Image for Woolworths Must Change The Name Of The Gunns Mitre 10 Hardware Stores

It’s now a year since the 100% Woolworths-owned subsidiary Danks and Son bought the Gunns hardware stores.

They also own the Becks hardware stores. The TV advertising for the Gunns stores is considered insensitive and insulting by many Tasmanians. Gunns has spent 7 years threatening to reduce the property values and contaminate the farms and homes of the Tamar Valley with their ‘fast tracked’ pulp mill.

I’m asking you all to let Woolworths know how you feel about them continuing to use the ‘Gunns’ name. I’m suggesting the new name be ‘Becks Mitre 10’.

1300 767 969 (bus hours)
Danks and Son
1300 131 843

This is what I told Woolworths:

Woolworths, as the owners of Danks & Son,

We ask you to change the name of the ‘Gunns Mitre 10’ stores in Tasmania to ‘Becks Mitre 10’.

Gunns destroyed the tallest hardwood trees on earth and are now the subject of a class action for alleged insider trading. They are threatening to dump dioxin into the Bass Strait fishery. This would contaminate some Woolworths products. Gunns obtained permits for their pulp mill by subverting the planning process.

As Tamar Valley residents, we feel the television advertising for Gunns Hardware stores to be personally insulting.

Gunns Ltd want to reduce our property values, quality of life and reasons for choosing to live in this valley, with the construction of the world’s 3rd largest pulp mill only 800 meters from the wealthiest
municipality in Northern Tasmania.

We are 100% serious about this. Please just call the hardware stores ‘Becks Mitre 10’?