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Animal Justice Party calls for End to Live Animal Exports at the Ban Live Export Rally

AJP lead Senate candidate for Tasmania, Karen Bevis
25.06.16 6:53 am


Today at 12 Noon, Franklin Square, Hobart

The Animal Justice Party today called for an end to the live animal export trade, confirming it stands with the almost 80% of the Australian population who recent surveys estimate oppose live export1.

AJP lead Senate candidate for Tasmania, Karen Bevis, who will be speaking at the rally, said; “There is no moral or economic argument in support of this cruel trade.”

“The past week of revelations concerning the abuse of Australian live trade animals has been shocking. This litany of cruel behaviours cannot go on.

“Industry and government statements attempt to hide the fact that the industry is miniscule, brings little by way of economic return to the country and damages the reputation of our nation.2

“Continuing revelations of animal abuse in the live animal export industry, whether it is the tens of thousands of animals that die at sea, or the often horrific cruelty in arrival countries, demonstrate that government claims that the sector is being regulated are not matched in practice. It is evident that neither of the major federal parties appears to have the have the strength of character to put an end to the live export industry.

“If the majority of Australians who oppose live trade want it stopped they need to support the AJP to gain a voice in parliament so that we can increase our strenuous efforts to stop this appalling trade.

Karen said that, in addition to banning live export, AJP policy was to establish an Independent Office of Animal Welfare. The Australian Labor Party expressed its support of this in a letter to the AJP President last week.

The ALP has also backed the AJP’s concept of financial support for increasing plant based industries in Australia. “We know there is at least $8.3 million available,” Karen Bevis said. “This is funding that the Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce has just announced he wants to spend supporting Vietnam abattoirs so they can take even more live Australian animals for slaughter.

“This live export industry needs to be stopped and funds allocated to alternative industries in Australia like increased plant based industries, that employ Australian workers.

A vote for the AJP at this election is now very important in getting the message through to the major parties that the Australian publics wants live export stopped , and they want it stopped now.

1 Lonergan Research, WSPA Live Export Study Report (2012) 4-6 Quoted on Voiceless web site. The Age June 24: Opinion poll after opinion poll shows most of us want the bloody business of live animal exports stopped. It’s our political leaders who are looking the other way. Read more:

2 Live export represents just 0.4% of Australia’s total exports, while chilled meat trade is already worth 12 times more to our economy than the live trade for slaughter. In 2013. Most farmers don’t live export. Just 6% of cattle and 7% of sheep raised for slaughter in Australia last year actually went into the live export trade, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Background summary ...

Animal Justice Party abhors Government cruelty actions

Australia exports over three million live animals every year. Cattle, sheep and goats are shipped long distances in distressing conditions which result in illness and death for a significant number. They are often slaughtered in countries without adequate protections against cruelty.

Most of the dreadful incidents regarding this terrible industry were not detected through the Labor or Liberal Government’s own monitoring systems. These incidents only came to light through investigations by non-government organisations. Labor and Liberal Australian government regulations are failing to prevent or detect cruelties in the live export trade.

Following years of evidence-based criticism of the cruelty of live animal exports, over recent days the need for urgent action has become even more evident.

Survey after survey tells us the Australian people want this industry to stop

For the animals themselves, this cruel live export must stop.

Revelations over the last week show the only way to prevent the live export of animals is to vote for political parties which are committed to stopping the trade. The only political party which will do this is the Animal Justice Party.

Here is the most recent history of the situation:

• Last week (June 15) saw the terrible images shown on the ABC’s 7.30 report about Vietnam abattoirs

• Soon after it was the revelation that cattle export industry representatives called for less regulation about the wellbeing of animals on the basis that these regulations allegedly limited Australia’s economic benefit

• On Wednesday June 22nd came the revelation concerning the expert veterinarian Dr Lynn Simpson being removed from her job by the Commonwealth Department of Agriculture because she revealed the cruelty of existing transport conditions for live export animals. The Commonwealth Department had allegedly received complaints from Industry about the potentially damaging impact of a report as critical as hers. 

• Then on Thursday June 23 the Deputy Prime Minister announced $8.3 million dollars to Vietnamese abattoirs.

This litany of support for ending animal terror has demonstrated a number of important things.

• evidence of cruelty is not enough to make any government of the major political parties stop the trade

• revelations of the cruelty of the trade can lead to moves to remove the source of this information from employment

• the so-called economic benefit to the country is miniscule, as is the number of farmers involved, as Live export is only worth one eighth of Australia’s boxed meat exports. Most farmer income in these situations (93%) is derived from crops and wool)

The AJP has strenuously pushed for an Independent office of Animal Welfare as part of Commonwealth Government arrangements to combat the ferocity of vested interests

The AJP has developed an agreement with the ALP that establishing an Independent Office of Animal Welfare is a necessary one and one which is to be implemented if the ALP governs the country

Moreover the AJP has addressed the economic issues of alternatives to live animal exports through an agreement with the ALP to fund the development of plant based agriculture

Voters and all animal focussed organisations who are truly sick of the corruption of public process around animal wellbeing should support the AJP in its vigorous campaign to stop live animal exports

Support statements can be found at:

• Backlash – Australia’s conflict of values over live Exports, 2016 - Bidda Jones

Authorised by W.Sloane, 66 Allara Street Canberra City 2600



Michael Mansell Secretary
24.06.16 6:23 pm



Aboriginal leader Michael Mansell believes the Brexit referendum outcome has a spill over effect on the relationship between Aboriginal people and Australia. Mr Mansell said, “The UK referendum on Brexit is about the people choosing to be part of a political system or independent of it. The British Prime Minister has made it plain that although he personally wanted the UK to be part of the EU, he would respect the wishes of the people who do not.

In Australia, we Aboriginal people have never been given a chance to say if we want to be politically separate or part of Australia. Australia has to follow the lead of the UK and give us a choice.

Already the Opposition Leader Mr Shorten has raised the issue of a treaty. That treaty could settle the political relationship between Aboriginals and Australia. If we are to remain part of Australia, let the treaty terms spell out the benefits for us.”

Mr Mansell believed the Recognise campaign was “ an absolute waste of energy and resources. Even if it was passed at a referendum, nothing will change. It has so far had millions spent on it and a referendum will cost a further $150m.

That money would be far better spent on developing a treaty between Aboriginals and Australia. We want the same right of decide that has been exercised by the people of the UK.”


Coalition Last Left Supporting Super Trawlers This Election

Rebecca Hubbard, Environment Tasmania, Stop the Trawler Alliance, Nobby Clark, Game Fish Tasmania Sports Fishing Club
24.06.16 4:05 pm

Geelong Star

Just one week out from the Federal Election, the Coalition has been isolated in their support for super trawlers. The Stop the Trawler Alliance have assessed policy positions and found that the Labor Party, the Greens, and Tasmanian-based Jacquie Lambie Network are all backing a ban on super trawlers, in response to persistent concerns over their impacts on Australian jobs, fisheries and iconic marine life.

“There has been staunch opposition from recreational fishers, conservationists, tourism operators and the broad Australian public against super trawlers. The threat that this industrialisation of our oceans pose to Australian jobs, fisheries and iconic marine life are clearly not accepted by the Australian community,” said Rebecca Hubbard, Coordinator of the Stop the Trawler Alliance.

“The Greens, the Labor Party and the Jacquie Lambie Network of Tasmania are responding to these concerns and are supporting a ban on super trawlers. This leaves the Liberal National Coalition out in the cold, and the only major party still supporting monster trawlers,” said Ms Hubbard.

“Tens of thousands of recreational fishers have taken action on this issue over the last four years, and we will be telling those people to put the Labor Party, Jacqui Lambie Network and the Greens ahead on the ballot paper if they care about protecting our fisheries and oceans from super trawlers,” said Nobby Clark of Game Fish Tasmania Sports Fishing Club.

“Why would recreational fishers vote for the Liberal National Coalition when they have refused to respond to our concerns about impacts from factory freezer trawlers on our million dollar game-fishing industries and the hundreds of jobs they support in our regional coastal communities?” said Mr Clark.

“Over 230,000 people have signed petitions, tens of thousands have sent emails to MPs, and hundreds have joined rallies and flotillas against super trawlers, and the Liberal National Party is sending a clear message to these people that they are putting the interests of foreign super trawler criminals ahead of local voters,” concluded Ms Hubbard.

The Stop the Trawler Alliance will be communicating the super trawler policy positions of major and significant minor parties to supporters ahead of the federal election.

Written and authorised by Neil Clark, 270 Argyle Street, North Hobart


Greens welcome UTAS funding announcement

Australian Greens Senator for Tasmania, Peter Whish-Wilson
24.06.16 4:03 pm

Australian Greens Senator for Tasmania, Peter Whish-Wilson, provides the following comments on the UTAS funding announcement today.

“The Greens welcome the announcement that the Coalition has belatedly joined Labor in its commitment to northern Tasmania via the promise of $150 million towards the UTAS campus and services revitalisation.

“We ask that the northern community keep an open mind to the prospect and potential of this UTAS investment and that all stakeholders work co-operatively to make this project a reality.

“Often with promises like these, made during the heat of an election campaign, the devil can be in the detail. We look forward to scrutinising the fine print of any future development and we remind all stakeholders that open and direct consultation and collaboration will be critical for success.

It is refreshing that both parties are now supporting serious investment in new economic industries that reflects more than just their traditional approach of ‘dig it up and chop it down.’

“A revamped UTAS campus in the north of the state with targeted education and employment opportunities should lead to more young Tasmanians enrolling, which is essential for our state’s future prosperity.
“It is vital that the university redevelopment is not undermined by the Liberal’s university deregulation agenda .

“The Greens have always opposed university deregulation and will continue to do so. We are committed to increased university funding to ensure that the maximum number of students can engage in higher education,” he concluded.


Tasmania now has an extra $150M without $100K degrees – Lambie

Rob Messenger for Senator Jacqui Lambie Senator for Tasmania
24.06.16 3:57 pm

Independent JLN Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie has welcomed the Liberal’s promise to match Labor’s commitment of $150M to the University of Tasmania.

“The fact that the Liberals have been forced to promise $15OM in funding to UTAS, vindicates my vote against their plan to deregulate universities. We’re now in a win / win situation, no matter which party forms government. Tasmania now has an extra $150M - without $100K degrees for our students.” said Senator Lambie.

“It shows the important value of having a Tasmanian independent Senator holding the balance of power in the Australian Senate. Andrew Nicholic, the Liberal member for Bass, underneath the fake smiles today must be seething. The Liberal’s commitment of $150M shows that he lied to the people of Tasmania in the past.” said Senator Lambie.

“Mr Nicholic said there wouldn’t be any investment in UTAS from his party without my vote for their plan for $100K degrees and the privatisation of our University sector. Mr Nicholic even had the audacity to blame me for Tasmania missing out on University funding after I voted down his party’s plan to deregulate our Unis.

So is Mr Nicholic now going to congratulate me for remaining true to my convictions and protecting Australian university students from $100K degrees? Is Mr Nicholic honest and trustworthy enough to admit he got it wrong and lied to Tasmanians?” said Senator Lambie.



24.06.16 12:30 pm


The Minister for Health, Michael Ferguson, is misleading the Tasmanian community when he says he is offering a generous 6% pay offer which HACSU has rejected.

The real facts are that Ambulance staff are owed the same increases which other public sector workers received in 2014 and 2015. Minister Ferguson’s offer does not include those increases to Ambulance workers.

The offer the Minister made yesterday is to provide Ambulance Tasmania staff with 2% wage increases in 2016, 2017 and 2018 but does not provide anything for the missed 2014 and 2015 increases.

“In real terms he is offering 1% for the next 3 years.” Said Tim Jacobson, State Secretary of HACSU.

The last wages increase many Ambulance staff received was in December 2013.

In simple terms, the Minister is offering a 6% wage increase to workers over a five year period. It’s not difficult math, it doesn’t add up to 2% per annum which is the Governments wages policy.

Tim Jacobson said, “The Minister is deliberately misleading the Tasmanian Community on his offer to Ambulance staff and should be ashamed. Is this how the community expects its emergency services workers to be treated? I think not.”

The agreement reached with HACSU in February contained compensation for the increases workers were due in 2014 and in 2015.

“The Minister is deliberately misleading the Tasmanian public when he says the offer is superior. He needs to come clean and tell the community what Ambulance workers know, it’s not 6% over 3 years its 6% over 5 years equalling a 1.2% increase per year.” Tim said.

In addition, at yesterday’s meeting HACSU advised the Ministers’ representatives that if the Government wants staff to vote on the offer they are welcome to put it out to a ballot and the union will accept the outcome.

“The Minister knows our Members will reject a ridiculous offer like that”, said Mr Jacobson.



Independent Member for Denison, Andrew Wilkie
24.06.16 12:29 pm

The Independent Member for Denison, Andrew Wilkie, has described Labor’s Greater Hobart Transport Plan as a missed opportunity that won’t solve Denison’s traffic congestion.

``This plan is too focused on roads and will keep people in their cars stuck in traffic jams,’’ Mr Wilkie said.  ``A solution to Denison’s traffic problems must include light rail, ferries and more bike lanes and buses.  The quickest way to reduce traffic jams is to encourage people out of their cars and into alternative forms of transport.  The only way to do this is to invest in trains, buses, bike lanes and ferries. 

What we don’t need is another study. We need investment.’’

Mr Wilkie supports restoring passenger rail across Tasmania. In particular, he is a strong advocate for a Northern Suburbs Light Rail from Hobart to at least Granton because it will link communities, reduce road congestion, save money and help clean up the environment.  He believes that Labor, the Liberals and the Greens are all failing on light rail and has urged all parties to commit to funding the project.

Bike riding is environmentally sustainable, inexpensive, healthy and often convenient.  Mr Wilkie supports the Bicycle Network’s proposal for a $240m national bike fund to fund bicycle infrastructure and the Build for Bikes program which would ensure bike infrastructure is included in all federally-funded projects.  Mr Wilkie supports the proposal for cycling that would, among other things, establish an Active Transport Fund, ensuring that bicycle infrastructure is considered in federal transport funding, fixing bike blackspots and investing in active transport.

There is also a need to greatly improve Hobart’s bus services. Recent route and schedule changes have created significant problems and indeed Mr Wilkie has received dozens of complaints, none of which the State Government is willing to act on. Moreover the recent State Budget announcement of purchasing new buses misses the opportunity to start replacing diesel buses with electric- or gas-powered vehicles.


Report into Biosecurity Tasmania ‘will never be released’

Friends of Biosecurity Tasmania
24.06.16 8:02 am


A report from an independent review of the restructure of Biosecurity Tasmania has recently been handed to the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment (DPIPWE).

This report may flag serious problems with how the restructure was managed and how staff were treated. It may point to a culture of cover-up within management.

But we will never know what was in this report thanks to this department.

The report will never be released.


Is it because the report is highly critical of the senior management of Biosecurity Tasmania, finding that they provided misinformation to staff about changes, applied inconsistent recruitment processes, and bullied staff during the restructure?

Did the report find that Biosecurity Tasmania had failed to respond to serious welfare concerns raised by staff, revealing that managers actively cultivated a culture of cover-up in the workplace?

Did it expose that there was evidence of a lack of proper governance and a failure in the duty of care shown by management?

A senior manager who resigned from Biosecurity Tasmania in 2015 described the restructure in an open letter to staff as a ‘dog’s breakfast’ and ‘the most atrociously implemented organisational change’ he had seen in over 30 years with the public service.

Was he right?

Did the report identify that Biosecurity Tasmania did not meet the Tasmanian Government’s own policy for Managing Positions in the State Service? Did it recommend that there needed to be a fundamental change in the leadership culture within Biosecurity Tasmania?

Biosecurity Tasmania was surveyed in 2015 by the Community and Public Sector Union (CPSU), who had concerns about what was going on. That survey identified high levels of dissatisfaction with the management of the restructure, high levels of workplace stress and low levels of staff morale.

Was it right?

More recently in May 2016, the CPSU accused Biosecurity Tasmania of under-reporting workplace stress when it failed to include staff stress leave in Right to Information (RTI) documents. The RTI documents were later found to have excluded one staff member who had been on stress leave for over six months. Did the report expose why so many Biosecurity Tasmania staff were taking stress leave?

Biosecurity Tasmania was formed in May 2014 when the Biosecurity and Product Integrity Division merged with the Invasive Species Branch. The restructure has been widely criticised by staff, with concerns raised about how the process was being managed and increasing levels of workplace stress.

In contrast, Minister for Primary Industries, Jeremy Rockliff, has flatly rejected claims of low morale within Biosecurity Tasmania and thrown his full confidence behind those managing the restructure.

Has the Minister been choosing to ignore problems in his portfolio?

General Manager of Biosecurity Tasmania, Dr Lloyd Klumpp, who oversaw the restructure, asserts that the restructure has been a success and staff were happy with the process. The General Manager has just been reappointed for a further five year term.

The review of the restructure of Biosecurity Tasmania was carried out by an independent auditor after a staff member took their concerns about management of the process to the Tasmanian Industrial Commission.

With all the problems that were being raised, why didn’t the department itself look into what had gone wrong?

This report leaves the department with serious questions to answer.

Is not releasing the report covering up a culture of cover-up?

To ask why you can’t have a copy of the report, contact John Whittington, Secretary of DPIPWE,  .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


Coral Sea voyage to discover new species and tackle marine debris

Alexandra de Blas for Jo Harding – Bush Blitz, Mark Sawa – Parks Australia
23.06.16 5:45 pm

Pic: Keith Martin-Smith


Tasmanian science teacher and marine scientist Keith Martin-Smith returns from a 12 day scientific expedition - the Great Coral Sea Clean-up and Bio-discovery Voyage -  tomorrow morning, Friday 24 June.

He has been working with scientists and skyping back to his students in the class room as part of the Bush Blitz TeachLive program:

Here is Keith’s Blog from the journey:

EARLIER (June 9) ...

A 12-day voyage to discover new species and tackle marine debris in the Coral Sea will depart Mackay on Saturday.

A crew of 24 specialists including scientists and teachers will board two vessels – the Odyssey and the Iron Joy – before sailing to remote islets and cays as part of the Coral Sea Clean-up and Bio-discovery Voyage.

The Iron Joy crew will focus on marine debris research and clean-up work while those on the Odyssey will aim to uncover new species.

Parks Australia’s Head of Marine Protected Areas Jason Mundy said this voyage would improve our understanding of marine debris and biodiversity in the Coral Sea Commonwealth Marine Reserve.

“The Coral Sea covers almost 1 million square kilometres of near-pristine ocean. It is part the Commonwealth Marine Reserve network - which makes up one-third of all Australian waters,” Mr Mundy said.

“The Coral Sea is one of the last places on Earth you will find large populations of sharks, tuna, billfish, swordfish and marlin. It is internationally recognised for its rich biodiversity and is home to vulnerable humpback whales and green turtles as well as 13 species of seabird considered threatened or endangered.

“This voyage goes to ensuring the long term health of the Coral Sea and protecting Australia’s biological diversity.”
Bush Blitz manager Jo Harding said one of the most exciting quests on this voyage would be the search for new species.

“Bush Blitz has discovered over 1,100 new species to date and we expect to find more during this Coral Sea trip,” Ms Harding said.
“Along with finding new species two teachers from the Bush Blitz TeachLive programme will deliver classes via satellite to students more than 3000km away, providing them with a unique chance to take part in a virtual expedition on the high seas.
“We’ll also be studying small land and sea animals that live on marine debris and look at the potential for these animals to hitch a ride across the ocean. While we know this is a natural process longer trips may be possible on debris like plastics that don’t break down in the environment.”
CSIRO technician TJ Lawson said researchers would assess the impact of rubbish on flora and fauna on the Coral Sea islands and work to identify the source of marine debris.

“We need to identify where the litter is coming from and devise a plan to stop it from washing out to sea in the first place,” Ms Lawson said.

“Australia has a world class litter tracking system, and research gather during this voyage will be used to help better manage our aquatic environments on a global scale.”

The clean-up and research voyage will see not-for-profit organisation Tangaroa Blue, Surfrider Foundation and Take3 work with Parks Australia, Bush Blitz and the CSIRO, collaborate to tackle key threats to the health of marine life and seabirds.

Meanwhile debris collected on the voyage will be brought back to the mainland for disposal, with some to be used by Cairns artists to create sculptures from marine debris.

Funding for the Coral Sea Clean-up and Bio-discovery Voyage has been split evenly between Parks Australia and Bush Blitz. Bush Blitz partners BHP Billiton Sustainable Communities and Earthwatch have funded their half of the trip.


What is Bush Blitz?

• Bush Blitz is Australia’s national nature discovery project.
• The program sends teams of scientists to remote properties across Australia to discover and document the plants and animals that live there.
• Bush Blitz is delivered through a globally unique, multi-million dollar partnership between the Australian Government’s Department of the Environment and Parks

Australia, through the Australian Biological Resources Study; BHP Billiton Sustainable Communities; and Earthwatch Institute Australia.

• Each blitz expedition focuses on collecting target taxa: dragonflies, butterflies and moths, true bugs, snails, spiders, reptiles, amphibians and flowering plants.
• Bush Blitz is providing the knowledge needed to protect Australia’s unique biodiversity for generations to come – because if we don’t know what’s out there how can we protect it?

What has Bush Blitz achieved so far?

• Since it began in 2010, the program has sent around 200 scientists into the field to survey over two million hectares of land across Australia.
• These blitzes have found almost 1,200 new species: 1,136 new fauna species and 57 new flora species. The blitzes have also recorded over 300 threatened, vulnerable or endangered species; located more than 800 pest species; and added new distribution information for thousands of other species.

Australia’s hidden biodiversity

• There are an estimated 580,000 plant and animal species in Australia – more than in any other country on Earth – and yet three-quarters of this biodiversity is yet to be identified.
• Almost half the Australian continent and over 90 per cent of our marine territory has never been comprehensively surveyed.
Citizen science and Bush Blitz TeachLive
• Bush Blitz is not just about scientific discovery. It also aims to raise public awareness and inspire individuals and communities to take action to better understand and protect the environment.
• One way Bush Blitz achieves this is by exposing school teachers to the practice of
‘real science’ by giving them the chance to work side-by-side with scientists in the field.
• Science teachers can apply to join a Bush Blitz expedition. Those selected are able to participate in the surveys and teach science ‘live’ from the field via the TeachLive website, bringing their newfound knowledge and enthusiasm back to their students.
• Bush Blitz TeachLive is a collaborative project between the Bush Blitz partnership and the Australian Science Teachers Association.



Tim Jacobson, State Secretary of HACSU
23.06.16 12:58 pm


Tim Jacobson, State Secretary of HACSU, said, “The representatives at today’s meeting initially denied any knowledge of the agreement reached with HACSU in February, then conceded that those people who negotiated the agreement with us made a major mistake.”

“Ambulance workers are furious that this government is so disorganised and incompetent that after reaching an agreement with its workers, that it then believes it can simply walk away from that agreement.” Tim Jacobson said.

The government’s actions have only served to galvanise the resolve of Ambulance Tasmania employees who now understand very clearly that this government cannot be trusted.

The admission by the government representatives at today’s meeting that the government’s previous negotiating team had made a major mistake is an admission that there was an agreement reached with us in February.


Super Trawler Ban will always be JLN Official Policy

Rob Messenger for Senator Jacqui Lambie Senator for Tasmania
23.06.16 12:54 pm

Independent JLN Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie has continued and restated her long and strong opposition to Super Trawlers – and has released a 30sec YouTube statement backing up the JLN’s position regarding a ban on Super Trawlers in Australian waters.

Click below to view

“I know how dangerous Super Trawlers are to the environment and our fish stocks.

Super Trawlers are responsible for wiping out the baitfish in Africa and pose a significant danger to our environment and local fishing industry.

I am a pro-development, pro-business politician – but wiping out fisheries for short-term financial gain - makes no economic or environmental sense and must always be opposed.

The JLN will always oppose and vote against any Super Trawler fishing in Australian Waters.” said Senator Lambie.



Ross Gwyther,
23.06.16 9:53 am




Date: Thursday June 23

Time: 7pm-8.30pm Location: Geographical Society Qld Lecture Theatre 237 Milton Rd, Milton (opposite Milton Railway Station).  Parking: At rear of theatre

The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) is a critical component of Australia’s research and innovation capacity.  The public good research it undertakes contributes enormously to Australian society and a secure future for Australians. 

Few other organisations undertake the range of scientific long-term research undertaken by CSIRO or give the return on investment to society as does CSIRO.  CSIRO has a long list of successful research outcomes contributing to important developments in medicine, ecosystem management, plant and manufacturing industries and other sectors. 

It is greatly valued by Australians, but it’s very future is under enormous threat and we need you’re support.

After only a few weeks, branches of Friends of CSIRO have been established in Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne and now Brisbane. Already the group already has 500 members and the phone is ringing off the hook! 

Since the 2014 budget, 1200 jobs have been lost already and funding for programs has been reduced by $115 million. Funding to CSIRO from other departments (called external funding), which forms a significant amount of CSIRO funding, has also reduced significantly. 

In this process the science side of CSIRO has been decimated.

As Climate Change becomes a matter of international calamity the CSIRO’s world renowned climate science is being dismantled.

There has been very little consultation with partners, stakeholders and collaborators, both national and international, leading to local and international outcry.

International collaborators like NASA, the National Oceans and Atmosphere Administration (USA), French and UK climate science organisations have protested about the damage these cuts would do.  Around 2,800 scientists from around 60 countries have protested these cuts.

The process in terms of staff consultation and notices re redundancies has been appalling.  The fact that Dr John Church, probably the foremost global expert on sea level rise, was notified of his likely redundancy while he was at work at sea, demonstrates the appalling lack of due process.


Planning and conference registrations for Anti-war Gathering in Alice Springs gaining momentum

Nick Deane
23.06.16 6:23 am


IPAN spokesperson Nick Deane, said today, that registrations for the anti-war conference in Alice Springs on 1st October, this year, are gathering momentum as is the planning for the Close Pine Gap protests to be held from 26th September to 2nd October.

He added that we are expecting hundreds of protesters to gather in September for the Close Pine Gap activities and added that it is not too late to register and make arrangements to attend.

For details contact: or au

Nick explained that “The predominantly US military base at Pine Gap has been operating for 50 years and has become a major military communications support facility for international espionage, military battlefield survelliance and control communications and killer drone control. It is largely staffed by US military, CIA and their communications personnel and Australia has virtually no control over their activities. This compromises the Australian people in involving us in US war activities with countries with whom we are not at war and with whom we wish to have peaceful relations.”

He added: “It is time to close Pine Gap and enable Australia to pursue peaceful relations with our neighbors”.


TasGifted Conference - Keynote and Invited Speaker topics announced

Tasmanian Association for the Gifted Inc
22.06.16 7:48 pm

TAG has worked with our keynote and invited speakers to select a fabulous and varied line-up of topics about gifted young people which will be of interest to parents, educators, policy makers and psychologists.

Read more HERE


Brown back in Barnaby’s backyard

Steven Chaffer, The Bob Brown Foundation
22.06.16 4:00 pm

Former Greens leader Bob Brown is to visit Barnaby Joyce’s closely-held seat of New England tomorrow after Joyce’s jibe that ‘even the trees were trying to get away from the Greens’.

“I’m keen to catch up again with the Greens’ candidate Mercurius Goldstein in Glen Innes for a luncheon launch - he is way ahead of Barnaby on such issues as protecting farmlands from mining, and public education and Medicare from cutbacks or privatisation. I might have a thing or two to say about Barnaby”.

Today Brown is touring the Green-inclined seat of Richmond with Greens candidate Dawn Walker.


Basslink Outage Supports Need for Renewables

Rosalie Woodruff MP | Greens Energy spokesperson
22.06.16 2:33 pm

The fact that Basslink’s undersea power cable has failed again so soon after being reconnected is unwelcome news.

Basslink said “such an outage is not an unusual occurrence across the electricity network”. Until Tasmania is self-sufficient in renewable energy we will continue to have an insecure power supply.

We don’t want to have to rely on coal-fired power from Victoria, and the energy crisis showed just how much this reliance is costing us. Tasmania is looking at a $180 million bill from dirty diesel and gas generation during the energy crisis.

We can easily get to more than 100% self-sufficiency in on island renewable power.

With a combination of large-scale wind and rooftop solar driven by fair tariffs, we can generate a financial return for Tasmanians, and get power security.


ANMF Nurses Annual Delegates Conference 2016

Janine Kemp, Marketing and Communications Coordinator
22.06.16 2:24 pm

Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation (ANMF Tas Branch) has their Annual Conference
beginning tomorrow 23rd June and concluding 24th June, at Best Western Plus, 3 Earl Street,

Around 70 ANMF delegates from all sectors and regions of Tasmanian are hearing and debating key
issues and challenges facing health around Tasmania as well as in their specific workplaces.

Guest speakers Thursday 23rd June included:

10.30am: Ministers Health Address - Minister for Health, The Hon Michael Ferguson MP

13.25pm Social Determinants of Health – Shandell Elmer

14.15pm Tasmania’s Ice Epidemic – Psychologist Janine Barrow

“Tasmanian ANMF Delegates will be discussing resolutions such as changes to Perioperative Nurses
presently in theatre are only being given limited training. ANMF need to ensure nurses are educated
and trained via a safe method. Other resolutions will be proposed such as changing the eight hour
break to ten hour breaks between shifts and halting outsourcing elective surgery to private

“ANMF will always advocate on behalf of all members and the community for equity in health and
quality care for all Tasmanians. Our Delegates come together once a year to discuss, educate and
debate health issues in Tasmania” states Mrs Neroli Ellis, Branch Secretary.

Friday’s program will explore:

1000 am: Clinical Redesign – Health Innovations Services – Dr Pieter Van Dam
11.15 am: Q&A Session – Federal & State Health cuts.
• Senator Jacqui Lambie (JLN)
• Opposition Spokesperson Rebecca White MP (ALP – State)
• Mr Mervin Reed
• Senator Peter Whish-Wilson (Greens)
13.15pm: Coroners Update –Coroner Rod Chandler

**NOTE: Liberal Candidates were invited to participate in this Q&A Session. Invitations went to
Andrew Nikolic, Richard Colebeck, Brett Whiteley replied they were busy at that time, and to the
Tasmanian Liberal Party office, Sam McQuestin where there has been no response.



Clint McGilvray
22.06.16 2:21 pm

Australian Marriage Equality has welcomed the Australian Local Government Association’s decision to pass a motion in support of marriage equality with a strong majority at their National General Assembly.

The Australian Local Government Association is the national voice of local government, representing 560 councils across our nation.

The motion read:

“That this National General Assembly call on the Federal Government to treat with dignity and respect all members of the community regardless of gender or sexuality by supporting changes to the Marriage Act to achieve marriage equality for same sex couples.”

Australian Marriage Equality National Spokesperson, Dr Shirleene Robinson said:

“We would like to thank the Australian Local Government Association for their strong support of fairness and equality for every Australian.

“From the Mayor of Darwin to rural Councillors across Australia, the National Assembly sent a clear message that marriage equality is about people, and not politics.

“It is great to see our local government leaders working together to deliver such a positive and affirming message to LGBTI Australians.

“We would like to especially thank Jan Farrell, who has been the driving force behind growing local government support for marriage equality for every Australian”, Dr Robinson concluded.


Letter to the Editor ...

Syd Edwards, Launceston
22.06.16 2:18 pm



Tasmania losing out over Liberals’ fundraising

Kevin Morgan, Palmer United Party’s (PUP) lead Senate candidate for Tasmania
22.06.16 2:13 pm

The Palmer United Party’s (PUP) lead Senate candidate for Tasmania, Kevin Morgan, said the state was being starved of support because of the electoral fundraising habits of the Liberal Party.

“With Arthur Sinodinos defying orders to appear before the Senate fundraising inquiry, it has become clear that the Liberal Party raises the majority of its funds from mainland foundations,’’ Mr Morgan said.

“Successive Liberal Party ministers have starved Tasmania of the support and incentives it needs because their priorities are with the mainland where their party funds are being derived.

“Only the Palmer United Party, with the balance of power in the Senate, can fight to give Tasmania the attention it deserves.

“Tasmania has reached the stage where there is a chance for real change which I can help deliver if elected to the Senate,’’ Mr Morgan said.

“It is not good enough that Tasmania is missing gout and people had to leave due to lack of opportunity.

“We need a better life here and now,’’ Mr Morgan said.

“In 2014 when Palmer United held the balance of power in the Senate we stopped the budget and protected Australians’ way of life.

“The coming election gives Tasmania real opportunity for change. Senator Dio Wang, myself and other PUP Senators, with the balance of power, will help put Tasmania back on the map,’’ Mr Morgan said.



HACSU State Secretary, Tim Jacobson
22.06.16 10:30 am


Staff at Ambulance Tasmania have been waiting more than eighteen months for a new wages agreement with the State Government. Meetings were scheduled for 9 and 14 June at the request of the Minister in order to settle the current dispute. The Government cancelled both of these meetings.

Negotiations concluded in February, with an in-principle agreement reached between the parties. HACSU wrote to the Government negotiators asking that the agreement be put to a vote. The State Government has refused to complete the final phase of the process.

“Our Members are completely frustrated by the unexplained delays,” HACSU State Secretary, Tim Jacobson said. “It’s our view that the Minister doesn’t have the correct information in front of him. The deal reached complied with the Government’s current wage policy. 5% over three years is less than the 2% per annum that is Government policy, he should talk to us.”

HACSU Members have voted to escalate current bans. New bans include: overtime bans, bans to overnight callouts, bans on performing higher duties, and writing campaign messages on Ambulances.

Mr Jacobson said, “There is little point continuing to negotiate with Agencies (DHHS and AT), when it is our understanding that it is the Minister and the Cabinet who are currently holding up the process.

Their actions undermine good faith bargaining. The trust is gone.”

The Executive of the HACSU-Ambulance Employees Sub Branch met yesterday and agreed unanimously that members will start writing on Ambulances from today, overtime bans commence next week.
“We encourage the Minister to get his advisors in one place and come and talk to us, enough of the grandstanding and cancelled meetings,” said Mr Jacobson.

“We have had low level bans in place for 5 weeks, and not one conversation has happened about reaching a resolution”, said Mr Jacobson. “Our Members feel they have no choice but to increase their industrial action to secure the agreement which should have been made months ago.”


NZ doco at Culture Unplugged ...

Clyde Graf
22.06.16 9:40 am

A New Zealand documentary has been selected to play at the international film festival Culture Unplugged. The festival shares and plays films from USA, Indonesia, India, and New Zealand.

The documentary - New Zealand Streams - The Fight to keep them 1080 Poison-free (revised 2015) - was filmed on the West Coast of the South Island, and presents dairy and beef farmers voicing their concerns over the poison baits dropped directly into the streams that feed their farms, and the potential impact the poison drops have on their industries. Mayor Maureen Pugh (now an MP for the National Government) tells how the communities can taste the green dusts “and they claim it has an effect on them immediately”.

Locals were arrested while protesting the aerial poison drop, which covered over 90,000 hectares, and which are now a regular occurrence across New Zealand’s forests and streams. The film and will play for 24 hours from Wednesday, June 22, 12:00 PM – Thursday, June 23, 11:59 AM (NZST), at its first screening.

The documentary can be viewed by clicking on this link—-The-Fight-to-keep-them-1080-Poison-free—revised-2015- or by visiting and searching New Zealand Streams - The Fight to keep them 1080 Poison-free (revised 2015)


Greens to nominate Tarkine rainforest for World Heritage listing

Greens Leader Richard Di Natale, Greens Senator for Tasmania Nick McKim
21.06.16 12:52 pm

Greens Leader Richard Di Natale is in Tasmania to announce his party will do what the other parties have refused and start the process for bringing the Tarkine into the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area.

“This is an incredibly precious rainforest, home to ancient relics that teach us so much about our natural and cultural heritage. It must be protected,” Senator Di Natale said.

“The Greens will nominate the Tarkine for World Heritage listing, by recommending the World Heritage Committee extend the boundaries of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area.

“This forest will never be worth more dead than alive. Protection of this living heritage is the best offering Australia could make to Tasmanians and the rest of the world.”

Greens Senator for Tasmania Nick McKim said:

“Successive Liberal and Labor governments have caved to their vested interests and refused to nominate the Tarkine for World Heritage listing.

“The Tarkine is unequivocally is of World Heritage standard and deserving of all the protections that the World Heritage Convention provides. It would provide a foundation to promote and attract visitors to the north west coast from around Australia and the world.

“The Australian Heritage Council has called for it to be World Heritage listed, the global community is impatient to see protected, and the Greens are proud to be getting the ball rolling.”

Greens Senator Peter Whish-Wilson who’s based in the north of the state said:

“The protection of the Tarkine will provide certainty for the tourism industry in the North West. We need to move away from the boom and bust commodity cycles that plague the region by diversifying into industries like nature and cultural heritage tourism.

“Listing would provide protection for the superlative Indigenous values and the nomination process would provide impetus for engagement with the Indigenous community about ongoing protection and management of the region.”

The Greens will invest:
• $3 million for a World Heritage Interpretation Centre to kick-start planning & development,
• $1 million for TWWHA marketing & promotion
• $1 million to the Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre for consultation with Aboriginal communities and surveys of Aboriginal cultural heritage,
• $1 million for a Tourism Master Plan to look at access, demand and visitor needs
The full policy documents can be found here:


Lambie’s reply to Advocate’s Letter to the Editor – Name Tasmanian Achievements

Rob Messenger for Senator Jacqui Lambie Senator for Tasmania
21.06.16 12:14 pm

Independent JLN Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie has issued a reply to a Letter to the Editor published today in the Advocate Newspaper, which challenged the Senator to name “a single achievement that you have enacted for the benefit of Tasmania.”

“Dear Editor,

All my opponents and their supporters - for obvious political reasons - have tried to down play, cover-up, and lie about the positive things I’ve been able to deliver for ordinary Tasmanians over the last couple of years.

It’s clear they want the State’s House of Review, the Senate, to become a rubber stamp of the Lower House. In desperation, they deliberately twist history and make out that Senate consultation with the community was chaos.

They also conveniently forget the Liberals’ many broken promises.  And the fact I helped protect Tasmania from unnecessary family heartache and cuts embedded in Abbot’s first horror budget that was supposed to fix a “Budget Emergency”. Of course, few would forget that the Liberals were forced to admit that their “Budget Emergency” never existed.

However with regard to my achievements, the six following facts speak for themselves:

1)  My vote blocked the Government’s attempt to change our higher education system and allow $100,000 degrees to be forced on Tasmanian uni students.

2)  I arranged a meeting with the PM and the head of Tasmania’s paper manufacturer Norse Skog, which resulted (after some political pressure) in an extra $200M being injected into the Tasmania Freight Equalisation Scheme.

3)  And as a member of PUP, despite being ordered not to support changes the RET scheme - I resigned and became an independent - so I could support changes to the RET scheme.

Subsequently my vote and support for changes to RET meant that Tasmania’s heavy manufacturers - or five biggest employers - had an unfair extra mainland annual tax of about $20M, lifted.

This meant that 10,000 direct and indirect Tasmanian heavy manufacturing jobs were no longer at risk of being lost due to high energy costs.

4) My vote blocked the Government’s changes to Coastal Shipping laws, which would have allowed overseas workers to replace at least 400 Tasmanian maritime workers.

5) In the history of Parliament, I was one of the few independents whose private member’s bill linking our Diggers’ pay rises to the CPI or politicians wages (whichever was higher) - passed the Senate – giving hope for a fair Defence pay system.

6) Separately, I used my vote to force the Liberal Government into a famous backflip on Defence pay, which saw an extra $200M boost in Diggers’ wages.

If Tasmanians want the balance of power in the next Parliament - then please support JLN.”

Sincerely, Senator Jacqui Lambie



Animal Justice Party Calls for an Independent Office of Animal Welfare (IOAW)

Karen Bevis, Senate Candidate for Tasmania
21.06.16 8:59 am

The idea of an Independent Office of Animal Welfare has been discussed and proposed at a federal level for a number of years, with the Greens introducing bills in the federal parliament in 2013 and 2015. In stark contrast, the Abbott Government took animal welfare off the Commonwealth agenda in 2013. Instead, this Liberal Government left individual departments of agriculture to be primarily responsible for implementing animal welfare standards.

The conflict of interest is clear. Departments of agriculture are charged with protecting and promoting profits for the agriculture industry while at the same time ensuring animal welfare. Revenue raising and animal welfare do not make happy bed-fellows.

“This has to change”, said Karen Bevis, lead senate candidate for the Animal Justice Party in Tasmania, “Considering the growth of the vote for the Animal Justice Party since the first election it contested on the mainland in 2013, the shift in community expectations and attitudes towards animal welfare in Australia has never been greater”.

“The establishment of an IOAW provides an opportunity to meet community expectations and deliver a new national framework for animal welfare and protection.”

“The Animal Justice Party’s proposed IOAW model is one of an independent, central and active voice for animals at a federal level.”

“To preserve its independence and avoid the current conflicts of interest that plague animal welfare regulation at a state and territory level, an IOAW must be established as an independent statutory authority, with its functions, powers and administration enshrined in legislation.”

Authorised by W.Sloane, 66 Allara Street Canberra City 2600


• The Animal Justice Party (AJP) was formed in 2009 to help ensure principles of kindness, compassion and capability are applied to all animals in all parliaments of this country.

• The AJP contested the 2013 Federal election nationwide in the Senate in six jurisdictions as well as several lower house seats, receiving nearly 100,000 votes altogether. It is registered in both Victoria and New South Wales, more than doubling its vote in the 2014 Victorian state election, tripling its vote in the 2015 NSW state election and installing our first MP, Mark Pearson. The party will be running in more than 50 seats in the 2016 Federal Election.

• The party is introduced in this short video:

• Read our policies, charter, constitution and meet our candidates here:


7pm TONIGHT, Albert Hall, Launceston: A Challenge to the LCC Gift ...

21.06.16 7:39 am

It’s again at the Albert Hall, Launceston, from 7 pm tonight ( June 21 ), Tuesday.

The public meeting will take place to challenge Launceston Council’s decision to gift land valued something in the order of $5 million to the University of Tasmania (UTas).

UTas is planning to relocate its Launceston campus from Newnham to Inveresk and occupy the land.

The meeting follows a ‘citizens petition’ with well in excess of the require 1000 signatures calling upon the council to rescind the November 2015 transfer of the Willis Street Car Park and Old Velodrome at Inveresk.

The petitioners are calling to put the land up for sale on the open market with a reserve price of $5 million to determine its market value.

Earlier on Tasmanian Times ...

- See more at:


From Syria to Sydney: a family’s refugee journey

Naomi Steer, UNHCR
21.06.16 7:04 am


It is exactly one year since Maxeem Georges and his young family arrived in Australia at the end of their long journey from war-torn Syria. Addressing our 2016 World Refugee Day Breakfast, Maxeem reflected on how the Syrian war has changed the course of his life forever.

Red more HERE



20.06.16 3:17 pm

Labor Senator for Tasmania, Catryna Bilyk, said that the Liberals’ failure to send a representative to an Edge Radio forum on the arts and music industries showed that they were running scared from the arts community.

“The Liberals are clearly embarrassed about their disastrous arts policy and the devastation it has wreaked on the industry, and they are ducking for cover,” Senator Bilyk said.

“As the Senator who led the Arts Senate Inquiry for Labor, I have heard from thousands of artists across Australia that they were betrayed and angry at the Turnbull Government’s savage cuts to their sector.

“The establishment of the Government’s so-called ‘Catalyst’ ministerial slush fund at the expense of Australia Council funding has created profound uncertainty for many arts organisations and individual artists.”

The forum, hosted by community radio station Edge Radio 99.3FM, was held last night at the Republic Bar and Café in North Hobart.

It covered topics such as arm’s length funding for the arts, cuts to the Australia Council, and ensuring that the arts and artists are a valued part of Australian society.

Senator Bilyk said she was pleased to be able to attend and put forward Labor’s positive plans for a creative Australia.

“The arts ecosystem is looking to a Shorten Labor Government to repair the damage done by the Liberals,” Senator Bilyk said.

“A Labor Government will close the Liberal’s ‘Catalyst’ ministerial slush fund and return the funding to the Australia Council.

“We will boost Australia Council funding by $20 million a year, deliver $60 million for the ABC to produce more local drama, boost the Regional Arts Fund by $2 million a year, invest $1.8 million in Sounds Australia to strengthen Australia’s live contemporary music industry, as well as $2.3 million a year to expand successful school music programs.”

For more information on Labor’s comprehensive plan for the arts, please visit:


Net tightens around Energy Minister Matthew Groom

Bryan Green MP Labor Leader
20.06.16 3:11 pm

Bryan Green MP
Labor Leader 20 June 2016

• Energy crisis hearing reveals the Government was willing to risk load shedding
• Groom pushed ahead with the sale of the Tamar Valley Power Station despite being warned of the consequences
• Power station was mothballed from August 2015
• Decision to decommission the power station cost Tasmania a fortune

The net is tightening around Energy Minister Matthew Groom on the first day of parliamentary hearings into the crisis.

It’s been revealed that the Government agreed to the sale of the Tamar Valley Power Station in the full knowledge that load shedding would be required for residential customers if a Basslink outage coincided with low inflows.

“The Government was advised by Hydro Tasmania of the huge consequences of getting rid of the power station and gave approval for its sale anyway,” Mr Green said.

“Hydro Tasmania executives were cagey and evasive but eventually confirmed that the reassurance the TVPS was not required for energy security was based on modelling that included residential load shedding.

“The Liberals were willing to risk the possibility of load shedding for residential and commercial customers.

“A scenario similar to the one modelled by Hydro played out less than 6 months after the Government approved the sale.

“The Government needed to fire up the power station to keep the lights on.

“Matthew Groom must immediately release all advice he received from Hydro Tasmania, including modelling around residential load shedding.

“It has also been confirmed today that the Government’s requirement for Hydro to deliver a $75 million dividend was contingent on the Combined Cycle Gas Turbine being sold.

“Ironically, Mr Groom’s decision to sell the power station has actually cost the state $180 million.

“Not to mention the enormous financial impact on Tasmania’s biggest energy users, including Bell Bay Aluminium.

“The net is tightening around Matthew Groom.

“Evidence given to the PAC confirms the power station went from being in dry layup to being completely mothballed after August 2015.

“TasNetworks confirmed today that the Combined Cycle Gas Turbine was shut down entirely and removed from the energy supply mix.

“Therefore it took two and a half months to turn it back on and the delay cost Tasmanians dearly.

“$60 million was spent on temporary diesel generation to create less than 60 Gigawatt hours of energy.

“Running the power station earlier would have saved the state a fortune.

“The Government can no longer perpetuate the idea that its management of the power station was routine.

“As dam levels fell, Matthew Groom took the unprecedented decision to shut down and sell Tasmania’s energy security insurance policy.”


Brown calls on PM to say ‘no thanks’ to Exclusive Brethren

Bob Brown, The Bob Brown Foundation
20.06.16 1:30 pm

Former Greens Leader Bob Brown has called on the Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, to send back donations to the Liberals from members of the Exclusive Brethren sect.

‘This trenchantly homophobic cult’s elders warned me in my Parliament House rooms in June 2006 that I should read Romans I in which St Paul advises that homosexual men ‘are deserving of death’. They came with advice that I and my partner Paul Thomas were destined for ‘a lake of fire’.

The four elders’ particular aim was the Greens’ advocacy of same-sex marriage which the Howard government, supported by Labor in 2004, had banned. Elder Richard Garrett told me that the sect was shocked that the Greens were supporting same-sex marriage because it ‘will destroy society ... we repel it because it’s against God’s word. People get themselves so perverted and they just can’t think morally’.

Brown said that he thought it likely that Mr Turnbull, who says he has ‘no criticisms or complaints about that organisation’, has not studied the sect which declares that life should be guided by a hatred of the world. ‘Mr Turnbull should have a closer look and any donations from the sect should be returned with a ‘no thanks’ note,’ Brown said.