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The Victorian Government has taken the lead on Dying With Dignity demonstrating yet again that Tasmania does not have the cojones to be the first to do anything, but hang on … End of Life Choices does not have to apply only to shuffling off mortal coils.

From the neoliberal aspect, the invisible hand of Adam Smith requires that the market decides who survives – that is of course if you are too big to fail or big enough to wail (especially if you are pale, male and stale).

Hence, there are some geriatrics with no chance of long term survival that need to die without dignity. These bludgers cost the state hundreds of millions to prolong their lives but no one is prepared to administer the Nembutal.

Top of the list is Unsustainable Timber Tasmania (UTT) – a corporate corpse-in-waiting that is kept on life support by a government that is prepared to sacrifice the health of the community and the rules of economics in order to keep logging trucks on the road.

Neoliberals believe in privatisation … that is unless, a pork barrel cannot survive on its own, in which case, public ownership is mandatory. And why is UTT a Government Business Enterprise? Because no business, whether sane or not, whether national or international will invest a brass razoo in an operation that is as dead as the parrots it is threatening on Bruny Island.

So, let’s keep continuing to do what is proven to be a failure. Definition of insanity. Administer the Nembutal please doctor.

Next broken-down cab off the rank is the GBE of Tasmanian Failways some of whose track is so rotten it cannot even support the weed truck that used to pass.

With the disused track clocking up contractor weeding fees, it is a route to nowhere providing another example of emptying the taxpayers’ pockets for no reason.

All the solutions seem to be too hard for TasFail such as converting the track to walker/bike use.

Why not privatise TasFail? Now stop laughing, please, just administer the Nembutal …

*Mike Buky taught carpentry and navigation in Tonga and has seen enough dead coral to be frightened. He arrived in Australia on board sailing yacht Kadoona in 1998 after a ten year passage from the UK. After graduating at the University of the Surfing Sunshine Coast, in International Politics, and after a second operation he emigrated to Tasmania with his first mate, Trisha, to the aroboreally-challenged NW of Tasmania where they grow vegies and try not to be run over by logging trucks.