Image for The inaugural Tasmanian Times survey

Dear readers,

Can you believe it - Tasmanian Times is almost ten years old! Over the past nine years, Tasmanian Times has built a substantial following and grown organically. While Tasmanian Times is proud of what has been achieved, the editors know there is much, much more to be done. Before charting the future direction of Tasmanian Times, we felt that it was time to canvass the views of readers.

There are just sixteen questions. If you are in a hurry, you should be able to skip through them in five to ten minutes. However, if you have the time it would be greatly appreciated if you added as many comments as possible into the open text boxes.

And we have one last favour to ask: if there are people you know who no longer read Tasmanian Times, it would be great if you could forward the link on to them and encourage them to fill out the survey. As far as possible we’d like to sample both current and former readers.

Thank you for your time—your feedback will be invaluable.

The editors.

• The latest news from mainstream media - Remess gets the chop and WIN’s Tassie turn-off - makes emerging, independent media all the more important.