Image for VDL in Australian hands: What’s in it for Tasmania?

I have publicly stood up and put my money on the table to front a bid by Australian investors to buy back our nation’s largest and most productive dairy farm, Van Diemen’s Land dairy. I see VDL as a top- shelf acquisition with the potential for this dairy to be one of the most profitable boutique dairy enterprises globally.

My bid was launched with the support of six independent crossbench federal parliamentarians including Sen. Nick Xenophon, Sen. John Madigan and independent member for Denison, Andrew Wilkie MP, who stood with me to launch .

Each understands the importance and value of having prime agricultural land in Australian hands, creating premium products true to Tasmania’s clean, green and clever brand. They also understand the benefits to the community that comes with having these assets here in Australia for jobs, building skills and building community.

I have a deep love of Tasmania, and that is why I choose to live here. The opportunities in this state for investment with a vision to the long term market for prime products, and brands that guarantee worlds best practice farming and food quality cannot be overstated.

Through my business career with brands such as Kathmandu, MacPac and Bellamy’s Organics I have learnt the most important indicator of success for a business is brand.

A premium brand that people want to be a part of to purchase and to promote is the key to business success. Whenever I have steered away from my gut instinct to put quality and brand first, and worked on non-premium brand products, things have not worked out well.

Business is a process of learning and improving, and VDL is ripe for the picking and improving.

The sale of Van Diemen’s Land dairy is a once in a life-time opportunity to bring ownership of this iconic farm home. A chance to create a flagship farming enterprise that can make Tasmania the global dairy brand of choice, which also shows how best practice dairy farming can be profitable, and sustainable.

Van Diemen’s Land dairy can be the brand of choice for those of us who live and work in Tasmania …

Van Diemen’s Land dairy can be the brand of choice for those of us who live and work in Tasmania and for our diary loving counterparts in Asia, Europe and across the globe. This is my vision for this wonderful part of Tasmania that has so much to offer.

It is why I am prepared to underwrite a counter bid, on commercially similar terms, to that put forward by Chinese-owned Moon Lake Investments.

On Friday, January 15 I instructed KPMG Mergers and Acquisition office in Sydney to act on my behalf to lodge a formal bid for VDL.

Now the ball is in the Federal Treasurer’s court to do as he did with the proposed sale of the iconic Kidman cattle properties, and halt the sale,  allowing Australian interests to throw their hats in the ring.

Mr Morrison has the chance to halt the sale of VDL to Chinese corporation Moon Lake Investments, and open the door to Australian bidders.  We can Save The Farm.

*Jan Cameron is a Tasmanian based business-woman who created successful brands such as Kathmandu outdoor clothing, MacPac and Bellamy’s Organic Foods.