Reviewed! You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown

Amber Wilson
25.10.14 6:15 am


Everyone says my grandmother had a dry wit.

I would say her wit was drier than a dead dingo’s donger, but being a New Yorker, it wouldn’t really fit.

It was always strange visiting this ultra-savvy intellectual at the nursing home – she stuck out from the knitting and cookie-baking brigade. I always felt slightly moronic – young and severely Australian – in her presence.

She had a knack of taking people aback when, as an octogenarian, she wanted to discuss Queer as Folk and The West Wing, or Jeff Buckley, or when folks were subject to her observant and sometimes sharp-edged quips.

But those who “got it” thought she was terrific.

At her funeral this week, I spent a lot of time trying to process her story and how a woman so ahead of her time ended up in 1960s Hobart.

So you can imagine my surprise when I walked into the Peacock Theatre, not really having done much pre-reading on the show, and was catapulted into my grandmother’s world.

Peanuts ... !

How could I forget how much she’d loved Peanuts and Charlie Brown?

This sarcastic and clever comic strip, which originated in the 50s, delved with delight – and unashamedly ripped apart – ideas like personality, psychiatry and philosophy. Its six-year-old characters of Charlie, Lucy, Linus, Shroeder and the gang spouted highly-intellectual musings interspersed with childish ramblings.

Mainstage Theatre Company has done a great job with this subtle material that really has to be performed in the right way for audiences to “get it”.

Charlie Brown, our hopeless protagonist, can’t kick a football or fly a kite or get a girl to notice him. Lucy, resident psychiatrist at only 5 cents a therapy session, delves out as much cruelty as she does assistance.

Schroder is in love with Beethoven and “the arts”; Lucy is in love with Shroeder; and Snoopy is in love with life – until horrible little birds start drawing blood as he naps peacefully – and suddenly the world is a frightening and confronting place.

Did I mention this is a musical?

Ah, I’m sure that will send people away in droves – that word – “musical”. But the music is, and excuse me from using an Americanism here, pretty neat.

A slick band is positioned at the rear of the stage churning out an immaculate score. Charlie Brown tells Snoopy not to “make such a performance” out of dinner-time, and Snoopy responds with jazz hands, a top hat and tap dancing.

Some of the singing is also pretty fab. The ladies in this show – the “crabby” Lucy (Anna Kidd) and Charlie’s little sister Sally (Melanie Brown) are particularly vocally gifted. Also watch out for Sally’s excellent crucifixion of the educational system – a highlight.

I honestly couldn’t have imagined a better way to finish off my goodbyes to my grandmother than to see this show.

I just wish she could have been there too.

You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown is playing at the Peacock Theatre until November 2. Tickets on sale through or at Centertainment in Elizabeth Mall.


Don’t miss the Pop-Up Performance, Salamanca Market TODAY, 11am. All the details HERE

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The Daily Review: This Weekend

The Rundown, powered by Cikey
25.10.14 4:47 am


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Bridget Stenhouse Senior Publicist, Television Marketing & Communications
24.10.14 5:06 pm


A Tasmanian short comedy series is about to screen on ABC iview.

NOIRHOUSE is a ‘film-noir style’ short drama series … set in a modern share house (in Hobart) that is about to screen on ABC iview.

With three award-winning webisodes already under their belts – the Tassie-based NOIRHOUSE filmmakers were commissioned by ABC iview to make a further 6 short episodes of the NOIRHOUSE drama to screen exclusively on ABC iview.

NOIRHOUSE, the film noir comedy series set in a share house riddled with flying bullets, steamy looks and split bills, will premiere on Sunday, November 2 with all 6 short episodes available for viewers to binge from 10am on iview.

What it’s all about ...


Screening from Sunday, November 2 from 10am
Exclusively on ABC iview

Commissioned exclusively for ABC iview and inspired by the award-winning web series - NOIRHOUSE, the film noir comedy series set in a share house riddled with flying bullets, steamy looks and split bills, will premiere on Sunday, November 2 with all 6 short episodes available for viewers to binge from 10am on iview.

In NOIRHOUSE, a hard-boiled detective (Nathan Spencer), a sultry femme-fatale (Melanie Irons), and a sentimental Russian thug (Mick Davies), all archetypes straight out of 1940s film noir, share a house in present day suburbia. They would have killed one another already, but the dead don’t pay the rent.

Our three favourite inmates of the big, black & white share house are threatened with eviction and discover a hidden treasure so hot it has a history of burning anyone it touches. While the Russian has had enough of his housemates’ kiss kiss, bang bang, relationship, the Detective is obsessed with finding who’s really behind their former housemate Alice’s brutal murder and Nadia expressly double crosses them both.

Can the Noiries get on the same page in time to face not one, but two deadly villains?

Will they ever get their bond back, what with all these fresh bullet holes in the wall?

Find out in NOIRHOUSE on ABC iview!

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Despard: Last days ... Geoff Dyer, Echoes of Turner ...

Steven Joyce, Despard Gallery
24.10.14 4:57 pm


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The Daily Review

Daily Review, powered by Crikey
24.10.14 4:25 pm


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President of Tasmanian Regional Arts, Sue Baker
24.10.14 2:45 pm


The Minister for the Arts, Senator the Hon George Brandis QC has announced that funding for sixteen projects totalling $93,585 will go to regional and rural Tasmanian communities from the Australian Government’s Regional Arts Fund- delivered in Tasmania by Tasmanian Regional Arts.

President of Tasmanian Regional Arts, Sue Baker was impressed with the increased number, quality and diversity of the projects proposed and funded through the program, stating that: “It is inspiring that Tasmania’s artists are pushing the boundaries in art-making. In this round, the Fund has supported individual artists and arts organisations seeking to develop projects that highlight contemporary Tasmanian arts practices, drawing on our culture and heritage to develop new narratives and projects thatopen the doors to communities less visible to mainstream society.”

The Regional Arts Fund continues to reach out to regionally based artists and organisations in Queenstown, Ulverstone, Lilydale, Kaoota, St Helens and Hobart. All of Tasmania is considered regional under the Regional Arts Fund program guidelines. Importantly, more than 50% of applicants funded through the program are new to the Regional Arts Fund, demonstrating that the arts community is alive and growing in Tasmania.

Specific projects funded in this round include:

• Aboriginal artist Nathan Maynard has received funds to develop a new stage play, ‘The Season’, a comedy about a mutton-birding family on Dog Island; and

• The Forth Blues Festival Committee will deliver a revised organisational structure to spearhead a new innovative direction and festival format to keep this annual regional festival fresh and appealing; and

• Raymond Arnold through Landscape Art Research Queenstown will spend the yearon three major projects which underpin the concept of looking backwards and forwards to the ten year project in the environmentally compromised Western Tasmanian town of Queenstown.

“What is pleasing is that the projects funded in this round demonstrate interesting collaborations, often forming new partnerships and new outlets for the work. The diversity and quality of artists and art projects supported is very encouraging” added Ms Baker.

The Regional Arts Fund is an Australian Government programthat supports sustainable cultural development in communities across regional and remote Australia. The funding is targeted at activities that will have long term cultural, economic and social benefits for individuals and communities through the development of partnerships and cultural networks, by providing artists with professional development and employment opportunities, and by supporting arts and community development projects that provide local communities with the opportunity to participate in, and access cultural activities. The Regional Arts Fund has an emphasis on youth, disadvantaged, remote and Indigenous communities.

The full list and description of all recipients ...

Major Grants

Contemporary Art Services Tasmania $10,000
Fractious Atlas – NORTH HOBART
This art project will offer a prototype for developing and presenting process-based art forms in Australia. It comprises an online presentation platform, master classes, exhibitions and installations, and a temporary shopfront space in Hobart for disseminating the works developed through the project.

Ed Jones$7,000
Faces Of Emotion – WYNYARD
This photography project aims to raise awareness of nonverbal communication issues in people with Autism Spectrum Disorders. The artist will photograph a minimum of 100 subjects, with two portraits each.

William George Stackhouse                                     $5,035
Mentorship – D Knowles   – NEWNHAM
MIG welding tutorial and create artworks for an exhibition entitled - “Tasmanian animals and birds are impacting on Aboriginal culture and heritage.”

Forth Valley Blues Festival Inc.                                      $10,000
Forth Valley Blues Festival 2015– FORTH
The music festival will deliver a revised organisational structure to spearhead a new innovative direction and festival format to keep the major event fresh and appealing.

Nancy Mauro-Flude$10,000
DIVINATION durational multiuser performance installation– SOUTH HOBART
This project is a new durational performance and installation that incorporates kinetic design and a custom-built multiuser game engine as videoscape.

Raymond Arnold     $10,000
Three major projects will underpin the concept of looking backwards and forwards to a ten year project in the environmentally compromised Western Tasmanian town of Queenstown.

Small Grants

Break O’Day Council$4,800
Break O’Day Youth Film Project– ST HELENS
This project will support young people aged 12-25 years to develop a narrative, film, edit and produce short films.  The films will be shown at the Bay Of Fires Winter Arts Festival.  Three established artists will be engaged to work with the participants. 

Nathan Maynard       $5,000
“The Season” Play script development– SCAMANDER
Two artists will be engaged; Peter Matheson as dramaturge, Elder Uncle Jim (puralin) Everett as mentor to conduct a small Creative Development workshop. The workshop will result in a stage play called “the Season.”

DRILL Performance Company     $5,000
In 2015 DRILL will be implementing the second phase of Radical Kid, a new youth dance work featuring 54 young dancers and a community engagement program.

Island Care (Tasmania) Limited                                               $4,310
Felt and woven materials workshops– ULVERSTONE
Diversional Therapists and volunteers will instruct aged care residents in the basic skills of felt making and transforming pre worn clothing into unique wearable art pieces using various materials layered, hand stitched and embellished with objects, such as shells, small pieces of driftwood. This will form the basis for ongoing activities designed to stimulate memory, engagement and dexterity.

Book an Adventure: Bruny Island Children’s Literature Festival$5,000
Book an Adventure Kidslit Festival– BRUNY ISLAND
The theme for the Book an Adventure Kidslit Festival is “Reading; your ticket to a lifetime of adventure”. This festival will provide paid gigs, professional development, marketing and sales opportunities for established and emerging children’s book writers and illustrators.

Joseph Pickett     $2,000
Alongside 10 Australian artists, Joseph is presenting a collaborative live art work as part of the Australian contingent at the 2015 European Capital of Culture in Mons, Belgium. Joseph’s project is a large scale interactive game that will be played over four days, collaborating with artists in both Belgium and Australia through the development of an ambitious playful and unique experience.

Leven Regional Arts   $2,500
Stoking the Fire of Creativity– ULVERSTONE
This community arts projectpresents an opportunity to engage youth and elderly within the Central Coast Community, North West Tasmania.. Experienced local artist Janine Morris is proposing the creation of a bonfire sculpture at Festival in the Park in Ulverstone in February 2015. Our aim is to reach 22,000 individuals in our community.

Carmencita Palermo$3,940
“MaKaNusia - Faces of Humanity”– LILYDALE
This is a collaborative project with director and performer Marco Adda to develop a new cross-cultural mask performance. Marco aims to improve his dramaturgic skills which will enable Marco to create works that reach Tasmanian and Australian audiences and increase touring opportunities. Documentation of the project with the support of Interwawe Arts will be fundamental to the production stage of the work.

Kingborough Council$4,000
Youth Theatre Summer School– KINGSTON
The Youth Theatre Summer School will provide workshops for 8 to 12 and 13-16 year olds with the older group collaborating with local professional writers to create five new short plays (7-10minutes) that will be presented to the public on the last evening of the Summer School.

Alyson Rae Patmore           $5,000
Whale Song Project– KAOOTA
Tasmania Musician Alyson Patmore and Composer Heath Brown, have been selected by acclaimed visual artist Patricia Piccinini to create and perform an original composition in collaboration with Patricia to showcase a major confirmed commissioned work for the new Mercury building opening during Dark MOFO in 2015.

Tasmanian Regional Arts provides two funding rounds per year. Round one opens 1 January 2015 and closes March 16 2015 for projects commencing after 1 July 2015.

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Women’s Health Centre Stage in The Vibrator Play

Kath Uziallo Cast member and publicity for In The Next Room
24.10.14 7:00 am

The Cast ...


Outrageous treatments for women’s health issues in times gone by are taking centre stage at the Playhouse Theatre this week as part of Hobart Rep’s exciting new Tasmanian premiere production, which opens on Friday 24 October.

In The Next Room (or The Vibrator Play) is set in the 1880s, a time when women suffering from symptoms such as faintness, nervousness, sexual desire and insomnia were commonly diagnosed with the medical disorder of “female hysteria”.

Treatment for the condition varied widely – in extreme cases women were forced into asylums and to undergo hysterectomies – however some doctors employed a different method, inducing “paroxysms” in their patients in order to relieve symptoms.

“These paroxysms are what we would today refer to as orgasms, and doctors initially induced them manually before they developed the earliest examples of vibrators,” In The Next Room director Steven Jones says.

“Some of these were huge contraptions that were steam-powered – indeed, in the play they are likened to farming tools – and others ran on the latest invention of electricity.

“In the play, the character of Dr Givings uses his own electrical-powered inventions on his patients, but his goal is not to bring them sexual pleasure, merely to cure their so-called medical conditions.”

As part of the production, Steven has managed to source some vintage vibrators which lend an eye-opening and authentic note to the treatment scenes.

However, he stresses that In The Next Room is not about sexual titillation, but rather the way women were treated by men – both in the doctor’s surgery and in the bedroom.

“Perhaps the most disturbing thing to note is the fact that women were still being viewed in the relatively recent past as hysterical creatures needing medical help, simply for being nervous or desiring pleasure,” Steven says.

“As playwright Sarah Ruhl notes, all the most far-fetched notions about women’s health treatment in her script are absolutely true to life, and the more believable elements are her own invention.

“It’s certainly a bold play and something Hobart audiences haven’t seen before on the Playhouse Theatre stage.

“However I’m sure they will come away not only moved and entertained, but also with a greater appreciation of just how far we’ve come in our attitudes to women’s health and sexuality since the 19th century!”

In The Next Room features a strong cast of Hobart actors, including Quinn Griggs, Hannah Just, Kath Uziallo, Roger Chevalier, Anne Cordiner, Luke Leitch, Blancy Otto and Jessica Davies. Costume designer Nicole Ottrey has also created some spectacular period costumes and vintage underwear to evoke the era.

In The Next Room (or The Vibrator Play) is at the Playhouse Theatre, Bathurst Street, Hobart from 24 October to 8 November 2014. Performances are 8:00 pm Wednesday to Saturday, with matinees on Sunday 2 Novemberat 3:00 pm and Saturday 8 November at 2:00 pm. Book at Centertainment on 6234 5998 or

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Aria Awards ... the lineup

Martini Media
24.10.14 6:45 am


Telstra Album Of The Year-nominated artists Chet Faker and Sheppard, plus Hilltop Hoods and Justice Crew, join 5 Seconds Of Summer as confirmed performers at the 2014 ARIA Awards Connected By Telstra ...

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East meets West - A Musical journey

Robert Thompson
24.10.14 5:55 am


Come and watch three of Tasmania’s finest musicians combine their talents to create melodies and harmonies you’ve never heard before!

Allan Badalassi, Rachel Walter and Roman Astra share a passion for creating beautiful textures and blending the sounds of their instruments.
This is a unique event coming to you!

Combining the language of the piano with swirls and overtones of the Sitar and Indian violin, Badalassi and Astra create musical paintings with a mesmerizing and intriguing spectrum of colors. Badalassi’s use of chords and harmonies weave effortlessly under Astra’s haunting melodies.

Ticket at door $20. Concession $15.

Saturday 15 November Orford Hall, Charles Street, Orford starting 2pm
Saturday 22 November Eaglehawk Neck Community Hall starting 2pm. 

Sunday 23 November Midway Point Hall, Midway Point, South Sorell starting 2pm
Masterclass tuition also available $30 at 12 noon - booking essential 0413 701 291

Download Poster…


Background ...

Allan Guiseppe Badalassi is a Hobart-based musician, music teacher and composer.  Allan graduated in 2000 from the Conservatorium of Music in Hobart, Tasmania, having majored in Composition.  He has been trained in classical piano and guitar.  He most enjoys playing the music of Bach, Beethoven, Debussy, Satie and Chopin.

With his music compositions, Allan aims to provide a meditative experience for the listener.  He finds his best expression in his compositions for piano and strings.  He began composing around 1996, and is continually refining his body of work. 

In 1998 Allan released a CD (A Breath in Time) with 9 of his original compositions, and another (Mandala of Sayla and Ava) with 10 compositions in 2009.  He has performed at various local venues, both solo and in collaboration with other musicians and vocalists. He has performed at the Cygnet Folk Festival in 2011 and 2012, and the Moonah Arts Festival in 2012 and 2013.

Masterclass information

Allan (piano), Roman (sitar and Indian violin) and Rachel (violin) are available to provide masterclasses on their instruments, as well as incorporating composition and musicianship in the class.  Cost is $30 per participant for a one hour class.

Music Tuition

Allan has 30 years’ experience as a music teacher, specialising in piano and classical guitar. He has Bachelor of Teaching qualification, as well as a Bachelor of Music.  He has taught in the school system, but has spent most of his career teaching privately, and has guided many strudents through all levels of the AMEB exams.  His rate is $30 for a private half hour lesson.

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Cygnet Folk Festival: Jan 9-11 2015

Erin Collins Artistic Director Cygnet Folk Festival
23.10.14 11:27 am


It’s that time of year again! Cygnet Folk Festival have just released the acts for the 33rd Cygnet Folk
Festival; to be held throughout Cygnet in Southern Tasmania in January 2015.

We have an extraordinary smorgasbord of international, interstate and Tasmanian acts from Balkan
to Bluegrass and other Americana, to Klezmer, singer-songwriters and much, much more. How can
you succinctly describe over 120 acts across a dozen venues in two and a half fabulous days?

However, this festival is not just about hearing some of the best music in the world. You can learn to
dance, join in the highly skilled masterclasses and workshops from the Friday morning of the festival,
see-or even purchase, beautifully crafted instruments on display, sing in the choirs, join in the
peoples’ orchestra and the procession or take part in the ever popular poetry events. There’s a whole
festival just for the kids, a designated venue for singers, circus skills, amazing food, cider and well,
the best atmosphere to make you smile at the memories for a whole year!

To get a glimpse of the talent go to

Tickets are now available at discounted early bird prices until the end of November. To purchase
tickets visit the website

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Radical Reels Tour 2014 –  Hobart

22.10.14 6:09 pm


Catch the steepest and deepest in high-adrenalin outdoor sport films when the 2014 Radical Reels Tour comes to Hobart this November. Hurtle down steep untouched powder, feel the cold spray of stomach-dropping kayak first descents, fly high with the world’s wildest wingsuiters, and much more in extreme mountain sports.

The 2014 Radical Reels Australian tour features 8 films and has something for every kind of adrenalin junkie. Not Bad will have you on the edge of your seat as world class mountain bikers negotiate epic rocky paths and steep drop offs while Poor Man’s Heli showcases gravity defying freeriding. Ski bums will get their fix with a combination of high energy big mountain skiing, mind-blowing snowboard stunts and steep lines in Supervention . Nine Queen will have you hurtling off massive table top jumps while Sufferfest will entertain you with a quest to climb all 15 of California’s 14,000 foot peaks using only bikes, hiking and climbing for transport. Adrenalin enthusiasts will feed their addiction, as they watch Wingsuiter Jeb Corliss pioneer human flight within the narrowest of margins in Heaven’s Gate .

Grab your tickets and hang on to your seats as we present the world’s best action films on the big screen

Screening Details:

Thursday 27th November 2014, 7pm – 10pm

Venue Details:
Stanley Burbury Theatre, UTAS
Churchill Avenue, Hobart

Ticket Prices:
Adult $30.00
Group 20+ $25.50
Child $20.50

Book online at:

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Despard Gallery: Opthalmia

Steven Joyce, Despard Gallery
22.10.14 5:29 pm


Oph·thal·mia (of-thal ́me-ah) severe inflammation of the eye

Wayne Brookes + Lisa Garland
29 October – 24 November 2014

Please join the artists and friends at the exhibition’s opening night on Wednesday 29 October, 5:30pm at Despard Gallery.

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Carmen Stephens
22.10.14 2:43 pm



To celebrate opening weekend of this multi-award winning Broadway musical, Salamanca Market passersby will be treated by a special pop-up performance this Saturday 25 October, 11:00am in Salamanca Square.

Expect to be charmed by toe-tapping, memorable tunes! Based on the famous Peanuts comic strip by Charles Schulz, the story follows Charlie Brown and his friends Lucy, Linus, Schroeder, Sally and Snoopy through a day in their lives.

Whether you are 8 or 80 years old, there is something special and entertaining in this infectious musical for everyone.


Opens at Hobart’s Peacock Theatre tomorrow, Thursday 23 October at 8pm. To bring this beautiful, bright story to life some of the state’s best singers, dancers and actors have been assembled featuring; Anna Kidd, Bodane Hatten, Andrew John, Christopher Forbes, Jeremy Pyefinch and Melanie Brown.

Uplifting and sweet, this show ticks all the boxes. Director Don Gay said, “Hobart audiences can expect to walk away delighted as we transform these unforgettable characters into a funny and moving masterpiece.”

As Charlie Brown sings “Happiness is anything and anyone at all that’s loved by you.”

So let the HAPPINESS begin!

Tickets on sale now at or from Centertainment, Elizabeth Mall, Hobart // 03 6234 5998.




Venue: Peacock Theatre, 77 Salamanca Place, Hobart

Dates and times: Thurs Oct 23, 8.00pm // Fri Oct 24, 8.00pm // Sat Oct 25, 3.00pm // Sat Oct 25, 8.00pm // Tues Oct 28, 8.00pm // Wed Oct 29, 8.00pm // Thurs Oct 30, 8.00pm // Fri Oct 31, 8.00pm Sat Nov 1, 8.00pm // Sun Nov 2, 3.00pm

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Devonport Regional Gallery October Newsletter

Devonport Regional Art Gallery
22.10.14 1:13 pm


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Rina Ferris + Kristyn Brennan – Ferris Davies PRM
22.10.14 11:02 am


Somewhere between Billie Holiday’s wounded cry and Bob Dylan’s feisty rasp - Rolling Stone

With her soulful and sexy rasp of a voice, Gray worked the crowd with sass and insouciance, a too-cool, aloof exterior masking
the full emotional commitment abundantly evident in her singing
-The Buffalo News, October 2014

Wednesday, 22 October, 2014: David M. Hawkins is pleased to announce Grammy-award winning singer/songwriter Macy Gray will be making her much anticipated return to Australian shores on her “The Way” national tour in March 2015.

Celebrating the recent release of her highly acclaimed ninth album The Way, Macy will kick off the tour in Melbourne, with stops in Perth, Darwin, Adelaide, Lismore, Brisbane, Port Macquarie and Newcastle before wrapping up the tour at Sydney’s Enmore Theatre.

Macy Gray first sauntered onto the popular stream of consciousness at the turn of the century with her debut multi-platinum album On How Life Is, featuring the international chart topping hit single, I Try.  It was the success of her debut album that kicked off a career that includes multiple Grammy award nominations, including a win for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance, BRIT and MTV Awards, over 30 million units sold, and a thriving acting career (Training Day, Spiderman, Scary Movie 3, The Paperboy).

Macy has forged a career creating music that leaps genre barriers from experimental soul to alternative rock, from retro-disco to hip-hop, collaborating with artists including John Frusciante, Erykah Badu, Gang Starr, Mos Def and Pharoah Monche. Macy has forged an uncompromising musical path beholden to her own vision and garnering accolades at every juncture.

And now, as a single mother of three teenagers and an established career woman in both music and film, Macy Gray is finally ready to share her journey with the world.  The Way features uplifting tracks laced with Macy’s signature sound as she covers powerful topics such as female independence, triumph over adversity, self-love and expression.

Macy Gray’s unmistakeable sound is one that has captured the imaginations of a generation, a truly unique artist with a bucket full of soul and an utterly relatable emotiveness, leading audiences on a wild ride of raw emotion and leaving them in awe of her undeniable pure talent and musicality.

On her last visit down under for 2012’s Covered Tour, Macy Gray began somewhat of a love affair with Aussie audiences playing to sell-out crowds across the country, growing her fan base in the process and leaving fans clamouring for more.

Tickets for Macy Gray’s The Way Tour go on sale at 10.00am local time on Wednesday, 29 October 2014.  Ticketmaster and Visa Preferred Pre Sales commence 9.00am - 22 October 2015 and My Ticketek Pre Sale commences 9.00am - 27 October 2015 (Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane and Sydney shows only).

Macy Gray - The Way Tour
Special guests on select shows TBA

Saturday, March 7, 2015
Palais Theatre, Melbourne, Vic
Tickets available from / 136 100

Sunday, March 8, 2015
Concert Hall, Perth, WA
Tickets available from / 132 849

Tuesday, March 10, 2015
Darwin Entertainment Centre, Darwin, NT
Tickets available from / 08 8980 3333

Wednesday, March 11, 2015
The Big Slapple - Adelaide Fringe Festival - Adelaide Convention Centre, Adelaide, SA
Tickets available from / 132 849

Friday, March 13, 2015
Lismore City Hall, NSW
Tickets available from / 02 6622 0300 / 1300 066 772

Saturday, March 14, 2015
Tivoli Theatre, Brisbane, Qld
Tickets available from / 136 100

Lizotte’s, Newcastle, NSW
Tuesday, March 17, 2015
Tickets available from

Wednesday, March 18, 2015
Glasshouse Theatre, Port Macquarie, NSW
Tickets available from / 02 6581 8888

Thursday, March 19, 2015
Enmore Theatre, Sydney, NSW
Tickets available from / 132 849



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Jean Paul Gaultier - Taking Melbourne by Storm at the NGV

Carolyn McDowall, Muse News, thecultureconcept circle
22.10.14 10:59 am


Artisan creator French couturier Jean Paul Gaultier is admired for his erudition and imagination. Carolyn McDowall and Jo Bayley attended the preview at the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) of his landmark show, gaining understanding and respect for this inspiring leader in his field.

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MONA puts the ‘D’ in G20

22.10.14 7:52 am


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The Daily Review

Daily Review, powered by Crikey
21.10.14 4:52 pm


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Daily Review: This Weekend

Daily Review, powered by Crikey
18.10.14 10:45 am


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Bett Gallery: Works from the Stockroom

Emma Bett, Bett Gallery
18.10.14 7:16 am


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It’s hard to leave George’s street alone

Paula Xiberras
18.10.14 6:52 am


I recently spoke to Melbourne recording artist and filmmaker George Kalpa about the release of his new single ‘Leave that Street alone’ and EP,’ MODE’.
The name George means ‘farmer’ or ‘earth worker’ and if one considers such work is being ‘fruitful’ it fits the multi-talented George Kalpa well, as he is interested in involvement and being ‘fruitful’ in many mediums of creative pursuit.

George has never been to Tasmania as yet, even though he has many Tassie friends who have only good things to say about our island state, and with that recommendation the Melbourne native said the question should be why he hasn’t been to Tasmania.

George says he hopes to remedy this either at the end of this year or the beginning of next year when he tours his new album MODE.

George has made a video for his single ‘Leave that street alone’, set in a laundrette it tells the story of a young man ‘who is having problems’, the song and clip leave it to the listener and observer ‘to connect with art in their own way.’

The idea of the film clip came to George when he was driving late at night with his single playing on the car radio. He saw a laundrette and even though he had passed the same laundrette many times before, this time he pondered on the idea of routine and doing the same thing forever. Which fits in with the meaning of his nameKalpa, a sanskrit word meaning ‘aeon’ or ‘long period of time’. This idea of never-ending repetition resonated with him at that point in his life and he had an epiphany of its connection to his own song and video. George doesn’t want to force the audience to see things a particular way but to help them find their own interpretation of his art and how it affects them in their own lives he calls these days of epiphany’s ‘a great day’ and agrees with Morris Gleitzman’s similar idea of’ the magic spaces’ where the creator meets the listener or observer and they bring their own story to their appreciation or understanding of a work of art.

With both a sound studio and a film production company George considers his talent as a film maker equally as important to him as his work as a composer and performer and says the two can co-exist side by side. George is very much interested in involving his artistic expression in as many mediums as possible.

At the time of speaking George said he couldn’t wait for the launch of MODE and’Leave this street alone’ on Saturday Oct 11 at Revolver. Melbourne where he had assembled‘a great live band together’ for the performance.

George’s single ‘Leave this street alone’ can be viewed here

and his EP MODE is available now

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Art on Show opens at the Royal Hobart Showgrounds

Vanessa Goodwin, Minister for the Arts
18.10.14 6:16 am

The Liberal Government is a strong supporter of the arts in Tasmania.

Today it was my pleasure to open the annual Art on Show competition and exhibition at the Royal Hobart Showgrounds, presented by the Royal Agricultural Society of Tasmania.

This year the competition received 168 entries across six sections from recreational and professional Tasmanian artists.

Art on Show offers a valuable opportunity for artists at various career stages to showcase their work to the wider community.

The exhibition will also provide an opportunity for new audiences to encounter art during the Royal Hobart Show.

The Royal Agricultural Society of Tasmania includes a range of arts events and exhibitions in its regular calendar of events across the state, recognising the valuable role the arts play within the Tasmanian community.

Projects and initiatives such as Art on Show engage new members of the community as participants in and consumers of the arts.

Art on Show will be on display at the Royal Hobart Showgrounds from 22 to 25 October 2014.

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The Daily Review

Daily Review, powered by Crikey
17.10.14 2:34 pm


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Hello Junction Lovers

Junction Arts Festival
17.10.14 2:28 pm


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Breath of Fresh Air Festival
16.10.14 3:52 pm


The Tasmanian Breath of Fresh Air Film Festival (BOFA) has announced the successful entries in their 2014 Australian Short Film Competition.

28 films have been selected from a total of 122 entries, to screen at this year’s Festival, which will be held in Launceston from November 6 to November 9.

Festival Director Owen Tilbury said that the quality of short films demonstrated a lively and creative Australian film culture.
“Film making in Australia is alive and well, and I have no doubt that many of the future feature films at BOFA will come from these film makers,” he said.

The Australian short films will be screened as part of an outstanding program of features and documentaries from around the world, including Cannes winners Winter Sleep and Force Majeure and Sydney Film Festival winner Two Days, One Night.

The competition was open to all Australian resident film makers for films made in the last five years and no more than 15 minutes in length.
In what is believed to be an Australian first, film lovers were invited to participate in the judging by watching and scoring the short films on line.

The outright winner will be announced on the Saturday night of the Festival at the BOFA Devil Awards Ceremony at the Tasmanian Design Centre (November 8 at 5.30pm).

The winner will receive $1000, a VIP Pass to the BOFA Festival and a hand crafted blown glass BOFA Devil Award designed and made by master Tasmanian craftsman James Dodson.

Due to the high standard of this year’s entries, BOFA has added a Highly Commended Award for the second placed short film.

All entrants will be invited to the Awards ceremony and entrants whose films were chosen for screening will receive a pass to see any eight films at the Festival.

The films chosen to screen at the 2014 BOFA Festival are:

Crusader ’64               Ella Millard
Knit One                     Clare Gray
Wing and a Prayer       Daniel James
Bring in the Cat           Heath Brown
Confessions of a Date-a-holic   Rob Harrison

First Date                   Rob Innes
Loving Myself             Kai Smith
Crochet Noir               Jessica Harris
To Be a Poet               Michael Johnston
Raindance                   Clancy Bond
Some Rainbows Never Grey     Peter Jacobsen
The Promise               Jean-Philippe Lopez
Boston Tommy           Blake Borcich
Resistance                 Blake Borcich
The Gallant Captain       Katrina Mathers & Graeme Base
Aaron: Leading Man     Tessa Mansfield-Hung

Breath                       Mike Horvath
The Comedian             Brendan Donoghue
Frank                         Cassie Charlton
My Mother Her Daughter         Taylor Litton-Strain
My Country                 Ralph Stevenson
Manny Gets Censored Graeme Robertson
Cockatoo                   Matthew Jenkin
Vote Yes                     Nick Waterman
On the Edge               Abhishek
Invisible                     James Breen

Super Sounds             Stephen de Villiers

Sparks                       Sophie Brown

Keep updated with news and updates on BOFA via social media:

The Tasmanian Breath of Fresh Air Film Festival is supported by the Tasmanian Government through Events Tasmania and Screen Tasmania. Federal Government assistance is provided by Screen Australia

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Launch of the Artists with Conviction Exhibition

Vanessa Goodwin, Minister for Corrections Minister for the Arts
16.10.14 8:15 am

As the Minister for Corrections and the Minister for Arts, it was my pleasure tonight to officially open the 2014 “Artists with Conviction” exhibition at the Tasmanian Museum & Art Gallery (TMAG).

Artists with Conviction is open to all Tasmanian Prison Service prisoners as well as clients on Community Corrections orders.

This is the fourth consecutive year the art exhibition has been held. The theme of this year’s exhibition is “The Gallery of Time”.

The exhibition provides participants with a positive outlet to express themselves and also helps participants in developing a sense of accomplishment and self-esteem.

Previous Artists with Conviction exhibitions have had extraordinary success, with over 1200 members of the public attending the 2013 exhibition.

The quality of the works in this year’s exhibition is a credit to the achievements of not only the artists, but also the correctional staff members, sponsors and volunteers who have made the event possible.

The exhibition is running from Friday 10 to Sunday 26 October 2014 at TMAG. Entry is free.

The Artists with Conviction Exhibition is being officially opened at 5.30pm tonight at TMAG.

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Standing in the Shadows of MONA ...

15.10.14 11:58 am

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The reunion of Ben Harper &The Innocent Criminals ... and ...

Gaynor Crawford Bluesfest Publicist
14.10.14 4:14 pm


Scottish Star Paolo Nutini top the 2nd Bluesfest Artist Announcement!

Today, Bluesfest Byron Bay, the highly awarded 5 Day Music Festival, held over the 2015 Easter long weekend (EVENT DATES: Thu 2nd to Mon 6th of April, 2015) reveals its 2nd groupof outstanding artists to perform at its purpose-built festival& camping site just north of Byron Bay.

The 1st Announcement for the 26th Annual Bluesfest that included THE BLACK KEYS, ZAC BROWN BAND, ALABAMA SHAKES and TRAIN among other greats created a stir AND this 2nd edition proves there is no stopping now, with more headlining announcements on the horizon!

Bluesfest Second Artist Announcement includes:


and so many more to come!

Bluesfest does what Bluesfest loves and that is writing festival history!

The much anticipated reunion of BEN HARPER & THE INNOCENT CRIMINALSat Bluesfest on Easter Sunday (April 5) will go into history as one of the majoreventson the 2015 Festival calendar. It is going to be the bandsONLY performance in Australia with NO other shows to be added. It’s exclusive as can beand Bluesfest is truly honoured to welcome backBEN HARPER & THE INNOCENT CRIMINALS after their 7 year break!

Scroll down to read what Festival Director Peter Noble has to say about the Ben Harper & The Innocent CriminalsReunion and some of the other amazing artists in this announcement.

Also topping the 2nd Bluesfest artist announcement is multi-platinum recording artist PAOLO NUTINI. The Scotsman with Italian heritage has become a truly stellar writer and musician. His chart topping album Caustic Love released in April this year has received rave reviews, including “the best UK R&B album since the 1970’s blue-eyed soul heyday of Rod Stewart and Joe Cocker” by The Independent (UK) and has gained him many new fans. It has been a fixture in the Top 20 of the BBC ALBUM CHARTS since its release 25 weeks ago. NUTINI delivers a range of genres from Rock, Soul, and Folk to Blues with a stunning voice that delivers raw emotion. This young man oozes talent and on stage he is joined by his accomplished 9 piece band.  PAOLO NUTINI is going to be a real Bluesfest highlight!

DAVID GRAY returns to Bluesfest from the UK (since his first show in 2006). On stage GRAY lives every word and every note, immersing himself into the whole experience. His songs ‘This Year’s Love’, ‘Babylon’, ‘Please Forgive Me’, ‘Sail Away’ from his 1998 album White Ladder have become eternal & unforgettable hits. David was described in his early career as ‘a young Bob Dylan’ by Joan Baez in 1992 – (Bob’s muse when he was in his early career) and now 10,000,000 album sales later, David STILL has the record for Ireland’s biggest selling album withWhite Ladder. Peter Vincent from the Sydney Morning Herald describes the 2014 Mutineer album as follows: “It has garnered his best reviews in years”& “Timeless – As the likes of Cat Stevens, Van Morrison and Bruce Springsteen’’ – WHOA. His last shows in Australia were in 2009 and of course they were instant sell-outs.  His fans on that tour were very avid about Gray’s performances: “It’s ALL about the music – and the music is FANTASTIC”,“Best night of my life”, “A stellar performance from one of the greatest lyricists of all time”.DAVID GRAY is a great artist, brilliant performer and master songwriter, he is going to blow the roof off the tent at Bluesfest – an absolute don’t miss.

Young and talented English singer-songwriter BEN HOWARD has been drawing worldwide attention and gaining star status with 2 Brit Awards under his belt for best Male Solo Artist AND Breakthrough Act for 2013. Songs like‘Only Love’, ‘Burgh Island’ and ‘Keep Your Head Up’ are deeply moving. Ben’s guitar skills are superb and accompanied by his 2 close band members on cello and drums, this 3 piece ensemble is a straight down pleasure to watch. Any expectations of this artist will be exceeded when you see him live. BEN HOWARD is totally original with a unique sound and unforgettable performances. BEN will also be bringing new material from his soon to be released album – I Forget Where We Were (October 24, 2014).

Multi-platinum American Rock Band COUNTING CROWS are no strangers to Bluesfest after coming to Byron Bay in 2013. For more than two decades, COUNTING CROWS have enchanted listeners worldwide with their intensely soulful and intricate take on timeless Rock & Roll and their hits like ‘Mr Jones’ and ‘Accidentally in Love’ are all time favourites. COUNTING CROWS never cease to amaze their audience with their powerful stage presence and they will be bringing brand new material with them from their latest and seventh studio album Somewhere Under Wonderland (September, 2014) which the Telegraph described as “Counting Crows channel LynyrdSkynyrd and REM in their best collection of songs since their debut”.

Austin based Blues Luminary and Grammy Award Winner GARY CLARK JR. rocked the house at Bluesfest 2014. We couldn’t get enough and at Bluesfest 2015 he will be performing three times! GARY CLARK JR. is the new generation of Blues and a legend in the making.  He is a mind-blowing guitarist, incredible songwriter and a soulful singer who fuses his deep Blues influence with a love of classic Hip-Hop and Contemporary Soul. From the minute GARY CLARK JR. opens his show he commands the stage and it is no surprise that the NY Times described him as the next Hendrix.  For those fans that can’t wait until he returns to the stage at Bluesfest, GARY CLARK JR. has just released a new live album Gary Clark Jr. Live. GARY CLARK JR. has been an inspiration to many who have in turn inspired him, including the Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, Paul McCartney, Jimmy Page and Dave Matthews just to name a few, who hailed his arrival as a major talent and cherished chances to perform with him. President Barack Obama declared “he’s the future”and we couldn’t agree more.

ANGÉLIQUE KIDJO is a Grammy Award winner, tireless campaigner for women’s health and education in Africa, a UNICEF Peace Ambassador and also, with a 20 year discography, 12 albums and thousands of concerts around the world, a gifted performer and prolific songwriter. On Eve, her latest album, and Savoy Records debut, named for her own mother as well as the mythical “mother of all living,” the Benin born, singer/songwriter builds on this ever-evolving legacy.  She has collaborated with the greats from the Jazz and Pop worlds—including Philip Glass, Peter Gabriel, Branford Marsalis, Dianne Reeves, Herbie Hancock, Bono, Josh Groban, and Alicia Keys as well as Bluesfest alumni Carlos Santana, Dave Matthews, Dr John, John Legend and Joss Stone. Don’t miss the return of ANGÉLIQUE KIDJO to Bluesfest - you can be sure her performances will be very special!

Reggae Legend, the honourable JIMMY CLIFF,who Rolling Stone penned as “Reggae’s first global superstar”,is a 2-time Grammy Award Winner and a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee. JIMMY CLIFF’S role in the 1972 Jamaican film, The Harder They Come, introduced Reggae to the world.  Then there are the hits such as ‘Many Rivers To Cross’, ‘Wonderful World, Beautiful People’, ‘Vietnam’, ‘Sitting In Limbo’, ‘You Can Get It If You Really Want’ and ‘The Harder They Come’that has led to his songs being performed and recorded by Willie Nelson, New Order, Bruce Springsteen and Cher (among many others). Paul Simon featured CLIFF’S 1970 song ‘Vietnam’ in his 2011 concerts and Dylan called it the greatest protest song ever written.  Not one to shy away from a cover himself, JIMMY CLIFF’Sversion of Johnny Nash’s ‘I Can See Clearly Now’ in 1993 catapulted him onto the mainstream pop charts in the US once again.He left the Bluesfest crowd in awe in 2013 and we can’t wait for him to do it all over again.

VH1 named Grammy Award winner MAVIS STAPLES as one of the 100 Greatest Women of Rock and Roll, and Rolling Stone listed her as one of the 100 Greatest Singers of All Time.  MAVIS STAPLESis the real deal.In her 67-year career – from her ground-breaking family gospel group – THE STAPLES SINGERS ‘I’ll Take You There’, ‘Respect Yourself’, ‘If You’re Ready (Come Go With Me)’ and on her own, MAVIS STAPLESis responsible for blazing a Rhythm & Blues trail, while never relinquishing her Gospel roots and it is now that her star is shining brightest. MAVIS STAPLES has publicly stated that Bluesfest is her favourite festival of all time. The lady don’t lie!!

If you are ready for some massive audience participation then don’t miss DISPATCH who are coming to Australia for the first time ever! These guys, hailing from the United States, are true entertainers – super talented and super energetic. DISPATCH will put on a high energy show that will rock the house, playing the classics and material from their 2012 released album Circles Around The Sun. Playing to sold out audiences as big as 18,500 people in the USA, including their incredible three night sold out residency at Madison Square Garden! This highly anticipated first visit to Australia has been a long time coming for DISPATCH and they could not be more excited to finally bring their catalogue of new & old favourites our way.  This is what the band had to say; “For years we’ve wanted to perform in Australia! Here we are, 15 years deep into our musical career and it’s FINALLY time. We can hardly wait to get over there in 2015 and play songs spanning our whole career for you - we promise it will be worth the wait! See you soon!”Their genres are multifold, ranging from, Indie Folk, Roots Rock, Reggae, Fusion to Rock and Ska! If you are not familiar with DISPATCH, rest assured: You will be after next Bluesfest!

From houses of worship, to houses of Blues, RUTHIE FOSTER has always been a rafter-rattler. And with a soul-filled voice honed in Texas churches, she can move audiences to tears or ecstasy — sometimes in a single song. Her last two albums, 2009’s The Truth According to Ruthie Foster and 2012’s Let It Burn, moved the Recording Academy to deliver Best Blues Album Grammy nominations; her latest, Promise of a Brand New Day, could make her a contender once more. Those who have followed RUTHIE FOSTER’S eclectic musical history know that she can burn down any stage with her combustible blend of Soul, Blues, Rock, Folk and Gospel.

After coming in at number 45 in the UK Telegraphs 100 best Glastonbury performances ever and one of the major players of the UK’s 2-Tone movement, THE BEATwill be another standout performer at Bluesfest 2015. Forming in 1978 in Birmingham, THE BEAT has seen changes to the original line-up over the last 30 years and the formation of the American based band, The English Beat who have recently toured Australia (led by Dave Wakeling) but it is with great pleasure we welcome back original front man Ranking Roger to Bluesfest. It will be 6 years since he last performed with ‘Special Beat’ featuring members of The Specials and THE BEAT. Most of you will be familiar with at least one of their hit singles such as; ‘Mirror in the Bathroom’,‘Too Nice To Talk To’, ‘Can’t Get Used To Losing You’,‘Hands off She’s Mine’ and ‘All Out To Get You’.  It’s time to take a trip down memory lane!

“George Clinton sharing a joint with Fela”.  KEZIAH JONES describing the sound of his latest album Captain Rugged.Another Bluesfest debut we can’t wait for is the charismatic Nigerian musician KEZIAH JONES, who was born among the ghettos and skyscrapers of bustling Lagos and also goes by the name of ‘Captain Rugged’, his quirky and socially committed double.KEZIAH JONES has honed his craft of sharing the powerful story of his country, following in the footsteps of FelaKuti, a fellow countryman and great defender of pan-africanism who was imprisoned several times for speaking against the Nigerian dictatorship. His live performances are not to be missed and Jones will be bringing his own brand of ‘Blufunk’ to Bluesfest, a fusion of raw Blues and Punk Funk attitude crossed with Yoruba Rhythms.  We are counting down the days until we see this real-life superhero next Easter!

Australia’s own Brisbane sensation SHEPPARD has been creating quite a stir overseas! They have been dominating in the UK and through Europe and beyond, hitting the top 10 in Ireland, #1 in Italy, #3 in Austria and#4 in Poland with their song ‘Geronimo’which has also received a mammoth reception back home and has earned the title of the highest selling Australian single for 2014.  It will be the first Bluesfest performance for SHEPPARD which features siblings, George, Amy and Emma Sheppard along with Jay Bovino, Dean Gordon and Michael Butler and no doubt it won’t be their last. The star will continue to rise for this incredible multi-platinum Indie six-piece.

PLAYING FOR CHANGE stands for so much more than just music. It is a movement created to inspire, connect and bring peace to the world through music. PLAYING FOR CHANGE supports music schools and programs that are created and operated by the local community and then purposefully connect those communities around the world. The PLAYING FOR CHANGE bandis made up of musicians from all walks of life coming from all over the world.Their Bluesfest performance will be an unforgettable live musical experience featuring Grandpa Elliott, legendary street musician from New Orleans, who sings alongside Clarence Bekker (Netherlands), Titi Tsira (South Africa), Tal Ben Ari “Tula” (Israel), Jason Tamba (Congo), and MermansMosengo (Congo). The rhythm section features Roberto Luti (Italy) on lead guitar, Orbe Ortiz (Cuba) on the bass, Peter Bunetta (USA) on drums, and Keiko Komaki (Japan) on keyboards.  Together on stage they create an atmosphere of love and unity for everyone! PLAYING FOR CHANGE is coming to Bluesfest for the 3rd time in a row. Wonderful, indeed!

Peter Noble, Festival Director Comments on the 2nd Artist Announcement:

“Ben Harper, Paolo Nutini, David Gray and Ben Howard in the one Bluesfest announcement.What a line-up, each one of these artists is gold – purely brilliant in their own way. This is starting to shape into oneof the great Bluesfest artist bills and we have plenty of artists still to go in future announcements.

You join BEN HARPER & THE INNOCENT CRIMINALS with Bluesfest and it’s a very special bond: it was way back in 1996 when the Festival broke the news that this band was important and in return, their huge success showed us (Bluesfest) the way forward to booking the style of event the festival is famous for today and one that hasbeen copied all over the world.

I am very honoured that BEN HARPER chose the first major global performance of the INNOCENT CRIMINALSReunion to occur at Bluesfest. Bluesfest is their spiritual home and the last time the band performed officially was in 2007 and it was in 2008, when they decided to take a break. They did one impromptu unannounced performance – at Bluesfest in 2011 to the astonishment of their fans – who came expecting to see the RELENTLESS 7. What an unexpected performance, it was pure magic.

I remember that night in 2011 well: It was all so last minute, to a pointwhere their percussionist bought a djembe drum from a buskerin the street in Byron Bay– the home of Bluesfest- for the performance, as he hadn’t brought one with him.It really was so special for everyone – the audience couldn’t believe that they were seeing, perhaps the most influential band to EVER play Bluesfest,back on our stage unannounced and hearing the songs they love once again.I recall the band’s celebrations in the dressing room, after their truly great show, going most of the night –they were all so thrilled to be back together again. What an honour that they chose Bluesfest to reunite and do their first official performance – save for a couple of warm up dates in a club in San Francisco. We have had so many magical moments at Bluesfest – this is surely going to be up there with the best.

How can I only gush on about BEN HARPER when we have some of the absolute best of the NEXT generation artists also in this announcement in PAOLO NUTINI and BEN HOWARD. They are at the vanguard of the UK music movement of now – and are rightly hailed as superstars in waiting.  Between them they have topped the UK album charts, won the Brit Awards, Q awards, UK festival Awards – headlined EVERY major festival from Glastonbury to Latitude.

GARY CLARK JR. is fast becoming THE Blues guitar player and singer of this generation. To celebrate his return to Bluesfest – we are going to have him perform 3 times – because when it’s that good – you just can’t get enough and rest assured, each show is going to be very powerful!

MAVIS STAPLES turned 75 on her last birthday – she is one of our all-time favourite artists at Bluesfest. Her stellar career goes back to the 1950’s with the family band – The Staples Singers, led by her dad – Pops Roebuck Staples – to their chart topping run in the 70’s singing such classics as – ‘I’ll take You There’, ‘If You’re Ready (Come Go With Me)’, ‘Let’s Do It Again’, ‘Respect Yourself’– and many, many more. With the passing of Pops Staples, MAVIS has gone solo – around the beginning of this century – and shown that she has got the IT factor, winning a Grammy Award and headlining so many festivals including the Chicago Blues Festival, as well as having this year’s Newport folk Festival dedicated to her. She is one of the greats. We can’t wait to welcome her back to Bluesfest. Simply a DO NOT MISS artist.”

Bluesfest playing schedule is available on
All festival and camping tickets are on sale through or by phoning the office on 02 6685 8310.
Tickets are also available through Ticketmaster +61(0)2 6685 8310Fax: +61(0)2 6685 8370
Bluesfest Facebook:
Bluesfest Twitter: @bluesfestbyron   Bluesfest Instagram: @bluesfestbyronbay

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The Daily Review

The Rundown, powered by Cikey
14.10.14 4:02 pm


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5 Seconds Of Summer confirmed to open the 2014 ARIA Awards

Martini Media
14.10.14 7:27 am


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