Writer's Articles - Nick Evers

Nick Evers remembered

Nick Evers: Gentle, into that good night

The PM's legless bird

Players mild, please

Greeny: It is called humility

Brethren: Woe to you, Hypocrites

Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose

On The Rampage With Boadicea

Why Ralphs Bay must not be touched

Paedophiles deserve the death penalty

Toughest, trickiest, smartest, most ruthless, most resilient little political operators

It's History, mate

Bill 'n' Buffy: other ways to live (2)

On being compliant

Horsing around

Gays ... and politics

Jogging my memory

Institutionalised Bastardry

Celebrity bonking

How to be solicited

A bunch of Hicks

Targa: Nick's off!

Get Targa off the teat

Puppy love


Hamlet and Costello

Iraq: the great folly

Twouble in Tweeland

My favourite books

Labor's only way is up

He's no PM

Will the lights come on?

Politicised public service

The jean genius

Howard and Downer must have known

Fortress Preciousness

Hot food and cold winters

2006 hopes and aspirations

So little honour

A bit of a giggle

The Australian Way

My terrible depression

My Erection

Cheeky: The Review

The burning French question

The Great Divide

Another world ...

Mindless stupidity

The lies that threaten us

Mrs Rosignelli’s tartan rug

I lied: politics and truth

Headlights on full beam

The bottom line

Weak Whisky and Soggy Gauloise

Fare cop


To the manners born

Gentle, into that good night

We are family

A lifeless whiteness

Africa, Cry Africa

The brutal stepfather

I thought you'd like to know

The Italian prisoner

Flying with Gina

Blocks ... and Tackle

Walk on by ...