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Dear Friends and Supporters,

This is an important moment in the life of Spring Bay Mill.

The team has really valued your support throughout the last couple of months – it’s been great to receive your phone calls, emails and encouragement on social media.

We now need to get our message out about the tremendous future for the site and for that we need your help.

Can you help us by writing to your local paper or contacting your local Member of Parliament to let them know that you support Spring Bay Mill?

We’ve already made substantial progress and investments.  We’ve almost finished the enormous job of decommissioning and we directly employ 7 full-time equivalents and have generated work for many Tasmanian businesses including Hazell Bros Group, Timber World, Playstreet Urban Design and Geo-Environmental Solutions.

We’ve also contributed to the Triabunna/Orford community through contracting local businesses, promoting the region, shopping locally and donating to local organisations and events.

The polling that we commissioned last week revealed that a two-thirds majority of Tasmanians want us to succeed.  And we know from talking with the community that many of our supporters live on the East Coast.

Spring Bay Mill has every potential of being a very successful business venture that will provide direct employment and job opportunities for the surrounding region. Particularly given Tasmania has seen tourism visitors up 10 per cent from last year, to 1.06 million.  Also, as we have seen with the advent of MONA in Tasmania, projects this size have significant flow-on benefits to the entire state.

Our development has ticked all the boxes. Our polling indicates that the majority of Tasmanians support us. We already employ a great team of drivers, machinists and project managers and are generating work for Tasmanian businesses.  As far as we know, this will be the largest single private investment in Tasmania’s tourism sector since MONA.

Please help us ensure that we can continue to do good work on the East Coast by writing to your local paper or MP today.

It doesn’t have to be a long letter - just a couple of words to help us get the message out that Tasmanians want Spring Bay Mill to proceed.

Click on the below link for a list of contacts for your local papers and Members of Parliament:


Stuart Loone

General Manager

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• mr t, in Comments: #6 Carol, I wrote to the Mercy quoting their article, “The government subsidizes wood chip transport from the southern forests to Bell Bay.” I continued with, “No, I do along with my family, neighbors and everyone else in Tasmania. If wood chips require a transport subsidy then the sales are uneconomic. Abetz, Harriss, Hodgman, Barnett and others need to use their own money if they think this is a good business opportunity - just like Graeme Wood. It wasn’t published. My local member is Paul Harriss (enough said). In the meantime, the Libs save money by sacking workers and immediately spend the savings on our loss making forestry and their supporters. Can the Tasmanian public see the reality of this one policy Abetz-Harriss government? I doubt it.

Kim Booth: Harriss wasting more public money as he flogs another dead horse Greens Leader Kim Booth MP today criticised Resources Minister, Paul Harriss, for flogging a dead horse with his woodchip enquiry; wasting public money and causing further anxiety for Triabunna residents who welcome the Spring Bay Mill tourism proposal. “Everybody knows the native forest woodchip industry is dead and gone,” said Mr Booth. “It’s yesterday’s story, its financially unviable and the only result of establishing a port will be sacking more nurses, police officers and teachers.” “Clearly this weightless enquiry is just another fraud on the Tasmanian people, and if an answer can be delivered in just 2 days then an enquiry is not needed in the first place.”

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