Bob McMahon: Get off the Gunns merry-go-round
The pulp mill is a symptom of a deep-seated disease that is Australia-wide and not a localised “not in my backyard” issue for the residents of the Tamar. It is the local scab on a national cancerous sore. It is fast looming as a symbolic battleground for Australia’s future. It has been forced on the people of this nation by rotten government policy and rotten government behaviour. Read more here. Gunns sought from the Age and was granted a right-of-reply to this article. Here is the link to Carlton Frame’s response, published today:  Forget emotion, what will the pulp mill achieve? Add your comment to The Age and also to TT.

Peter Henning: Tasmania: Look Away!
The obvious question which arises from this is why did Tasmanian politicians accept less stringent conditions (including the need for detailed hydro-dynamic modeling) than those which were required to be met under national legislation in an area where State and national jurisdictions overlapped?  The answer is that they were negligent.  Were they deliberately negligent?  They were not negligent by oversight, or through lack of access to information.  Their negligence is more serious.  Again, reference to Jaramillo is pertinent.  Jaramillo came to Tasmania; he gave public lectures; he made himself available to all Tasmanian politicians.  Furthermore, he is not the only scientific expert whose advice was ignored.  Read more here
Also, an edited version,  now on New Matilda: Here

Mike Bolan:
Carbon or food
John Lawrence: Great Southern heads further south. Special treatment for plantation growers
Tasmanian Times and Guardian!: How Israel brought Gaza to the brink of catastrophe Don’t forget the rally outside Dunc’s office (details in the link)