Is this a temporary phenomenon. Will it run through summer joing Tasmanian temperatures to those of Victoria. Will they have hot northerlies and southerlies?.

The parliamentary battle over the climate is far from over although the battle in the scientific community is, only a few hold out against the evidence of human induced climate instability. The community is held on the sidelines until the next election

Renewable Energy Target

Negotiations between the 2 old parties started Friday the 14th over the now decoupled RET bill.,25197,25926659-11949,00.html

By last Thursday the Senate had passed a bill that made fossil fuel [coal seam methane] renewable demonstrating the old parties fail to understand what they are dealing with.

If you read the Milne’s speech in the Senate on Tuesday the 18th an understanding of the failures of the old parties to come to grips with the changes we all need to make will become clearer.

However, the need for changes to the CPRS remain. Limitations on solutions remain restricting the business benefits of CPRS and RET to some winners,28124,25938026-30538,00.html

Algae are proven performers, its getting the efficiencies out of them that investment in large scale plants will stimulate. 

Colder oceans are off to the graveyard sooner as they absorb more carbon and thus do more acid.

Tree lines are on the march toward the poles and up the mountains in 52% of the monitored sites.

The eastern half of Tasmania cops flooding rains and Taiwan a very destructive typhoon. These are the types of events that are predicted to be more common if less frequent in the future.

The season to date this is noted for its mildness, another indicator of the climate to come. For those interested in the garden it is a difficult time as some plants and varieties of same alter their fruiting and flowering due to a lack of cold trigger stimulus.

Potentially the new growth and flowering is exposed to a sudden drop in temperature similar to the November cold snap several years ago. Such instability on a global scale may affect food supplies and certainly for the overdeveloped west can increase the carbon footprint [food miles] of produce.

Here is a part of the agricultural sector embracing the opportunities that sustainability offers

More on sea level and Antarctic glacial melting

Of course the Antarctic glacier’s retreat is unlikely to show these warm period artefacts.

More not so good news for Senator Fielding from the Arctic, if it’s not the CO2 the CH4 will get you.

Although agreement on the impact of CH4 release on warming in the past is not clear it si a known greenhouse gas and adding humungous masses more can only have an effect.

Should food prices rise under an ETS,25197,25939108-601,00.html

There is a 10 to 18 times difference between what grocery retailers and the reserve Bank believe will be the price rises for food in the first year of an ETS.

When food retailers and manufacturers are predicting it you can be sure they are setting up to take windfall profits. Growing your own, going veg; there are ,many changes to our lives we will have to make to reduce our carbon footprint to zero and fall back below 350ppmv of CO2

Giving methane sourced from coal mines the status of renewable energy should have seen the percentage of renewable energy targeted for 2020 increased.

If Senator Fielding is looking for a cause to the perceived disjunct between temperature and CO2 levels he has no need than to look at the way the ocean behves in absorbing and radiating heat, its heat balance.

And then there is the old chestnut, its not the CO2 it’s the water vapour. Yes it is, but its additional heat that it is causing.

And the effects of pollution on precipitation need to be taken into account.

Showing how rainfall can decline in the presence of pollutant particles. This has been shown by others including that the pollutants from the Tamara basin impacting on rainfall in Victorian [A. Gingis and D Rosenblaum]

Nuclear power makes a return to the Australian stage in a grand tour by assorted advocates, all plugging for another non renewable energy industry that requires humungous investment in water management

The Age of Stupid 2

Peter Garrett’s interview with O’Brien on 7.30 Report on the 18th – no regrets, not even uranium mining, show how shallow Garrett is, the one dimensional politician alive for the moment. Milne addressed this in her contribution to the RET legislation on Tuesday the 18th by referring to Orwell’s novel 1984 and the idea of double speak and double think.

For a guy who was going to make a difference much seems the same to me.

phill Parsons


Why is Tasmanian experiencing a warm winter?. The heated Indian Ocean has spilled over into the Great Australian Bight and across to Tasmania via the Leeuwin current.