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WBO World Welterweight Title Holder Jeff Horn has thrown his support behind anti Bullying organisation, Angels Hope, in their efforts against Bullies being named as Angels Hope Ambassador.

Angels Hope is a National Anti-Bullying organisation working to bring about change in tackling bullies in School, Online and in the Workplace.

“This is not the first time I have fought this battle, “said Jeff Horn, WBO World Welterweight Champion.  “When I was younger, I had a pretty rough time dealing with Bullies and luckily I had the support to give me the strength to make it through.”

“Sometimes standing up to the bullies is like going 12 rounds in the ring and not everyone has the strength to be able to go the distance on their own and Angels Hope is doing everything they can to provide assistance and to stop the Bullying at the source, added Jeff Horn.

“We are so excited to have someone of Jeff’s standing and character, join us in our push to bring about change,” said Mr Reuben Cunningham, Co-Founder of Angels Hope.  “His story and the success that he has achieved is an inspiration to all and is a perfect example to those people that are experiencing severe Bullying and Harassment that things will get better.”

More than 150 young people across Australia each take their own lives where severe Bullying is the primary cause or a significant component in the reasons for their actions.

Angels Hope works to provide assistance to schools in education young people about the impacts of Bullying as well as works to bring about change in preventing and stopping Bullying in the Workplace and Online through Regulatory and Legislative change.

“Tasmania has the highest rate of youth suicide caused by Bullying across the country,” added Mr Cunningham.  “There are simple yet effective solutions we could put in place immediately to help schools deal with the Bullying problems and we are hopeful that with Jeff’s profile we will get Tasmanian Government leaders to take a serious look at what we are trying to achieve.“

About Angels Hope*

Angels Hope is an Australian Anti Bullying Organisation working to prevent the high levels of Bullying in Australian Schools, Online Communities and Workplaces.