country


Lambie replies to questions about 6 or 3-year Senate terms

Rob Messenger for Independent Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie
28.07.16 5:22 pm

Whether my Senate term is 6 years or 3 – my team and I will work as hard as we can to deliver a better deal and more to Tasmania, JLN Independent Senator for Tasmania, Jacqui Lambie has said after media posed questions about about the length of Senate terms.

“While much has been written about who receives a 6 or 3 year Senate term following a double disillusion election – when it all boils down – it’s a simple process. Tradition, precedent, conventions and section 13 of the Australian constitution lay out the rules and guidelines, which give clear direction to the Senate when it is time to make a decision on who is to serve a 6 or 3-year term.

Parliamentary Library research I commissioned reports: As Odger’s Senate Practice states:

On the seven occasions that it has been necessary to divide the Senate for the purposes of rotation, the practice has been to allocate senators according to the order of their election.

Following this DD election, the independent umpire or Australian Electoral Commission has just published their official Senate order of election for Tasmania. It shows that according to the AEC, I’m placed in position 4 out of 12 senators. This means the JLN has received the 4th highest Senate vote in Tasmania.

This fact is re-enforced by the AEC count below the line, which shows I received the 3rd highest personal vote of all senate candidates with 11,463 votes. My personal vote total is greater that any Greens senate candidate, all Labor Senate candidates - except Senator Singh and all Liberal Senate candidates except former Senator Colbeck.

So if the Senate follows tradition, precedent and section 13 of the Australia’s constitution - I will be allocated a 6-year term. ABC election expert, Anthony Green backs up my view. Mr Green recently wrote; The outcome of the order elected method is clear. It would grant six-year terms to 16 Coalition Senators, 13 Labor, three Greens, two Nick Xenophon Team members, plus Jacqui Lambie and Pauline Hanson.

However despite all the facts, laws, senate traditions, conventions and Australian constitution being in favour of a 6 year term – I still don’t underestimate the will or ability of the major political parties to gang up and manipulate the rules. I would not be surprised if the big political parties ignored 115 years of Australian Senate convention - in order to give themselves a political advantage. Should that occur, then it will be up to the people of Tasmania at the next election to decide if they are happy with that sort of behaviour or not.



Vanessa Armstrong
28.07.16 6:15 am


Join the Convict City Rollers and teams from Launceston, Victoria and Sydney this weekend as they go head to head in the year’s season highlight!

The Convicts’ first game since returning from the national Great Southern Slam, fans can expect two hard hitting battles on Saturday night, backing this up with another three matches on Sunday.

The games come in the midst of an exciting season for the Convicts since securing their own training venue and receiving full membership to the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association. Convicts join a handful of leagues nationwide that have their own training space. This will allow further training opportunities for juniors and introductory classes.



Tasmanian Leaders Showcase Community Projects

Angela Driver
27.07.16 6:04 pm

When: Friday 29 July, 4:30pm – 6:00pm
Where: Tonic Bar, Country Club Casino, Launceston

During the 2016 Tasmanian Leaders Alumni Congress, Tasmanian Leaders Inc. (TLI) will celebrate the work its leadership program graduates are doing in the community.

The Tasmanian Leaders Program (TLP) identifies, promotes and develops aspiring business and community leaders, creating significant future benefits for both them and Tasmania. Each year, a new group of participants with one thing in common – high leadership potential – is selected, deliberately from diverse backgrounds, to come together regularly over a one year period to learn and cultivate a range of specific competencies crucial to leaders.

Now in its tenth year, the program has provided over 200 aspiring Tasmanian leaders with a fresh outlook on how to confidently work and communicate with others and how to achieve more in both their personal and professional lives.

Program graduates have established an active alumnus to sustain their leadership development in a variety of ways which extend and complement the aims and objectives of the program. A core feature of their regular events is a two day congress, which is being held at the Country Club Casino Friday 29 July and Saturday 30 July.

A key component of the Tasmanian Leaders Program is the undertaking of a project by each of the participants in small syndicate groups. Projects must benefit the Tasmanian community, and fit the mantra ‘big enough to do, small enough to matter’.

“This has great benefits for Tasmania, as well as the participants who have the opportunity to apply the skills and knowledge they have learnt from the program”, said General Manager Angela Driver.

On Friday 29 July, 4.30pm – 6.00ppmn at Tonic Bar, Country Club Casino, graduates of the 2015 program will formally present their projects to an audience and a curated panel including Jim Dennis, KPMG Director; Jill Dearing, Winifred Booth Estate; and Ginna Webster, Chair Tasmanian Leaders Inc.

Ginna Webster, Tasmanian Leaders Inc. Chair, believes the project presentations support Tasmanian Leaders vision to be valued as a key contributor to the Tasmanian economy and community through promoting leadership, facilitating networks and providing sought–after programs.

Presentations will highlight key outcomes, including learnings and will celebrate progress to date.

Projects Are:

Title: The Invermay Primary School Breakfast Program
The “Foodies” learning set wanted to support both healthy eating and education within the community. They aimed to achieve this through the development of a free breakfast program for children at a school in need.

Title: Bruny Island Quarantine Station Strategic Plan:
The Urban Legends are providing a clear strategic direction for the Bruny Island Quarantine Station, as well as providing an avenue for educational opportunities for schools. The Strategic Plan will provide a foundation for the business which will attract greater visitations to the Station and in turn greater investment. The Station will be seen as a destination for visitors of Bruny Island and seen as great educational opportunity for schools.

Title: Promoting Partnerships with the Marine Discovery Centre
The project being undertaken by TLP9 Mentoring Linking Group is focused on helping to increase awareness of the Marine Discovery Centre, an amazing but under-valued educational resource in SE Tasmania. The project arose out of the groups strong desire to help Tasmanian kids get engaged with education and be inspired by the world around them. As the Mentoring learning set we felt this project aligned well with our mentoring focus. In this project we are working closely with Marine Discovery Centre to help them develop a model that they can use now and in the future to promote partnerships, and improve both investment and school and community engagement.

Title: Mentoring Tasmania’s Youth ‘Team Tassie’
Team Tassie took on an exciting project opportunity “Tasmanian Leaders Mentoring Tasmania’s Youth”. The project is a great reflection of our passion for youth, education and Tasmania. Working with the eBeacon Foundation our project’s aim is to link secondary students to Tasmanian Leaders Alumni for advice on their career paths. Alumni will be able to support, inspire and encourage students in pursuing their careers. All Alumni are invited to express their interest and participate.

Photo/Interview Opportunity: Media is welcome to attend the presentations or to come at 4.00 pm to interview presenters prior.

Following the presentations, Tasmanian Leaders will be hosting a networking event to celebrate the success of our participants, which could provide an opportunity for your social pages.



27.07.16 6:00 pm

I am honoured to have been re-elected to the Senate as a Labor Senator for Tasmania.

The strong vote for Labor in Tasmania demonstrates that Tasmanians embraced Labor’s positive plans for the future—our plans to invest in our schools and hospitals, and to deliver the real optic fibre NBN—over Malcolm Turnbull and the Liberals tax cuts for big business and their plans to destroy Medicare.

I congratulate Ross Hart, Justine Keay and Brian Mitchell on their election as the Members for Bass, Braddon and Lyons respectively and Julie Collins on her re-election as the Member for Franklin.

Jane Austin ran a strong campaign, and it was disappointing not to see her elected as she would have made an excellent Member for Denison. Jane has been an outstanding contributor to her local community, and a strong advocate for mental health.

As Labor’s Duty Senator for Franklin, it has been a privilege to work with Julie. The more than five percent swing towards her shows that she is recognised as a hard-working Member and a strong voice for her electorate.

Furthermore, I congratulate Julie Collins, Senator Carol Brown and Senator Helen Polley—three very talented members of the Federal Labor caucus—on their appointment to the Shadow Ministry.

I also congratulate Senator Anne Urquhart on her re-election by the Labor caucus as Deputy Opposition Whip in the Senate. I look forward to continuing to work with her in the Labor Senate Whip team.

Returning five Labor senators was a strong result for the Labor team.

I thank John Short for all the work he has done supporting the Labor team. I know John has been a passionate advocate for workers’ rights and campaigner against family violence. Although he was unsuccessful on this occasion, when he has the chance to he will make a strong contribution to the Senate.

As a re-elected Senator for Tasmania, I will continue to advocate for the issues that I am passionate about—more research funding for rare cancers including brain cancer, a fair deal for Australia’s arts sector especially independent artists, a real optic-fibre National Broadband Network for Australian homes and businesses and better protection for Australia’s children from abuse and neglect.

I also look forward to working together with an expanded Tasmanian Federal Labor team to deliver results for Tasmania, as Tasmania’s Federal Labor caucus has done so many times in the past.

I believe that when you wear the team colours you play for the team. That is why I worked as part of the Labor team during the election to maximise our vote in both the House of Representatives and the Senate.


Explosive Pokies expose, Ka-Ching! Pokie Nation, to re-air on ABC1 as pokies hit political agenda

Clara Williams Roldan – Looking Glass Pictures
27.07.16 5:22 pm

The documentary that shook the Pokies industry, Ka-Ching! Pokie Nation, will re-air on ABC1 on August 1, as pokies reform returns to the political agenda in the new federal parliament.

Following its October broadcast, the film sparked a national conversation about pokies reform, trending #1 on Twitter and triggering law firm Maurice Blackburn to announce their ambitious case, that will seek to prove that poker machines are in breach of Australian law. 

The broadcast comes as pokies debate resurfaces, with the Nick Xenophon team, Andrew Wilkie and the Greens vowing to use their influence in the precarious new parliament to push for reform. 

Ka-Ching! Pokie Nation is a powerful expose of the ways that poker machines are programmed for addiction. Machine designers from Australia and the US go on the record to reveal exactly which components of the machines trigger addiction and why. World-leading neuroscientists share the science of why poker machines are so uniquely addictive, with many experts calling them “the crack cocaine of gambling”.

The film also explores the powerful alliance between the gambling industry and the government that’s seen the machines proliferation across Australia, largely in the poorest postcodes. Ka-Ching! shows how governments both left and right have become reliant on pokies taxes to fill budget holes, making them the biggest addicts of all. 

Independent MP Andrew Wilkie says, “Ka-Ching! Pokie Nation gives an invaluable insight into how poker machines are designed to be addictive. It’s essential that we shine a light on how these machines operate, and the predatory tactics the industry uses.

“Ka-Ching! is an important reminder of why we urgently need gambling reform in Australia. Especially important is the need to reduce poker machine problem gambling, by implementing effective harm minimisation measures like $1 maximum bets and mandatory pre-commitment.”

While 70% of Australians support pokies reform , attempts to reform the industry have been generally unsuccessful. This paradox was what motivated Ad Man Neil Lawrence, the creative force behind the Kevin07 campaign, to produce his final documentary: Ka-Ching! Pokie Nation.

Ka-Ching! Pokie Nation aired on ABC1 in October 2015, and reached 750,000 viewers. Since then, the film has been screened by local councils and community groups across Australia and internationally. It will air again on ABC1 on Monday 1 August at 11.30pm, and will be available on iView for two weeks.

Background information

In 2013-14, Australians lost $11 billion on poker machines (pokies) in clubs and hotels, with a further estimated $1.5 billion lost in casinos - averaging out to a loss of $7000 per adult per year.  But, these losses aren’t evenly distributed. A 2010 study by the Productivity Commission identified some 115,000 “problem gamblers” in Australia, who are estimated to make up 40% of the total losses on the pokies. 

Poker machines have occupied a unique space in the political landscape for many years. An extensive 2011 study by the Australian National University found that 70% of Australians supported tighter controls on gambling, and an overwhelming 74% supported the mandatory pre-commitment on betting put forward by Independent MP Andrew Wilkie and the Gillard Government in 2012. 

The subsequent failure of the Gillard Government to push through these proposed pokie reforms led to Independent MP Wilkie withdrawing his support for the minority government. Now, with Wilkie back in Parliament, and a more prominent role for gambling reform advocate Nick Xenophon and his new team of senators and MPs, pokies will again be on the political agenda.

Following the broadcast in October 2015, Maurice Blackburn announced that they will lodge a landmark case that draws on revelations from the documentary to show that poker machines are deliberately ‘misleading and deceptive’. The litigation will be lodged in the Federal Court in Victoria in the coming months.


Dr Stuart Day appointed AMA Tasmania President

Ned Worledge
27.07.16 5:21 pm

Following a meeting of the AMA Tasmania Board last night, AMA Tasmania is pleased to announce Dr Stuart Day has been appointed to the position of President.

Dr Day has been involved with the AMA at both a state and federal level for the past 20 years and has served as Vice-President of AMA Tasmania to A/Prof Tim Greenaway since 2014.

Dr Day has been AMA Tasmania’s representative on the Postgraduate Medical Education Council of Tasmania and the LGH Joint Unions Management Committee as well as President of the Tasmanian Salaried Medical Practitioners Society for more than 10 years, helping members from around the state on matters concerning working conditions and industrial relations. 
Dr Day said he was honoured to be appointed President and looks forward to helping Tasmania take the necessary steps towards achieving the state government’s goal of being the healthiest state in Australian by 2025. 

“It is no secret Tasmania’s public hospitals are facing significant challenges and there is no simple answer to combat this,” said Dr Day.

“We must find ways educate and assist Tasmanians to make positive lifestyle choices to address the need for hospitalisation and secondary health care, while also securing the necessary funding from state and federal governments to allow our general practitioners and hospitals to provide reliable services to those in need, and allow hospitals to maintain an appropriate number of beds as well as an appropriate number of nurses to staff those beds.

“I look forward to working closely with the Minister for Health, Michael Ferguson, and Tasmanian Health Service CEO, David Alcorn, to develop and implement initiatives and strategies to put Tasmanian on the path towards better health and better healthcare services.” 

Having moved to Tasmania from Sydney during his high school years, Dr Day completed his medical degree at the University of Tasmania in 1995 before undertaking anaesthetic training in Tasmania and South Australia, which were completed in early 2005.

Having worked at each of the state’s hospitals at various times, Dr Day brings with him a wide range of experiences to the role. 

Dr Day is currently working as a Specialist Anaesthetist at Launceston General Hospital. 
Outside of AMA Tasmania, Dr Day is actively involved in Australian Society of Anaesthetists, as past Tasmania Chair and current committee member, as well as the Tasmanian Regional Committee of Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists. 


Change in healthcare provider ensures Tasman community is priority

27.07.16 5:19 pm

The District Nurses has formally confirmed the signing of a Heads of Agreement with Huonville-based Huon Eldercare for the transfer of services for the Tasman Health and Community Service (TH&CS) Centre.

Today’s announcement will see the operational services of Tasman’s community multi-purpose centre transfer in October of this year.

The District Nurses Chief Executive, Kim Macgowan, said both The District Nurses and Huon Eldercare have ensured the community has been their primary focus throughout the handover process.

“Our goal was to ensure the local community continued to receive quality health care services, therefore when we were approached by another service provider, we entered into discussions to explore the feasibility of transferring the contract,” Ms Macgowan said. 

“After a lengthy negotiation period to ensure the quality of services to the community would remain high, Huon Eldercare lodged an expression of interest to take over the TH&CS service contract upon expiry.

“We want to take this opportunity to assure the community that all decisions have been made in order to provide the local community the best possible health care services.

“As part of the handover, Huon Eldercare is committed to delivering the highest possible standard of care and to ensure this, will also develop a health care plan to identify the health care needs of the broader community.”

In 2009 The District Nurses were awarded the contract from State and Australian Government departments to provide nursing and health care services through the Tasman Health & Community Service (TH&CS), a community multi-purpose centre in the municipality of Tasman in Tasmania’s south-east.

Since taking over the contract The District Nurses have consistently met or exceeded their contractual obligations, which has been acknowledged by the State and Australian Government departments who were responsible for the contract.

Huon Eldercare is a community based not-for-profit organisation providing rural health services, residential services and community care packages, and will take over the operations of the TH&CS as of the 1 October 2016.


FoodWorks Risdon Vale voted “Best of the Best” in Hobart

Richard Elenbaas
27.07.16 11:03 am

A local FoodWorks supermarket in Hobart’s outer suburb of Risdon Vale has been voted the best corner store or supermarket in the city and surrounds.

Regular shoppers and other locals showed their support for FoodWorks Risdon Vale by calling in to 101.7 7HOFM Hobart and placing their votes, as well as voting online through the station’s website.

Hobart’s favourite food store

After the votes were counted, a 7HOFM presenter surprised the FoodWorks team by appearing at the store to announce their win and present the staff with an A3 window sticker celebrating their achievement.

The Best of the Best awards take place throughout July and invite Hobart locals to support their favourite businesses across a number of categories, from hairdressers to mechanics. As Hobart’s best supermarket, FoodWorks Risdon Vale now goes head-to- head with other businesses at the top of their respective categories.

The business with the most overall votes will receive a free radio advertising package worth more than $5000, as well as the prestige of being named “best of the best of the best” in Hobart and surrounds.


Taswater’s Triabunna & Orford sewerage upgrade complete

27.07.16 10:59 am


Swimmers, fishers and locals in Orford will be pleased with the news that TasWater has completed work on an upgraded treated effluent outfall at Quarry Point, providing a significant improvement to the area’s environmental health and amenity.

The Orford treated effluent outfall is located below sandstone cliffs between Spring Beach and East Shelley Beach.

The original concrete underwater pipeline was damaged during a storm in 2015 breaking off about 80 metres of the 100 metre pipeline.

TasWater CEO Michael Brewster said the new pipeline not only fixes the broken structure but provides a much improved outfall facility by extending a further 180 metres into Mercury Passage.

“It provides better disposal and distribution of the treated effluent from the Orford Sewage Treatment Plant thereby reducing any potential public health and environmental risks for users of the popular water way.”

The new pipeline is also buried underground over a section where previously it was bolted to an historic sandstone quarry, the source of stone for some of Melbourne’s historic buildings. The new pipeline runs underground from the top of Quarry Point, achieved by directionally drilling a hole through the point’s bedrock and under the seabed.

During the drilling work, carried out by Wynyard based contractor Jemrok, Manning Drive and the walking track at Quarry Point were temporarily closed.

“Now reopened, we would like to thank the residents of Orford and Manning Drive in particular, for their patience as TasWater completed its work,” Mr Brewster said.

“This project is part of TasWater’s Orford and Triabunna Water and Sewerage Strategy which sets out the long term infrastructure needs of the area, targeting growing demand, compliance with Environment Protection Authority regulations and to secure the water supply and environmental health of this region for future generations.”

Click on this link to veiw video of the undersea construction work, courtesy of Jemrok:—-Environment/Water—-Sewerage-Improvement-Projects/Water—-Sewerage-Improvement-Projects


Liberal Government must avoid discrimination and give $5.3M to scuttle Tobruk, Lambie tells PM

Rob Messenger for Senator Jacqui Lambie Senator for Tasmania
27.07.16 9:00 am

Three other states have received each on average - over $5M from the Commonwealth Government to scuttle de-commissioned naval ships – we deserve the same deal JLN Independent Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie has said.

“I wrote to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull yesterday, (see attached) highlighting the importance of the HMAS Tobruk for Tasmanian tourism, and I asked him to take necessary action and instruct Defence Minister Marise Payne to reverse her Department’s recent decision to not attach funding to the relocation and scuttling of ex-naval vessels,” Senator Lambie said.

“Scuttling the HMAS Tobruk in Skeleton Bay on the East Coast of Tasmania, would create hundreds of jobs, attract 1000s of divers to our state, and inject at least $5 million a year into the local economy. This is a hand-up for Tasmania - not a hand-out.

“The precedent of Commonwealth support has already been set, with three examples of almost $16 million invested by the Commonwealth into the relocation and scuttling of ex-naval vessels in Queensland, Victoria, and New South Wales,” Senator Lambie said.

“Tasmania is the only state that does not enjoy the honour, economic, social, and educational benefits of having an ex-naval vessel resting in its waters. Prime Minister Turnbull should not discriminate against Tasmania, which deserves the same opportunities and investment as other states when it comes to Commonwealth funding for the relocation and scuttling of the HMAS Tobruk,” Senator Lambie said.

“The Commonwealth have a responsibility to ensure that any naval ship is properly disposed of once the Navy has finished with it. The Commonwealth commissioned the ship in the first place, they have a duty to make sure the ship is safely disposed of at the end of its service. Even if the ship is cut up for scrap – it will still cost the tax payers millions of dollars.” Senator Lambie said.

“They can’t deny that responsibility in the vain hope the state government will pick up their slack. As a diving site, the HMAS Tobruk will continue to serve in the national interest - but this time as a means to attract new wealth and business to Tasmanian communities,” Senator Lambie said.


Flood funds for primary producers welcomed

TFGA CEO Peter Skillern
27.07.16 7:05 am

Tasmania’s peak farming organisation has welcomed the announcement that up to $10,000 is now available to help primary producers who suffered direct damage as a result of the flooding that devastated areas of the State recently.

“We are pleased to hear that the State Government has acknowledged our concerns about the social, economic and environmental impacts that the floods have had on our farming communities,’’ TFGA CEO Peter Skillern said.

The grants are being provided under the jointly funded Commonwealth-State Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements (NDRRA).

“The TFGA will continue to advocate for our agricultural community at both a state and federal level to achieve important outcomes like this for our farmers in their time of need,” Mr Skillern said.


NT Aboriginal organisations call for NT Government to be dissolved ...

Georgina Gartland
26.07.16 6:43 pm

...  and demand input into Royal Commission

A coalition of Northern Territory Aboriginal organisations today called for the federal
Parliament to step in to dissolve the NT Government, following the exposure of the NT
Government’s barbaric abuse of children in detention.

“Any government that enacts policies designed to harm children and enables a culture of
brutalisation and cover-ups, surrenders its right to govern,” said spokesperson John

The federal Parliament has ultimate control over NT matters and can act to dissolve the
current NT Government and bring on an urgent NT election.

“We also urge the Prime Minister to ensure the NT Government plays no role in the
development or oversight of the Royal Commission.

It must be entirely independent of the NT Government, and chaired by an appropriate
independent expert and must have Aboriginal representation from the NT.

Local organisations and those working in this sector must have input into the terms of
reference. The terms of reference must:

• Encompass the entire NT youth justice system, not just issues relating to detention
• Examine all previous enquiries relating to youth justice in the NT for cover ups and
uncover why the recommendations were not implemented.
• Not limit how far into the past the Commission can inquire.
We also call for further immediate interim actions:
• The Commonwealth must appoint an alternative provider of youth detention and child
protection/out of home care for the NT. The NT Government cannot continue to deliver
these services while our kids remain at risk.
• The youth currently on remand should also be removed from the Darwin and Alice
Springs detention facilities immediately and placed in appropriate secure
• The office of the NT Children’s Commissioner must be appropriately and adequately
resourced to perform her statutory duties.

“That harm is being done to our children and our community in our name is unacceptable.
Those responsible, including ministers, advisers, bureaucrats and corrections employees
need to be held to account”, spokesperson Olga Havnen said.

“The NT Government has led a concerted and sustained campaign demonising young people
and to pass draconian laws inconsistent with recommendations made by successive
inquiries, including those of the NT Children’s Commissioner.

“We are seeking urgent discussions with the Prime Minister to ensure this Royal
Commission actually meets the needs of those most affected, and ultimately creates the
momentum for reform of the entire youth justice system in the NT.”

AMSANT – John Paterson
Danila Dilba – Olga Havnen
NAAJA – Priscilla Collins
Central Land Council – David Ross
CAALAS – Eileen Van Iersel 0418
Northern Land Council – Joe Morrison


TASSO Celebrate new office space

Cassandra Wells
26.07.16 4:12 pm



Health Budget Crisis Looming, Where’s Will?

Cassy O'Connor MP | Greens Leader
26.07.16 3:10 pm

The Tasmanian Budget is heading for crisis with an estimated $1.8 billion in Federal cuts to health beginning from 1 July next year. If these cuts aren’t reversed, they’ll devastate our public hospitals and health services.

The Liberals are back in government in Canberra. Premier Hodgman needs to seek an urgent meeting with the Prime Minister and fight to restore Tasmania’s fair share of Federal health funding as he told Tasmanians he would after the first and second harsh Abbott budgets.

We’ve heard nothing from the Premier, Treasurer or Health Minister about any planned rescue of Tasmania’s public health system. They’ve been silent while the clock ticks down to 1 July 2017.

In May last year, the Premier vowed to lobby his Federal colleagues for the State’s fair share, but has almost nothing to show for it.

Tasmanians who rely on quality public health services deserve better than the inaction they are getting from Will Hodgman’s ‘do nothing’ Government.

Premier Hodgman said he would fight to have the funding restored to protect essential services in Tasmania. If it’s not restored, we are going to see significant and dire impacts on our public hospitals.

GetUp’s analysis shows the Launceston General Hospital will lose $290 million over the next decade, with the Royal Hospital set to lose over $470 million.

These funding woes in public health are untenable. We have the nation’s oldest and fastest ageing population, and a significant chronic disease burden that, tragically, is not improving.

All the research tells us that an investment in the health of people is an investment in a healthy, productive economy.

Why isn’t the Premier talking about the cuts to health and why isn’t he on the plane to Canberra to deliver on his promise to Tasmanians?


Stanley Burbury Theatre, 6pm to 8pm, 12 August: Rally to protect takayna/Tarkine

26.07.16 12:31 pm

We invite you to join us for the launch and rally together calling for secure protection of this globally significant Aboriginal cultural landscape.

We are rallying you together to support the call for secure protection of the takayna/Tarkine coast, the National Heritage listed Aboriginal Heritage landscape.

Speakers Bob Brown and Heather Sculthorpe
Live Music
More special guests to be announced soon!

The wild, remote coastline of takayna/Tarkine, on the very edge of the world, showcases thousands of years of Aboriginal heritage, representing an unbroken cultural connection. Our new book and film is the Tasmanian Aboriginal people’s story of their living connection to this global treasure and the struggle to protect it. A beautiful collection of portraits, stories, and photographs, this book is a moving call to action to protect one of the world’s most spectacular and culturally significant places, takayna.

Note: Excuse the use of capital T in the name of the event, FB doesn’t allow use of lower case in first word!!!!

Facebook HERE


Don Dale Juvenile Centre’s horrific history

Steven Chaffer, The Bob Brown Foundation
26.07.16 11:45 am

Darwin’s Don Dale Juvenile Detention Centre was where a 15-years-old boy committed suicide in the middle of a federal parliamentary controversy over mandatory sentencing of Aboriginal children in 2000, former Greens leader Bob Brown said today.

The boy was found hanged at the centre on day 23 of his 28 day sentence for stealing biscuits, apparently not knowing he was due for release within 5 days.

At the time, to avoid the House debating a Senate bill to prohibit mandatory sentencing of juveniles in the Northern Territory, Prime Minister John Howard struck a controversial deal to give the Burke LNP Government $20 millions over 4 years to end mandatory sentencing.

However the deal left the NT police with discretionary powers as to what constituted a minor offence and therefore who would avoid incarceration. ‘The Howard formula failed’, Bob Brown said in Hobart this morning.

A Royal Commission into the horrific events at the Don Dale Centre should trigger Federal intervention including, if necessary, taking direct responsibility for the juvenile justice system in the Territory, Brown said.


Lambie answers questions from an Australian Journalist about the ABC’s Q&A

Rob Messenger for Senator Jacqui Lambie Senator for Tasmania
26.07.16 6:17 am

JLN Independent Senator Elect for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie, after recent questions by a journalist from The Australian regarding the featured Muslim man, Khaled Elomar on ABC’s Q&A last Monday has made the following statement:

“Like many Australians I watched the ABC’s Q&A last Monday and enjoyed the show. I’m disappointed to learn that the featured Muslim man, Khaled Elomar, who queried Pauline Hanson, has also resorted to publishing personal insults about me.

In relation to his questions – I think it’s valuable to note that Pauline handled them well and contributed to an important public debate about Islam, radicalization and terrorism. The only disappointment I have is that Mr Elomar and others (including Sam Dastyari) were not questioned about their attitude toward Sharia Law.

Do they support Sharia law or not? This is the key question I want answered because every terrorist who has attacked the west has supported the imposition of Sharia Law. Mr Elomar’s and Sam’s response to this key question would have better informed all Australians. I’m convinced that Sam is firmly opposed to Sharia law – because his family was fleeing a country where religious extremists were imposing Sharia Law and all its brutal penalties on innocent people.

If Sam stayed in Iran and chose to be an atheist – then under Sharia Law he would have been immediately, killed by his government. However I have the feeling that Mr Elomar is a supporter of Sharia Law and that support, more than his personal insults - concerns me the most.

I believe you can be a good Muslim without supporting the death penalty for gay people or women who are found guilty of having sex outside marriage - or the cutting off of hands if you are found guilty of stealing. It’s clear that Sharia law is the law of the Islamic terrorists and extremists who want to impose it by force on the world. And support for it means that you support the views of Islamic terrorists and extremists - and are more susceptible to quick radicalization.

Support for Sharia law – apart from proving you are the terrorist’s best friend - also shows you have no appreciation for how Australian democracy works, the separation of powers and cost in blood previous generations have paid - so that women, minority groups and workers can live peacefully under Australian law and enjoy equality, basic civil rights and freedoms. 

The debate on the threat from terrorists and radical Islam needs to focus on values and culture instead of name-calling. Sharia Law support, self evidently shows you are anti-democratic, anti-women’s rights, homophobic, dangerously intolerant and brutal. Sharia Law support shows you also believe in the death penalty and mutilation for minor crimes – especially for people who stand up to radical religious leaders - and tell them and their sick beliefs, to piss off.

After WW2 Australia screened, then welcomed people from Europe who rejected fascism– so too can Australia today screen and welcome people from all over the world who reject Sharia law - and believe in democracy, western civil rights and freedoms. However, if you support the Terrorist law – you cannot be welcomed here, for our own safety.

Some may be insulted that I’ve compared the conflict today between us and the Islamic terrorists to our conflict with fascism in the 1940’s – but when the facts are properly considered (Saudi v Iran / Sunni v Shia) Islam is in a world-wide conflict today, with not only western peoples – but also itself. The Islamists’ end goal – like fascism is to concentrate political and religious power into one entity (see Iran) and destroy all democratic institutions and have no separation of powers.

That’s why a national discussion & debate on Sharia Law is so important – because Sharia Law defines and explains the values and culture of the Islamic extremists who pose a grave threat to our peace and safety.” said Senator Lambie.



Tasmanian Gay and Lesbian Rights Group spokesperson, Rodney Croome
25.07.16 6:20 pm

Tasmanian gay rights advocates have called on Premier Will Hodgman to write to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull asking him to drop his proposed plebiscite and allow a free vote in Parliament instead.

The call comes after Victorian Premier, Daniel Andrews, wrote a similar letter.

Tasmanian Gay and Lesbian Rights Group spokesperson, Rodney Croome, said,

“I call on Will Hodgman to follow Daniel Andrew’s lead and speak out against the proposal for a costly, divisive and unnecessary plebiscite.”

“A plebiscite will cost $160 million, money that would go a long way to alleviate the funding shortfalls in Tasmania’s health and education systems.”

“A plebiscite will also cause division in the community and threaten the mental health of vulnerable LGBTI Tasmanians at a time when we should be uniting around the positive values we all share as Tasmanians.”

“Many Tasmanians will remember the divisive, hateful debate about decriminalising homosexuality that our state went through in the 1990s and the last thing they want is a repeat of that awful time.”

“All marriage equality polling shows the reform has majority support in Tasmania so there’s no need for a costly and divisive plebiscite.”

“A free vote in Federal Parliament will resolve the issue of marriage equality quickly and fairly.”

“It’s time for MPs to do the job we pay them for, making laws.”

For a news report on Andrew Daniel’s letter go to:



Chair of Australian Marriage Equality, Alex Greenwich
25.07.16 6:15 pm

Australian Marriage Equality today said it does not believe taxpayer’s money should be provided to the ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ campaign in the event of a plebiscite.

“We did not ask for a plebiscite, but if one is imposed upon us we do not think Australian taxpayers should pay for the respective campaigns”, Chair of Australian Marriage Equality, Alex Greenwich said.

“$160 million is expensive enough and we don’t think its right that more public money is added to the cost of a plebiscite”, he said.

“Australian Marriage Equality does not believe we need public funding for Australians to be able to have a conversation about equality for all that takes from no one.

“Marriage equality is about ensuring every Australian has the opportunity to reach their potential, marry the person they love and build a secure and committed future.

“If we are faced with a plebiscite it’s important that supporters of marriage equality come together and run a positive, inclusive and respectful campaign that reflects our shared Australian values of a fair go for everyone”, Mr Greenwich said.


Tender let to pipe drinking water to Avoca

25.07.16 6:05 pm

The town of Avoca in the Fingal Valley is a big step closer to receiving fully treated drinking water with TasWater awarding the tender to construct a 29km pipeline from nearby Fingal.

The construction work will be carried out by Tasmanian company, Water Industry Solutions.

Avoca has mainly drawn its water from the South Esk River but following the detection of Cadmium and Lead in excess of acceptable levels, the town supply has been subject to a Do Not Consume notice.

TasWater CEO Michael Brewster said several alternatives were considered, including bore water, collecting rain water at individual properties or carting water by road to replenish the town’s reservoir. 

“Following a full assessment of the options, a pipeline, which brings water from the new Fingal water treatment plant, was considered the most practical and sustainable long term solution.”

Mr Brewster says the new treatment plant has more than enough capacity to meet the needs of both towns. 

The pipeline will be constructed mainly along existing road side easements, feeding fully treated water into the local Avoca Reservoir which will comply with the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines.

The town’s existing chlorination system will be retained to boost chlorination levels in the water after arriving from Fingal.

The pipeline itself will be designed in a way that minimises the risk of damage, avoiding the risk of interrupting the supply between Fingal and Avoca.

‘The Fingal-Avoca pipeline is an important part of TasWater’s on-going commitment to the Tasmanian community. Around $100 million is being spent each year to upgrade our infrastructure and improving the quality of drinking water is a priority.”

Construction of the new pipeline will be underway by September (2016) with the project competed by the New Year.


Tassie’s success with the golden spirit recognised at Whisky Live Hobart

Johanna Baker-Dowdell
25.07.16 5:07 pm


Pure air, clean water and a mild climate are just three of the ingredients needed to produce some of the world’s best whisky. Tasmania has an abundance of these, making it the place to be when Whisky Live hits Hobart this weekend.

This is the first Whisky Live event for Hobart, and will be held at the Grand Chancellor Hotel on Saturday, 30 July, wrapping up the inaugural Tasmanian Whisky Week (22-31 July).

Many Tasmanian whisky brands will be sharing their whisky know-how and offering tastings at Whisky Live, including Lark & Overeem Distillery, Sullivans Cove Single Malt Whisky, Hellyers Road Distillery and Redlands Whisky.

Overeem Whisky brand ambassador Jane Overeem says Tasmania is fast becoming known as Australia’s whisky island.

“There are now approximately 20 registered distilleries in the state. It is very exciting as each distillery is producing fantastic quality single malt whisky and other spirits. We are winning many domestic awards, and certainly holding our own on the world stage,” Jane says.

Sullivans Cove sales and marketing assistant Nathan Campbell explains that access to high quality water and barley are essential building blocks from which to craft good single malt whisky.

“Tasmania has some of the most favourable growing conditions for barley on the planet, clean and pure water and a mild climate that is perfect for malting. One of the longest-running and strictest quarantine programs in the world means that the island and its produce are kept pristine. We only use Tasmanian-grown barley to make our whisky, simply because it is the best,” Nathan says.

All of these factors combine to make Tasmania a prime venue for whisky lovers. Those who enjoy indulging in this amber spirit can explore brands from Tasmania, Scotland, Ireland and India at Whisky Live.

Hellyers Road Distillery master distiller, Mark Littler says single malt whisky consumption was undergoing a renaissance in Australia, which follows current trends in Europe, and is something the state’s whisky brands have been able to capitalise on.

“We are finding a much younger demographic is being drawn to single malt whisky and the sense of provenance that comes with boutique brands like Hellyers Road Distillery and other Tasmanian whisky distilleries. Tasmanian whiskies have garnered a global reputation in the last few years for crafting some of the best New World whiskies available anywhere,” Mark says.

In the words of Tasmania’s godfather of Tasmanian whisky, Bill Lark of Lark Distillery, on ABC’s Radio National program: “The reason Tasmania is doing so well in the international marketplace is that… we’re all passionate.”

These brands and more will be at Whisky Live at the Grand Chancellor Hotel, 1 Davey Street, Hobart on Saturday, July 30. Two sessions are available: 1pm - 4.30pm and 6pm – 9.30pm.

Tickets for Whisky Live are $99, which includes the whiskies for sampling, an assortment of food to graze on while tasting, a whisky glass to keep and a whisky tasting guide with notes, photos and flavour profiles. The Rare & Old Bar is an optional extra.

Tickets are available online at:

About Whisky Live
•    Whisky Live only admits patrons aged over 18 years.
•    Australian Institute of Management (AIM) Small Business Award winner in 2015.


Only PM Turnbull and Premier Hodgman to blame if Tasmania’s bid ...

Rob Messenger for Senator Jacqui Lambie Senator for Tasmania
25.07.16 8:12 am

... for a $50M new Tourism site fails – Lambie

JLN Independent Senator Elect for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie, after recent meetings with Premier Will Hodgman, Senator Eric Abetz and the Tobruk Project Manager for the Saint Helens - District Chamber of Commerce and Tourism, Peter Paulsen – has named the Prime Minister and State Premier the only people to blame - should Tasmania’s bid for ex-HMAS Tobruk fail.

Click below to view YouTube conversation between Senator Elect Lambie and Tobruk Project Manager for the Saint Helens - District Chamber of Commerce and Tourism, Peter Paulsen

“At this late stage of the Navy bid process - only the Australian Prime Minister and Tasmanian Premier can save a project that is guaranteed to generate at least an extra $50M into the Northern Tasmanian economy - and hundreds of new jobs over the next decade. If our Tobruk dive site bid fails - there are only two people to blame in this game - that is Malcolm Turnbull and Will Hodgman.” said Senator Elect Lambie.
“It’s clear after speaking to both Senior Tasmanian Liberal federal and state politicians - and community stakeholders, that both the state and federal governments have gone out of their way to blow up the St Helens Community’s bid to sink ex- HMAS Tobruk in the East Coast’s waters of Skeleton Bay.” said Senator Elect Lambie.
“And right now – there are only two people who can undo the harm that their governments have deliberately caused to the Break O’Day Council and Chamber of Commerce & Tourism bid for HMAS Tobruk – and that’s Premier Hodgman and Prime Minister Turnbull. That shouldn’t be a problem because they are supposedly, both Liberal leaders in charge of their governments and bureaucracies. And they both have the power to ensure Tasmania gets a fair go.” said Senator Elect Lambie.

“From the federal perspective, the Prime Minister must ensure that Tasmania receives the same deal that other states have enjoyed regarding the sinking of ex - Naval Vessels for Dive Tourism. Parliamentary Library Research shows that precedents have been set for the following ex-naval ships:
Ex-HMAS Brisbane
This vessel was scuttled on 31 July 2005 2.9 nautical miles east of Mudjumba Island, off the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. In October 2001 the Commonwealth Government agreed to provide $3m in funding for this project.
Ex-HMAS Canberra
This vessel was scuttled on 4 October 2009 off Ocean Grove, Victoria. In July 2007, the Commonwealth Government agreed to $7m in funding for the project, with any additional funds required to be provided by the Victorian Government.
Ex-HMAS Adelaide
This vessel was scuttled on 13 April 2011 approximately 1.8km off Avoca Beach near Terrigal in NSW. Following a period of negotiations, the Commonwealth decided to provide up to $5.8m in funding, with the NSW Government initially contributing $250,000 but needing to meet additional costs relating to the project.” said Senator Elect Lambie.
“And from the Tasmanian state perspective - Premier Hodgman must be prepared to fight for Northern / East Coast Tasmanian tourism projects as hard as he did for Hobart Tourism projects. If the Premier and his government can invest $10m in Dark Mofo – they can do the same for the Tobruk Tourism Dive site project. Mr Hodgman is the Premier for all of Tasmania – not just Hobart.” said Senator Elect Lambie.
“I’ve been informed by the St Helens community that a deadline by the end of this month has been imposed by the Department of Defence regarding the acquisition of the Tobruk. I’m urging Premier Hodgman to ensure that the state makes a conforming application for Tobruk – while I put pressure on the Federal Liberal Government to give Tasmania the same deal that other states have enjoyed when they’ve taken possession of former Naval vessels.

We can ensure that the Tobruk project will be successful – but we’ll all have to work smarter, harder and co-operatively to guarantee the deal.” said Senator Elect Lambie.


Rally Reinforces Public Opposition to Greyhound Cruelty

Andrea Dawkins MP | Greens Animal Welfare spokesperson
24.07.16 7:40 pm

Today’s ‘March for the Murdered Million’ rally commemorated the thousands of dogs that die across the country every year as a result of the greyhound racing industry.

There’s growing public opposition to greyhound racing because of the cruelty exposed in the last 18 months.

Today’s rally, held worldwide, echoes the strong community voice objecting to the cruelty of the greyhound racing industry.

It was a courageous move for Premier Baird to ban greyhound racing in New South Wales. While the ACT rapidly followed suit, disappointingly, the Hodgman Government quickly ruled out a ban in Tasmania.

Tasmanian MPs have been contacted by countless constituents in the wake of the NSW and ACT governments’ decision to ban greyhound racing, wanting the same ban here.

Racing and Animal Welfare Minister Jeremy Rockliff must reconsider his government’s position and put an end to this cruel industry in Tasmania.

The greyhound racing industry is a cruelty-ridden industry subsidised by the State Government to the tune of almost $5m a year.

It’s time the Hodgman Government followed in the footsteps of NSW and the ACT, and moved to ban greyhound racing in Tasmania.