Writer's Articles - Planning/Heritage

'Two Year Reprieve for Threatened Forests'

NATION: Turnbull government in crisis as ministers face contempt charges

Warren Buffett’s Biggest Mistake ...

An Inquiring letter to Guy Barnett ...

'Not in Australia's interest': Ban the Bomb vigil ...

A dim (re)view of Tasmanian Yrs9-12 education

Open letter to David Walsh ...

Just Incredible ... the $70 million payout ...

Lilydale Water Supply: correcting a $7m error ...

Looking to land your dream job?

Mining the last Old-Growth ...

Securing Tasmania’s Energy Future

Welcome to Kohbart ...

One Flew Over the Kookaburra's Nest ...

'BirdLife Australia calls for immediate end to the Tasmanian RFA and logging on Bruny Island'

The Forestry Insanity ...

'Premier bans Tassal from east coast – without banning their east coast salmon farm'

'Legal slip strengthens case to remove Minister Gutwein from local government portfolio'

NATION: Trump's Paris exit spells real trouble for Turnbull

The Annual Reports of the Forest Practices Authority ...

Strategies, strategies everywhere ...

After Mabo ...

'Groom obligation to act on ongoing illegal takayna 4WDing ... '

First Day June ...

A Zombie in the White House ... ?

'Government blind to Hobart Airport risks'

The Logs Pile High as History Repeats Itself ...

How it was ... When Tasmanian Trees were Trees ...

Is it true: The Rosemary Armitage saga ... ?

Do we really wish to be known as Phallus City ... ?

'Spectacular fail for patients and staff is outrageous ...'

NATION: Mar a Lago Hillbillies ...

The wooden skyscrapers that could help to cool the planet ...

Tasmanian Planning Policies Legislation – Minister Gutwein’s next power grab

NATION: Dodgy bastards' budget of lies ...

Feedback on the exposure draft Land Use Planning and Approvals Amendment ...

Tasmanian farmers join chorus for climate action on and off farm

The Gates to Heaven ...

Gutwein's TasWater asset grab would hurt ratepayers, says Huon's former mayor

ScoMo's Budget 2017: The Verdict ...

'They do not allow construction of high rise buildings in their cities’ historic heart ...'

Gutwein’s wrecking ball over land use planning continues

NATION: A narcissistic, immature Turnbull government ...

Fuck It ... Authorised by the Department of Intergenerational Theft, Canberra ...

Fish farming in Macquarie Harbour ...

Barnett, the Tasmanian Forestry Agreement and a possible swindle ...

What Bob Brown's High Court challenge is all about ...

First Day May ...

NATION: 'A man who doesn't understand his job as Prime Minister'

Gas Generation - Not the Answer to our Future Energy Needs ...

'An erosion of trust. An erosion of human rights. An erosion of dignity ...'

Gutwein denies Huon a role in LG reform process ...

Can Tasmania be turned into Australia’s peak load generator?

NATION: Daddy knows best, dear ...

A Death In Interview Room 1

Age-Friendly Communities ...

Burge v Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Canadian trade ministry bows to Malaysian tycoon over OECD standards

The massive public subsidy of a private family-owned firm ...

Grid Battery Storage - Like it or Not Liberals? - Here it Comes!

Pothole Spotting Competition in Ross

FT’s Blatant Disregard for Nature’s Wonders ...

Will Ross be Moved? ~ Part I

Letters to my grandchildren (22)

'Forestry Tasmania: Illegal roading in the Tarkine'

Glamorgan Spring Bay Council’s very secret business ...

NATION: Malcolm slapped down by The Fake President ...

The Frankland River Forest: an Impending Liberal Siege ...

TICT’s Ambit Claim = More Wilderness Development ...

What do people want ... ?

Change The Date

2016: A very good year in the life of the HVC — now for the final clean-up

Bob Brown writes to Guy Barnett ... (update with new Bob letter)

And they're at it again ...

The Peter Principle ...

Which history narrative should prevail?

NATION: Turnbull's Christmas message neither comfort nor joy ...

Politicians and Wilderness – They just don’t get it!

The War on Welfare ...

NATION: All tip and no iceberg ...

Light rail ... It beggars belief ...

Poverty of 20th & 21st century architectural imagination ...

Tarkine Gems Threatened by Future Liberal Logging

Tasmania at the crossroads: The Planning Scheme Future

Thursday to Thursday ...

The Peter Gutwein no-show. Video. National Trust warning ...

Forestry Tasmania's insolvency report ...

True? Tasman Island historic buildings secretly opened for commercial development

Defined by pride of place ...

'First protect human life ... then irreplaceable natural and cultural heritage values ... '

First Day: November ... and the future ... ?

Guy Barnett on Forestry: 'We are looking forward ... '

Renewed confidence in the private forest sector ...

Fight corruption to end conflict

Trans Activists Trumped By Their Own Flawed Policies

Well may we protest ...

PLANNING: The paradigm shift towards market-driven ad-hoc development ...

Less historic buildings & more carparks for Launceston!

Where is the Public Planning Vision for Tasmania?

Basslink Lemon - Take 2. A Fiscal Encumbrance

George Town Council and the Curious Case of the Arbitrary Highway Buffer Zone

How low can Huon’s council go?

Restoring the numbers to Parliament ...

The Sixth Global Extinction – We are Now Entering it ...

HVC’s $54,000 BoI defence is still under wraps

Celebrate the foundation of an invaluable wild identity ...

Feasibility of a second Tasmanian interconnector – Preliminary Report June 2016-08-23

UNLESS ... the giant freshwater lobster will disappear from the planet forever ...

Mines must pay levy and mining whistleblowers need protection ...

CAUTION ... 1080 Poison ...

Takayna Forests ... Masterpiece ...

If it looks too good to be true ...

STATE: The Emperor's New Clothes?

Royal Commission into banking, financial services: Why ASIC cannot do the job

Solar-powered ‘Tesla town’ coming to inner Melbourne

UTAS: If we build it twice, we 'estimate' they will come ...

Religious Holidays: Time for a Change

The People Problem in Global Warming is Shunned

Victorian (and Tasmanian) Liberal Party ex-director jailed for stealing $1.5m from party coffers

Lloyd's 'brewing storm' is in his own teacup ...

Tarkine Embellished in Winter’s Charm ...

Mayor Coad rejects Huon Council’s Mediation Tactics

Huon Valley Guessing Games: A council with no shame

NZ: The horror of wild animal poisoning

NATIONAL, STATE: Lesson learned ...

Can the Liberals change on health?

Is the King Island Scrubtit Tasmania’s canary in the coal mine?

First Day, July: A celebration of the Tarkine ...

Renewable energy is big news in regional electorates across Australia

The destructive madness of hospital funding

Huon Valley Guessing Games: Dysfunction’s the name of the game

Neighbours of Fish Farming: What the candidates say ...

Derwent Valley Council's plea ...

Lapoinya: What a waste ...

NATION: The 'opportunistic Trots ...'

Tasmania’s Alternative Government: Who really runs Tasmania?

End of an empire

When Does Democracy No Longer Matter?

BASSLINK: Energy Council damns Libs' Energy Strategy

Huon Valley Council: I will fight on as mayor, says Peter Coad

A bright new extension lead for Basslink, which is down (again)

Making the Arts An Election Issue

Challenge to LCC's gift to UTas: LCC DEFEATED

Huon Valley Guessing Games: It’s time to act, Mr Gutwein

NATION: Malcolm and Andrew tread water ... Andrew's boycott?

Will Will awaken from a Premier slumber?

Only the Greens ...

The Deluge ...

What Goes On at TasWater?

Waste Management: A response

What is going on at Arm End, South Arm?

Dirty Dairy ...

Bob's Tarkine vision ...

Unsustainable Tasmanian waste management

Jobs, Sackings, and the Norfolk Island Public Service

Doubts about jobs and growth

NATION: There are Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics

Peter Gutwein’s 2016-17 Budget Speech

BASSLINK: Tasmania's power crisis

The Budget ...

Ain’t no sunshine ...

NATION: No roadmap on Manus for Turnbull

Precious Freshwater diverted to Aquaculture

Tim Slade responds to Mr Brewster, CEO of TasWater

Let's dare to talk about it … a message of hope

Firefighting review confirms TWWHA values protection bungle

Surviving the Carbon Apocalypse

The Horror of 1080 Poison ...

Sad Postscript to the Clearfelling of Lapoinya Forest. Meanwhile in Mutual Valley ...

BASSLINK highlights State's budget woes

Moreton Bay to Port Arthur

Government chooses polluters over people with Adani

A poem as lovely as a tree ...

A Sham ...

The Huon Valley war. Charge the fish farmers ...

The festival that got away ...

My campaign for medicinal cannabis

NATION: Probe needed into $4b meltdown of failed forestry schemes

STATE, Mutual Valley: Logging is scheduled to commence today ...

Planning law changes will change Tassie forever

Minister Gutwein is right on the money

'Embracing the Climate Challenge' ...

Federal Hotels' $25M Bluff

BASSLINK: A Wrap. $400m cost? The Senate Inquiry ...

Tasmanians say: ‘Show Us Our Drinking Water Data’

Super Trawler Senate Inquiry Hears of Diminishing Transparency

April 17: Bill McKibben's Hobart Oration. The Rogue Nation ...

'There is reason to celebrate the protection of our Blue Derby forests ...'

Submissions on the January fires - due this Friday

Forestry Tasmania is thoroughly unprofessional ...

STATE: Blue Derby, nature tourism revival that could be lost to logging. ERIC and Libs' ticket ...

NATION: The Loonies are running the Asylum ...

Naïve at best. Appalling at worst ...

STATE: Is the UTG to be Tasmania's moral compass?

Humans and the environment: New Zealand's lessons for Tasmania ...

BASSLINK wrap: 'Interconnector fault pinpointed'

STATE: Greens' Response to Announcement of New Political Group

John Hawkins' submission to the Senate inquiry into MIS

Release the Board of Inquiry report ...

After the Huon mayor walked out . . .

South Eastern Midlands 'Gasfield Free'

Mutual Residents seek to have Forest Practices Plan Revoked

The passenger on Team Australia: Is it time to cut Tassie loose?

Fire in the Tarkine – A Dynamic Ecology

Maori Trusts Allow 1080 Poison to be Dropped Directly into Water

Red alert: Experts warn of dire health impacts from climate change

We serfs, indeed, have a new feudal landlord ...

A Lake Geeves Walking Track: More invasions into our Sacrosanct Wilderness ...

Reform or die

BASSLINK wrap: Libs secretly migrated own Internet services off Basslink. Will, Entura, Board ...

The lack of political will and vision ...

What can you expect from a Hydro Board with five business/finance backgrounds ...

Nero fiddled. Basslink fried ...

The Basslink of the Tasmanian planning world has just been released

NATION: Turnbull creates storm in double d cup in a week of dithering and indecision

My rage dissipates ...

UTAS Inveresk campus plans unveiled

An outsider's look at the contentious practice of clearfell logging ..

The Heart of Gunns' collapse (2)

A letter to the PM ...

Lapoinya: The Blog ...

Fail on key environmental criteria for Forestry Tasmania’s FSC bid

MLC Ivan Dean claims false evidence sparked $50m fox hunt

Forestry Tasmania's death throes

Mayor Peter Coad responds to Cr Mike Wilson’s allegations

STATE: Politicising the Tasmanian bushfires

Fighting Tasmanian Fire Service website incompetence is harder than fighting the fires ...

The ANU graduates of 1975, Forestry Tasmania, Ta Ann Tasmania and Captain Rolley

NATION, STATE: $280m Van Diemen’s Land Company sale decision

STATE: Bad News Trainwreck for Good News Matthew

5000 extra troops and 12 new subs ...

Save Mutual Valley demand immediate halt to all operations

Wilderness fortunes and Rural Public Health

What Premier Will Hodgman should have said about the fires ...

Businesswoman Jan Cameron plays the long game

Off-road enthusiasts re-ignite fight over tracks on Tasmania's west coast

STATE: Paul Harriss disease spreads to WA ... HARRISS QUITS! Why? Gutwein opposed clearfelling ...

I have been closely following the Tasmanian fire emergency situation ...

TASSAL's Plans To Introduce Fish Farming To East Coast. Geelong Star 'caught whale shark ...'

Biomass for future renewable energy UPDATES

This Heritage Horse Trough must be returned ...

Liberal election promises over state policies gutted ...

STATE: Bad News Trainwreck For Good News Will

Basslink: A short summary of risks ... UPDATES ...

Solar report an epic fail – Minister should tell regulator to start again

Tassie's devastated World Heritage ...

Five arrests, thousands of dollars in fines and almost 50 notifications to “Move On”

Lapoinya: A slow walk ...

Flogging off the (dairy) farm to China ...

Road Safety: Inaction by our local and state politicians and relevant authorities ... (5)

From Wet Sclerophyll to Dry Sclerophyll Forests ...

Zero tolerance of fires in Australia: a new paradigm for want of new technology and tactics?

John Lawrence: FT directors quit ... and ...

List of properties to be de-registered from Tas Heritage List

Road Safety: Inaction by our local and state politicians and relevant authorities ... (4)

Government deception over Freycinet National Park Management Plan changes

Gutwein Huon probe report due Friday

Government blindness spells doom for an ailing company

Infrastructure Tasmania gives Hobart Rail the Green Light

FSC International's puerile, spurious excuse ...

Road Safety: Inaction by our local and state politicians and relevant authorities ... (3)

Taking back control ...

'Jessica Hoyt, nurse, mother and a child of the Lapoinya Forest arrested ...'

VDL in Australian hands: What’s in it for Tasmania?

Dual names to preserve Aboriginal heritage

Lapoinya: The Bulldozers move in ...

To Slow Climate Change Now? … People Power!

From the Berlin Wall to Crony-capitalism

A Tasmanian Murder Mystery: Who is Killing Ross?

Moratorium mocked as exploration expands

There goes Lapoinya ...

Federal Hotels nonsense

NATION: Paris agreement ... A breakthrough and a catastrophe. Macfarlane. MYEFO ...

How to benefit from Tassie's tourism boom but not bugger up what tourists came for. Pokies blackmail

Reforestation of the Earth: Australia’s Inaction ...

Federal Government to abandon plans to log World Heritage Area if UNESCO will not ratify it

Global Underwater Digital Cable: Why?

The Plan to poison Lord Howe Island ...

Paris climate deal: nearly 200 nations sign in end of fossil fuel era

A Grave Matter in Ross

The Emperor Has No Clothes

SHOCKER: Will Minister Harriss outlast FT?

Three Capes Track takes the wild out of wilderness

A miscarriage of justice ...

Tasmania Report: A Tale of Two Tasmanias

HVC: Time for an administrator?

Russell River ... and Huon Aquaculture ...

No Planet B, no Planet A

Saving our Heritage ....

$7.5 million ... for a done (FSC) deal ... ?

Bob Brown challenges Brett Whiteley to front up

Don't sell off the farm ...

Mekong: Troubled Waters ...

Mt Lyell re-opening likely within two to three years

'World’s Best Practice' ... ? Rebuff Libs, say Weber, Putt, McKim ...

Brighton Council votes unanimously to join anti-pokies’ groups

Planning Tasmania’s electric future

We cannot learn from the past ...

Brisbane Baroque's stunning Mark II ... what might have been at the Theatre Royal ...

STATE: The Truth about Jobs ...

Climate change puts UTAS plans at risk

Plans to log Swift Parrot critical nesting refuge

Praying for Rain. Surging Seas: UTAS Launi plan under water ... ?

'A Mockery of the Role of Parliament'

COMMENT: Does the Tasmanian Government really know what its policy is on pathology privatisation?

Urgent patients waiting months or years for care

State Government considers secret private bid for public 'medical services'

Trust's 'disgraceful amendment'. Keep the mountain as is, says Don Knowler ...

Time for a permanent Ban on Fracking

PLANNING: Open Letter to the Legislative Councillors ... bill passes ...

PLANNING: An Open Letter to MLCs

Tarkine Vandalism: More Forestry Untruths Exposed ...

Lambie meets with Fox and talks about a Fast Cat Ferry service for Bass Strait

Hundreds without life savings. Burning-off's limits. 'Another handout for Forestry ...'

All bets are off if deal’s lost: Greg Farrell puts heat on Libs ... will they buckle ... ?

Closing down FOI: a case study in sneaky government

STATE: Greens Move to Defer Planning Bill ... Defeated. The Groom entitlement? Backroom deals?

Burning off: This risky situation is completely unacceptable ...

Removing the democratic right of the people of Tasmania to influence planning approvals

Rewilding the Earth ... An Ethical Conviction

Minister Hunt on the Fish River Mini Hydro Power Scheme Proposal

Triabunna Wharf: 'Working with Mr Wood ...'

July 29: Fish River Mini Hydro Power Scheme Proposal

'Absolute insult ...' 'Wedging the Mayor ...' 'Threat to residents ...'

Plug and Play ... the Neo-Wilderness Experience

Fate of a House on a Fort on a Hill

Huon Valley Guessing Games: Double vanishing act down in the Huon

Heroic Clare Rewcastle Brown as Malaysia teeters ...

Loss of Hobart’s Architectural Heritage

Truth Hurts: The Science Behind Why People Don't Care About The Death Of Our Planet And Democracy

Lapoinya: Missing In Action

Rosalie Woodruff's Inaugural Speech

Planning: Poor quality and limited consultation ...

TLC celebrates The Big Punchbowl fundraising success

The 'appalling consultation' over planning scheme changes ...

How to save the Planet ... and Humankind

How Groningen invented a cycling template for cities all over the world

Lapoinya Letter of Learning

Xenophobia is killing our Planet

Silence Of The Churches

Neighbours of Fish Farming group forms to take community concerns to industry

Factory Trawler Cries Poor at Dolphin Protection Measures

Tasmanian Government killing off last 2000 Swift Parrots

STATE: Here we go again ... Big Tree ... ?

NATION: A hole in the heart ...

The burning question ...

International Acclaim for Bicheno Boathouse

STATE, WHA: No mining ... but logging still allowed ... ?

STATE: Poisoning our Western Rivers – When will it stop?

TPC KO for Waterloo Bay barge plan

Groom must address Heritage Tasmania criticism

How Wild is the Tarkine Wilderness?

Forestry: The courage to speak out ...

Tasmanian Integrity Commission should act on Forestry Tasmania

Forestry Tasmania, Andrew Wilkie MP and the tabled document ...

Peter Gutwein, I am appalled at the inadequate response you have sent me, Another $10m for FT

World Heritage delegation seeks protection for Tasmanian Wilderness

TCT shares Tasmanian Environment Association doubts on Single Statewide Planning Scheme

Why we quit the Environmental and Historic Heritage Consultative Group

The liquidation of Nature

HVC: $80,000 to review a hall; $10,000 to review a council ...

Keep Our Rail lines Tasmania (KORT): The North-East multi-use trail

Mayor Coad's Letter to the Editor on local government reform ...

Sea level rising faster in past 20 years than in entire 20th century. Here comes El Nino ...

The Tarkine Coast – A Wildlife Refuge

STATE: Milne got results from minority pacts with both sides of politics

Christine Milne resigns ...

This vandalism occurs without any apparent sign of action by Tasmania Police ...

Waterloo Bay: The Great Deceit

The Waterloo Bay proposal and the Southwood site ...

The deplorable and sickening rape of Heritage ...

Lapoinya ... The Battle for Middle Earth

Once-proud Rowitta is now an abandoned ship ...

A Blast from the Past in the Tarkine Karst

Minister Harriss to hand 61,500 hectares of Tarkine reserves to mining speculators

Let's stop Tasmania's swift parrots going the way of the dodo

Will Whiteley condemn quad-bike riding vandals?

Indigenous City

Huon Valley Guessing Games: The Waterloo Bay fiasco

Stage 1 EOI assessments complete

Apocalypse Now ... Lapoinya

Liberals undermining future of Triabunna community. Download Dissenting Report ...

There just isn't the trust that local needs will be properly met ...

Representing the future of waste management in your community

Energy Strategy ignores the big issues

Salamanca excavation deserves EPA attention

Tasmanian Liberals coffers swell in election year

Bob Brown: Wilderness degradation should lead to unique label being dropped

How other nations treat Heritage sites ...

Open Season on the Tarkine Coast

Mother Mountain: The Symphony of Birdsong (43)

How to squash an economy

Justice Estcourt rules Nelson Bay River mine permit amendments unlawful

The Tragedy of the Commons

Effectiveness and efficiency – is that what local government is really about?

Tarkine: International call to protect nation's heritage

Unique Plan a Recipe for Secret Deals for Liberal Mates

Reducing the rights of Tasmanian citizens

Planning and governance reform: Will someone have the courage?

World governments failing Earth's ecosystems, says top conservationist

Minister Hunt must act after Tasmanian Government commits to destruction of Aboriginal heritage

Lazlo and the Toxic Dump near Carlton River (3)

The story of the Phoenix Timber

Five months and still no answer on Nelson Bay River Mine breach.

Tassie's forestry wars echo UK's motorway wars ...

LOCAL: The UTAS city ... and Conflicts of Interest. Despard Gallery's complaint ...

The Probe is closed

STATE: Planning ... what the Libs plan for you ...

The waterfront residents of Battery Point prepare for legal battle. UPDATE: Approved ...

Lazlo and the Toxic Dump near Carlton River (2)

Burnet calls for Myer vote disclosure

Triabunna Intrigue

BP Walkway: 12 years in the making. D-Day UPDATE

HCC: Call for open tender for business support

'Major players receive grants, smaller players nowhere near ...'

Sue Hickey pursues Myer directors to confirm or deny development plans ...

Shock of the New: Replacing history with a Concrete Block. Green Wall call

Why the Mt Wellington Pinnacle Special Area should be reduced

Alderman Calls for due Diligence and Business Case for the Cable Car ...

"Nathan Carswell" called

Media Release: Council may oppose Wellington Park Trust bid to extend pinnacle zone for cable car

Media Release: World climbers condemn proposed cable car

Who is Nathan Carswell?

Mt Wellington winds would have shut cable car

ROCC calls on Cascade Brewery to give 'cable car land' back to the city

Councils: they will have no reason to exist

Low returns for Tasmania’s big mining subsidies - Greens

Indigenous people appeal to World Heritage Committee

Hodgman criticises The Mercury for cable car reporting

Cable car company to be sold to Canadian investor

Mt Wellington: Key Points raised from Public Forum on Feb 26th

Planting urban green space in a collaborative environment

The Red-and-Green-Tape Mantra: A simple gutting of all our rights

Spring Bay Mill chips in for innovative technology investment

Conservationists promote tourism initiative on the Tasman Peninsula

Green Point’s disappearing act

The best way to stop the boats and drive down tourism? Demolish what they have come to see ...

Concerns Over New Housing Unit Code

Words, meaning and Hobart architecture

Dear Premier: I note that I have had no formal response to this letter

Tassie design studio beats the world ...

Heritage in Hock

Hobart and Douglas Mawson: A Love Story

Who are the beneficiaries of this 'extremely restrictive' zoning?

Liberals question land deal 'kickbacks' for ex-Premier

Is this what our planning schemes are designed to do?

Streetscape Design

Exciting times ahead for Devonport ... ?

Urban design film night

Children in the City

Greens call for greater allocation on bike spending

Heritage laws need reviewing

Parliament Square enabling legislation not supported

Benefits of Planning Highlighted Worldwide

The Blinds and the Blind

Tasmanians should be ashamed of their political representatives

Sandy Bay cycleway: The dangers of dooring

City Talks: An urban design seminar series (2)

Brooker Highway funding is last century thinking

Re-Envisioning the Hobart Rivulet

Planning delays for waterfront projects

Trashed already ...

Massina: Move to increase Councils. Easther: Preposterous

Cable car: Escalation of media campaign

Friends of Mt Wellington Unite

City Talks: An urban design seminar series

Labor wipes Walker's $700,000 debt. 'This does not pass the smell test ... in fact, it stinks'

Tasmania remains affordable

Sustainable House Day 9 September 2012

The future of the Railyards

Tasmania drives future of affordable and efficient high density housing

Growth Facts Feed Fido Friendly Planning

What Mt Wellington really needs

Saving Ancanthe

Red tape rage

Unlocking Hobart's $1b waterfront

Leave Our Park Alone

Reform Spokesperson Ignores the Simple Facts

Does the Lord Mayor trust his ratepayers

Tasmania's loss is NSW's gain

Fears over devil habitat

Pharmacy Guild hypocrisy

Here's a story to make you see red - or green

Killing the golden goose ... ?

Opposing signs at Brighton. Massina v. Flint

Petition to save George Town's historic Regent Square

Cycleway provides test for Lord Mayor ... and it's on ...

Gunns' Forestry Right questioned

What is a One Lot and Balance land scam?

Community Forum, Visions of Ancanthe: Past and Future

Parks & Wildlife uses Aboriginal Heritage as a waste dump

Crafty Critters v Launceston City Council

Tassie Planners Ponder Curious Hard Marking

Tasmania fails the DA Report Card

Time for new Aboriginal heritage legislation (Part 3 of 3)

Fewer ceiling fans ...

To the Meander Valley Council Mayor and All Councillors

What Leo thinks of brutalism

HCC and Conflict of Interest

HCC: A circuit-breaker is needed, fast

Draft Hobart Capital City Plan 2011-2040

Liberal Policy Attacks Community

Council gets it wrong — again

How Labor and FT ignored my pleas over the trashing of history

$900 million Korean suburb gets nod

Brickworks closure creates housebuilding opportunities

The perception of the planning process in the media

K&D brick factory to close

University Proposal Still Needs Railway

On Your Bike!

The Barbarians may not be at the gates ...

Who is going to hold this company to account?

The Barbarians at the gates of Cygnet

Are the Barbarians at the gates ... (1)

Are the Barbarians at the gates ... (2)

Ancanthe ... all that will be lost

Ancanthe Park subdivision approval demonstrates state planning laws are undemocratic

Save 10 Murray take it to the Supreme Court

How about it, guys?

Cycle plan: Labor stays in the 50s

Heritage Council: Who were the other applicants?

The short-sight of Forestry Tasmania

Coasts: Urgent need for a fresh way forward

New Tasmanian Heritage Council Chair ... and conflict of interest

Cost of living a major driver for local government reform

Seven Mile Peninsula: Is this a repeat of Ralphs Bay? Beaconsfield loses its lustre

Tassie Times awarded commendation from PIA

Liberal and Labor water down fish farm planning laws

Young Designers Rewarded for Hobart Vision

Infill housing planned for greater Hobart

The Importance of Green Spaces in Cities

Community capers

State of Australian Cities

Taking the sting out of urban densification

Planning Reform Reviews: Elise Archer, Tim Morris

A reply to Dr Murfet

Is open space dispensable?

Green quizzed on control of clearance decisions

Missing in South Hobart

Tasmanian planning excellence awards

The future of LG in Southern Tasmania

Lord Mayoral candidate Helen Burnet's inner-city vision


Be Aware that Housing Density in Hobart is Set to Double

From This ... to ... This

High Speed Rail Visionary Planning

Planning - Environmentally Sustainable Development

Who Controls the Supply of Land in Tasmania? Nobody?

Taking Planning Seriously