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Library budget cuts another blow to the legal profession

Lara Giddings MP Shadow Attorney-General
20.10.14 6:48 pm

Shadow Attorney-General Lara Giddings is deeply concerned by the Liberal Government’s cuts to law library services. 

“This is yet another cut the Liberals failed to mention before the election,” Ms Giddings said.

“It is another example of the services the Government is cutting to pay for $400 million worth of irresponsible and unaffordable election promises.

“The law libraries across the state play an important support role to all in the legal profession.

“The arrogance of the Liberal Government means it has failed to consult with the Law Society, a joint funding partner in delivering the library services, before making the decision to withdraw state funding.

“At a time when Legal Aid is chronically underfunded, sacking the law library librarians is another blow to the legal community.

“The legal system and regional Tasmania is being severely let down by the Liberal Government which continues to remove vital services.

“The Liberals say the work could be absorbed by either the University of Tasmania or the State Library, but it’s my understanding that neither has been consulted and the State Library has already said no.

“If Vanessa Goodwin is intent on making savings, integration of the integrated Law Library and Judges Library at the Supreme Court should be seen as the maximum change.”


Labor’s Legacy on Elective Surgery

Michael Ferguson, Minister for Health
20.10.14 6:45 pm

The Liberal Government is committed to fixing Tasmania’s health system. We know we can’t turn our health system around overnight, that’s why we’ve got a long-term Plan to rebuild essential services.

The latest report on elective surgery waiting times highlights just how badly Labor failed Tasmanians in the health system.

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Report on Elective Surgery Waiting Times for the 2013-14 financial year shows that in Labor’s last years of Government, waiting times blew out.

The median waiting times increased from 36 days in 2009-10 to 45 days in 2013-14, with Tasmania also recording the highest proportion of patients waiting more than 365 days for admission in 2013-14.

The report shows just 75 per cent of Category 1 and Category 3 patients were admitted within clinically recommended time in 2013-14, while only half of Category 2 patients were admitted within the recommended time.

For those still on the waiting list at June 30 2014, the average overdue wait time for Category 1 patients was 30 days, while Category 2 and Category 3 patients waited an average of 190 and 491 days over the clinically recommended time frame.

There is no doubt Labor abandoned Tasmanians on waiting lists and that’s why the Liberal Government is investing an extra $76 million over the next four years to deliver up to an extra 15,000 additional surgeries – with $16 million flowing from July 1 2014.

By working constructively with the Federal Government we have also secured an additional $23.4 million provided for elective surgery, which will see up to an extra 2,000 Tasmanians get their treatment in the next two years.

We know there is a lot of work to be done but we are committed to fixing Labor’s mess. That’s why we’re investing a record $1.465 billion into health this year and reforming the system into a single, statewide health system which puts the needs of patients back where they belong – at the forefront of every decision.


Celebrating charitable recycling for people in need

Matthew Groom, Minister for Environment, Parks and Heritage
20.10.14 6:01 pm

The Liberal Government has commended the work of charities for the valuable social and environmental role that they play in our society at the opening of a national conference in Hobart.

Today I officially opened the the National Association of Charitable Recycling Organisations (NACRO) national conference and praised charities for their ongoing efforts to provide low cost goods for families and reduce overall environmental impacts through reducing the amount of waste entering landfills.

NACRO is the peak body representing charitable recycling/reuse organisations throughout Australia. These organisations collect used goods and materials to redistribute to people in need and to fund community programs.

The Tasmanian Government is proud to support and promote activities that ensure the sustainability of our society into the future, such as energy efficiency, waste minimisation and management, resource efficiency, education and innovation.

The charitable recycling sector in Australia employs more than 2,500 full and part-time staff and the sector depends on more than 70,000 volunteers, who collect, sort, administer, manage and fundraise.

The simple act of capitalising on used materials, as performed by NACRO members, supports the community, reduces waste and reduces human impact on the environment.

The two-day national NACRO conference is being held in Hobart on Monday 20 and Tuesday 21 October 2014.


Tasmanian Irrigation Projects on the Radar for Commonwealth Investment

Jeremy Rockliff, Minister for Primary Industries and Water
20.10.14 5:57 pm

The Liberal Government is working to capitalise on our competitive strengths, including in agriculture.

In the recent State Budget we allocated $30 million towards five new Irrigation Schemes – at Scottsdale, Swan Valley, Southern Highlands, North Esk and Circular Head.

We welcome that the Commonwealth Government’s Agricultural Competitiveness Green Paper released today has identified those five ‘Tranche Two’ irrigation projects as among those to be considered for Commonwealth investment.

These Tranche Two schemes are of critical importance in continuing to grow our agriculture industry. That is why the Liberal Government, through an investment of $30 million, and Tasmanian Irrigation have worked together to make these projects shovel-ready as soon as possible.

The Southern Highlands and Scottsdale Schemes are on-track to be shovel-ready by the end of this year, followed by the other three in 2015.

Following the state government’s investment, a $110 million Commonwealth investment would enable all five schemes to progress. We have been lobbying the Commonwealth Government to impress upon them the importance of these schemes to Tasmania.

We welcome the inclusion of the five schemes in today’s Green paper and will continue to work with the Commonwealth to ensure they will be delivered.


ANZAC Centenary Winners Announced

Jeremy Rockliff, Minister for Education and Training
20.10.14 5:56 pm

Seven students will represent the young people of Tasmania at the ANZAC Centenary Dawn Service at Gallipoli in 2015.

Today, I am pleased to announce the seven Year 11 students who are the winners of the ANZAC Centenary Competition, and I look forward to presenting their Certificates of Excellence at Parliament House on Wednesday.

The winning students will attend the Centenary Dawn Service at ANZAC Cove next year in what will be, for all Australians, a very special time for commemoration and remembrance as we mark 100 years since the first Anzac Day.

In a 12-day tour, they will visit other historic sites in Turkey and, I am sure, will return with a greater understanding of our shared heritage.

This unique trip is the prize of a competition that challenged students to discover more about those who served our country in the Gallipoli Campaign.

Students prepared an essay or audio-visual or online presentation on topics relating to the personal stories of soldiers who served at Gallipoli, with the entries judged by an independent panel.

The successful students are:

*        Kaitelin Campbell, Newstead College
*        Emily Doi, Hobart College
*        Rachel Gregory, Launceston Church Grammar School
*        Elise Jurasovic, Calvin Christian School
*        Damian Mazur, Hobart College
*        Jack Soward, Launceston College
*        Luis Wilson, Don College


Green Paper heading in the right direction

TFGA CEO Jan Davis
20.10.14 4:26 pm

The Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers Association (TFGA) has welcomed the release of the Federal Government’s Agricultural Competitiveness Green Paper.

The paper was unveiled at the National Farmer’s Federation 2014 Congress by Minister for Agriculture, the Hon. Barnaby Joyce MP in Canberra today. It identifies nine key policy principles including reducing unnecessary regulation at all levels of Government, maintaining access for all Australians to high-quality and affordable fresh food, infrastructure for the 21st century and greater returns to the farm gate.

TFGA CEO Jan Davis said that the Green Paper was heading in the right direction with its attempt to stop unjustified over-regulation.

“In its submission earlier this year the TFGA called for an end to burdensome regulations at all levels of Government,’’ Ms Davis said.

“Farmers simply can’t continue to absorb the excess costs that result. It will put paid to our capacity to drive much needed growth for Tasmania.”

The TFGA has also emphasised the importance of the Tasmanian Freight Equalisation Scheme (TFES) to the State’s farmers.

“There is no road across Bass Strait; that is what needs to be remembered when future infrastructure decisions are being made. It is vital that the TFES is maintained to ensure that Tasmanian farmers can continue to compete with their counterparts in other states,’’ Ms Davis said.

She said that it was pleasing that the paper acknowledged the work of Tasmanian Irrigation (TI).

“TI is working closely with private landholders to establish how much water is wanted and sharing the cost of the schemes between the public and the private sector.

“The fact that five Tasmanian irrigation projects (Southern Highlands, Scottsdale, Circular Head, Swan Valley and North Esk) are high on the agenda to receive federal investment in the next 12 months is testament to the work that they are doing.”

Ms Davis said that, in the end, it would be up to industry to ensure that the government remained focused on the policy’s key objective.

“A better return for our farm gate sounds good in theory, but it will be up to all of us to make sure that the government keeps its promises.”

The Paper is open for comment until December 12.


National company secures local jobs

Peter Gutwein, Treasurer
20.10.14 4:23 pm

Today’s announcement that Kent Relocation Group is purchasing Tasmanian company Watkins Removals and Storage and securing local jobs is another sign of growing confidence in the Tasmanian economy.

The acquisition secures 15 Tasmanian jobs with at least another five more jobs set to be created in the near future as the business looks to expand.

We said jobs growth would be the Liberal Government’s number one priority and while there is still a lot of work to do, the number of jobs in Tasmania is increasing.

The growing confidence was shown in CommSec’s latest report, with the State of the States report highlighting “encouraging” signs of recovery in Tasmania.

Tasmania’s unemployment rate has fallen by 0.3 per cent to 7.2 per cent since the election and the participation rate has increased by 0.2 per cent over the same period.

This growing positive outlook is reflected in the NAB Monthly Business Survey for September which shows business confidence is through the roof under the Liberal Government.

We are seeing early results as the Liberal Government works to deliver our long-term plan through fixing the Labor-Green budget mess, keeping our promises and laying the foundations for the future.

There is much to do, but we are getting on with the job of making Tasmania the place to live, work and invest.


Recognising Tasmania’s Carers

Jacquie Petrusma, Minister for Human Services
20.10.14 4:08 pm

Today I attended the inaugural Tasmanian National Carer Awards, a joint initiative of Carers Australia, Life Without Barriers and Families Australia.

It was with great pleasure that I presented awards to the Tasmanian winners and recognised the contribution of Tasmania’s 74,000 carers.

Tasmania has a greater number of carers per capita than any other Australian jurisdiction. They are predominantly unpaid and include parents, grandparents, partners, brothers, sisters, friends, sons and daughters.

The National Carer Awards are a powerful way to promote greater community awareness and celebrate and reward the dedication of carers who are providing support to the aged, or people living with disability, mental illness or a chronic medical condition.

Congratulations to the winners of the Tasmanian National Carer Awards:

• Foster/ kinship Carer – Joint Winners Jodie Martin & Natasha Marie
• Carer of person with a disabilty – Kylee Davie
• Carer of a person who is frail due to old age – Maria Salter
• Young Carer – Ellen Holmes

Through the development of the Tasmanian Carer Policy the Liberal Government is raising awareness of the important and critical role of carers, and the framework to identify carers and deliver the necessary support and services for them.

Strengthened support for carers through reform of the Out of Home Care system, and the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) are also important and exciting initiatives for carers looking after people with disability. We support the full roll-out of the NDIS and are providing a significant investment to ensure the NDIS will be in full operation in 2019.

Carers perform a significant and valuable role, providing the one they care for with an opportunity to achieve their goals and aspirations, improving their quality of life and allowing them to fully participate in the community.

We don’t often hear about the work carers do and the personal sacrifices they make and that is why these awards are so important.

The Liberal Government recognises the valuable contribution made by each and every one of our carers.


Elective Surgery Rates Will Not Improve Unless Liberals Change Tack

Cassy O’Connor MP | Greens Health spokesperson
20.10.14 1:13 pm

The latest Australian Institute of Health and Welfare report again highlights the pressing need for long term structural reform of Tasmania’s health sector and the reversal of decisions taken by Liberals at a State and Federal level to savagely cut public health funding,” Greens Health spokesperson Cassy O’Connor MP said today.

“The increase from 8.7 per cent Tasmanians waiting for over a year for elective surgery up to 11.5 per cent is deeply concerning, and the impact on the lives of Tasmanians who are waiting for an elective surgery procedure is profoundly negative and stress-inducing,” Ms O’Connor said.

“The only way to ensure the elective surgery waiting list is brought down and maintained at a sustainable, national standard level, is to make our hospitals much more efficient without carving into their funding.”

“Any improvements in the waiting list are likely to be temporary unless there is a major change of approach from current Liberal Commonwealth and State governments.”

“Minister Ferguson needs to acknowledge that the Commonwealth funding cuts of $1.7billion over the next decade, combined with the $111 million in cuts to the Tasmanian Health Organisations in the State budget, are both contributing to the precarious situation facing the state’s public hospitals.”

“Any savings made through more efficient practices and processes in health needs to be reinvested back into health, not shipped over to the Consolidated Fund which is largely the approach the Hodgman Government is taking.”

“Minister Ferguson cannot possibly expect Tasmanians to believe that their access to elective surgery will improve under his government’s policy to cut public sector jobs?”

“The Minister needs to get on the phone to his Federal counterpart and demand an urgent rethink of the Commonwealth’s funding cuts, and call for a review of current funding models.”

“The Greens, along with health economists and other health stakeholders including the AMA, have advocated for real structural reform of our health system in the form of Tasmania becoming a trial state for a single funder model.”

“There is no excuse for this initiative to not be progressed given the findings of the latest Australian Institute of Health and Welfare report.”

“Tasmanian patients, their families, and our hard-working medical professionals require an end to the blame game between state and federal arenas, and we need a practical, achievable and appropriately funded long term strategy to provide for health needs now and in the future,” Ms O’Connor said.


CommSec report shows economy doesn’t need big shock

Scott Bacon MP Shadow Treasurer
20.10.14 1:11 pm

Shadow Treasurer Scott Bacon believes the latest CommSec State of the States report shows a sensible approach is needed when it comes to Tasmania’s economy.

”Now is not the time to shock the economy by sacking people to pay for the Liberals’ unaffordable $400 million of election promises,” Mr Bacon said.

“Tasmania’s economy is improving but fragile and the Government should adopt a measured approach.

“It’s very pleasing to see retail trade figures continuing to improve, a trend which started in the last term of government.

“Growth in construction is also positive news.

“While the report shows Tasmania faces many challenges, including an unemployment rate that’s too high, we believe the economy will continue to strengthen.

“Unlike the Liberals, Labor will be positive from Opposition.

“We’re not prepared to risk business confidence for short term political advantage.”


Tasmanians learn where to draw the line in the workplace

Worksafe Tasmania
20.10.14 1:02 pm

Maintaining a healthy environment at work often involves sharing the occasional laugh with a
colleague, but what happens when the line is crossed?

As part of WorkSafe Tasmania Month, Louise Adams from the Office of the Anti-Discrimination
Commissioner will present Workplace behaviour: ‘where is the line?’, a free information session that
answers the difficult question of what is and what is not appropriate behaviour in Tasmanian

“Essentially, people should never feel vulnerable or uncomfortable in a work environment because
of the behaviour of their colleagues,” Ms Adams said.

“Most work related staff complaints derive from behaviour deemed out of line by the reciprocator,
without the knowledge of the instigator.

“In Workplace Behaviour: ‘where is the line?’ we will explore what below the line behaviour is, how
to proactively avoid crossing the line, and positive steps to take when the line is crossed.”




A new light for a North Hobart catalyst & landmark

MARTI ZUCCO - City of Hobart - Alderman Personal Web: Facebook; martizucco - politics
20.10.14 10:25 am

Marti Zucco said today that “A new era has dawned for North Hobart with the name of a North Hobart institution in Marti Zuccos Pizza making way for the new.”

He also said that “The sadness is overcome by the anticipation, excitement and the success of the new venture on the site by three enterprising young men of which are part of the new breed of restaurateurs” 

In 1977 after selling his second restaurant in Melbourne Marti Zucco moved to Hobart. Driving through North Hobart reminded him of Smith and Lygon Street in Melbourne. At that time unaware that North Hobart was not one of Hobart elite suburbs, well one of the least favourable areas with 13 empty shops available for rent at that time he established Marti Zucco Pizza Restaurant in 1978.

The First Marti Zucco was at 368 Elizabeth Street and in 1982 moved to 364 Elizabeth Street which was the catalyst for what North Hobart is today. A couple of years later George Haddad and Ann Ripper opened the Ali Akbar directly opposite Marti Zucco’s which was the first of many more restaurants to open over the next few years with North Hobart seeing peaks and troughs a new era is now dawning.

After 36 years as a North Hobart landmark the new owners of Marti Zucco Pizza ristorante have fully redeveloped the old Marti Zucco site in which will see the new venture further transform North Hobart and see North Hobart become the Mecca of Hobart’s restaurant and cafe scene. 

Marti Zucco said today that “I have mixed emotions as to seeing Marti Zucco’s will be no more in North Hobart which was the catalyst in transforming what could be described as a derelict shopping precinct to what we have now have in a vibrant restaurant strip”

Marti Zucco also said that “One could say that Marti Zucco’s has played its role in time and is embedded in the History of North Hobart which is now a vibrant restaurant and liveable precinct where the value of both commercial and residential property Market has soured since the 1978 era”

He also said that “When I opened in 1978 I never imagined that North Hobart would end up being what it is today. It was a real struggle in the first 5 years but as they say persistence pays off in the long term”

He added that “It was time that the Marti Zucco name was changed but not only have we ended up with a name change but a complete transformation and a complete new direction for the new establishment under the name of “Capital” what also is exciting is that the new owners are sons of two very close friends who are also icons in the Hobart restaurant scene”

In conclusion “I believe that the new transformation of the site coupled with the vibrancy and hard working attitude of the three partners who have transformed the site into a new modern day restaurant will see North Hobart thrive and move forward in a new direction with other new and exciting developments that are on the cards for the area” 


“Encouraging” Signs in CommSec Report

Peter Gutwein, Treasurer
20.10.14 4:45 am

The latest CommSec State of the States report highlights “encouraging” signs of recovery in Tasmania.

We said jobs growth would be the Liberal Government’s number one priority and while there is still a lot of work to do, the number of jobs in Tasmania is increasing.

By CommSec’s assessment, compared against the unemployment decade average we are now outperforming some of the bigger states, such as Queensland and Victoria, and our unemployment rate at 7.2% is the lowest it has been in 20 months.

We are seeing early results as the Liberal Government works to deliver our long-term plan through fixing the Labor-Green budget mess, keeping our promises and laying the foundations for the future.

In terms of the annual growth of real retail trade, Tasmania is leading the way, with a 6.6 per cent rise and monthly retail trade recorded the second strongest growth rate of all the states and territories.
Construction work was up 5.2 per cent in the June quarter; the strongest growth we have seen in four years.

Confidence is particularly growing in new home construction, with a 19.3 per cent increase in dwelling starts in the June quarter compared to a year earlier. Furthermore, over the last 12 months we have had the second best outcome for growth in home loans with growth of 6.9 per cent.

This report is encouraging, with a number of positives, but we are in no doubt about the task that is before us.

The Liberal Government is committed to our long-term plan of creating jobs and growing the economy.

Our plan includes payroll tax rebates and incentives for small businesses to create new jobs, and fixing the planning system and opening up national parks for sensible tourism investment to drive development.

There is much to do, but we are getting on with the job of making Tasmania the place to live, work and invest.


Congratulating Assistant Commissioner Donna Adams on Well-Deserved Accolades

Rene Hidding, Minister for Police and Emergency Management
18.10.14 8:23 pm

Assistant Commissioner Crime and Operations Donna Adams could not be more deserving of the 2014 Telstra Tasmanian Business Woman of the Year award.

On behalf of the Tasmanian Government, I congratulate Ms Adams on the honour, the latest she has received in a distinguished career with Tasmania Police.

That Ms Adams also took home two category honours, the Community and Government and the Business Innovation awards, last night, is testament to her outstanding work.

With a career spanning 26 years thus far, Ms Adams is the most senior female officer in the history of Tasmania Police.

In my time as Police Minister, I have come to understand why Ms Adams is held in such high regard across the public service.


Will the Real Bryan Green Please Stand Up?

Paul Harriss, Minister for Resources
18.10.14 8:14 pm

Labor’s flip-flopping on a wood fibre export terminal for the South of the State has reached a new height, with Bryan Green now contradicting himself on the Macquarie Wharf option in the space of a little more than a fortnight.

In today’s Mercury, Mr Green is quoted as saying the Macquarie Wharf option was thoroughly explored by the previous government and rejected.*

Yet earlier this month the Opposition Leader himself suggested the use of the Macquarie Wharf, telling the ABC: “It is possible to just woodchip or chip residue in the bush and containerise those and export them in containers. They are options that are available to the Government, and they could easily be shipping from Hobart.”^

Mr Green has questions to answer.

If Macquarie Wharf was assessed and rejected by the previous Labor-Green government, of which he was Deputy Premier and Minister for Resources, why did he say earlier this month that woodchips could “easily” be shipped from Hobart?

Is this another example of his apparently dodgy memory after he infamously told Parliament that he “forgot” to share with those attending a pro-mining rally in the North-West that he had renamed much of their region only days before?

Or is it, as we suspect, that Bryan Green is deliberately trying to have a bet each way on this issue?

How can Mr Green claim to support our forest industry when he has backed a wood fibre export option one day and canned it the next?

Even more hypocritical is that it is well known that the now Opposition Leader supported exporting wood fibres from Macquarie Wharf when in government but was rolled by the then Infrastructure Minister, David O’Byrne.

Has he now been rolled in his own Shadow Cabinet?

This is anything but leadership from Mr Green.

In contrast, the Liberal Government is committed to growing our forest industry, and that includes taking advantage of the opportunity to export wood fibres from our Southern forests.

The Government will commission a more detailed report on the feasibility of an export terminal at Macquarie Wharf, with a lifespan of one to five years and with an undercover base load storage capacity.

* Mercury, Pages 22-23, October 18, 2014

^ ABC News, October 2, 2014


Strings-Attached Union Offers Unacceptable

Peter Gutwein, Treasurer
18.10.14 8:12 pm

By offering only a six-month freeze but making it contingent upon not cutting any of the 500 jobs as is being reported, the unions are putting forward exactly the straw man proposal we warned we wouldn’t accept in the Ministerial statement.

As we said, we are not interested in receiving ‘straw man’ proposals that are burdened with unacceptable caveats and couldn’t possibly be agreed to by any responsible government.

The unions know full well that $15 million doesn’t equal 500 jobs and, therefore, it is a straw man proposition we cannot responsibly accept.

We have been perfectly clear that we are identifying savings that will replace those from our pay freeze, which over a full year are worth around $50 million.

Any proposal that delivered an annual impact of $15 million would undermine the integrity of the Budget to the tune of $35 million.

While we’d prefer an 18-month freeze to save 500 jobs, if the unions put forward 12 or six months with an appropriate jobs offset (that is, 300 or 150) then, of course, we will consider it.


Investing in Transport Infrastructure to Support Economic Growth

Rene Hidding, Minister for Infrastructure
18.10.14 6:04 pm

The Liberal Government is committed to strategic investment in Tasmania’s transport infrastructure to support economic growth and create jobs.

In addressing the Tasmanian Transport Association’s annual dinner tonight, I highlighted the importance of the State’s transport network in delivering for all of our diverse industries.

We are getting on with the job of not only investing in our road and rail infrastructure, but ensuring that future major projects are well targeted to support growth.

That’s why we are establishing Infrastructure Tasmania to provide a coordinated approach to planning and delivery of all major infrastructure in Tasmania.

And it’s why we have focussed the new Department of State Growth on aggressively attracting and increasing investment.

A new five-year deal signed at COAG last week has locked in more than $800 million in investment in Tasmanian roads and rail by the Australian Government.

This includes a large part of the federal commitment to our jointly funded $500 million upgrade of the Midland Highway, our most critical road.

All of this investment in road and rail supports our transport industry to better support and deliver other industries, from agriculture to mining and manufacturing to retail.


The Centenary of ANZAC

Will Hodgman, Premier
18.10.14 5:32 pm

Today I was privileged to launch the Liberal Government’s Centenary of ANZAC commemorative program.

The Centenary of ANZAC represents one of the most significant occasions for our nation.

While the planting of a Lone Pine Tree today marks the official beginning of the state’s commemorations, there is a full program of events planned across the state.

I encourage all Tasmanians to come together at the events and activities to commemorate the service and sacrifice of people who have served in Australia’s Defence Force.

Today also saw Tasmania’s 12th/40th Battalion exercise its right to Freedom of Entry to the City of Hobart.

The smallest battalion in the smallest brigade, the 12th/40th has been granted more Battle and Theatre Honours than any other battalion in the Australian Army and continues its proud tradition of service today, contributing to every major ADF operation to date.

Granting Freedom of Entry to a City is the highest civic honour that a city can grant and happens only on rare occasions.

Just over 100 years ago on October 1914 the 12th Battalion was given Freedom of the City of Hobart and marched from Moonah to the Domain, just two weeks before the first Tasmanian troops departed for the World War I battle fields.

Over the past decade, the honour has only been granted once until today.

At the end of this month the Parliamentary Secretary to the Premier Guy Barnett will represent the Tasmanian Government at the official Australian Government Albany Commemorative Event – the city where Tasmanian troops departed the country for Gallipoli.

The Centenary of ANZAC is a chance for Tasmania to come together to recognise the service and sacrifice of Tasmanian service-men and women in all wars, conflicts and peacekeeping operations.

The Liberal Government is committed to ensuring their sacrifice is not forgotten.


Greens on Finance Minister’s “girly man” comment

Greens spokesperson for women Senator Larissa Waters
18.10.14 2:09 pm

Greens spokesperson for women Senator Larissa Waters said:

“Mathias Cormann’s use of the term ‘economic girly man’ is offensive. Australian women will be appalled that he has chosen to use gender as a derogatory attack. Just more of the same from this sexist, arrogant government.

“We are hearing more and more about how out of touch this government is.

“This is the same Minister who is trying to help Joe Hockey deliver a cruel budget that hits the poorest hard, disproportionately women, and let’s the big end of town off the hook.

“What more can you expect from a government with just one woman in Cabinet and a Prime Minister who thinks women should be at home ironing. The 1950s called and they want their government back.”


Anna Reynolds: Half-time score - Hobart trails state in voter returns

Anna Reynolds -
18.10.14 10:31 am

Figures from the Tasmanian Electoral Commission show that Hobart voters are trailing behind the 29 Council areas in returning their ballot papers for local government elections. This weekend is the half way point of the two week election period for local government elections.

There are 37,624 people enrolled to vote in the Hobart City Council elections, but as of Friday 17 October, only 3,639 people have voted. So far, that’s just 9.7% of eligible voters who have returned their ballot papers.

At this stage, Hobart is further behind the regional or state average for postal vote returns than any other council area in Tasmania.

Anna Reynolds, candidate for Alderman for the Hobart City Council, urged Hobart voters to get moving and return their ballot papers, or miss an opportunity to have a say on Hobart’s future.

“This election will put a team in place that will lead the city for the next 4 years. It’s crucial that Hobartians have their say on their next Council.”

“The 2011 election had a turnout of 49.4% of eligible voters returning their ballots. We still have a long way to go to achieve even this level of engagement. Surely we can do better this time,“said Ms Reynolds.

“There are so many ways that Hobart City Council can improve life in our city, but unless the right team is in place we will get poor results for the community,” said Ms Reynolds.



Protecting the Renewable Energy Target

Carly Rusden
18.10.14 7:37 am

Dear reader,

Right now politicians are reviewing the Renewable Energy Target.

As part of the Australian Youth Climate Coalition (AYCC), I am running an event to protect the Renewable Energy Target (RET),

This Monday we will be covering Hobart with yellow balloons that read “Protect the RET”,

AYCC will be setting up a stall at midday in Franklin Square park to paint a banner with the public.

We are then delivering the banner to the Labor party’s house in Salamanca place between 1:30 and 2:00.:

More on Facebook here


Telstra Tasmanian Business Women’s Awards

Jacquie Petrusma, Minister for Women
18.10.14 6:48 am

The Liberal Government is a strong supporter of Tasmanian businesses and business people.

As Minister for Women it was fantastic to attend the presentations for the 2014 Telstra Tasmanian Business Women’s Awards last night, and to present the prestigious Business Woman of the Year Award to Tasmania Police Assistant Commissioner Donna Adams.

The Awards are a fantastic chance to recognise the many Tasmanian women who are excelling in business. This is the twentieth year of the Awards, making it the longest standing national business awards program for women in Australia.

The strength of the finalists and indeed the number of outstanding Tasmanian businesswomen in our state makes the presentation of the Business Woman of the Year Award to Assistant Commissioner Adams recognition of the highest quality.

She will now join the winners in other categories of the Tasmanian Awards as national finalists.

As well as providing recognition and raising the profile of our exceptional Tasmanian business women, the Awards also provide an opportunity for them to connect and network with their peers across Australia.

I congratulate Assistant Commissioner Adams and all the Tasmanian Telstra Business Women Award winners, and wish them the best of luck in the National Finals to be announced on 26 November.

Telstra Tasmanian Business Women’s Award Winners

2014 Telstra Tasmanian Business Woman of the Year
Assistant Commissioner Donna Adams, Tasmania Police

Business Owner Award
Dixie Emmerton, Centre for Tasmanian Industry

Private & Corporate Sector Award
Allison Clark, Houston’s Farm

Community & Government Award
Assistant Commissioner Donna Adams, Tasmania Police

Business Innovation Award
Assistant Commissioner Donna Adams, Tasmania Police

Young Business Women’s Award
Rebecca Owens


Gavin Austin

Will Hodgman, Premier
18.10.14 6:47 am

Gavin Austin, the chief executive officer of the Tasmanian Health Organisation – North West has resigned as is his right.

In May this year, Mr Austin was named in a report of the Integrity Commission that was tabled in Parliament.

Since that report was released, Mr Austin has been suspended with pay from his position of Chief Executive Officer of the THO – NW, while an investigation into whether he breached the State Service Code of Conduct was undertaken.

In accordance with the terms of his Instrument of appointment, Mr Austin has been paid his entitlements for accrued leave ($16245.01), and in lieu of the contractual four week notice period ($20734.71) that he is due to provide me.

Mr Austin has not received any additional severance payment.

With Mr Austin’s resignation, the investigation into his conduct has necessarily come to an end.

However, the Government will still pursue any systemic changes that are required to improve recruitment and procurement practices that have been highlighted to date by the investigation and the Integrity Commission report.

On the advice of the Governing Council I have issued a direction that Ms Karen Linegar act as Chief Executive Officer of the THO – North West until June 30, 2015.


Raising awareness of family violence and poverty

Jacquie Petrusma, Minister for Women
18.10.14 6:46 am

The Liberal Government is committed to tackling the problem of family violence.

Today I spoke at a panel discussion on family violence and its impact on poverty as part of Anti-Poverty Week, which runs 12-18 October.

Family violence can take many forms and directly affects key areas of life: employment, debts, accommodation, legal issues, health, transport, migration, parenting, family relationships, social security and child support.

Family violence is a major cause of homelessness in Australia, with the biggest impact felt by women and their children, although men may also become homeless as an outcome of family violence.

The Tasmanian Government, together with its community partners, provides a wide range of support services through funding to the community sector Gateway, and stable accommodation for women in crisis through its Housing Connect Program.

The Liberal Government is working with the Commonwealth Government to develop the Second Action Plan of the National Plan to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children, as well as uniting with the Commonwealth and other States and Territories to jointly fund the new Australia’s National Research Organisation for Women’s Safety (ANROWS).

We are also implementing strategies under Taking Action: Tasmania’s Primary Prevention Strategy to Reduce Violence Against Women and Children.


Paddle Safe Program

Will Hodgman, Premier
18.10.14 6:41 am

The Liberal Government is proud to support the Paddle Safe Program initiative that will ensure Tasmanians enjoy our beaches, rivers and lakes in a safe way.

We recognise the importance of water-safety and that’s why we are providing support for the three-year program through Marine and Safety Tasmania and the Department of Education.

The community based program will be run by MAST and Surf Life Saving Tasmania who together will offer education and skills workshops to recreational paddlers of all ages across the state.

The topics covered will range from understanding weather reports, the importance of safety equipment and paddling techniques.

The Paddle Safe Program has already started engaging with retailers and providing information to local governments.

This summer, workshops will be rolled-out across popular paddling locations and in January “Paddle Week” will see a team of volunteers target holiday spots across the state.

With more than 4,000 paddle craft sold in Tasmania every year it is critical that we do everything we can to educate recreational paddlers.

We want Tasmanians to be able to enjoy the natural assets of our island without putting themselves at risk.

I urge all Tasmanian recreational paddlers to take part in the Paddle Safe Program and enjoy our waterways safely this summer.

We understand that as an island state water safety is paramount, which is why we have delivered on our election promise to provide $400,000 to boost Surf Life Saving Clubs across the state, $150,000 for local governments to improve water safety in remote locations and $200,000 in additional funding for Volunteer Marine Rescue Units.


Join. Learn. Be Ready

Will Hodgman, Premier
18.10.14 6:17 am

Today I launched the “Join. Learn. Be Ready” program which is designed to protect lives and property by attracting and training volunteers before disaster strikes.

Tasmanians have a proud reputation for volunteering, with an average one in three adults selflessly giving up nearly three and a half working weeks of their time for the community every year.

Volunteers are the backbone of many communities and our state’s emergency services rely on them, especially in rural areas.

It was evident from the recent bushfire disaster that devastated the Tasman Peninsula that Tasmanians have an overwhelming desire to help at a time of need.

We want to ensure our volunteers are prepared and trained to not only help others, but ensure their own safety.

The “Join. Learn. Be Ready” program, supported by Federal Government funding and in-kind support from Tasmanian agencies and organisations, aims to ensure our volunteers are prepared.

Volunteer Tasmania will lead the program with the help of Tasmania’s emergency services which have joined forces, including: Tasmania Fire Service, State Emergency Service, Ambulance Tasmania, the Australian Red Cross, St John Ambulance and Surf Life Saving Tasmania.

The campaign will encourage Tasmanians to volunteer and ensure they have the proper training and equipment to help in a time of crisis

The centrepiece of the campaign is a new website, which will be supported by TV commercials, radio advertisements, brochures and social media.

Go to for more information.


Rebecca White Off The Mark Again

Michael Ferguson, Minister for Health
18.10.14 5:58 am

Claims by Labor’s Rebecca White that the Liberal Government is planning to privatise residential and acute beds at the Midlands Multi-Purpose Health Centre are wrong, alarmist and irresponsible.

This Government is committed to our rural hospital services and this commitment has not changed – we are committed to a viable Midlands Multi-Purpose Health Centre.

The Centre has a valued role providing care for the Southern Midlands community, and indeed all Tasmanians given its location on the State’s main arterial highway.

Last night, I met with members of the Southern Midlands Council, the Southern Midlands community and health care professionals at Oatlands.

We had a productive discussion and I am pleased that all parties have agreed to work constructively to improve the Centre.

Unlike Labor, we are working with our rural and regional communities to enhance their role in the community, providing care and as employers.

When Labor were in Government, they attempted to close or downgrade rural hospitals, including Rosebery and Ouse.

At a time when major reform and new thinking is required to deal with the health mess we have inherited, Ms White’s desperate scare campaign is a very disappointing contribution.


Time management - a solution to Hobart’s peak traffic issues

MARTI ZUCCO - City of Hobart - Alderman
17.10.14 2:21 pm

Alderman Marti Zucco is proposing an innovating idea that would potentially change and assist in the peak time morning and evening traffic for the City of Hobart.

Alderman Zuccos idea is simply changing the start times of employes and staggering their start times in the morning

Alderman Zucco will propose to the HCC that starting times for employees are staggered from 8am to 10 am at half hour intervals. The current workforce of the HCC is around 700 employees and by staggering their commencement times this could be part of assisting in the peak time in the morning and evening.

Alderman Zucco has discussed the concept with the Hobart City Council General manager who is actively considering the idea.

Alderman Zucco is also seeking that the HCC write to the State Government to also consider this approach with Government departments.

Alderman Zucco further added that larger Hobart City based business should also give consideration to stagger employee commencement times as this also may have a flow on effect

Alderman Zucco also pointed out that is the education department in consultation with all schools on a potential staggering of school starting times even at 15 minute interval that may also assist in the peak morning and afternoon traffic.

As an example two schools in a short radius from each other could develop a differential time for class commencement times that could assist in the morning rush to have all students at the school at the same time.

Hobart may have no need to consider spending thousands of dollars to fix the traffic issues it may simply be just a “time management measure” to resolve a problem.

Making adjustments to “time” is not a costly exercise and can easily be implemented and minimal cost if Local and State Government in consultation with business and the education department sit down and develop a “time solution” for Hobart’s traffic issues.

I have had discussions regarding this idea with favorable response thus far.

Changing how and what we do on a regular basis is simple Time management and if Time management can assist in providing solutions to other issues such as traffic then is only the Time we need to deliver the solutions that will save Time on the roads ultimately giving us more Time to spend at home before and after work.


Police Pay Freeze

Peter Gutwein, Treasurer
17.10.14 2:18 pm

I congratulate the leadership of the Police Association in voluntarily proposing and agreeing in-principle to this 18-month pay freeze.

This agreement is in line with the position the Government held after concerns were raised by the Upper House – a pay freeze of 18 months with no freeze to increments.

If this agreement is endorsed by their members, we will be able to quarantine frontline policing from the additional budget savings measures required if the pay freeze is not agreed to.

The Liberal Government is determined to fix the Budget mess and we are looking forward to seeing all unions’ savings proposals, noting that only a full 18 month pay freeze across the public sector will deliver the $50 million in savings needed to prevent additional job losses.

We thank the Police Association for their constructive and mature approach in difficult budget circumstances.

We would urge all unions to follow their example and put their proposals forward to Government so we can assess the level of savings.

The Liberal Government is getting the Budget back on track and fixing the State’s finances.